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A Civilization Whose Media Is Controlled By A Few Is Despicable

July 11, 2020

The New York Times wants us to worry about the cruelty directed to avian dinosaurs. Why chicken? Why not rats tortured by rat poison, dying over hours in indicible suffering? Aren’t rats closer to humans than chicken? Being too concerned by animal welfare was the mark of the Nazis: they passed very advanced animal welfare laws. That enabled them to present themselves as “humane”. It was a cover-up, a change of conversation.

On April 21, 1933, almost immediately after the Nazis came to power, the parliament began to pass laws for the regulation of animal slaughter. On April 21, a law was passed concerning the slaughter of animals; no animals were to be slaughtered without anesthetic. Those Nazis were obviously keen to project an image of goodness.

It is scornful to let a few wealthy families, who all know each other, control the world media. Therein the source of monothinking… And its erroneous outcomes. The climate catastrophe could have been mitigated. But it’s not going to be. Record beating temperatures in North Eastern Siberia (the world’s coldest place, outside of Antarctica) were recently measured: 38 Celsius, more than 100 Fahrenheit, more than Houston, Texas… The mad greenhouse is supposed to cook the polar regions, as it starts rampaging. And it is. So Siberia is burning, unleashing gigantic quantities of CO2 and methane. Two weeks ago, the area on fire was as large as Switzerland, and affecting air quality in North America.

So far, so funny. But when global HEATING goes nonlinear, it’s going to be even less funny than the COVID virus… (Picture NASA, July 2, 2020)

Nicholas Kristof of New York Times in his blog, Saturday 11, 2020:

I noted in my last newsletter that I was wondering, as we pull down controversial statues, what our great-grandchildren will find bewilderingly immoral about our own times — and about us. Some of you sent in your thoughts, and the thought nagged me enough that it became my Sunday column.
I think our descendants will find our passivity on climate change unforgivable. They’ll be staggered by our indifference to human suffering. And I think they’ll be baffled by our systematic cruelty to animals, especially poultry and livestock. Read the column and then post in the comments about other moral blind spots of our time that I missed.

I sent this:

A characteristic of the recent indignation of the upper middle class reminds me of the Puritans or old: namely, they think they are so pure, and they are not. But, to make sure that they feel pure, all howling the same way, while enjoying the spoils, they accuse The Devil… namely Trump.

However, Trump is a newcomer in politics, and he did not originate most of the well installed evils in place. An obvious evil is the housing crisis, and it came directly from NIMBYism (Not In My Back Yard). Where I have lived for decades, the NIMBYists argued that non single family housing had to be demolished, because it spoiled the views. Even billionaire Feinstein (married to a Senator) said this.

What upper class “democrats” didn’t say was that, by strangling supply, they caused enormous price appreciation of their houses, and homelessness. Better to talk about “systemic racism”,as it accuses We The People to be vicious, perverse, and… despicable. Besides, it accuses of what we are not, thus confusing us.

Meanwhile public transportation was also strangled to make IPOs (Uber, etc.) while Google (etc.) enjoy their own private transportation bus system (using regular bus stops which they stole for themselves, as they generally did not pay for them).

Another despicable manoeuver? Obamacare was rolled out: 25 million new insured (getting government money to pay for it), but small people can’t see their doctors anymore, although they pay private corporations for insurance they don’t get the fruits of (I have used Obamacare for real: it’s a rip-off). Single family housing is also causative of the climate catastrophe, by the way…


Not holding my breath that the employees of the conspiracy of the world’s wealthiest men will dare to publish such a contribution to global thinking (the most sedate, cogent, and polite parts above constituted comments to the New York Times; they were all censored; this puts a question towards the honesty of individuals such as mr. Kristof: he reads individual comments. Then he blocks them because, well, his salary depends upon it… La grande excuse des pires salauds à travers les ages: my salary made me do it…)   … They don’t want us to think thoughts we are not supposed to have. Bleating, they like.

A Civilization Whose Media Is Controlled By A Few Is Despicable… and also idiotic. That’s why they die… but it can take a while…

Patrice Ayme

Real Estate Rip-Off, Or Why California Is Full Of Little Trumps In Denial

July 11, 2020

There is excess in California real estate right now. It is driving the California inequality crisis. A cleansing collapse is needed. Extravagant real estate prices have driven enormous inequality… And that has nothing to do with Trump… Just the opposite.

Although the state is nominally, and stridently “democratic”, the average “democratic” voter behaves like a mini-Trump (that’s why they hate Trump so loudly: they are in denial of their true inner nature… they want to scream to themselves that they are not as they truly are… also Trump took away their tax rebates, and redistributed them to low lives).

The reality is this: by refusing the construction of low and middle income housing, a boom of real estate prices was created. Yesterday’s dumps, bought cheaply, became money making machines. The California middle-class strangled low income housing supply in a mix of greed and NIMBYism. This selfish enterprise started as an esthetic claim. A few decades ago, San Francisco congratulated itself for physically demolishing thousands of units of “ugly” low income housing (those thousands of apartments were replaced by a few multi millionaire houses). In other Californian cities, anything not multimillionaire houses is basically illegal to build.

1775 Broadway apartment #8 San Francisco, CA 94109 Pacific Heights 1 Bed 1 Bath
728 square feet 
$994,500… Est. Mortgage $4,759/mo

In San Francisco, a less than 1,000 square feet, one bath apartment, can be more than 1.5 million dollars. Below this, tents in the street, living in filth, is the official city policy. College professors have been known to live inside their cars. I know someone who has lived in his car for twenty years. In another Bay Area city I know all too well, some “democratic” (of course) officials are paid to do nothing, while California governor Newsom put at disposition of the city a small land surrounded by a freeway exchanger, all around, and the busiest railroad in the USA… to be used by the homeless (won’t they be happy surrounded by howling, belching machines?)

To turn this nightmare into a better reality, a good collapse in the existing real estate is what is needed. So as to replace it by something more progressive. Augmenting the taxes on billionaires some more, would help, as the diversity of thinking and initiative in California guarantees they are going nowhere…

The remedy is to build massively, cheap, earthquake-proof, modern, ecological apartments (single family mansions, as presently found in California, would be too ecologically devastating, and should be reserved to millionaires). Developers should be fiscally encouraged to do so.

The manipulated and manipulating have been going around, decrying the US as a systematically racist place full of white racists who have to destroy their inner Hitler.

Last month, the City of Seattle’s “Office of Civil Rights” sent an email inviting “white City employees” to attend a training session on “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness,” a program designed to help white workers examine their “complicity in the system of white supremacy” and “interrupt racism in ways that are accountable to Black, Indigenous and People of Color.

Seattle has also expensive real estate… And this is what low lives worry about… not whether all these “whites” who suddenly “care” are busy calling others racist.

The problem in the San Francisco Bay Area is that the minorities are a majority. Many, if not most, of these minorities are highly skeptical of the indignant “systemic racism” discourse. They feel something is wrong, and rightly so: the leader of the “anti-racist” movement is Nancy Pelosi, a thoroughly white woman of extreme privilege, whose Pacific Height house is probably worth around twenty-five million dollars. Her main residence is a gigantic Napa valley estate, complete with tennis court and twisty access road, where she throws lavish parties for her rightly thinking expensive friends. She also owns a vineyard, beside ownership of the Squaw Valley olympic ski resort. Now that she is done making money from scalps, Nancy will push to change the name… But I digress…

Nancy Pelosi is a plutocrat of the most nefarious type (the war criminal type). Like her California colleague Feinstein, she leveraged politics to build a fortune. Such people are systemic oligarch. To deflect criticism from their systemic colonialism those evil oligarchs are addicted to, they invented the notion of “systemic racism”, which accuses those that they exploit… to exploit them even better, by confusing them further by making them feel bad about themselves, and building a fake explanation of what is wrong in the US.

Although I have been victim myself of some form of racism, more than once, and sometimes dangerously so, and always a heartbreak… I must admit that I am significantly different and somewhat obnoxious, and the white US person in her, or his, purity, can’t tolerate by black heart. The worst racism and abuse that I have seen, though, was from… US intellectuals. “intellectuals” are curiously unappreciative in the US for anybody who comes out of the box of established thinking.

That incapacity to think what’s not supposed to be thought may explain why the fact of systemic real estate abuse being really a machine to make the wealthy wealthier has not been denounced. Chomsky speaks about US imperialism… What about banks, and real estate, and how they augment inequality? Above his pay grade at MIT?

From, say, European eyes, the preceding critique may seem strange: in Europe one cannot use real estate for considerable leverage, by having a bank buy for oneself something one cannot afford… lest it considerably augments in value. Trump cut down the amusement by reducing the interest deductibility down from 1.1 million dollars to $750,000. This is one of the reason why he is so hated by the upper middle class in expensive “Blue” states such as New York, California, Illinois, Massachusetts…

Do not expect this sort of introspection to strike those opinion makers as particularly smart. But this also explains why the angry demonstrations attacked even CNN (fanatically anti-Trump), and Ulysses Grant (US president who won the Secession War when he commanded the US Army), Lincoln (anti-slavery president whose election launch the Secession), or even Supreme Court Justice Douglas, a strong anti-segregationist… What the low lives are saying is that they are left out by the plutocracy, whose modus operandi is to present drastic inequality as a fact of life one can’t escape, and one should tolerate with benign neglect… hence the tent cities and squalor a few minutes from Nancy Pelosi 25 million dollar mansions in San Francisco (she has another eight properties…) This is what Nancy teaches; she is so incredibly concerned by the homeless, and it is the fault of that man in the White House… But one can’t do anything about it, although we try everyday.

Actually, nine years ago, a small peninsula within the San Francisco was occupied by hundreds of homeless, their tents, their dogs and their drugs. I called it then “Obamaville”. So, yes inequality reached a new squalor under Obama. And, no, inequality is not all Trump (inequality indices seem to have reached a peak at the end of Obama’s reign, and have stagnated since). Actually, rather the opposite: Trump loves to build housing… especially given subsidies to do so. In truth, it’s because the “democratic” upper middle class became incredibly wealthier by restricting the housing supply that it hates Trump so much: it recognizes in him the builder, the supplier of housing, its natural enemy…

Patrice Ayme