Pacific Coast Apocalypse

Why is the West of America burning as badly as it is burning? Catastrophic climate change, of course, but it’s also man-made in another way, considerable mismanagement and psychological pressure by self-righteous, corrupt fools (for example most of the influential Trump hating worthies in Marin County). Hundreds of large fires are burning, while writing these lines, millions of people are fleeing or breathing air so foul, they have to stay indoors… with HEPA air filters. I ran twice in the last month, in “hazardous” conditions, the rest of the time, I was inside, but for swimming pool visits. The largest fire, the “August Complex” started as 37 independent fires initiated by a never-seen-before lightning-fire-siege over much of Northern California, has grown twice larger than the largest fire ever recorded in California prior. It’s cruising towards one million acres burned (1.600 square miles, or more than 4,000 square kilometers). This is not savanna burning, but old growth forest, with some of the world’s oldest and tallest trees.

To say I am not surprised is an understatement. I have written essays on the subject, explaining why and how worse the burning will become… and what should be done (the “Live Matter” politicians of the West Coast did… nothing). Consider Climate Catastrophe: California Forests Dying. Giant Fires Coming

Fire Creek, south of Yosemite, getting started. It grew from nothing in a few hours. Thanks to great winds. The fires in Oregon operated similarly. Record winds never seen before transformed the Beachie Creek fire from 450 acres to 130,000 acres, 300 times larger… Overnight. The combination of factors is clearly caused by the greenhouse catastrophe, but lack of stewardship of forests is blatant in California.

The fundamental answer is that the catastrophic climate crash back into the Jurassic climaxes will burn all the forest… LEST we take great care. So was Trump right to suggest that California should take care of its forests? Yes. Is generalized burning a consequence of human generated greenhouse gases? Yes, but. 

Yes but one should and can mitigate the situation: it’s crucial to keep big forests with big trees viable. Instead, what I called the “Cathedral Forest” at Point Reyes, was destroyed. This was ENTIRELY avoidable. According to fire officials the brush reached an (unbelievable more than 30 feet: ten meters). 

This happened because the forest was not in a natural state: there were no mastodonts, or even elks, around. And also there were no Native Americans, who took great care of the giant forests. 

So enormous forests, made of trees several millennia old, went up in smoke and CO2. In the Creek Fire, just immediately south of Yosemite, firemen said the “fire load” was an unbelievable 2,000 tons, two thousand tons, per acre. As 200,000 acres burned, that’s one billion tons of CO2 released, just for one fire (which is not yet in the ten top largest, as they are several of those, presently burning)…

I am a forest runner, and I was increasingly dismayed by the lack of care. What was needed were prescribed burns during the wet season. NIMBY blocked them. That was especially true in Marin County: the national Park wanted to prescribe burns the Cathedral Forest. Guess what? The multi millionaires’ pseudo-progressives of Marin County threatened to sue, lest their air quality would be affected. Now, for a month they have been living in outright “hazardous” air. 

Another factor was Trump Derangement Syndrome: because Trump took away much of their tax rebates, the pseudo-progressives multimillionaires, hate Trump with existential depth. So Trump suggested to clean the forests, and that gave the demented ones a reason not to do it: they call that “resistance” (and direct oceans of money towards Biden, who has promised to bring back the tax advantages of the california millionaire class…)

California or Craplifornia, that is the question: should the state named after the Caliph, or after the Crap it is generating?

Well, both: the concept of Caliph is Crap. Pelosi, an inherited plutocrat and politician, was caught on camera, while violating several laws against the pandemic. Then, not knowing she had been caught, went straight on TV, for the whole US to see her accuse Trump of a “slap in the face of science” about not wearing a mask outside… she had not worn one inside, that’s against the law, in a hair salon, also closed according to the law. The next day her outlawing ways became public. The day after that the governor of California Getty-Newsom, the California Caliph, decided that the laws Pelosi, the Congress Caliph had violated were not really laws anymore, and Caliph Pelosi declared she had been set-up. Trump haters then accused the salon owner of hateful behavior (when actually it’s Pelosi who organized the whole thing with a third party, and the owner, who was in Los Angeles, knew nothing).

Archie Fire, Oregon, September 2020, getting started. These fires are not normal, they are more like what one expects to see after a nuclear bomb… Actually the most famous mushroom cloud picture of Hiroshima, is the picture of the firestorm which followed the atomic bombing, not the bomb itself. These fires on the west Coast (“Left” Coast) are orders of magnitude greater…

Well, Pelosi is viewed by many as a likely war criminal, and she sure collaborated with some, so lying is like breathing for this woman astronomically wealthy from politics, who poses as a… democrat, of all things… when she is clearly a plutocrat of the political corrupt type, the sort which uses politics to become wealthier, on a massive scale.  

For days, the sky was deep brownish-orange… At noon, all cars had their headlights on. It was night all day. This black orange sky, darkness at noon, was just a warning that much worse could happen suddenly. 

In particular, American citizens should remember the 400 Minutemen with up to a total Launch On Warning  (LOW) means a short circuit could cause orange skies all over, this time radioactive. 

LOW is not on the agenda of anyone who claim to be democratic or that lives matter. As far as global heating is concerned things will get way worse. First there are all these forests, ALL OVER, to burn. Call that vegetation change… But the Jurassic climate will not establish itself without turmoil. The sloshing around of Arctic air is just one aspect… Indeed…

I have long owned three powerful HEPA air filters.  Also, although long tempted, and there quite often, I did not purchase a home in the Sierra Nevada. Once, a few years ago, running the Pacific Crest Trail, in a luminous blue sky, I saw a puff of smoke, ten miles to the south. Within minutes it had blossomed to a giant forest fire, with a brown black cloud already all the way into Nevada. It was the only major fire in the West that day, and it headed straight into the city of South Lake Tahoe, and first its airport. The airport has long runways, for the transcontinental jets of the international plutocratic class… The fire was blocked by the airport, showing the plutocrats are sometimes useful…

As it is we are lied to. The very evil-power  (pluto-krat) who threw my own nine year old daughter out of her own school, and her roots, because he hates me, is a trusted environmentalist navigating among his plutocratic colleagues (“Bill”, “Rich”, etc.) and their government servant (“Emmanuel”, etc…) What launched the scandal is that the fiend has invested in artificial grass fields companies to install in public and private schools… I detected this, talked about it, and a school head reported it to “Eric”, and so I got eliminated…

Such are the real leaders of the world. They also engage massively the media they own, and their “Fact Check” organizations,  in deliberate, hysterical Trump Derangement Syndrome, 24/7/365, to distract everybody…

The distraction factor got so high that, talking recently with a professional environmentalist, he was surprised to learn cattle decrease fire loads. There are plenty of papers about it, and anybody who hiked in places where cattle is free to range will tell you so… Herdsmen all over Africa know this. And certainly not just Africa: we know Genghis Khan’s generals knew they could change the climate of China by bringing in the appropriate animals (Genghis rejected their proposal, he refused to destroy China).

Under Obama, the ill-fated reformist who ended mostly reforming backwards, green hydrogen was rejected because his underlings prefer to invest in batteries. So now California gets a considerable part of its energy from wind and solar. Guess what happens with giant fires? They make their own weather… and often so much smoke, they smother themselves… and the wind dies down. And what of sunlight? Well, darkness at noon, all cars with their headlights on, thus no sun energy. Thus, when the heat turns on (California holds the world’s temperature record, 54.6 Centigrade), and Californian turn the air conditioning, there is no more electricity. No worries, the electric utilities cut power to the losers, out in the rural areas. Thus when the fire approaches and the local farmer turns his hose on, no water comes out, because the electric pump doesn’t work. So the farms burn down. No problem, says Pelosi, there is always caviar. And she has two sub zero freezers, each worth 25% of the median US family income, in her Napa valley mansion (and probably the same in her San Francisco, 25 million dollar mansion… And her seven other mansions…) We know this because she boasted of it in a video.

In other words, the blackouts organized by the hare-brained installation of renewable energy without storage are causing death and devastation. Because death there is: dozens were burned to death, millions of lungs were injured.

As all the world’s forests are threatened with massive fires during greenhouse heating back to Jurassic temperatures, the lesson is for the world. Look at Venus: there are reasons to believe the planet may have had oceans and life for billions of years, and became hell all of a sudden because of a CO2 eruption crisis (due to massive volcanism). Hell, right now, is to be led by corrupt idiotic liars, of the same plutocratic party, while believing that’s clever. Plutocrats are bringing us the plutocene, the age of evil, thanks to their misleading media, and the millions of mental lemmings they spawn.

To this day, most Californians cannot afford tile roofs, so their houses burn readily; a law to impose tile roofs, to reduce the loss of California cities to fire was abandoned, because… California can’t afford it; in the Roman empire, tile roofs were standard, so houses resisted forest fires; Romans were wealthier than Californians that way.

Plague, social unrest, lunatics in the street, heat as never experienced before, orange sky, darkness at noon, unbreathable “hazardous” air for a month, smoke with fifty meters visibility over county after county, single fires spanning seven countries, fire tornadoes, towns burned in minutes, blackouts, brush thirty feet high, immensely wealthy politicians in power for five decades claiming Trump did it… This is just a warning of global madness at noon, an appetizer…

One thing only is clear: if we want a better situation, it will have to start with better thinking.

Patrice Ayme 

2 Responses to “Pacific Coast Apocalypse”

  1. Andrej Dekleva Says:

    The conceptual dissonance required to accuse ‘elites’ of conspiring in Trump ‘derangement’ while at same time defending the fat liar and climate disaster denier is beyond the ability for humanist philosophy to even phantom – disaster of intelligence & pathetic misuse of mental clarity and ethics. Here’s a qoute from your fat racist Leader yesterday: ‘it will cool off soon…’


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