A Civilization Whose Media Is Controlled By A Few Is Despicable

The New York Times wants us to worry about the cruelty directed to avian dinosaurs. Why chicken? Why not rats tortured by rat poison, dying over hours in indicible suffering? Aren’t rats closer to humans than chicken? Being too concerned by animal welfare was the mark of the Nazis: they passed very advanced animal welfare laws. That enabled them to present themselves as “humane”. It was a cover-up, a change of conversation.

On April 21, 1933, almost immediately after the Nazis came to power, the parliament began to pass laws for the regulation of animal slaughter. On April 21, a law was passed concerning the slaughter of animals; no animals were to be slaughtered without anesthetic. Those Nazis were obviously keen to project an image of goodness.

It is scornful to let a few wealthy families, who all know each other, control the world media. Therein the source of monothinking… And its erroneous outcomes. The climate catastrophe could have been mitigated. But it’s not going to be. Record beating temperatures in North Eastern Siberia (the world’s coldest place, outside of Antarctica) were recently measured: 38 Celsius, more than 100 Fahrenheit, more than Houston, Texas… The mad greenhouse is supposed to cook the polar regions, as it starts rampaging. And it is. So Siberia is burning, unleashing gigantic quantities of CO2 and methane. Two weeks ago, the area on fire was as large as Switzerland, and affecting air quality in North America.

So far, so funny. But when global HEATING goes nonlinear, it’s going to be even less funny than the COVID virus… (Picture NASA, July 2, 2020)

Nicholas Kristof of New York Times in his blog, Saturday 11, 2020:

I noted in my last newsletter that I was wondering, as we pull down controversial statues, what our great-grandchildren will find bewilderingly immoral about our own times — and about us. Some of you sent in your thoughts, and the thought nagged me enough that it became my Sunday column.
I think our descendants will find our passivity on climate change unforgivable. They’ll be staggered by our indifference to human suffering. And I think they’ll be baffled by our systematic cruelty to animals, especially poultry and livestock. Read the column and then post in the comments about other moral blind spots of our time that I missed.

I sent this:

A characteristic of the recent indignation of the upper middle class reminds me of the Puritans or old: namely, they think they are so pure, and they are not. But, to make sure that they feel pure, all howling the same way, while enjoying the spoils, they accuse The Devil… namely Trump.

However, Trump is a newcomer in politics, and he did not originate most of the well installed evils in place. An obvious evil is the housing crisis, and it came directly from NIMBYism (Not In My Back Yard). Where I have lived for decades, the NIMBYists argued that non single family housing had to be demolished, because it spoiled the views. Even billionaire Feinstein (married to a Senator) said this.

What upper class “democrats” didn’t say was that, by strangling supply, they caused enormous price appreciation of their houses, and homelessness. Better to talk about “systemic racism”,as it accuses We The People to be vicious, perverse, and… despicable. Besides, it accuses of what we are not, thus confusing us.

Meanwhile public transportation was also strangled to make IPOs (Uber, etc.) while Google (etc.) enjoy their own private transportation bus system (using regular bus stops which they stole for themselves, as they generally did not pay for them).

Another despicable manoeuver? Obamacare was rolled out: 25 million new insured (getting government money to pay for it), but small people can’t see their doctors anymore, although they pay private corporations for insurance they don’t get the fruits of (I have used Obamacare for real: it’s a rip-off). Single family housing is also causative of the climate catastrophe, by the way…


Not holding my breath that the employees of the conspiracy of the world’s wealthiest men will dare to publish such a contribution to global thinking (the most sedate, cogent, and polite parts above constituted comments to the New York Times; they were all censored; this puts a question towards the honesty of individuals such as mr. Kristof: he reads individual comments. Then he blocks them because, well, his salary depends upon it… La grande excuse des pires salauds à travers les ages: my salary made me do it…)   … They don’t want us to think thoughts we are not supposed to have. Bleating, they like.

A Civilization Whose Media Is Controlled By A Few Is Despicable… and also idiotic. That’s why they die… but it can take a while…

Patrice Ayme

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4 Responses to “A Civilization Whose Media Is Controlled By A Few Is Despicable”

  1. Paul Handover Says:

    I think I read in one of your recent posts that, on balance, you are in favour of Pres. Trump. Could you articulate that in more detail? (And I’m not taking a position here. Just trying to become more informed from someone, I suspect, knows a whole lot more about American politics that I.)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      On balance in favour of president Trump? Hmmm… I have a long involvement in US politics, true… not just watching it, but actually a force behind my friend Obama, by acting on media pundits behind the scenes and also fundraising; I won’t be so arrogant as to say I contributed ideas, and anyway, most of the time Obama pushed a bit for some of my ideas, like the “public option”… which I initially called “Medicare For All”, although the two notions have become distinct in the last few years, he failed miserably from opposition led by plutocrat Pelosi.

      I remember times of intense disfavor, say the hysteria in 2003 if one said that one was AGAINST the invasion of Iraq. I had actually a young friend of mine ask me:”Why do the French hate the Americans so much?”… That because France was trying to stop the planned invasion of Iraq. Then most of my friends stopped talking to me, because I was perceived as deranged because I didn’t look forward invading Iraq. BTW, all these friends were “democrats”… I don’t think I have one “Republican” friend… The person who did the most for the Iraq invasion, behind Bush was not Cheney (the VP), or Rumsfeld (Defense Sc)… But Biden. His commission he chaired invented the notion that Iraq had a secret WMD program. Bush in turn adopted the notion… after six months… Then Biden talked with both sides of his mouth, but, like Clinton, voted for the invasion.

      Right now, there are several hysterias going on, including BLM. Most of the BLMs I know are white and privileged, I feel they are posing, I know for a fact that some are, from my point of view. fundamentally racist…

      I have a theory of the collapse of Rome: as I explained many times, it goes through plutocracy leveraging itself overseas. This is exactly how the internationalist branch of the “Democratic” party, now led by Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, made itself extremely wealthy and powerful. Trump tried to reverse this, and partially succeeded.

      I know that some believe Biden has adopted the “radical agenda of Sanders”… But talk is cheap. I believe he will not do any of it, basically. He will talk as if… What Californian upper middle class, the one making all the noise, truly want is to reinstate their tax breaks on state taxes and interest deduction… That is where their hearts truly are…

      Anyway, long story short, if I had to vote for Trump or Biden, not abstention possible, I will certainly NOT vote for the war criminal who, with his accomplice Pelosi, went ahead to kill millions of Iraqis, just to please Wall Street financing frackers…

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  2. Paul Handover Says:

    Patrice, I read your reply aloud to Jeannie last night. All is very clear!


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