Plutocracy is usually defined by the establishment as the rule of the wealthy. This notion is way too restrictive. Men are born free, they are everywhere in chains, as Jean-Jacques Rousseau famously noticed… Plutocracy does that. So plutocracy is a question of chains, not just wealth. Plutocracy has a cruel and demented side, it’s not just about some having more than others. 

The human species was created over the last five million years through a process of evolution driven by intelligence: the most clever human groups survived better. Such groups became more clever because new ideas arose, and they arose best from the minds of the many, through debates. Thus the rule of the few contradicts the essence of humanity, symbolized in human rights as explained during the Enlightenment. 

The rule of the few (oligos-arkhein… oligarchy) is thus deeply inhuman, and most humans, in normal circumstances, that is, in free circumstances, would notice this. To make sure they do not, the oligarchs use ways to control the minds of their subjects. Thus, the more power the oligarchs have, the more they resort to inhuman ways, to evil power to stay in command. Evil-power is literally Plutos-Kratia..

This is how oligarchy turns to plutocracy.

And the more the plutocracy, the more stupid and evil society becomes.

The explanation of civilizational evolution as the struggle of humanity against the plutocratic phenomenon encompasses the cycle theory of polities which the Greeks believed in (it is found in Aristotle and Polybius), and it also encompasses the Marxist theory of social evolution. It also directly rests on prehistoric evolution and the essence of humanity. 

Money is lent at interest. So is political power. That means that, the more the money, or the more the power, the faster it grows.

The only way to prevent plutocracy to exponentiate is by limiting wealth and power absolutely. Rome did this very well for six centuries, until globalization went around the Roman laws, which were local.

Plutocracies turn humans into herds. Plutocracies are generally how civilizations perish. They are nothing new, but a mathematical-psychological phenomenon most civilizations are aware of, and fend off, until they get devoured by it.

Nowadays we have just one world civilization, and thus one world plutocracy. And that is a new problem; there is no spare civilization to save civilization. Moreover, the plutocracy in power uses means that did not even exist in the past. Its mind control is exquisite. Take for example Anderson Cooper, the top propagandist at CNN, famous for being gay. That, of course is a distraction. Cooper is the latest descendant of a family which was, at some point the wealthiest in the Americas, for all to see. His maternal great-great-great-grandfather was business magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt, who founded the prominent Vanderbilt shipping and railroad fortune. Cooper was born hyper wealthy, and a stint or two at the CIA could only help. But no, everybody will tell you that what matters is what he does in the bedroom. Instead one should focus on what propagandists like him do to the world… not the bedroom.

The world media is actually full of these wealthy heirs posing as intellectuals… while all they do is propaganda for their class, their hyper class… But then they pose as weirdos of some sort to attract sympathy as members of the LGBTQXRSTXYZ. “My son has a drug problem!” say Biden, when asked about his son astounding corruption… So we have to feel sorry for the most prominent crime family who subverted the Republic… With its “big guy” the most prominent Twenty-first Century apparent war criminal running for office… Worldwide…

Reading the preceding, some may scoff: ‘Oh, then, plutocracy is normal, so we may as well embrace it!’ Actually, no. Plutocracy causes civilizational collapse, it is deeply inhuman, so it is a degenerate form of civilization. It kills mind. That is very clear in the case of, say, the Roman empire after its first century, when intellectual creativity disappeared. It is also clear in many other plutocracies, for example after Philippe II of Spain got to power, or, more generally after the Catholic Inquisition became the Deep State of Spain. It is also clearly what went wrong with Islam: Islam gave Islamic plutocrats the weapons they needed to rule without sharing, the Ottoman empire is a clear example of that… And mind got killed. In Western Europe, outside of the Iberian peninsula and Vatican territory, there were very complex power struggles between different types of oligarchs, plutocrats, theocrats, bankers, and even Roman Secular Law, which insured that the plutocratic exponential could never develop with the tranquility it needed.

For example, during the Jacqueries of 1358 CE, some nobles were put on a spit, and roasted by the irate peasants. This may look like an overreaction… Until one realizes that the nobles of France had no ultimate legitimacy. They were actually plutocrats who had stolen a country, over a period of centuries… And the French peasants knew this very well… Afterwards, and until the Revolution of 1789 CE, the French nobles, and actually European nobility in general, were very aware that all they deserved was the rotisserie, and, thus, only sheer violence kept them in power. Thus they had to admit they were a ruling class, indeed, but just one of kleptocrats, glorified thieves. Therein the genius of Europe: mind was all set to fight back, and the plutocracy knew it, and had to self-limit.

In other words, I am saying that it is (counter-)terror which prevented plutocracy to extinguish the mind in Western Europe (mostly in France and its satellites, Germany and Britain). In the first centuries of Rome, the law did it (chaotically; there was lot of constant struggling). In any case, limiting plutocracy is the secret which made Europe the cradle of the Enlightenment. And thus, it is what we have to do today…

Patrice Ayme



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  1. De Brunet d'Ambiallet Says:

    Vision panoramique de l’histoire. Well done!


  2. Stephen Jones Says:

    Not my president


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [To Ian Miller]
    Well, the future will also come from mRNA tech, and other biotech. Just by changing three genes, mice optical neurons were reversed to quasi-embryonic youth and self repaired…

    Climate disaster will be averted only if MASSIVE carbon free new technologies are developed.

    Now indeed one lends more to the wealthiest, enabling them to get wealthier. I have argued that the only reason of taxation is to prevent the exponentiation of wealth. Roman Republic long taxed wealth 100% above a pretty low level. When that was breached, so was the Republic.

    Blocking the future of wisdom, science and engineering, under the fascist empire made the situation worse…. So plutocracy can exponentiate so much that it blocks all an any new idea.


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