Chinese Dictatorship Dictates To NBC, The US, Universities

As I pointed out before, when gullible folks watch Bill Gates or NBC, they watch what the Chinese dictator want them to watch. Said dictator has deals with, and promotes reciprocally many US plutocratic corporations and individuals. It is likely Xi got to power because of his entanglement with global plutocracy: that made it look, to Communist Party insiders, as if Xi held the keys to the world inside China.

Neither the Chinese, nor the Americans or the Europeans know that this is how we got the Kaiser and Hitler… Or even Hirohito (long story; Hirohito had to go to war once the US president, FDR, watching Japan invade China and Vietnam had to block US plutocrats from selling oil to Japan… and Japan then had no more oil…) In the case of the Kaiser and Hitler, I have detailed, in countless essays, the nefarious role of US plutocrats and their US Deep State. Basically the formers were creatures of the latter.

Nowadays, NBC is owned by Comcast, controlled by one US family and everybody is in bed with dictator Xi (Comcast is investing many billions… In Beijing alone!)

Now the wall Street Journal informs us that:

China’s National-Security Law Reaches Into Harvard, Princeton Classrooms
Professors at elite U.S. universities turn to code names, warning labels to protect students.

Uyghurs enslaved

Almost 370,000 Chinese students and roughly 7,000 from Hong Kong enrolled at U.S. universities in the 2018-19 school year, and academics in the U.S. say they often opt to take classes on Chinese law, culture and politics because they want to understand more about their country and how the world views it.

“We cannot self-censor,” said Rory Truex, an assistant professor who teaches Chinese politics at Princeton. “If we, as a Chinese teaching community, out of fear stop teaching things like Tiananmen or Xinjiang or whatever sensitive topic the Chinese government doesn’t want us talking about, if we cave, then we’ve lost.”

Meg Rithmire, who teaches political science at Harvard Business School, plans similar measures on a compulsory first-year course for roughly 800 students seeking a master’s degree in business administration. One of the case studies discussed requires students to read diaries from Uighur Muslims held in camps in China’s Xinjiang region—where Beijing is accused of large-scale human-rights abuses—and also covers Hong Kong, Taiwan and the legitimacy of the Communist party.

“There is no way that I can say to my students, ‘You can say whatever you want on the phone call and you are totally free and safe here,’” she said. “It’s more about harm mitigation.”

Apparently Xi’s agents have been going around in the West, and talked to some significant Chinese this way:”You can return to China, or you can die.”

Global world plutocracy is as evil as it gets. It brought us Auschwitz. Remember when the Jewish controlled New York Times refused to talk about The Holocaust? That mentality had the immediate consequence that the USA did not go to war to help the French Republic in 1939 and 1940 against the Nazis. So the French got defeated. So there was the Holocaust of the Jews, and another sixty or seventy million people besides, including around ten million Germans. If France had been helped by the USA in 1939 and 1940, this would not have happened. France had huge forces which would have kept the Nazis defeated, if they had attempted landing in North Africa, and German generals, faced with defeat, would have got rid if Hitler instead of the Jews and other victims.

The situation now is exactly the same. US and global plutocrats have been caught using slave labor in China. Dictator Xi policy in China and with the uyghurs satisfies the definition of a holocaust. What does the New York Times do? Accuse Trump, and his “hawkish advisers“, of course. This is exactly what happened in 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941… Instead of seeing evil for what it is, and denouncing it, those who see the evil, and talk about it, are accused of throwing gasoline on the fire.

All collaborators of Xi should be indicted, just as all collaborators of Hitler should have been indicted in 1939. The most significant of these collaborators are not inside China, but on the world stage. Some of the same plutocratic corporations enslaving Uighurs have financed handsomely Black Lives Matter. A slow understanding seem to be surfacing worldwide that we are all on a very slippery surface. Chinese “Wolf Warrior” diplomacy — far from reinforcing Beijing’s domineering drive may be bringing the sort of healthy reaction from democracy that we got too late in World War Two.

Patrice Ayme

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