Plutocratic Globalization Is The Number One Enemy Of We The People

It’s called PLUTOCRATIC GLOBALIZATION, and it destroyed the Roman Republic… turning it into the evil oligarchic empire invented by Augustus, which could only get worse, and did.

The wealthiest Romans called themselves the “Optimates”, the best, proceeding to make wars all over, subduing (democratic) Carthage, (free) Numentia (in Spain), and all of Greece, including Rome’s ally, Athens. Compare with the present “Democratic” Party in the USA. Joe Biden, average Joe, invented (he was the head of the Senate Foreign Commission) the argument to invade Iraq, a war crime, and crime against humanity, which killed at least two million Iraqis. Now we have the same plutocratic corporations who give millions to “Black Lives Matter” while employing enslaved Uyghurs in China under Xi, a dictator that Gates and Buffet, pillar of the “Democratic” party, have themselves contributed to install.

Did we see that before? Recently, not just Rome? Yes. The “Democratic” Party helped, financed, and conspired with Adolf Hitler. Who was most important in the “Democratic” Party in most of the Twentieth Century? The Harriman Brothers, sons of the guy who owned US railroads. They developed the Baku oil fields for Stalin. they did everything for Hitler. One of the Harrimans got the highest decoration from Stalin, and the highest from Hitler. Hitler himself had been launched, in all ways but learning German, by Henry Ford.

What to do now? First bring back all essential jobs to the West.

Contrarily to what plutocratic propaganda has claimed, industrial production was coming back to the USA. Say that, and they will tell you, those self-declared “progressives” and “democrats”, that you are a racist. So reality is racist? Manufacturing is the essence of POWER. When plutocracy wants to keep on ruling, it aims first at reducing the POWER of WE THE PEOPLE

Italy and Rome especially, had been forbidden, first, to work, then to own weapons, and finally even to serve in the army… Roman plutocrats were afraid of a coup against themselves. It worked, until there was strictly no army left (September 394 CE, exactly) . What to do? The plutocrats negotiated with the Barbarians, jut like now advocates of Sharia are allowed to sit in the US Congress (and have infected some city halls in France, where they promote the subjugation of women).

So the first thing to do is to bring back the essential jobs to the USA and Europe, from China where the plutocrats have exported them. In the COVID 19 crisis, France, Europe and the US had to organize air bridges from China for swabs, masks, Personal Protection Equipment.

Instead the “Democratic” Party chose a guy elected Senator before he was able to serve… who then served Reagan global plutocratization (all Reagan laws were passed by “Democrats”), and whose son, not a financial guy, got a one billion and a half dollar deal from China (and also diamonds, he had to admit during divorce proceedings). Pelosi is also a war criminal: she knew, she admitted recently, as Ranking Member of the Congress Intelligence Committee, that she knew there was strictly not one weapon of mass destruction in Iraq.

Having filthy, immensely corrupt politicians, is what brought Rome down. Feinstein, who stumbled into the San francisco city hall because of an assassination, has now a personal fortune of more than one billion dollars (yes, 10^9 dollars, billion with a b). How? She headed the Foreign Com. of the Senate when Biden did not. Her husband organized the deals with China.

But all people know is what they read in the media. The New York Times, owned by the same Jewish family, since the nineteenth century, knew about the Holocaust… But stayed silent, because greed is most important. They are doing the same now. Bezos owns whores and prostitute all over, including the Washington Post, telling their outrageous lies… Obamas and Clinton have now immense fortunes… And individuals such as your truly get shut down by the tech monopolies… They told me they had to, because otherwise they won’t be able to sell in some countries…

Human beings are not nice, this is how humanity is kept in check. Civilization has enabled evil to be leveraged, that’s called Pluto-Kratia, Evil-Power.
It worked in the past. It will not now, because the power evil can muster is too great.

Patrice Ayme


The preceding was a comment on the following article from my friend ian Miller (but word press has messed up their site, so i couldn’t “reblog”):

The Recent Economy up to Covid-19

Posted on 

In the previous post I noted that Keynesian economics tended to fail because governments overlooked the second half of the prescription: when the going got strong, it was necessary to “pay back” the debt, or at least reduce the money supply. That results in politicians being party poopers, restraining the good times and what politician wants that with an election coming? The net result was with too much money floating around, we had the rather unexpected result of inflation coupled with stagnation/recession. More money would not solve that. Friedman had the answer, perhaps: stop government priming the economy and correct structural deficiencies. That was not followed either – Friedman had no more success than Keynes in getting politicians to behave. What resulted was the likes of Reagan reducing government expenditure, lowering taxes, and maintaining and expanding the government deficit. Then the US Federal Reserve set the tone by reducing the money supply, even though it knew that would send unemployment soaring. They simply did not care. Anything went in the name of “economic efficiency”. 

What was undefined was “efficiency.” To answer that we have to ask what is the purpose of the economy? To the bankers it seems to be to make nice profits for banks, but surely it is more than the keeping of tidy books. For some, it is to maximize wealth, especially for themselves. For some it is to generate the means of enabling people to live in a pleasant place and live alongside nature. For others it is to enable all people to get the best out of life. Under the new economics of Reagan and others, the emphasis was on the “basics”: get the government out of the economy because they don’t know what they are doing, focus on low and stable inflation, let the rich get richer, following which the wealth would trickle down. Except the evidence is, it didn’t.  Then when it became clear that squeezing the money supply, while it might have helped make the books tidier, was generating unemployment that was too great, so central banks switched to using interest rates as their primary tool. Which gets us to where the bankers are now. Interest rates have got to the point where depositing in banks is only good for security, as long as the bank does not go belly up.

What actually happened was that when the corporations noted that the government did not care about employment it fired its workers, thereby saving money on benefits, etc. and moved manufacturing to low wage countries. Basic manufacturing, like clothes, were exported to places like Indonesia or Bangla Desh, and more difficult manufacturing to China. That undoubtedly increased the wealth of the rich, but it sent the workers into low-paying jobs in the service industries. Meanwhile, there was a somewhat unrecognized crisis in the academic community, and in particular the physics community. Funding had dropped and we had a large number of highly educated unemployed. The physicists, in particular, were good at computer modeling, and they got jobs in banks to create new “financial products”. The banks made huge profits until about 2008. The problem with these “products”. which were sliced and diced debt, were based on the assumption that nothing significant could go wrong, but in the US, for political reasons, a huge number of houses were sold to people who had no hope of repaying the mortgages. Oops. 

We have sort of recovered from that, but the legacy is that thanks to COVID 19 the debt levels of so many countries is extraordinarily high, interest rates are ridiculously low they cannot go lower, so there is no incentive to save. Money goes into assets, which merely inflates the price of the assets. Stock at $100 is worth that if you can sell it for that, but at the end of a period of time, you have to look at the overall returns on investment. In a bubble, everyone makes money until the music stops, then the losses are concentrated on the then holders. COVID has forced the nervous investors to cash out and the stock market fell, but it is coming back because of the quantitative easing. So what happens when the quantitative easing stops and the bonds are cashed out?What is clear is that we cannot look to the past for ways to get out of this. We have to try something new, but what? If you look at our leaders, do any of them have a solution to what happens after quantitative easing? Or do they have their heads in the sand and assume that will be for another electoral cycle?

17 Responses to “Plutocratic Globalization Is The Number One Enemy Of We The People”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Good luck making the lemmings understand this. All they know how to do is to insult Trump. As if he had been in charge in the last 40 years like average Joe was


  2. Ian Miller Says:

    Bad players will spoil anything, and unfortunately there are many bad players out there. It is also not restricted to the US. I missed out on a fortune simply because somehow some politicians tore up a contract and gave it to someone else after the venture I was involved with had $5 mil in the hole. Not nice, and what was especially pathetic was the politicians did not benefit, in fact overall, as far as I can make out, nobody did!!!

    However, the real problem in these troubling times is I am not sure there is a way out of this mess that does not hurt many of the innocent. We have got ourselves into a position where I think there will be major structural change, and it is hard to see in what direction it will go


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well the solution is the same as that which should have been applied under the Roman republic: break the power of the self-declared “Optimates” (the best). Use a plutocrat (Trump) to do it, same as was nearly done with Gracchi, Marius, or Caesar. That was so true that the much derided Sulla did this pretty well: he reinstalled the Tribunate. Then, having it all, retired (!) He then promptly died of natural causes…

      The Gracchi, their thousands of friends, Caesar and his Populares Party failed… because of assassinations (Caesar had finally succeeded to implement a land redistribution law in 59 BCE, when he was Consul. We know better now.

      We know that, if We The People is weakened too much, the state collapses and invasions results. Europe kept that notion front and center during the Middle Ages. There was no more plutocratic globalization during the European Middle Ages.

      Plutocratic globalization reappeared with the slave trade… Which was highly successful economically… for all those who survived it (yes, including the slaves… Doesn’t mean I approve slavery, Rome’s second error…)


  3. SDM Says:

    But of course it is. The corruption by plutocrats has government held hostage while the propaganda machine is working overtime to keep enough people hypnotized. Electoral politics have failed the people with the stranglehold of the two party system in USA.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks. The distinction I am trying to do in my Rome/Big Picture book is between globalizing plutocracy and localized plutocracy. Trump is a local plutocrat (mostly based around New York, and SF real estate offices). The tenors of the Democratic Party are servants of the global plutocracy… although some of them (Pelosi, Feinstein) have risen to be plutocrats from their own possessions, leveraging politics.

      The Republicans have at least one plutocrat (besides Trump) the tall blonde senator, but she married the head of the NY stock exchange. The Pritzker Chicago plutocratic family promoted to politics by Obama is a global pluto family of multi-billionaires.

      Local plutocracy can at least be counted upon defending the neighborhood: that was the idea of the Feudal order. And why Europe was not overrun for 15 centuries (China and India were, more than once). The Samurai, by definition a local plutocracy, twice successfully defended in serious, drawn-out campaigns, the invasion of Japan by the Chinese/Mongols.

      Global plutocracy wants to weaken the core. Unfortunately for civilization, in the average, the global plutocrats have taken over in the last 150 years… In spite of Teddy Roosevelt’s counterattack. BTW, Andrew Jackson would say:”I told you so!” He was focused on the bankers, especially the Rothschild. And considered having resisted them his proudest achievement.


  4. Paul Handover Says:

    I completely agree with you! But can you forecast the near future, say the next 5 years? Because it seems to me that the future is bleak, horribly so, and climate change is at the root of everything.
    Those plutocrats cannot separate themselves from the end of life as we know it.
    It’s not a familiar place for me, being despondent, but I don’t see a positive way out of this mess.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Paul:
      I do NOT believe that the future is bleak, for humanity. Perhaps for me, but not for humanity. If anything, the COVID crisis is accelerating the science of basic biology, in particular immune disease (the main killing mode of COVID). Both my parents died from immune attacks against the lungs (prior COVID). The Climate catastrophe can be mitigated. My life was seriously impacted by deadly smoke since Tuesday, and my preferred haunts, burned into a moon landscape. Trees millenia years old burned down.
      As TRUMP said, though, it was ENTIRELY avoidable. Indeed there was an enormous amount of underbrush, and litter on the ground. Neither Native Americans nor mammoths, mastodonts and various other massive herbivores, would let that happened. This is why the “wildernesses” on Federal land I was living in the last three weeks, have let it so much cattle. A cow dung burns, but not as violently as uncontrolled brush.

      I am besides myself with rage and anxiety when I know which places just burned.


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Growing up one’s analytic reach seems morally necessary for those who join in hating a particular individual, as told by blinding global plutocratic propaganda. Grab truth instead! Industry, like lifespan, faltered in the last three years of Obama’s reign:


  6. Ian Miller Says:

    on August 21, 2020 at 10:58 pm said:
    Yes, but the problem is how to break the power of the optimates? I am not saying it cannot be done, but the Gracchi brothers and Caesar show how difficult it is. The problem for we the people is to get someone in a position to do something when getting into such positions requires huge amounts of money. Trump was someone who could get around that problem of getting there, but that did not finish off the machine opposing him. It is not easy.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed. Trump became the victim (hard to imagine Trump as a victim!) of stealth coup, something never seen before… except in the case of the attempted impeachment of President Johnson.

      The impeachment of Andrew Johnson was initiated on February 24, 1868, when the United States House of Representatives resolved to impeach Andrew Johnson, the 17th president of the United States, for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” which were detailed in 11 articles of impeachment.

      Johnson, a Democrat, and Lincoln’s VP, was hated for extending Lincoln’s lenient policies relative to the south. Johnson had been a rare anti-Secession Democrat before and during the war, and military governor of Tennessee…

      The primary charge against Johnson was that he had violated the Tenure of Office Act, passed by Congress in March 1867, over his veto. Specifically, he had removed from office Edwin M. Stanton, the secretary of war—whom the act was largely designed to protect—and attempted to replace him with Brevet Major General Lorenzo Thomas. (Earlier, while the Congress was not in session, Johnson had suspended Stanton and appointed General Ulysses S. Grant as secretary of war ad interim.)

      Impeachment failed by one vote.

      That a coup would be directed at Trump show the hatred of GLOBAL plutocracy for anything local.


  7. Ian Milller Says:

    ianmillerblog on August 23, 2020 at 9:47 pm said:
    Hello Patrice. I have always been amused by “high crimes and misdemeanors,” A high crime is presumably something very serious, such as treason, but a misdemeanor, here at least, is a rather minor crime that does not rate as being a felony. The implication is, if you are going to be naughty, be really bad, but don’t overdo it.

    More seriously, my view is the Democrats simply could not concede that a beloved Clinton had lost and a lot of Americans did not want her. This has resulted in Trump not really having had the chance to implement the policies in his election platform, and has unfortunately brought out the worst in him as he fights back against the continual harassment.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, you are right, “high crimes and misdemeanors” is like “murders and unpolished shoes”. Weird. Very Yankee, though: quirkiness to hide… racist, tribal, exploitative bias…

      Namely one can accuse anybody of unpolished shoes. So the Democrat US Congress accused Trump to have intervened in Ukraine… when they had done the same, just, way worse.

      My interpretation of the coup against Trump is much deeper and more sinister: it’s the case of GLOBAL plutocracy (how Rome fell) against LOCAL plutocracy (how the European Feudal systems thrived… and protected Europe).

      Here, in the SF Bay Area, it’s sheer madness, all the forests are burning, because, basically, Trump told them to clean them and how to do it, but it can only be charlatanism, because his opponents, who are in command in California, say Trump is a charlatan, so they didn’t do anything, and now one has world famous trees burning…

      But Black Lives And Unpolished Shoes Matter.


  8. Ian Miller Says:

    Yes, and being the husband of a senator had nothing to do with making a million. Yeah, right.

    A lot of people do not understand that removing something like large animals from an ecosystem can cause massive problems. They eat and trample brush.

    And as an aside, my shoes are also synthetic and supposedly don’t need cleaning. Unfortunately, I accidentally spilt some red dye on my left one, which cannot be corrected. So that was clearly a misdemeanor


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Feinstein’s husband made more than a BILLION, yes a thousand millions. Organizing deals with China, while his wife was overseeing trade with China, as a US Senator… In the last few decades. That’s corruption to the Biblical level. And the woman is viewed as a pillar of society and the Democratic Party. I am ashamed to be a member of the latter, as I am to be a subscriber to the New York Times, which allowed and then censored a comment of mine after too many saw it:

      Prescribed burns could be easily made during the wet season, winter. Re-installing the large animals is also a must.

      I recently repaired a pair of beloved European running shoes with glue, so called gorilla glue. I expect it to stay supple like neoprene, but instead it cured as hard as stone…


  9. John Holzmann Says:

    Stunning commentary by someone who is neither Libertarian nor Republican. Indeed, I haven’t figured her out, yet. I just know she speaks an awful lot of truth and challenges my preconceived notions!
    I’ll post this one . . .


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