Ideology Is Always Top Down, And the Influence Can Be Incredibly Subtle


What ideology matters? Does Low Lives Ideology matter? No, never! What matters is High Lives Ideology! Nietzsche covered that one when he focused on the sheeple of Christianism versus the ‘blonde beast” mentality of their lords. By “blonde beast”, Nietzsche didn’t mean Viking but the lions found on many coats of arms of the Middle Ages. Nietzsche observed that the morality of the European aristocracy was closer to the kill them all of lions rather than the love them all, professed by Jesus (when he was in a good mood). 

We have plenty of proof of the giant chasm between the “flock” mentality the folks were immersed in, preached by the Lords, and what the Lords practiced: consider the Crusades, the Cathars, the Jacqueries in France, when the worst atrocities happened (on both sides). The European aristocracy was one, not just morally, and intellectually, but even genetically, as they intermarried heavily, all the way from Madrid and London to Kiev and Moscow.

Christianism was imposed top down by the Roman emperors, starting with the tyrant Constantine, killer of his own family. It worked for (much of) the Roman plutocracy, which succeeded to merge with barbarians. 

The supreme trick for the elite, is to present as coming from the bottom what actually came from the top, the elite itself.

Lenin in a bad way. You would look like that too, if you set to help We The People, and then discovered you were instrumentalized by the fascist Kaiser Wilhelm, and the lethal thug Stalin…

Some who know history, superficially, may roll out the Soviets (Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin). Surely, they would say, that was an ideology coming from the bottom, the Russian proletariat! Well, not so: it’s the Kaiser Whilhelm II and his goons who enabled Lenin and his entourage to be injected from Switzerland to Russia. They had a deal. In 1917, Lenin gave a gigantic piece of Western Russia (some Poland, Ukraine) to the German dictatorship. This gave the fascist German military enormous resources and enabled them to bring all their forces to bear on the Western Front. So, actually, Sovietism was an ideology serving German fascism (it showed up again in 1939-1941) with the official alliance between the USSR and Hitler, which enabled the latter to crush the French Republic (the Nazi army was fully fueled by Soviet oil). 

Criticizing (real, yet secondary and mostly imaginary) “systemic racism”, is another example of an ideology imposed from the top to enable the pursuit of the rule of the present dominants, the (mostly) US plutocrats.

How does this work? Basically the dominants control the military, the police, justice, and, most important of all, the media. Roman media became fascist imperial under Augustus: he killed, exiled or defanged anybody not agreeing with him. The self-dominated “Senatus Princeps” (First in the Senate) fabricated for himself a compliant Senate. He defeated the spirit of republican opposition, by claiming that he had reinstituted the Republic. After Augustus died, nobody in the Senate knew what to do, and opposition was nonexistent (opponents had been killed, decades prior). After several weeks of indecisions, Tiberius, adoptive son of Augustus, and chief of the army, was called to duty, by said Senate.

After the “Year of the Four Emperors”, a messy and short struggle for power, the most powerful general took control, Vespasianus. Craftily, Vespasian adopted Josephus, a Jewish general he had captured. Between Saint Paul (another Jew who was a Roman citizen and prosecutor), the legend of Christ got written down. Morality:”give to Caesar what is to Caesar”, “turn the other cheek”, “love your neighbor as yourself”, “embrace passivity and martyrdom”, “hate non-believers”… and make allusions that it would be best if non-believers could be dealt with the sword. Also burn books and libraries, an exercise Saint Paul was very proud to have launched.

To cover its track, plutocratic Christianism exaggerated the martyrdom it suffered at the hands of Nero, Diocletian and Galerius (3,000 dead in the latter case). The persecution under Marcus-Aurelius is generally ignored, because the “stoicism” preached by that emperor goes hand in hand with Christianism: it also persuades the sheeple to lie supine and enjoy its living death, for the wisdom therein… 


The Topmost, Very Highest Ideology Rests On Moods Imposed On The Lowest 

Most of the preceding section one may have read somewhere else. Now for something completely new. Why didn’t the Romans develop science or high intellect? Because the Romans were not just too fascist politically (especially after Tiberius Gracchus’ unfortunate adventure). The Romans were also INTELLECTUAL FASCISTS. It’s synchronized: too much political fascism is only possible with enough intellectual fascism. Intellectual fascism rests on a few axioms, a few idea, a few moods, a few emotions… all driven by the desire of limiting curiosity. 

So destroy the statues instead of understanding how they got there. This “Damnatio Memoriae” was a Roman speciality: it prevented to examine the past, because one didn’t know that it ever existed… I do not want to make the Romans more creative than they were: damnatio memoriae (damning memory) was actually in Ancient Egypt, aeons before Rome was created…

Science rests on curiosity and common sense. Creating more science means creating more of the curious spirit, and attending neurohormones, and much more common sense. 

This is where CIQ, the Copenhagen Interpretation of the Quantum, comes into play. The theory is absurd. Why? It takes Einstein’s localization hypothesis at face value (nobody ever denounces it, because Einstein is a sacred cow). 

However, all the Quantum Field Theory (QFT) computing depends upon Quantum wavefunctions which are spread out. The Born Hypothesis (BH) is that wavefunctions have only computational merit. No “reality” (or “element of reality” as Einstein said) are attributable to them, whatsoever. 

For me, philosophically, if something enables me, systematically, to predict reality, it is real. But not so for partisans of the CIQ. For them, Quantum wavefunctions are not real… Yet somehow, they are… systemic. They have something in front of their face, it does stuff, but then they claim it doesn’t exist. Many of the same physicists had Nazism in front of their cae, Nazism did stuff, but, still, they somehow denied it existed (Heisenberg, the one full of uncertainty is an example of this; he directed the Nazi effort to build a bomb… Thankfully he was less good a physicist than Irene Joliot-Curie who persuaded the French War Ministry in January 1938, that a nuclear bomb could be made; when the project had to flee Europe, it went to… Manhattan…)  

This idea that, if something systematically enables to compute something else, it is real, has recently been understood by the masses: it is actually the theory behind “systemic racism”: if someone is of color, that person has more trouble with the law, quality employment, healthcare, etc. So there is a causality there.

Hence one can see that the dominant ideology in physics denied the reality of the most basic causality, the most basic evidence. Thus top intellectuals could deny Nazism and “systemic racism” while believing that they were infinitely subtle…  

Patrice Ayme          


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4 Responses to “Ideology Is Always Top Down, And the Influence Can Be Incredibly Subtle”

  1. SDM Says:

    No doubt that racism is inherent to much of the US establishment (system) but it is also quite prevalent among lower levels of society. Tearing down monuments of Confederate generals and other officers that were erected to glorify them in spite of black citizens is way over due. Same with military bases. The history of the US civil war is not cancelled by this- rather that history has been regularly undermined by southerners with their “states rights” excuse that so many school children have been fed. (blame Texas) That so many US citizens embrace the CSA battle flag belies their racism – even those who live in “Union” states regularly display it or bemoan any attacks on its display. Any effort to give blacks equal standing is viciously attacked- not only from the right wing elites. You can hear white factory workers complain that blacks have more rights than they do! Many working class whites are fine with the “shoot to kill” policing of blacks regardless of the situation- unarmed, teen-aged, fleeing, not resisting, etc.


  2. aldariontelcontar Says:

    I would argue that humans are inherently intellectually fascist. Beliefs are not just beliefs, but rather a system of thought. But system of thought we use has an impact on our understanding of reality; I would say that it, in fact, *creates* personal reality. This personal reality then leads us to interpret evidence we get in a certain way, which then serves to convince us more of our own intellectual superiority and ideological/intellectual/etc correctness.

    This however means that oftentimes we do not just disagree with people who think differently, but are fundamentally incapable of understanding the manner in which they think. And that is where problem lies with absolutist ideologies such as monotheistic religions, progressivism, globalism etc.: they encompass entire reality, and thus do not allow any examination coming from outside them. These ideologies are inherently mentally authoritharian, or as you say, fascist.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I agree with you.
      I should write, and may have written an essay such as:
      “Intellectual Fascism, Or The Economy Of Thought.
      Wherever we look at human theories, we see the same axiomatic model: a bunch of axioms, some being ideas, some being moods… and then consequences.

      This is exactly like Euclid’s elements: axioms, then theorems… Except the moods are blatant. For example in Islam, we are remembered in the Qur’an continually that “Allah is merciful.” That’s conveying a mood, that Allah forgives. Similarly, Jesus is supposed to be loving (another mood). There are moods in Euclid… Except they are mostly hidden, or denied… This is how systems of thought work.

      The intellectual fascism is the will to reduce the number of axioms. Basically axioms correspond to extensive, expensive neural machinery. Reducing it saves energy, and also improves life-saving response times. So intellectual fascism is a strong instinct. It merges into something else completely crucial: COMBAT. In combat the social group with the greatest total mass tends to win… And more so if it can act as a single mind (intellectual fascism with the same exact organization among different individuals). So having the social group combat with the same mind enables it as a super organism… This is political fascism.

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