RAGE: WHY HYPER WEALTH HATES TRUMP… Unleashed Its Lying Media, And Loves War Criminals [Book, Introduction…]

Our civilization is enduring a turmoil which most civilizations have collapsed from ultimately: a wealthy elite engages in a fanatical death struggle to gain control of all of society. It has no choice, otherwise it will be exposed for the crime organization that it is.  

The key to the reign of this crime organization is a crooked information system. Wikipedia, supposedly opened to all, is typical: it writes articles outrageously favorable to the Biden family… full of missing facts, or common sense… And Wikipedia, supposedly a neutral encyclopedia, blocks the introduction of any of the missing facts (such as $83,000 a month Hunter Biden was getting from the Ukrainian company Vice President Joe Biden, dad of Hunter Biden, fired the procurer of). Then Wikipedia presents what should be the obvious corruption in Ukraine as a “debunked conspiracy theory” and “Russian Interference” (I have written many articles against Putin, while he invaded Ukraine… under Obama-Biden).

Conquest of the many by the few, depends not just on a brutish application of power, which is too costly, but on mental enslavement, which is permanent. Total media control by the owners of the world should be against the law. But it is not, and, after more than a century of fake and misleading news, ownership of the media has allowed the owners of the world to mold minds as they see fit. In a traditional case of scapegoatism, the owners of the world have accused the bearing of bad news and tough solutions, one of their own, Donald Trump, to be at the origin of what he is fighting against.

Democracy is Demos-Kratia, People-Power. Democracy is not about being “represented” by a few oligarchs to talk, supposedly, on our behalf, in a so-called “Parliament”.

To demolish Democracy, all the oligarchs have to do is to demolish the power of We The People, and that’s done by demolishing the capacity of We The People for important work crucial to the functioning of society. Offshoring power and employment is therefore the main trick of oligarchs: it deprives We The People of Power, thus of Democracy and even the capacity for rebellion. Add to this greater profits, and offshoring is a win-win situation for hyper wealth…

Oligarchs, with the help of a pseudo-intellectual class in so-called “academia”, contrived to make us believe that offshoring power had to do with freedom (“free trade”). This poisonous theory was associated with the even more poisonous idea that the Enlightenment, which gave Power to We The People, rested on slavery and genocide, instead of science, intelligence and wisdom. The COVID epidemic showed that the capacity of the West to make masks, antibiotics, or medication had migrated to China. And it was all a plot, and conspiracy, not just to augment the profits of the wealthy, as they prefer us to believe, but, more fundamentally to deprive We The People of any power. And make some of us live worse than wild beasts…as the Roman Tribune of the Plebs Tiberius Gracchus said word for word, nearly 22 centuries ago (please visit, as I have, the camps in the San Francisco Bay Area: they were found, by the United Nations, to be among the worst in the world). Tiberius was fighting against a similar offshorization. 

Capturing all and any mode of expression and information is how the fiercest elites have always reigned. It makes their lying dictatorships fake, brittle, ready to collapse. And collapse, ultimately, they always do.

But the potential consequences of being owned by a tiny elite of greedy fools have never been potentially so dire. Indeed the reign of this Global Deep Plutocracy extends to the entire planet, and their lies and crimes are ruining it. While a new feudalism is rising, speaking a fake language, full of insignificant facts, distracting us with problems it itself created, like foreign wars, the biosphere itself is at stake.

Here we will talk the truth, from a maximally progressive point of view, even if it hurts. Especially if it hurts: no pain, no gain. I am a “Democrat”, but the failure of the pseudo-progressive, pseudo-”Democratic” wealthy elite who has led the world, is now blatant…

And the failure has to do with imposing on most of the population the wrong moods, and the wrong ideas. No, we are not all racists; racism is not the root of all evils anyway. US racism enabled greater greed for the few, by justifying the slave economy of giant farms growing more tobacco cheaper. So racism originated with the moral givers of the hyper wealthy ruling class, as usual; redistribution is not a solution… Real progress, starting with technology, is… But limiting the powers of the plutocracy, including their ownership of the Deep State, including health care, the media, the internet, and money creation, is a must. But it will not be achieved by the likes of Joe Biden, innocuous looking, but arguably the opposite of what he appears to be. Some will sneer I compromised my credibility by writing this (and to be fully truthful, I would have to write worse).

However if they believe in Biden they can’t believe in the noblest aspects of the human spirit. Biden conspired with G. W. Bush to invade Iraq, and the result was the death of millions… as planned. Such megadeath is not old history. It is an infamy which will keep on living. And it is an even worse infamy when the reason why it happened is exposed: pure greed in conspiracy with Wall Street and its frackers (see below). One day the US engineered megadeath in Iraq may be as infamous as slavery itself. Voting for Biden is approving this infamy, among other evils.

Patrice Ayme


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10 Responses to “RAGE: WHY HYPER WEALTH HATES TRUMP… Unleashed Its Lying Media, And Loves War Criminals [Book, Introduction…]”

  1. brodix Says:

    Hopefully they are cooking their own goose. To the degree this has become so blatant, it is creating blowback. Not to mention destroying the system these people are using to control society.
    Then again, they are also likely planning on using the government debt to further privatize everything. Disaster capitalism/predatory lending coming home to roost. Which means the public banking movement needs to gain more traction.
    I suspect as well the generals are also planning on how they will “restore order” and likely use a few bankers as pinatas, to placate the masses.
    We live in interesting times.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      In very latest news, Trump agreed to a 2.2 TRILLION stimulus (deficit is already 3.1 Trillion…) Here in California, the governor grandly declared today they trusted no one about vaccines and “our world class experts will certify the vaccines”…. Silly stuff. The Brazilian state which is making a very large test of SINEVAC (Sine, like Chine…) says it works… Britain is talking about testing the Astra Zeneca-Oxford vaccine by injecting volunteers with COVID…

      The election could get very messy, and some sort of military coup… hmmm, intervention… is not a priori excluded… Indeed…


  2. BM Says:

    … et toi tu devrais écouter celui la que tu connais mais que tu ne veux pas écouter

    il faut écouter tous les sons de cloche



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Je suis ma propre cloche… En plus j’ai tous les livres de Chris Hedges… Boring…

      Chris Hedges is a baby version of myself: naive and less informed. Also, where does he think this despair comes from? A teenage version of myself is HISTORIAN Victor Davis Hanson: he explains much better where the despair comes from, and why, for example, Cesar Chavez was an ACTIVIST against illegal Mexican immigration (he went to the border and started the wall, when there was as yet none…)

      For the full strength and ultimate explanation, all the way back 5 million years, you have to read me, in full. The Dark Side, Prehistoric Democracy, Debate, Intelligence, Civilization and its corruption, Plutocracy… which is fundamentally a psychomathematical phenomenon, in the line of Asimov psychohistory…

      Understanding the rise of GLOBAL DEEP PLUTOCRACIES is key to understanding all the ills Chris Hedges speak of. He and I agree. He just nebulously attacks the “Corporate State”… Well that’s not where the DEEP MONEY lays.


      • BM Says:

        …tu vois donc qu’il faut remonter la machine d’un certain Dr G. mais hélas le meme mal reviendra encore et encore car les cons c’est comme les têtes de l’hydre on ne peut pas s’en défaire.

        attention si tu penses que tu es le seul clairvoyant c’est dangereux. tu vas te faire encore plus peur. Mi j’ai tres peur deja et je suis inquiet pour l’avenir de mes enfants et petits enfant ( si toutefois le monde existe encore lorsqu’ils seront grand). Ca serait mieux si il n’existait plus car ca resemble a pire que l’enfer avec tous les Pluto qui attisent le feu avec l’homme aux cheveux orange qui les guident.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Je t’explique la théorie en gros. L’effet plutocratique (pas PLOUTOcratique, plutocratique), parceque je me fais peur. Tu repliques ad hominem: je suis un probleme et l’homme qui a tous les media plutocratiques contre lui est le chef des plutocrates…

          Je me fais même pas peur quand je nage a 500 mètres de la cote du Pacifique, comme il y quelques jours.. sans combinaison… Donc tu penses, le Biden Criminel de Guerre, il me fait pas peur. En fait c’est amusant de voir tous les idiots pseudo-humanistes voter pour le plus grand criminel de guerre du 21ème siècle qui cherche a être élu… On a pas finit de rigoler…


  3. Gmax Says:

    I wonder how many will get that GLOBAL DEEP PLUTOCRACY is GDP


  4. SDM Says:

    Media hate Trump? Come now, he has driven the ratings through the roof. The media cannot get enough of him.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Listen to what the media say. I have many subscriptions, including to NYT, Economist, etc. their hatred for Trump has no bounds. NBC owned by Comcast is in bed with Xi, so their owner, 40% with only one US family hate Trump. Biden, who is way dirtier than Trump, no comparison, is not examined whatsoever.

      Reason is obvious: the Biden plan is more of transfer to the wealthiest… One needs to scratch the surface, as I have been doing…. But as Gloucon and Gmax, and others here have said here, it’s way too smart for average voter. Basic Dem voter doen’t realize Trump is on left of Biden…


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