Want More Civilization? Debate More! That Is: Beat Up Completely!

Debate is central to humanity. Debate fosters intelligence. De-bate is intrinsically violent: it is a battle. Our ancestors won, and were not eaten, because they beat up the opposition completely.
Correct logic knows no alternative.
To debate comes from “to quarrel, dispute,” also “to combat, fight, make war” (senses now archaic), also “discuss, deliberate upon the pros and cons of,” from Old French, Thirteenth Century, Modern French débattre). Originally “to fight,” from de- “down, completely” (see de-) + batre “to beat,” from Latin battuere “beat”.

No total dichotomy between reason and passion. There is no reason without passion. Having passion for reason is the only way to have reason.

The noun debate was coined in the late Fourteenth Century in France. These were revolutionary times. Debates were everywhere. These were intellectual times. Once a year, the university of Paris organized a commencement ceremony, and the hooded cortege was so long, it extended from one end of Paris. These were the times when Buridan and his students established the core of what Anglo-Saxons and their white Anglo supremacists followers call “Newtonian Mechanics”. The core was the F = ma law. It overturned 17 centuries of erroneous physics from Aristotle [1].
Buridan, a revolutionary character, physicist, mathematician, logician, and adviser to kings, became rector of the University of Paris… although he had refused to study theology (an iconoclast attitude at the time).

The presidential debate commission, at the request of Biden clan’s, is studying “new tools to maintain order”. In other words: censorship. The US is a republic where the presidents get censored… even before they make it to the presidency.
Having “moderators” ask different questions at different times to different individuals who answer separately with their lies, is not a debate.
In France, the sister republic of the USA [2], the two presidential candidates talk to each other across a table. No moderator. They have to moderate themselves. If they cannot moderate themselves, how do we expect them to moderate the world? Or the climate?

The Enlightenment was the triumph of reason. It was the triumph of finding the roots. Reason finds causes of why something is right, and why the alternatives are wrong. Reason does that by beating up those alternatives completely. Reason is war by other means, and with other goals. The goal is to establish supreme logics, those explaining the most significant facts, and demolishing the most significant lies .
Patrice Ayme



[1]. They also demonstrated, geometrically, the first theorems of differential calculus (with crafty geometric, that is, integral arguments).
[2] The French and US constitution were written down within three weeks of each other in 1789 CE… At a time when it took longer than that to cross the Atlantic. For generations, revolutionary French and American thinkers evolved hand in hand. American thinkers and influencers (Colonel Washington, etc.) interacted directly with the French in North America, and the influences were mutual. There was also a pervasive Native American influence: thereafter the American and French republics carried quite a bit of diffuse but crucial elements of Native America. In particular, the “Nature God” (not simply the Christian God) which was in the original constitutional documents of both republics. Christian god made its coup in 1954… but should be eased out… 

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5 Responses to “Want More Civilization? Debate More! That Is: Beat Up Completely!”

  1. D'Ambiallet Says:

    At least you found a subject where you and antifa agree! I am not sarcastic


  2. aldariontelcontar Says:

    Watch this video; it is very good and somewhat relevant for the topic:


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      EXCELLENT! Thanks for finding this! A PhD in a field X means one has done studies in X, but it also means one has PLEASED A HANDFULL of senior members of the PhD GUILD…

      As I pointed out, most great mental advances of humanity are from AMATEURS, OR INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATORS, NOT GUILDERS; it’s a historical fact. The very fact that “amateurs”, people who love a subject are viewed in a pejorative way.
      It is true that individuals who, while members of the PhD GUILD do not follow the dogmas of the guild, are described as “fringe” and dangerous radicals, and lower order sorts. I was long around the highest top circles in math-physics and I noticed the very highest (Nobel, Field medal ranks) were less arrogant than the ones below them… But very consumed by their narcissistic selves…

      Nature of genius means one is out of the box. So the very definition of genius implies asocial behavior towards the GUILDS. This can be seen even in individuals such as ABELARD and BURIDAN, Middle Ages super thinkers who were the equivalent of celebrity rock stars in their times… So they were very famous (Abelard led the was against Saint Bernard, the de facto Pope and advocate of the 2nd Crusade; Buridan, rector of the world’s most famous university, Paris, advised four kings and was loved by a queen, etc… and also had a gigantic following, including the Oxford computing school)… They were very famous but still rocked the boat…

      An example of resistance of dogma to significant fact is Dark Matter: the evidence for it is nearly a century old, but it was denied… It is a highly significant fact, as it means, POTENTIALLY, that existing physics is 96% IRRELEVANT. As an amateur of sorts, I found an obvious (?) POTENTIAL solution: a finite Quantum Interaction (there is no Quantum Interaction if CIQ, Copenhagen Interpretation Quantum… But I am sure Newton would agree with me, because he wrote on the subject, famously about gravity).

      The problem with the identification of the PhD and UNIVERSITY EMPLOYED GUILD with the top intellectual class is that universities, and “university affiliation” are that universities are all in the employ of the top plutocratic class and its agent, the GLOBAL DEEP STATE… This enables the Global Deep State to establish its worldwide mind control.

      An example is so-called “French Theory” an all-encompassing philosophical theory, which has been interpreted as saying that there is nothing as a superior cultural trait. Believing in the superiority of some system of thoughts over others is… racist.
      Thus, in particular, claiming that “All Lives Matter” is racist.

      Wait… what? Ah, because the founding members of “French Theory” believe that the West rose on mayhem, and only mayhem…
      Whereas, in truth, it rose on… Amateur geniuses…

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    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      “French Theory”, as led by the half-educated Levy-Strauss, pretends that Europe is guilty of having become wealthy from mayhem… A complete lie. “WE” have caused the Holocaust, etc. The insult is incredible as the ancestors of many, including yours truly, consumed their families in fighting the Nazis… Themselves tools and weapons of the US Deep State…
      MEGA: Make Europe Great Again will have to start with demolishing these insane “French Theory” premises…

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