GLOBAL US PLUTOCRACY POWER GRAB CAUSED THE HOLOCAUST: And Why Anti-Trump Forces Lie About It… Because they Love What Global US Plutocracy Brought To Them, Xi And All…

Abstract: This is the most hidden, gravest, and most significant fact of twentieth Century history: US global plutocracy gave Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and even Hirohito, the power and cover-up that they needed to rule. Literally. Power, as in know-how, oil and machinery. US plutocrats cynically manipulated the fascist dictators to dismantle the only power which overshadowed the US plutocracy, the European nations’ global reach (so-called “colonialism”). 

Nobody ever wants to talk about this in those splendid, esteemed US universities, immensely wealthy from having supped with the wealthy devils for so long. They are indeed the best… if evil power (Pluto-kratia) is viewed as best. 

Nixon realized that the global plutocratic project of US based plutocracy was far from over, China was missing. After digesting most of the world in the decades following World War Two, there was the question of China rising again. So Nixon reached out to Mao. Xi and his slaves are the new friends and servants of US based global plutocracy (why Trump always disliked global plutocrats has to do with his family and personal history, and industry, and his analysis of the situation; Trump’s role is not without remembering us of Tiberius Gracchus…). 

This is why it is important and of immediate concern to dissect the lies still rampant about what happened with The Holocaust of World War Two. Of course an entire current of European “Christian” thought, starting with Roman emperors, then German speaking lands (11 C), Saint Louis (13C), then Luther (16 C), and finally concentrated by Prussia, was murderously insane about the Jews… But that doesn’t explain how the Hitler phenomenon happened, and why it was able to get so much out of control. Hitler had extra-European help, help from the Deus Ex Machina, the US global plutocracy.

What explains Hitler as a master policy Germany opted for, is that the dictator thought he had, and was thought to have, by all too many German leaders, the backup of the ultimate powers that be… in the world’s dominating power, the racist USA. When Hitler found out that he had been played, he got naturally completely enraged, he wanted to kill a maximum of people, preferably innocent (The US was already materially, not just diplomatically, helping the Soviets; see [1]). This confluence of causes is in a nutshell what happened with The Holocaust.

Well, Europe got destroyed, and the US plutocracy got its world empire… The main role of US professors in the top US universities, is to cover up that saillant fact of history. They have done an excellent job.

Contrarily to legend, France fought hard in 1940. French tanks destroyed in battle, May 1940. At the time, it was known that the Nazi regime mass-killed already hundreds of thousands of German civilians. think about it. No problem for the “Democratic” administration of US plutocratic president Franklin Roosevelt. Actually, from the US Deep State’s point of view, not helping Europe in a TIMELY manner meant that all European empires were now part of the US worldwide empire. And who cared about civilians, Jews, the French, etc.?


How is the mind of people made up? By constant propaganda and repetition: 

Brain washing so thorough that people get completely stupid from it (celebritism, sports one watches on TV, addictively) is how oligarchies rule over the rabble; this is not new, it was fully described in writing as a method of rule, as early as Juvenal, 1,900 years ago… 

With media pounding the same lies always, a MOOD is finally created, and people know no other world, than this world of lies their superiors want them to believe in. Right now all the “Western” media is owned, or funded, by plutocrats. So the question is not, how good is your media? The question is: how good are the plutocrats feeding your mind? How good do they want to be to you, when they play with you?

One of my reader-collaborators, Eugen R, considering my position on issues related to the US president deeply flawed, sent me to an essay from Ms. Applebaum, a paid writer for Mr. Bezos (the world’s “richest man”) and The Atlantic (owned by David Bradley who interned in the White House during the presidency of Richard Nixon. He received a MBA from Harvard. He then sold a majority interest to the immensely wealthy widow of Steve Jobs who owns a foundation with a misleading name, the Emerson Collective; Emerson Collective worries about things like DACA, Obama’s hypocritical Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program).


Basic Fact About Nazism: France and Britain Fought It Alone For All Too Long, Betrayed by Their child, the USA:

What Ms. Applebaum does is that she presents as well-known facts material which is completely unproven, such as “Trump abuse of power”. She extends the method to all of history. She accuses the French to have collaborated with Hitler, as a most significant part of The Holocaust (she doesn’t say this explicitly, she just sets the mood for those who don’t know history well to draw this conclusion). The simple truth?

In September 1939, France and Britain declared war TO Hitler. France got knocked out for a number of partly accidental reasons… But not before inflicting grievous losses to the Nazis. Britain kept on fighting, and pursuing the bombing of Berlin, started by the French… which had a devastating effect on German morals.

On 1 September 1940, the famous American media correspondent and historian William Shirer (the US was, at that time, still a neutral country) wrote in his diary in Berlin: “The main effect of a week of constant British night bombings has been to spread great disillusionment among the people here and sow doubt in their minds. One said to me today: ‘I’ll never believe another thing they say. If they’ve lied about the raids in the rest of Germany as they have about the ones on Berlin, then it must have been pretty bad there.’”

The USA would stay neutral… And intended to stay neutral in 1942. However, on December 11, 1941, Hitler, who defeated in front of Moscow, that the Americans, with supreme machiavellianism, had stabbed him in the back, and that the war was lost, in his petulant rage, declared war on the US. 

Ms Applebaum presents as a well-known fact that Trump helped Putin. If you are supposed to be an intellectual, you are supposed to know the Moon exists, and Trump helped Putin. Both are self-obvious truths for those conditioned by our plutocratic media. Common sense says the opposite. How did Trump help Putin by secretly equipping the Ukrainian army with ultra deadly “Javelin” anti-tank missiles? Oh, but the “Democrat” propagandists and all these intellectuals never mention that MOST SIGNIFICANT fact, so their readers are unaware of it, and, a fortiori, of its importance and relevance: Russian soldiers were advancing in Ukraine thanks to their Russian tanks; if the tanks get destroyed, by the Javelin missiles sent by Trump, secretly, they can’t advance. By contrast, Obama sent to Ukraine only Meals Ready To Eat (MREs) 

Applebaum has the reputation to be an intellectual. She is an influencer of the intellectual class, giving an excuse to the employees of the plutocratic media to espouse her fiel. Applebaum and her ilk, uses exactly the same tactics as Lenin, Stalin, and then Hitler… Or, for that matter, Christianism and Augustus. Christianism brandished the cross, a torture, as the incarnation of love. Augustus brandished the Republic he had destroyed, claiming he had re-established it. 

What makes the anti-Trump mob tick is “American Power”. They claim, in a contradictory way, that he exerts it too much, and that he destroyed it.

How was American power established? 

In March 2016, eight months before the election of President Donald Trump, Applebaum wrote a Washington Post column asking, “Is this the end of the West as we know it?”, which argued that “we are two or three bad elections away from the end of NATO, the end of the European Union and maybe the end of the liberal world order”.[39] Applebaum endorsed Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president in July 2016 on the grounds that Trump is “a man who appears bent on destroying the alliances that preserve international peace and American power.“[40]”

So Ms Applebaum says it herself, it’s all about “POWER”, “AMERICAN POWER“… NOT JUSTICE, PROGRESS… We have to bleed for the “LIBERAL WORLD ORDER“… Understand: GLOBAL PLUTOCRACY. And the likes of Biden, avoiding to pay health care taxes by setting up an “S corporation”… For his income…

Well F the “liberal world order” and “American power”…

“American Power” means that when the French Republic falls to Nazi tanks, you do nothing, paving the road to Auschwitz. Kill the French, kill the Jews: that was the way of “American Power”… and the “liberal world order”…


Pétain Got To Power Because The USA Wanted To Destroy Europe In General And The Republic In Particular; France Sheltered In Place:

How many republics during 1939 in Europe? Just one, if one excludes irrelevant Switzerland, with its greed as morality and its rapacity (busy confiscating Jewish property and becoming part of the Nazi war economy: consider Nazi ball bearings, and anti-aircraft Nazi guns, Swiss made… until the US Air Force finally bomb them… “accidentally”…)

US politics was headed by president FDR, an hereditary plutocrat who hated France and dreamed to seize her colonies. 

Fast forward to 2020, Bezos’ prostitute dares to write, after calling those who don’t hate Trump, “collaborators”:

“By Pétain’s reckoning, collaboration with the Germans was not merely an embarrassing necessity. It was crucial, because it gave patriots the ability to fight the real enemy: the French parliamentarians, socialists, anarchists, Jews, and other assorted leftists and democrats who, he believed, were undermining the nation, robbing it of its vitality, destroying its essence. “Rather Hitler than Blum,” the saying went—Blum having been France’s socialist (and Jewish) prime minister in the late 1930s. One Vichy minister, Pierre Laval, famously declared that he hoped Germany would conquer all of Europe. Otherwise, he asserted, “Bolshevism would tomorrow establish itself everywhere.”

Repugnant. Applebaum is confusing what was told to the Nazis, and the real reality, which was the exact opposite. There is little doubt that Pétain was as deeply a republican patriot as they come (similarly, as a matter of principle he had to de condemned to death after he voluntarily submitted to arrest, coming out of Switzerland after the war).

Applebaum a Nazi friendly Jew, is completely masking what really happened: US AMERICAN BETRAYAL of the Republic, France, anti-racism, Judaism, morality and humanity. It is Roosevelt who recognized Pétain, and the Vichy regime. FDR sent his right arm, 4 star admiral Leahy, as “ambassador” to Vichy. Applebaum is a NAZI. She is a Nazi, because she thinks and feels, like a Nazi. 

France declared war to Hitler and was beaten when the combination of Stalin, Hitler, Roosevelt, Mussolini… Roosevelt? The Canadians tried to help in June 1940, they disembarked divisions in Brittany, which were beaten up by the Nazis. NOT the US. 

Pétain‘s delaying tactics spared France the maximum wrath of Hitler when it was at its worst. By flattering the mass homicidal dictator, presenting a shimmering alliance of sorts, Pétain neutered Hitler. After 1941, Germany had clearly become, paradoxically, crucially dependent upon the French economy, feeding and industrializing Nazi Germany. Sending all the French to ovens, even if the Nazis ate them all, would condemn Germany to starvation… Hitler was frustrated, but it was too late… The red zone above is the interdiction zone. South East France was directly occupied by the Nazis and the Gestapo after Mussolini’s fall.

To this day, how the holocaust happened is masked by whores like Applebaum. As, among other things, people died in my family, I am not amused. Pétain was NO friends of the Nazis, obviously. He hated German racist fascim. As the commanding general, he had fought with ultimate ferocity at the battle of Verdun, where half a million soldiers died… even using the famous decimation method of the Roman army. 

Pétain faked it enough to keep 40% of France sort of “free” for another two years, before the Nazis invaded this too. American idiots will shrug. Well, they don’t know about the thousands of “Jewish” children (and also pseudo-Jewish, but counted as such), who were seized by the Nazis, and tortured to death. How many Jewish children did  Pétain delaying tactics save? Thousands. Delaying, as Pétain’s administration did, at least kept much of France free from the direct administration by the GESTAPO, the horrendous service killing races deemed inferior. That’s all. Hitler had wanted to annihilate the French people, like he did the Jews. In the First World War, most combat age French males were killed or wounded. 


What Pétain Wanted To Avoid: Another Holocaust Of the French Population For No Good Reason:

Around 1,400,000 French soldiers were killed in World War One, another attack against France rendered possible in its inception and devastation, by the US Deep State, and its mood to treat Europeans like Native Americans, with twisted alliances and betrayals, resulting in holocausts of the Native Europeans. This is an average of 893 dead French soldiers per day, for more than four years.

More than 4,300,000 French soldiers were wounded, which means an average of 2745 per day, for 1566 days, including :

1,100,000 disabled, 300,000 mutilated, 42,000 blinded, 15,000 broken faces

The deaths of soldiers created 700,000 widows and more than 1,000,000 orphans.

More than 100,000 indigenous soldiers from the  French colonies were killed, fighting for humanity, including 26,000 Algerians.

France was far from defeated by the end of June when the cease-fire with Nazi Germany was declared. The French fleet was much larger than the Nazi fleet… and the air force comparable. At this point the French Republic could have send its forces to North Africa… and the Nazis would have been unable to conquer that… as their difficulties in Crete with the British Royal Navy amply proved: the entire Nazi parachutist army was basically annihilated.

After the Nazi defeat in French hands at Bir Hakeim, Hitler repeated to his cabinet they had to annihilate France. But nobody else wanted it by then (June 1942)… as the other cabinet members pointed out, they depended upon French civilian industry… And Hitler to add that he knew this all too well, and that Germany would end up depending upon France.

So Pétain  and some of his collaborators, such as Mitterand, knew all of this, and mostly wanted to save a maximum number of French people (France’s population had stagnated at 40 millions for a generation, from combat losses). 

Dirty job, yes, but someone had to do it. I, of course detest Vichy, and also Mitterand (more than Pétain, because Pétain did what he had to do, stab Hitler in the back while killing him with love; Mitterand made a hash of his presidency)… my closest family was in the resistance, sheltered more than 100 Jews, and became a Gestapo target…

Meanwhile, fascists such as Applebaum hid what truly happened during the Twentieth Century:


Notoriously, the New York Times, owned by US Jews, collaborated with Hitler in World War Two, by hiding The Holocaust from its readers (although it knew about it very well).

If the French Republic, even fighting from North Africa, had not ceased fire, there would have been no holocaust.  

As simple as that.

But the US deep State wanted a Holocaust… because only thus would US plutocratic power rise and rule the world. The betrayal of the USA to Europe, the Poles, the French, the Dutch, the Belgians, the Danes, the Norwegians, the British, the Jews, Gypsies, the handicapped, the Slavs, the blacks (there were blacks in Germany… at best they got neutered…) was not a betrayal of We The People of the USA… which had been deliberately misinformed, as it is now. It was a betrayal of the leading part of US plutocracy… And that betraying mood is still in the lead today. But targets of the Resistance need to be more carefully selected, and the first one to select is gross ignorance about what exactly happened…

Patrice Ayme 



[1] Roosevelt craftily decided that the United States needed to help the Soviets fight against the Germans, so that war would be made by proxy, and Europe devastated some more, while the USSr became discreetly, de facto, part of the US empire, or a US agent. Soviet Ambassador Maxim Litvinov significantly contributed to the Lend-Lease agreement of 1941. American deliveries to the Soviet Union started early on:

“Pre Lend-lease” June 22, 1941, to September 30, 1941 (paid for in gold and other minerals).
First protocol period from October 1, 1941, to June 30, 1942 (signed October 7, 1941), these war supplies were to be manufactured and delivered by the UK with US credit financing.

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  1. Gmax Says:

    Great article… So many questions. Do you think US Jews are out to excuse the behavior of their grandparents with red herrings?
    And why did US JEWS do nothing in 1939?


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