Greatest War Criminal Of Twenty-First Century Running For Office

Joe Biden was one of the instigator of the invasion of Iraq. Biden chaired the Senate Commission during 2002 which provided the reasons to invade Iraq. The Guardian detailed his role in selecting biased, pro-war witnesses. The ideology of Joe Biden is that of the Davos plutocracy, a global hydra gorged on offshoring jobs where the US law doesn’t reach. He is also Senator of the state which is, worldwide, the ultimate tax heaven. What could go wrong, from a progressive point of view?

A New York Times’ editorial makes a lot of good points about Joe Biden’s program, nice little points to dream of. However, the invasion of Iraq, a war of aggression, which killed millions, was a crime against humanity. The fact that the Editorial Board of the New York Times doesn’t use once the word “Iraq” is a testimony to bias so deep, that it is discombobulating. What else did the Editorial Board forget to mention which is most significant? Under Obama, manufacturing rolled over, life expectancy went down (for the longest and deepest in time of peace), and inequality reached a higher level than ever. The Editorial Board say it will not happen again. Maybe that’s as naïve as when I spent two years of my life working hard to get president Obama elected, just to see the unfortunate developments I mentioned, unfold. Biden says he will augment taxes. But that’s not how the hyper wealthy and hyper powerful are controlled… Because like Biden and his S corporation trick, they use loopholes to avoid taxes all together….


So sure are the Biden people that they will win, that the NYT actually published the preceding comment. Only three of the readership approved… the rest is too brain washed…


David St Clair from Wilmington struck back:

So…. now that you’ve got out that vitriol, what are you suggesting? 4 more years of Trump, a man who doubles down on divisiveness rather than learning from mistakes as Biden has done his entire career? Seriously??


I replied, and the reply was NOT published by the New York Times:

@David St Clair Whether truth is vitriolic or not, is immaterial. Truth is the truth, even when it hurts the Deep State. Biden is arguably the greatest war criminal of the Twenty-first Century still running for office, worldwide. All those voting for him will implicitly vote for the greatest crime against humanity of the Twenty-first Century. Arguing that one does not like so and so because  he is “divisive“, when millions got killed from the actions of Joe Biden is beyond words. All of this is very well documented. My essay “Do Iraqi Lives Matter” contains an extensive extract of The Guardian on the subject, with all the links. This is an extremely serious matter.

The New York Times rightly deplored many times the fact the New York Times did not focus enough on The Holocaust during World War Two. Had the New York Times paid attention to the Holocaust (they had the data from reliable sources), things would have been different… But, well, at the time the NYT editors may have thought, what is the alternative? Where would all the vitriol against Hitler lead to? Better not the truth, things will be OK. It’s not OK to vote for someone who took part in a conspiracy which was bound to lead to the death of millions, as it did. For what? Take Iraq out of oil production. That elevated the price of oil, long enough to enable Wall Street to invest massively in fracking under Obama-Biden, making the US number one in fossil fuels.  


Anna from NY7:

And what has Trump done for you?


The New York Times published my reply:

@Anna Personally Trump has done nothing for me. I do appreciate Trump’s efforts against the global plutocracy which controls all the media, worldwide, and keep on offshoring jobs, dreams and power by making deals with less democratic regimes, like Xi’s China. Trump’s efforts require courage and are historically correct. Offshoring power to escape local laws is how the Roman Republic went down (google my name, plutocracy, and Rome). Personally I may profit from a Biden presidency… But that would be selfish of me…


Patrice Ayme

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6 Responses to “Greatest War Criminal Of Twenty-First Century Running For Office”

  1. Gmax Says:

    The truth in just one title


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      “War criminality” does not resonate with the Plebs, though, they never heard of it… They probably think “The Holocaust” is an app, and “Iraq” a Tik Tok dance…


  2. D'Ambiallet Says:

    Always the same idea but an important one!


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    {Sent to friends…]
    La resistance n’est pas ou les media plutocratiques pretendent qu’elle est. Le fait est que pour publier mon site je suis force d’utiliser des methodes comme en Chine (TOR browser)… Bill Gates a paye le Guardian (UK) pour qu’il ne me publie pas… Et Google manipule son search engine pour rendre mes articles invisibles… Le fait que le financier de Factcheck.Org a flanque ma fille hors de son ecole… Tout cela fait un peu beaucoup… Maintenant Biden a declare as ses amis de Wall Street que Styers (un milliardaire qui a fait sa fortune avec le charbon) serait secretaire de l’energie…et multi milliardaire Meg Whitman (ex CEO E Bay, HP) pour l’economie…

    3 millions Iraqiens tues par Biden en Iraq? Kein problem!


  4. SDM Says:

    “greatest” war criminal is a bit of a stretch for Biden- no doubt he, Bushes, Obama and others are war criminals as per accepted definition, as well as many in Congress. I have read that Biden is the one who came up with the WMD excuse for invading Iraq and pushed hard for the war. Now Trump wants to be president for life and offers lip service to white supremacists and denies impending climate catastrophe. what a country!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Biden: Greatest war criminal seeking office in 21C… That’s what I wrote. Maybe greatest War Criminal seeking office, EVER (after Bush, damn).

      Biden indeed found the WMD trick. NOT BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Bush was stupidly trying to push the giant lie that (US created) Al Qaeda was in cahoots with Saddam… whereas the truth was that they absolutely hated each other. That was NOT working: even Americans knew about that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Then came BIDEN. Biden made the war possible because of his WMD invention (the UN on the ground in Iraq said there were none)
      If Biden becomes president I will call him WC… War Criminal… Those who voted for WC will be known as FWC (F*** WC), officially: Friends War Criminal… I am beyond the having-friends thingie…

      Trump can’t be president for life, and even he knows that; the Proud Boys thingie, Biden brought it up, Trump said later he never heard of them (I barely did, and I have no idea if they are racist or not), and the climate denial, Pence himself said the climate was changing. On climate, coal plants are closing faster than under Obama. Trump condemned the CO2 catastrophe for 4 decades… His position right now is purely to get votes… As I already said, and he timidly evoked… 4/5, four fifths of Tesla’s profits is thanks to Trump (I know the Tesla situation extremely well, for professional reasons).
      If one look at what he does Trump is +3 on climate (could do better). The reason for the surprising high score is massive RESEARCH funding (thanks in part to Nancy, oops…)
      Obama was MINUS five on the climate (maximum negative). F R A C K I N G Fracking is Obama’s oily baby and it smells real bad. All the stuff Trump does against the environment is basically going nowhere, it will be legally stopped, or economically stopped, he knows it, it’s just for show


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