Biden Bait And Switch

  • Evil will play out, and we will describe it with relish. Elucidating the basic facts is what wisdom has to seek first and we will do it better if we enjoy it.
  • Civilization enabled intensive agriculture by organizing large human concentrated populations protected by armies. Humanity became much more powerful. However. such concentrations are generally captured by ever more powerful small elites. The cause of this, and its main nefarious effect, is that money and power exponentiate: they grow proportionally to their own sizes. This is the plutocratic phenomenon, it’s the most prominent danger in all civilizations, because it ruins the creative core of humanity.
  • Having a class of families grabbing most of the power and money is fundamentally inhuman: humans are not made to be ruled and can be ruled only by destroying the core human characteristic, intelligence. The plutocracy does this by tightly controlling what can be learned. Thus the present world plutocracy owns all the media: We The People can learn only what our masters want us to learn. This censorship has now been extended to the Internet.
  • Because plutocracies are fundamentally inhuman they always fear that their rule is going to be resisted. Thus they can persist in the exponentiation which created them in the first place, only by getting ever more diabolical in the imposition of their inhuman existence. They do this mostly by controlling minds.
  • Most civilizations collapse when the plutocracies which have captured them become so criminally insane that they commit a fatal error. Collapses are not pretty: in many cases, more than 90% of the original population got wiped out.
  • We are presently potentially in such a situation: a tiny elite, the Global Deep Plutocracy, acts as a world government, under a morass of lies. An example of lies is “Free Trade”. Another example is the “Paris Climate Accord”, which was just a blank check for the world’s biggest polluters to keep on polluting, as much as they like. The tiny elite lost command of spaceship Earth when Trump was elected, but, thanks to its world media ownership, it has succeeded to block Trump and has rolled out one of its oldest, most experienced hands to regain an innocuously frail looking mastery.
  • The greatest error is being committed having many of the life circuits of spaceship Earth on the verge of collapse. Another great error is the mother of the preceding one: all the world’s decisions are taken inside a small elite of a few thousand families, which worship GDP. GDP, not just Gross Domestic Product, but also the Global Deep Plutocracy… which functions as the fateful, lethal and vicious part of the Global Deep State.(And yes there is Global Deep State: 200 states talking to each other are part of it, plus countless treaties, international arbitration organizations, the UN, WHO, UNESCO, Interpol, EU, WTO, etc.)
  • ***
  • The phenomenon of Global Deep Plutocracy running out of democratic control is already what demolished the Roman Republic, and the Roman empire it degenerated into. Thus, there is a detailed historical precedent of what is happening today. Basically, the same patterns are reproduced, but on a planetary scale.
  • When The Roman State collapsed, the Franks took over and established a milder rule with religious tolerance, while outlawing slavery and mandating secular education, throughout Europe. That fostered technological and philosophical innovation. Science followed. Thus, five centuries after the Roman State collapse, the “Renovated Roman Empire” was leading humanity’s progress, higher than Rome ever had.
  • However, this time we do not have a civilization B waiting on another planet to extirpate us from the mess caused by those who stole most of the wealth, power and mind, the greediest, basest, and most fake.  
Obama increased inequality. He was elected to do the opposite. And he promised to decrease inequality, before then doing exactly all he could to increase it (for example the TARP program).

  • The main root of the present Global Deep Plutocracy arose from the mightiest nation, the USA. It is a multigenerational phenomenon. (The Senator who led the writing of the crooked Obamacare law was a fifth-generation plutocrat; one of his mansions sat on more than 100,000 acres of personal property; the VP of a major health insurer resigned her job to help plutocracy get more money out of healthcare.)
  • Rockefeller owned at some point more than 12% of the US economy. President Teddy Roosevelt tried to stop the takeover of the entire USA by the few by putting the antitrust laws into action.
  • But the American Republic didn’t have the absolute wealth limits of the Roman Republic, and all that Teddy achieved was a dissemination of the plutocracy. Foundations, shell companies and other loopholes, plus the intrinsic nature of the present financial system only insured that the wealthiest families would become ever more powerful. And they did, even using world wars as games they invented the rules of, and won.
  • ***
  • World War One gave a boost to the USA’s wealthiest, first from trading with the enemy of democracy, the Kaiser and his racist, genocidal plutocracy. Then, after victory in 1918, the USA grabbed much of German industrial and intellectual property. The USA became the Deus Ex Machina of Germany, organizing the entire country in a succession of Wall Street engineered “plans”. US plutocracy also financed Hitler and organized his death machinery for him, even before he got to power (for example, IG Farben, central to the extermination camps was a monopoly organized by Wall Street, in 1925, 8 years before Hitler came to power; monopolies were lawful in Germany, but not the USA; so Hitler gave IBM a monopoly of computing in his Reich).
  • By the time World War Two was done, the US plutocracy owned the world (both Stalin and Mao owed their survival to the US). Top US lawyers in charge of denazifying Germany, such as the Dulles brothers, were in charge of prosecuting those they had worked with before the war… Business was back to status quo ante bellum in a flash. 24 years after the Nazi capitulation, SS-Sturmbannführer Von Braun, and his 1,600 German Nazi collaborators, enabled NASA to land on the Moon.
  • ***
  • Operating mostly invisibly, like the mythological Pluto, the second name of the Greek god of hell, the plutocrats, their foundations, nonprofits, shell and anonymous companies, private universities, think tanks and overwhelming media ownership, established the modern deep state. The nexus of this constellation of evil was the state of Delaware, the world’s top tax haven led by Joe Biden, elected US Senator at the age of 29.  
  • Soon Roosevelt’s Banking Act of 1933 was dismantled: plutocrats recovered under Clinton full control of the financial sector, just as in the roaring 1920s… Those self-described “Masters of the Universe” focused investments on “financial derivatives”… a sort of obsessive financial masturbation which enabled to divert funding away from infrastructure. Thus the West fell into decrepitude (it was not just the US doing this “derivative” stuff; France and Britain were just as apt, with the same degeneracy as a result)
  • There is a method to the madness of putting financiers in power and letting them destroy the economy. In conjunction with offshorization, divesting deprives We The People from power. And when there is no power there is no democracy: demos-kratia is people-power.
  • ***
  • Fortunately, We The People elected a “populist” president, Trump, long a rebel with many causes (such as institutionalized reverse racism). In particular, Trump struggled against offshorization, flamboyantly already in the 1980s, against Ronald Reagan (and his little helpers such as Joe Biden).
  • The Global Deep State saw the danger: not just what Trump was trying to do, but, worse, what he said, and the change of mentality Trump imparted… Trump changed the global mood, from the worshipping of Free Trade, which is neither a trade nor free, and the supreme engine of global catastrophically rising inequality, to the realization by We The People that local economy and local manufacturing was necessary to achieve freedom and power.        
  • The Global Deep State used against Trump methods similar to those used by the Global Roman Plutocracy fighting the Roman Republic. Horrible insults, including that he wanted to become dictator. Trump, similar to Tiberius Gracchus, just pursued an immensely wealthy monopoly, Google, the world’s monopolistic search engine.
  • Having risen living standards and energized the nation noticeably, Trump would have won without problem… But then came the virus, and as Nancy Pelosi, one of the stealthy architects of the Iraq War, put it: “It’s Trump’s virus!” Nancy knows that the virus arose in China, thanks to Trump… A rather curious situation: China is one of Trump’s main adversaries. The Chinese dictatorship is a crucial part of the Global Deep Plutocracy (much more so than the fascist regimes bankrolled by US plutocrats were in the 1930s)… So imaginations are invited to run wild. One thing is sure; while China ferociously and totally locked itself against the virus, air bridges to the rest of the world were fully open. Sometimes crimes are of opportunity, sometimes crimes are planned, sometimes both.     
  • In all this the worst has certainly been the capture of most of the world’s intellectuals by the Global Deep Plutocracy. This is not surprising as the most prestigious universities are themselves not just fed and controlled by the GDP, but part of it. There, once again, we saw this movie before: after a few generations under the yoke of the Roman plutocracy and its emperors, Roman intellectual life had petered down to zero… And so did Roman science and the engineering… Just when maximal innovation was needed. In the end the Barbarians had better weapons
  • Smart Roman officers helped launch the confederacy of the Franks, complete with Latin written law (Lex Salica). This would turn into the Second Foundation of Rome (similarly to the tale described in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy). But this time, there is no Second Foundation… Besides China, of course. China a five thousand year old civilization, had at least one near-extinction event in the last millennium (the conquest by Genghis Khan). Comparing to Western Europe, China can only have learned what the franks learned: that technological progress and military prowess are the core of civilization and home-grown plutocracy should not stand in the way.  
  • So we face a moment of truth: shall we unleash full human potential, or an ocean of lies. Lies? Well, the Obama-Biden rule was pretty much an ocean of lies. Consider inequality: it became the worst ever, by design. Consider fossil fuels: under Obama, the USA became the greatest producer of fossil fuels, ever. Meanwhile hydrogen research got killed although it is an ecological necessity . Consider healthcare: under Obamacare, US life expectancy went down spectacularly, and it was not because of a Chinese virus.
  • So now we are supposed to elect the organizer of the Iraq destruction, so his friends could frack, the Senator from the world’s top tax haven… And that’s progressive? All jobs, and our destiny going to go back to China, is progressive?
  • Now that have learned to hate a particular individual, what are the progressives supposed to progress towards? Global nuclear feudalism led by hidden finance and monopolistic big tech?
  • Obama & Biden both said they changed, they would not make the same mistakes. They would stop doing nothing. Right. Except they were not mistakes, they were strategies according to the  systems of thoughts and moods of the Global Deep Plutocracy. Biden plan is nothing but big loophole for hyper wealth to regain full control of its future.
  • What Biden will do will be to do what he always did: give more to his class (his father was from the Rockefeller class, as a top executive of American oil), and do it stealthily, secretly, deniably, according to the ways and means of his state of Delaware, the world’s top tax haven, in full cooperation with the plutocratically owned media. That will be all done under a green varnish, paralyzed by fake well meaning “40% redistribution” to the poorest areas, while empowering some more the tech monopolies Biden and Obama put in power. White will be black, and black will be white, until we accept that we understand nothing, and never will. 
  • This obscurantism may well hurt again science and technological progress, as happened under Obama-Biden. Under Trump, budgets in science and technological research have never been so high, by a wide margin, but as in all matters, all what people learned by rote, from the plutocratic media which own their tiny minds, is that anti-science Trump wants to inject them with bleach.
  • Remember: the Germans who voted for Hitler believed they voted for progress. Reality would have taught them otherwise, but they had been imprinted to find reality offensive and that hatred was all they needed.
  • Obama baited us with hope, and switched to increased plutocracy (look at the graph above; it is much worse for the top .1%). Biden did this all his life, transfer ever more assets to the world’s wealthiest families, his friends, and kept being reelected, because the tax haven situation in Delaware made the state ever wealthier.
  • We are facing a world of lies.
  • Not the first time that a nation choses the wrong leadership.
  • Seeing Biden approach the altar to be wed to humanity reminds one of a mass serial killer taking his vows to never do it again once he gets the fresh and innocent bride he always wanted. Really? Do you call that learning?
  • Patrice Ayme

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18 Responses to “Biden Bait And Switch”

  1. Stephen Jones Says:

    Stephen Jones: “Obama & Biden both said they changed, they would not make the same mistakes. They would stop doing nothing. Right. Except they were not mistakes, they were strategies according to the systems of thoughts and moods of the Global Deep Plutocracy. Biden plan is nothing but big loophole for hyper wealth to regain full control of its future.”

    Hyper-wealth already has gained full control of its’ future!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      If it did, hyper wealth won’t be enraged against Trump as much as it is. Hyper wealth is scared that a global anti-globalization mood will grow beyond its control. That’s their main trick toward neo-feudalism, and they can’t take the gamble. In the equivalent case of Rome, the resulting civil wars brought in military dictatorship (“Principate”)…

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  2. glouconx Says:

    Many Americans are not logical thinkers. They are magical thinkers. Massive numbers of them follow strange fundamentalist forms of Christianity that are unknown to Europe or other less-barbaric regions. One of these popular absurdist cults is the Prosperity Gospel. Polls report that 17% of Christians in America said they identified with the movement. By 2006, three of the four largest congregations in the United States were teaching prosperity theology. Wealth is interpreted in prosperity theology as a blessing from God. These delusional people don’t care if the 1% steals an ever-greater share of national wealth because they wish to be in the 1% and think they soon will be. Plutocracy thrives in the USA because too large a segment of the US populace is drunk with this kind of religion-spawned delusion. Trump won because Americans worship the rich, not because they wanted him to reign-in the 1%, and they’re happy that he gave them tax cuts.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, much of this I agree with. SS Von Braun, the NASA Moon engineer, was taken by the US magical thinking, he described that very well, and, transported by the faith, the same sort of enthusiasm which had allowed him to work to death thousands of slaves… became an evangelical Christian… No more an SS, but the original magic the SS tried to imitate…

      The real problem is not even the .1%… Although they are obnoxious, it’s the .1% who are also globalists… I know some, working with China… They are my friends… But they should be arrested, as they transfer PUBLIC or MILITARY US IP in exchange for $$$$$$$$$$$$$, and driving very expensive cars….


  3. Matt Miller Says:

    Word salad.
    You’ve pigeonholed your thinking so much that you don’t realize the fact that you’ve written gibberish.


  4. Gmax Says:

    Dear Patrice:
    I feel sorry you have to be submitted to insults That guy is just jealous. A jilted lover maybe? Sounds like it
    What about that book you promised? Can’t wait!


  5. Paul Handover Says:

    This is not an easy read. But an essential read. Well done!


  6. BM Says:

    et le mec aux cheveux orange c pareil je me demande quand tu vas ouvrir les yeux tu regardes seulement Fox news?

    Regan started to destroy the economy and all GOP that followed. you know that so……


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Fox News follows me. It’s pretty obvious if you listen to Tucker Carlson after reading me for a few years. Let’s not put the cart before the horse. My overall and opinion have not varied any in the last few decades. Once I was bombed by racist fascists in France. I have a multiracial family… my daughter was thrown out of school by a heir of the HP fortune.

      I view lessons towards me on racism and plutocracy as I view rogue waves and avalanches; evil phenomena without minds whatsoever.

      I recognize the hatred of the privileged intelligentsia towards Trump for what it is; pretty much what we saw already in Europe in the 1930s: lucrative hatred…

      Tu ne lis pas ce que j’écris. Tu es obsédé par la couleur des gens… La couleur te suffit. Tu ouvres les yeux et tu vois la couleur. “Orange, jaune”…
      Tu ne sais apparemment pas que NAFTA et la destruction du Banking Act of 1933 was under CLINTON. Je l’ai écrit cent fois.
      Tu vois pas ce que Biden a fait en Iraq. 3 million dead, nothing relative to drug money and drug dealer friendly, gun playing Breanna Taylor…
      Tu n’as pas travaillé un an pour sortir de prison un black father who got LIFE, for a small pipe. He got life for a pipe… Thanks to BIDEN.

      So I write, DEN OF THIEVES explained the New York Times speaking of Delaware a few years ago. No problem: Trump is orange. Obamacare ruined families, like mine, and lowered life expectancy spectacularly… But ACADEMICS have excellent health care plans…

      So I write and I think: Why doesn’t Biden have a CARBON TAX?
      Why doesn’t Biden have ANY HYPER WEALTH loophole removed?
      Why did Wall Street give a billion dollars to Biden in the last few weeks?
      Why will the corporate tax shoot back up, if only to give an excuse for American corporations to OFFSHORE again?

      Tu reponds: Trump est orange.
      Why didn’t the Democrats propose the most favored nation clause for medications? Under Obama my medications from France were torn out and send back to my mom. Trump has allowed cheaper medications to be shipped from overseas. Here our cities are locked down, can’t even go to the parks, they are CLOSED… Local “Democrats” at “work”.

      All those who vote for BIDEN vote their approval for the killing of three million Iraqis… just for enacting WALL STREET FRACKING.

      To ouvres les yeux et tu vois l’orange et tu hais la couleur. Moi, j’ouvre l’esprit. Opening eyes is nothing if the mind behind it is closed.

      Personally I am hyper progressive. I know full well how greedy, base and vicious the Obama-Biden crowd is, because I was in it for a while. They are way worse than Trump, in the dimensions they excoriate Trump. But they lie so well, people do not know this… at all. Who knows Biden’s father was part of Standard Oil at the highest level, before theft and drinking? Not the average NBC idiot, listening to Xi TV, Xi, the Chinese dictator (NBC is Comcast, which is Xi and ONE US plutocrat… Another Obama-Biden world monopoly deal from 2013…)

      If Biden becomes president and the progressives don’t succeed to put maximum pressure, we will go seriously backwards relative to Trump… And, clearly, as the professional progressives of the Democratic Party have fallen silent, Biden is elected actually on an EXTREMELY REGRESSIVE platform… It’s stealthy regressive, but it is…

      This is why Wall Street is now directing an avalanche of money towards Biden. According to the New York Times, in two weeks, around 650 million from Wall Street to Biden… While Trump got 39 millions… Meanwhile the 100 billion dollars Bloomberg is spending 50 million dollars to defeat Trump in Florida… Wall Street guys have come on TV and made it clear they got guarantees from Biden… I saw it with my very eyes… That arrogant!

      But all you look at is Trump’s COLOR. Meanwhile in our devastated cities stores, burned down by riots, we can’t even purchase a computer…

      My vision is historical, world and civilization class. I know very well that when the revered Claude Levy Strauss came back from Brazil after his first trip overseas among savages at the age of 35, he pontificated, and accused the West… And that made him very popular with all those, the plutocrats, who wanted to hear that the Enlightenment was bad…

      So here we are. The henchman of civilization, Biden, Reagan’s partner, is going to become president, and the haters of the Enlightenment applaud…


  7. SDM Says:

    Why did not Trump call out Biden for all his crimes against humanity? It was fair game but went unspoken in most recent “debate”. Trump is a narcissistic buffoon in many ways but most disturbing is his authoritarian bent for a police state. Yet for all his bloviating he never really did anything to lock her up. And his SCOTUS appointments are all very corporate “GDP” friendly. I think you have gone a bit far in propping up Trump – perhaps as a reflex reaction to the evils of Biden/Obama? Trump gave a lot of lip service to manufacturing and infrastructure, yes even healthcare, yet what became of it? No initiatives other than a “trade war” with China. At least he didn’t start a war. If his battle is really against the plutocracy there is little to show for it-why wait till now to go after Google? And no action against Amazon? Apple? Microsoft? Big tech needs to be taken to task but again nothing in past four years while wealth disparity continues on- btw why does the graph end at 2016?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Agreed, the crime against humanity thingie probably didn’t poll well… I know from Dems I know that Dems I know react very badly on this issue. They will say: you lose all credibility!… and leave the room… Biden is a liar and he would have just denied outright, deviate and make Trump look like a maniac…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Trump was systematically opposed by Congress, I detailed this a zillion times. When the antitrust strategy was decided… with Congress… Pelosi brought out the impeachment….
      I know for a fact that the return of Wall Street at the helm will be a disaster. I know Biden will turn his back on high tech, high science and… while saying the opposite, as Obama did. Obama was the greatest ecological disaster… Fossil fuel #1…. But Anyway, silly of me to repeat myself, obviously I am failing in my explanations…

      Global Deep Plutocracy is an abominable enemy, it is our greatest imaginable enemy, it spawned Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Franco, Musso, Hiro, etc. the fact the usual ignorant in the street doesn’t know any of this, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Trump is seriously hindering the GDP. That GDP employs the prince of Delaware and Iraq destroyer is beyond belief… The hubris. And the silence of Green New Dealers is telling, bcs the loopholes in Biden program are miles high…

      Consider my latest essay…


  8. Jeff Whiting Says:

    Plutocrat? Ocean of lies? Pretty much the definition of Trump.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The state of Delaware was called the “Den of Thieves”… by the New York Times, a few years ago, If you look at Biden’s program, objectively, but smartly, you will realize it is worse than Trump’s… From a progressive point of view. That’s why Wall Street gave Biden a billion dollars in the last few weeks (source: NYT). It’s all smoke and mirrors. I worked several years to get my friend Barry elected, BTW…


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