Trump’s Order On Reducing US Drug Prices


Leaders of the so-called “Democratic Party” have plotted for decades to increase the profits of their friends in the US healthcare plutocracy. One thing they certainly could have done was to reduce the prices of drugs in the USA. Obama had a “super majority” for his first two years: he could have passed any law he wanted. He could have started with executive orders, and shamed Congress into transforming them into law. Anyway, for the record and history, it is Donald Trump who passed the Executive Order on lowering drug prices. So, when “Democrats” howler that Trump is Satan, they mean that the greed of the US Big Pharma is god. Here is the White House’s order:



Issued on: September 13, 2020

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Purpose. Americans pay more per capita for prescription drugs than residents of any other developed country in the world. It is unacceptable that Americans pay more for the exact same drugs, often made in the exact same places. Other countries’ governments regulate drug prices by negotiating with drug manufacturers to secure bargain prices… The Council of Economic Advisers has found that Americans finance much of the biopharmaceutical innovation that the world depends on, allowing foreign governments, many of which are the sole healthcare payers in their respective countries, to enjoy bargain prices for such innovations. Americans should not bear extra burdens to compensate for the shortfalls that result from the nationalized public healthcare systems of wealthy countries abroad.

In addition to being unfair, high drug prices in the United States also have serious economic and health consequences for patients in need of treatment. High prices cause Americans to divert too much of their scarce resources to pharmaceutical treatments and away from other productive uses. High prices are also a reason many patients skip doses of their medications, take less than the recommended doses, or abandon treatment altogether. The consequences of these behaviors can be severe. For example, patients may develop acute conditions that result in poor clinical outcomes or that require drastic and expensive medical interventions.

The corruptocrats at the helm of the Democratic Party (I am a Democrat, BTW, no “”, around me being a Democrat)… insist that naming a judge will destroy healthcare. But they did nothing about medication prices, even when they were in total command of the USA, and especially when… “Obamacare” was about transferring public money to the world wealthiest healthcare plutocrats, not about lowering prices for the average US citizen. Trump’s executive order does this.

Here is more of Trump’s Executive order on Lowering Drug Prices:

In most markets, the largest buyers pay the lowest prices, but this has not been true for prescription drugs. The Federal Government is the largest payer for prescription drugs in the world, but it pays more than many smaller buyers, including other developed nations. When the Federal Government purchases a drug covered by Medicare — the cost of which is shared by American seniors who take the drug and American taxpayers — it should insist on, at a minimum, the lowest price at which the manufacturer sells that drug to any other developed nation.

Sec. 2. Policy. (a) It is the policy of the United States that the Medicare program should not pay more for costly Part B or Part D prescription drugs or biological products than the most-favored-nation price.

(b) The “most-favored-nation price” shall mean the lowest price, after adjusting for volume and differences in national gross domestic product, for a pharmaceutical product that the drug manufacturer sells in a member country of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Sec. 3. Payment Model on the Most-Favored-Nation Price in Medicare Part B…the Secretary of Health and Human Services shall immediately take appropriate steps to implement his rulemaking plan… pursuant to which Medicare would pay, for certain high-cost prescription drugs and biological products covered by Medicare Part B, no more than the most-favored-nation price

Sec. 4. Payment Model on the Most-Favored-Nation Price in Medicare Part D…the Secretary shall take appropriate steps to develop and implement a rulemaking plan… pursuant to which Medicare would pay, for Part D prescription drugs or biological products where insufficient competition exists and seniors are faced with prices above those in OECD member countries that have a comparable per-capita gross domestic product to the United States… no more than the most-favored-nation price


So please remember when you go vote: Trump is Satan, he wants cheap medicine for you, while his enemy Big Pharma is God, and the “Democratic” Party is Big Pharma’s prophet! If you doubt that Big Pharma and Big Greed is god, just check out the five extraordinarily expensive mansions Obama and Biden live in… Big Pharma and its investors has rewarded them well…

Patrice Ayme

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5 Responses to “Trump’s Order On Reducing US Drug Prices”

  1. D'Ambiallet Says:

    Thanks for reprinting this. This is a completely different aspect of Trump from what newspapers tell us in France. I am really surprised. We are told the opposite. Why do you think the Democrats want to keep healthcare so bad in America? And why do Americans vote for them?

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  2. Gmax Says:

    Democrats say it doesn’t count because Trump did it and all Trump does is shit. Can’t talk to creeps like that all they do is lie. They always say Obama couldn’t do more because of GOP, THEY LIE

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  3. BM Says:

    I did not know you were gullible. Especially just before an election. the drug issue is the mask he does not wear and he fucks all by letting the health care system as a shame for all except the rich. Please WAKE UP WAKE UP

    here is my answer:

    George Bush, Barak Obama and Donald Trump are all standing before God. God asks GB, what do you believe in? GB answers in freedom, the American way and the Constitution. Hm says God, okay sit here on my right. Then he asks BO what he believes in. BO thinks for a minute then says “equality, brotherhood and service”. Good says God, sit here on my left. Then he asks DT what he believes, then answer comes immediately “I believe you are sitting on my chair”.

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    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Gullible? Gullible about what? Whatever you think of in the way of gullibility, it’s not what I am thinking. The very fact that the president recognizes the situation relative to drug prices, as president of the USA, is what matters. It is the equivalent of “DRUG PRICES MATTER”.
      Read the executive order. It is what it says.

      Trump wrote: Americans pay more per capita for prescription drugs than residents of any other developed country in the world. It is unacceptable that Americans pay more for the exact same drugs, often made in the exact same places.

      If Obama had written that exact same executive order on drug prices, while president, that would have been an important date in the history of the USA. It’s quite a bit like “ORDERING” the end of slavery. That doesn’t mean it happens right away. It means, though, that the mood has changed. Nothing prevented the DEMOCRATIC Congress to pass a law worded in exactly the same way.

      It is gullible to believe symbolic gestures have no impact. They do.

      Also the executive order is basically asking why Denmark pays 25% of so of US prices for drugs… Democrats have nothing to say because they are on the take. BTW, did you check out Obama’s 15 million dollars Martha’s Vineyard 30 acres property? That’s why he didn’t write that executive order on drugs…

      Michelle Obama opened up about her daughter’s room in the Martha’s Vineyard’s mansion during an interview telling host Ellen DeGeneres: “Sasha actually killed in this house. She has a two-room suite, it’s all decked out. She has like a living room area and a bedroom.”

      What’s more, Sasha even designed it herself. While Sasha has the best deal in the room department, her dad didn’t get quite so lucky. “He’s got the smallest room for his office. So he’s really hating on her,” Michelle Obama joked.

      No executive order on drugs beaucoup money for Obamas… 😉

      Who is gullible?

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  4. Altpanda @thrashima Says:

    Another reminder that Trump is Satan
    Trump’s Order On Reducing US Drug Prices…

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