Lives Matter, So Plutocrat Zuckerberg Stole A Public Hospital

Lives Matter, So Plutocrat Zuckerberg uses his capture of a hospital to depict himself as a good person. Hey, won’t he give 99% of his Facebook stock for “charity”… to himself, without paying any taxes… 

Some “Black Lives Matter” throw down statues of those who won the Slavery War. How clever and coherent is that? Maybe more than it looks. If those they throw down the statues of, had not existed, many “Black Lives”  would still wear chains, and a little whip would have to be occasionally applied to encourage them. So when “Black Lives” who matter, destroy the memory of Ulysse Grant, the general who won the slavery war, are the “Black Lives Matter” as cretinous as they look? Or are they, acting on the simple instincts associated to more primitive form of life, smelling something deeper directing their progression like bacteria drawn to sugar? Maybe they do, and they should. Let us help them, “Black Lives“, by explaining truth in a bit more depth.

The USA is in the grip of total plutocracy. Plutocrats control 100% of the media, thus nearly 100% of the minds. Every time I write down this notion, the New York Times immediately censors it (I am a long time subscriber, apparently cultivating my masochism and forbearance). The NYT is little more than a deranged Trump hate cult (I read their insanities everyday)… Why is the NYT so afraid of the revelation that Pluto owns all minds? The NYT knows that, however idiotic their readership is, the ultra simple notion that, whatever information is fed to minds, has been inspected and approved by global plutocracy… it could perhaps flip a switch in their minds. If it turned out that those moods have been force fed for so long, even the simplest reader may ask, are those souls and hearts of them, just actually installed to serve The Man? 

An example of The Man is Marc Zuckerberg, a specialist of stealing what is, or should be, public property. Zuckerberg sets high standards of plutocratic hubris… A hubris only surpassed by the likes of Dorsey, the Twitter CEO, who became a multibillionaire without his company ever earning a dime (but he will censor you, and actually has arrogated to himself some of the powers of the Roman censors of old… who were public officials, whereas Dorsey is just a nobody with the arrogance of five billion dollars and the power to block publication…)

An example of installed mood all US citizens tend to share, and which has to be destroyed, is celebritism. According to celebritism, we all owe everything to immensely out-of-the-ordinary heroes. They did not just create all the worthy ideas and emotions, they created all the jobs and wealth, without them the universe would be empty, human life would cease. 

San Francisco Hospital is very old and gigantic. Zuckerberg gave peanuts… But the hospital is ruled by wealthy doctors who want to earn even more money. At least in San Francisco that’s what the powers that be want you to believe: without Marc Zuckerberg, the ultra wealthy owner of a world-monopolistic social network, no healthcare in San Francisco. Having health cared for in San Francisco is to subscribe to the Marc Zuckerberg cult. Now many very wise and knowledgeable individuals, worldwide, argue that Zuckerberg is little more than a thief, a front, and a spy. Respected institutions like parts of the European justice and legislative system, have pondered all the laws facebook has broken.  

But the city of San Francisco tells you: if your health is in jeopardy, and someday it will be, should you be lucky, if you want to survive, you have to embrace the Marc Zuckerberg cult. Marc is the way, there is no alternative.

A public hospital founded 150 years ago, and publicly financed, after at least one direct referendum to do so, is named after ONE young, live, mind manipulating plutocrat, Marc Zuckerberg… Or how the cult of celebritism is pushed onto people.

What is the interest of this? It teaches normal people they are nothing. Zuckerberg meets with the Pope, Congress, presidents, buy Hawai’i, establishes a 80 billion dollars “Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative” (CZI). He controls it. Thus he can give, without ever paying income tax on capital gains, because he gives shares, and still he can claim the colossal deductions… While keeping all the powers and respect, and influence that controlling hundreds of billions, and public opinion, gives. 

And what of the dignitaries in San Francisco, the board of the hospital who entunes:

“Our History – Zuckerberg San Francisco General

Zuckerberg San Francisco General has been an integral part of San Francisco history for over 150 years, responding to the city’s health crises and working to improve the health and well-being of all…

Who gave them the right to nominally attribute private property?

The tall buildings in sight are part of San Francisco General Hospital. Zuckerberg couldn’t even pay for more than a fraction of the parking lots.

In 2011, San Franciscans OKed a new hospital building. Huge sums were involved.

84% of San Francisco voters passed Proposition A to build a new acute care and trauma center on the original hospital site. In 2011, San Francisco General Hospital Foundation launched the Heart of Our City Capital Campaign to raise funds.

In 2008, another similar public fundraising had passed: To ensure the availability of San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center in the event of a natural disaster or emergency, by building and/or rebuilding and improving the earthquake safety of the hospital and to pay related costs necessary or convenient for the foregoing purposes, shall the City and County of San Francisco issue $887,400,000 in general obligation bonds subject to independent oversight and regular audits?

Such sums absolutely dwarf the measly 75 millions given by Chan-Zuck… Thus one can deduce the leaders of San Francisco General Hospital view celebritism as the most important of mission. 

Popes have to meet with beggars and thieves. Shouldn’t the Pope protest when a hospital is stolen? No, instead he makes gives to Caesar… Who gave the world to these punks? Other, older punks, and the mood they feed…

Their minds are corrupt. They have done high studies, because the public invested in… them. Zuckerberg didn’t. By serving him and his ilk, they betray those who have created them, the public. Just because they are prostitutes? Well, prostitution is a calling, but betrayal should be severely punished. 

Patrice Ayme



On a personal note. Annual blood test went from $35 to $830, with a $200 “copay”. In two years. Great progress, that Obamacare! The wealthy, scavenging healthcare profits, will become even wealthier






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5 Responses to “Lives Matter, So Plutocrat Zuckerberg Stole A Public Hospital”

  1. Don Kemerling Says:

    The sure sign that civilization is in trouble is that people are afraid to debate because of threat of retribution. The Socratic method is being eliminated by the mobs in the streets and in the boardrooms. It’s utter barbarism.


  2. Stephen Jones Says:

    Not sure if street protests will lead to a decline in civilization or civil debate.


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Don Kemerling, Stephen Jones: Protests are good, even excellent… As long as one can debate. As I have explained in the following essay, I understand the rage… and even approve of it, because rage moves out (e-motion)


  4. Martin BJ Says:

    Je suis un fan de la “montagne de sucre “ comme tu peux l’imaginer.


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