USA: Bezosed And Besotted. Bezos makes $13 Billion In ONE Day.

… And pays no tax. As with sucking Zuck, paying no tax is of the essence. This week, in one day, Jeff Bezos made 13 billion dollars. Yes, in just one day. Considering the average US family makes 60 K, in a year, that’s more than fifty million US families made that day.  Considering total US yearly income in 2018 was 17 trillion dollars, that means Bezos, in one day, made 1/1,000 of that. Too bad Obama is not president: he could give Bezos the Medal of Freedom…

Jeff Bezos is the owner of the Washington Post (“WaPo”). The WaPo is a prominent member of the anti-Trump propaganda machine. Trump is president of the USA… But not just this. Trump started a career in electoral politics by running for president. Like Kanye West, he ran against Reagan in the 1980s. At the time Trump, a major Democrat and Democratic donor ran against the Democratic mainstream, which was supporting Reagan’s reforms. Reagan was an ex-actor, ex-governor of California, whose most telling exploit had been to introduce tuition to the University of California, a public institution. Reagan embraced with enthusiasm the globalization movement, according to which US multinationals became global multinationals taxed where there was little or no tax.

White Face Extreme Multibillionaire Zuck electrically surfing in front of his Hawaiian property. Will sucking Zuck succeed to buy his own Hawaiian island, as billionaire Ellison did? Security detail is very close by on a big boat, and pro-electronic surfers are accompanying him. All these monopolist leeches are riding technology they didn’t invent, and couldn’t have invented because most of their knowledge is concentrated around greed, and how to satisfy it… Zuckerberg owns a 700-acre plot of land on the north shore of Kauai, and has apparently paid others to buy land, so that they will sell it to them…

Billionaires developed strategies to pay little or no tax. One trick used by the one who bought one of the main Hawaiian island, the boss of Oracle, is to borrow with his billions of stock as collateral: no tax on loans. The Zuck who sucks gives shares… to a tax free institution he created for himself, and which he 100% controls…. Zuck was just following the strategy of the Gates of Hell, to whom Obama, their pet president-boy, gave, supreme irony, the Medal of Freedom.

Make no mistake: I am a tech fanatic. Moreover, I am a scientist, and none of these vultures are so endowed. Their tech monopolies actually kill technological innovation and progress, because they had their pet-boy president pass a law destroying the Patent System so as to serve them. So now the real inventors can’t be rewarded anymore… and innovation is stagnating in its main engine, the USA.

The Patent Law was supposed to be changed last Fall. Fortunately for the tech monopolies, the impeachment of Trump for confronting with weapons the Russian in Ukraine (or so it looks to me) intervened just in time…

Bezos announced a ten billion dollar “charity” for climate change. As with Gates and sucking Zuck, this all means their POWER escapes taxation. In a healthy democracy, the world’s richest people wouldn’t be able to painlessly make a $10 billion donation to “initiatives” they control like the tyrants they are. Their fortunes would be mitigated by tax collectors; antitrust laws would constrain the growth of their encroaching POWER. Instead of relying on a tycoon to bankroll the national response to existential crises there would be national responses, International we the People initiatives..

Billionaires will emerge from the pandemic with a major surge in their wealth….. And not just because their overall tax burden as a percentage of their wealth plummeted by 79 percent from 1980 to 2018 (in 1980 it had already plummeted from the 93% on top margin rate, Eisenhower, a Republican who desegregated schools, introduced).

The very structure of the banking system directs money at the wealthiest… And the more wealthy, the more money. That’s how Jack Dorsey, another Trump hater, made many billions with out having his company earn any money through earnings…

If the hating of Trump triumphs in November, one can be sure that the Patent System hostile to small inventors will persist… And inequality will keep on jumping ahead [1]. It’s crucial that inventivity keeps on going up, to avoid falling in the ROMAN TRAP… That is, so much Intellectual Fascism that necessary inventions were not made.

Bezos has replied that Blue Origin, his self-financed rocket company, is his most important work. Fair enough, and he has got a point there… somewhat reminiscent to that Elon Musk has made. However, one man cannot replace millions of small inventors…

In the case of COVID, Bill Gates has unwillingly demonstrated that his Tax Free Foundation extends his power… But not our prospects. Gates may be thanked by his client Xi, but all of Gates’ power is as much that was drained away from proper foundational government programs, be it in research or cure…

Patrice Ayme



[1] By looking at the indicators carefully, one can argue that elements of inequality, such as the employment number, went in the sense of a decrease of inequality under Trump; inequality certainly went up under Obama… Only thing that






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