Systemic Racism A Coverup For Systemic Plutocracy

All these hysterical BLM sympathizers are, civilizationally speaking, a laughing stock. Of course, there is systemic racism. Of course, it’s a problem. Of course it’s not the main problem. The main problem is the class war of the plutocracy and its obsequious servants against the rest of society, not to say the entire biosphere. 

Hysterical BLMs bark up the wrong tree… And so doing let the plutocracy free to augment its mind control. Obsessive BLMs were conditioned to concentrate on calling everybody a racist, as if it were the original sin of today’s society. It was the original sin four centuries ago, in 1619 CE… And even then, it is colonial authorities motivated by profits from tobacco plantations, who pushed for slavery. 

He coming behind you, but bullets he coming from front through door, consecutive shooting at police. Who plays with guns die with guns? Maybe not. But add to this playing with drug money, and boyfriending drug dealers… Brianna Taylor also posed with an AR5, a sort of small machine gun, tried to sell one to a “white boy”, etc… Not exactly pure as the driven snow… Notice the copyright from Louisville Police… Lower left…

By focusing on the wrong fundamental cause, deranged activists act like the puppets of the plutocracy they turn out to be… so far. 

Plutocratic media are trying to make us believe that police act erroneously the way it does because of “systemic racism”. Sure, but just a little bit. The  (only two of George Floyd’s assassinating officers were “white”, and the chief of police there is black… and had sued his own department for racism, and won, years ago). 

The legal, judicial and political systems are much more involved, and so is public opinion, full of NIMBY, setting up an unjust society without enough cheap housing and rewarding legal jobs. I see it very clearly in my local city of Berkeley, with the “Black Lives Matter” signs on the lawns of multimillion dollar houses. Propose to build cheap housing like the high rise in which I live, and the multimillionaires want to jail you. So they build none, and let the tents of the homeless fester in cheap parts of the city. 

You will never see a tent anywhere close to the multimillion dollars homes where the “Democrat”, Trump hating Puritans live.

People who had real trouble with the system, including the police, or real fascist racists, in the US or elsewhere, know better… They know, for example, that, in the USA, the police start from the principle that suspects are armed and extremely dangerous. So the police are always ready to use lethal force, and that’s intrinsic abuse… But it’s not really the fault of the police. It’s the fault of the multimillion dollar homes crowd which is the heart and soul of the so-called “Democratic” Party.

Nor is it “systemic racism” which is the main driver, of the violence of the system, by a very long shot. Once again, check the Berkeley Hills: not one single homeless there: the number of homeless is inversely proportional to the number of “BLM” signs. I walk there all the time, and they look at me weird. I say all this more lightly, as it happened to me, systemic racism… Several times, in the most violent circumstances… But I could see the real driver was the violence of the system, plutocratic in nature, rather than the systemic racism…

This is why the “Democratic” Party selected as candidate for president the ultimate insider of the violence of the system… after persuading Sanders not to demolish Biden as the War Criminal, Mass Incarceration Engineer, and Credit Card companies chill, from the top world tax haven… he is…

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4 Responses to “Systemic Racism A Coverup For Systemic Plutocracy”

  1. Gmax Says:

    You are fearless. The points you make are excellent, I didn’t know about this guns fUn and game. Gosh


  2. aldariontelcontar Says:

    Reblogged this on Dark Enlightenment.


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