Hatred Against Trump About Immigration Is Counterfactual And Essence of Racism

It is racist to hate individuals from flimsy and apparently counterfactual justifications. This is true, even if the individual is a magistrate, or the president. I am an immigrant myself, but of the scrupulously legal type. There is evidence that Trump loves immigrants: he married and had beloved children with them. What Trump dislikes, as I do, is the sort of squalor found in parts of some “sanctuary cities”, for example Berkeley, California. 

Trump Immigration Ceremony, White House, August 25, 2020. It is racist to hate individuals from flimsy and apparently counterfactual justifications. A case in point is the PC mob hating the guy who married two immigrants and had four beloved children with them…. because, supposedly, according to the PC mob, he hates immigrants! The failure of PC logic is itself telling and frightening: who is the PC mob going to hate next?

While the Politically Correct, similar to Nancy Pelosi in her nine mansions, lives the high life on the hills, standards of living and health have sunk lower than anywhere in the world, a few miles away, among broken needles, excrements and filth… to the point ecologically unique natural lakes and lagoons are getting polluted. Systematically racist police policies keep the squalor away from the mansions: that distanciation between the PC high life and squalor for illegal immigrants and the underclass, is not “defunded”. For now. Should that fail, the truly rich can always move to Aspen, Jackson Hole, the many private islands they own in Hawaii or British Columbia, etc… As an immigrant, I was always looked down upon by the PC crowd, in a systematically racist way, so I appreciate a president who just doesn’t talk the talk, but marries the immigrants. 

A French Socialist Prime Minister once said:”France cannot welcome all of the world’s misery!” Indeed. And there are two good reasons for this: to preserve France (one of the world’s few high immigration country, like the USA)… but also to preserve the countries the immigrants come from. Indeed immigration should not be viewed as a crucial way to solve the problems of dysfunctional countries, or used as a way to exploit those countries, by stealing their best, most educated and brightest: those problems in those countries have to be fixed inside, otherwise only the best and brightest flee, preventing the resolution of the problems those countries suffer. Real progressives understand all of this.

Stop the hatred.

The preceding in black was sent and published by the New York Times. However, the global plutocratic propaganda media then realized its tragic mistake, and REMOVED MY COMMENT. They lie about saying comments are removed only if not civil. See the P/S.

Hatred is too easy, and resolves nothing.

Because the paradox is this: by hating Trump counterfactually, media such as the New York Times promote hatred as the great filter of cognition. 

For example the NYT trumpeted several times in the same article that “Trump built 300 miles of wall”. They never mention, although they know it very well, that most of the existing wall with Mexico was built well before the Trump administration (even Mexico is for it, for a number of reasons). And in some places the wall is multiple, hundreds of meters wide! And so on. The most scandalous anti-immigrant policies (such as DACA; or the immigration justice system, with no appeals and judges with extravagant powers) were in place well before Trump. Trump just advertises a reality Bush and Obama kept discreet. That’s no necessarily bad, as knowing there is a problem, and what it is, must precede solving the problem.

Promoting hatred as the ultimate filter of cognition is what true racists do.

Patrice Ayme



P/S: The most sedate parts of the mini-essay above were send and published as a comment to the article of the New York Times linked above. many readers approved of it, so they realized their mistake, and removed the comment, replacing it by:

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[NYT is the “newspaper of record” in the USA. It’s the reference. I also used to consider it one of the best media in the world. That was before the Iraq invasion, which it supported, and I stridently condemned, for all the right reasons. After that the NYT blocked me from commenting for a decade and a half until the publisher passed the job to his son. Now they censor may be 50% of my comments. But it is the first time they publish one, and then un-publish it.

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12 Responses to “Hatred Against Trump About Immigration Is Counterfactual And Essence of Racism”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Your experience indicates that censorship at the New York Times is top down. Some higher-ups saw the comment and intervened to have it removed.
    You say you subscribe to the Times. In light of this experience, how do you justify that?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, NYT is the “newspaper of record” in the USA. It’s the reference. I also used to consider it one of the best media in the world. That was before the Iraq invasion, which it supported. After that they blocked me from commenting for a decade and a half until the publisher passed the job to his son.


  2. Paul Handover Says:

    I have just read your essay rather quickly so won’t comment until I have read it again more deliberately. But first impressions are to agree strongly!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, thanks Paul! That they withdrew my comment when too many of the NYT readers started to “recommend” it was really abysmal. In all of this, I am no “Trumpist”, I just stick to truth. Or at least try to.
      I am writing a book on a similar situation, which destroyed the Roman Republic (and thus, then, Rome itself). We are still suffering the aftershocks… And have not reverted, yet, to real full democracy.


  3. Andrej Dekleva Says:

    so where did my comment go? you’re not publishing critical thoughts?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Andrej:
      I did not see your comment come through and I approved this one right away. Somehow, and highly unusually, WordPress sent me a special notice to approve your present comment in my personal mail box. I do NOT censor, I am no intellectual fascist as in the plutocratic media (say New York Times).
      My WordPress account has been so dysfunctional recently that I could NOT publish some of my material, or lost it.
      I hope it doesn’t have to do with censorship.
      Years ago, WordPress informed me that they had censored me, because of a FATWA from the PAKISTANI GOVERNMENT. I had displeased the Islamists by violating several laws of the ISLAMIST Republic of Pakistan (they quoted the laws). Yesterday the NYT removed one of my comments after too many of their readers approved it.
      I appreciate your comments so I hope you can publish it again. If WordPress or the powers that be don’t like you enough, well, not my fault, this is what I have talked about. I have been the victim of censorship since before the Biden-Pelosi-Bush invasion of Iraq… 😉
      I understand why they would want to rewrite history…


  4. johnscorner Says:

    Patrice: You are nothing if not brave! I laud and applaud your equal-opportunity offense!

    Thanks for informing me and challenging me and making me think better.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks John! Just saying as it is! But your compliment is the highest one which could be made, and I am humbled by it, it will force me to think even better…
      I witnessed and then experienced actually an incident of systemic racism yesterday. It was pretty instructive. The first one I see in years (I don’t socialize much). I will relate it if I have time… That should confuse further those who shoot from the hip, through their pants, without aiming, or even lifting their weapon…


  5. Paul Handover Says:

    What is your response to the recent criticism of the President by Dr. Mary Trump in her new book Too Much and Never Enough – How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I don’t have a reason to answer someone who has interest to say extraordinary lies to sell books. This is typical of this sort of books. I don’t think we can bring personal judgements on Trump’s personal behavior… nor should we try. Take Hitler. Was he a moral character in personal life? There are strong arguments pro and con, and they have been made. But, as a politician, he was as immoral as possible.

      Among recent US presidents, and politicians, several qualify as war criminals: Carter,
      … and that is totally not known…
      Bush II (attack on Iraq)… and his allies, Pelosi and Biden
      Potentially, for drone “signature” strikes, Obama, and for an illegal medical siege of Iraq, Clinton…

      Bush I and Reagan invaded Grenada and Panama… but that doesn’t qualify as war crimes as the regimes were dictatorial and the loss of life minimum, concentrated on a few goons.

      Trump has NOT committed anything approaching a war crime, whatsoever… Nor did Nixon, in spite of his Christmas bombing), nor Johnson (in spite of escalating Vietnam and a fake incident he didn’t originate… Nor Eisenhower, nor Truman.

      FDR and Wilson the two US presidents who encouraged and helped the fascists initially, causing enormous losses of European lives, qualify as war criminals, in my books, for encouraging wars of aggression, de facto… while hypocritically bemoaning the other way…


    • Gmax Says:

      Money making gossip and she is estranged from her family. Besides one of her accusations is that Trump told her in front of witnesses in Mar AL Lago, Trump’s Florida PROPERTY, that she was “STACKED” when she showed up in a tin bikini… That’s hardly a crime worth noting, she looks like a two legged overweight heifer


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