Case For Trump: The Enemy Of My Greatest Enemy Should Be My Ally

Establishment Democrats lie: all the most major changes they implemented in the last 44 years were serving the Global Deep Plutocracy… by charity, I will not mention the Vietnam War launched by “Democrat” President Johnson under false pretense (the Tonkin Gulf incident). A chronic pandemic of the grossest lies (“Free Trade will free you! Send your job to China, feel good! The media mediates the truth, We don’t need factories! Banks are better if free from regulations! etc.) is why the Middle and Lower Classes fell down, and crash, throughout the West (US policies were mimicked by lesser countries). A few examples of tragically erroneous decisions taken by Democrats, often in support of a GOP president:

  1. The War in Afghanistan was launched secretly by Democratic President Jimmy Carter on July 3, 1979. It leveraged lethal Jihad against the Socialist Republic of Afghanistan, using Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and mercenaries such as Bin Laden. The aim was to destroy the Soviet Union by creating a Jihadist regime next door. Reagan pursued the mission, but did not launch it. So Carter is not only the culprit of the wars which followed, but of the lethal Jihad unleashed on the world. Carter is still venerated as a saint, a living illustration of the inversion of all values.
  2. Reagan fascist turn to the right was rendered possible by the Democratic Congress of Tip O’Neill, which voted for the Reagan counterrevolution by passing the laws. Nor is that an accident, Obama admired Reagan, loud and clear… So Reagan has been the bottom line of the Democratic Party for more than 30 years. Consider Clinton, who went way right of Reagan, judicially and financially.  
  3. Under Clinton, in 1994, the NAFTA Treaty, a giant sucking sound of US manufacturing exiting for Mexico. Trump changed NAFTA into USMCA, which preserves US jobs, US manufacturing content, and mandates $15/hour minimum wage, twice the US Congress mandated law.
  4. Under Clinton, the Banking Act of 1933 was destroyed, and banks, instead of using their financial leverage mandated to them by society, for the infrastructure, of society, were allowed to use it in a casino in the sky with each other. Thus getting wealthier without providing for society
  5. When things went very sour with the sky casino, the Democratic Party rolled out with a flourish an ambitious Kenyan boy eager to please the great white masters, and the frail telegenic boy gave the world’s wealthiest men (through the Central Bank, and then mostly through the private banks) around five trillion dollars, so the wealthiest would stay the wealthiest.
  6. The “Democrats”, in particular Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, were the two most efficient collaborators of George W. Bush in invading Iraq, a crime against humanity, “Democrats” don’t give a hoot about, because they only focus on “Black Lives Matter”, a convenient distraction. 
  7. The boy organized Obamacare which sent more taxpayer money, through three different routes, to better confuse critics, to the world’s wealthiest insurance companies and their shareholders. Overall healthcare delivery suffered and life expectancy went down. Obamacare was thoroughly incapable of dealing with COVID 19, as healthcare delivery had been made much more complicated and expensive, for most (85%) of the patients (as intended, 85% is the official number from Obamacare).  
  8. After immediately demolishing hydrogen research by executive order, on his first day, Obama exploited the Iraq War by enabling Wall Street to finance fracking all over, and, in particular on public lands. This made the USA the greatest fossil fuel producer, in the history of the universe. As usual, Obama covered his butt, claiming to be a great ecologist, by going to Paris to sign a meaningless treaty. Obama learned well the art of butt covering from Biden and Pelosi (Pelosi voted against the attack on Iraq she had secretly authorized, knowing it was a world-historic war crime lie; Biden organized the argument for the attack). Biden and Pelosi are hard cored NEOCONs.
  9. And I did not even mention the 1994 Biden Crime Bill, or the numerous Biden laws supporting the financial industry, often pitiless on debtors (Biden’s state, Delaware is the world’s tax avoiding “Den of Thieves”… as the new Times called it in… 2008).

So I am NOT ignoring the GOP, it’s all in the head of some of my critics that I am. The Democratic Party… is the old fashion GOP! Really. Consider how Obama and Reagan and Bush Senior, both GOP, dealt with the failure of the banking sector. Reagan and Bush Sr. nationalized thousands of banks, funded them, and sold them. Instead Obama just gave the banks all the money they wanted. No change of management, or owners, and full financing of the crooks by taxpayers. That’s Obama, serving hyper wealth, blatantly; but the media owned by hyper wealth does not see it, because it is paid, not to see it. Compare. Obama: right wing banking fascist, gives bankers all the People’s money they want; Reagan: left wing nationalist, did not transfer money from the poor to the wealthiest during a banking crisis, whereas Obama did.

The world Obama-Biden Fostered Some More, and the reason why the media owned by the wealthiest men hates Trump: he could break the GLOBAL DEEP PLUTOCRACY by saying too much how evil it is…


Clearly, the old fashion GOP, indistinguishable from the rest of the “democratic” elite has changed. Some dimensions of Trump’s policies are on the left of the left of the so-called “Democratic” Party. 

I am not just talking about the fact Trump produced the highest employment (something most beneficial to minorities). GOP-Trump has mandated world’s lowest drug prices now, something even the extreme left of the Democratic Party did not propose… Although they could make it into law if they wanted, whenever they wanted… but they don’t want, because Big Pharma is paying the Democrats… even the ones supposedly full left…

Rising the employment rate considerably, while lowering taxes, has produced a spectacular jump in the worth of the lowest 90% of earners, all the way down to the lower class. By 16%! (Source: Federal Reserve.)

I do not reason like a herd animal: it is either that one is against them, or for them. Instead, I just pursue the truth. The truth, nothing but the truth, but the whole truth. As the democratic leadership has pursued big lies, they saw me going the other way, and they condemn me for following Trump. But in truth those truths of mine are older than any Trump declarations. Trump is following my publications, not the other way around. I am a highly progressive registered Democrat… Because otherwise we can’t vote on interesting stuff in California, hahaha.. that does not mean I have to believe the lies of the leaders of the Democratic Party.

Right now France and Germany are back in COVID lockdown. Why? Because they sent all the jobs, the factories, the know-how, and even the financing, and the will, to China. Workers can go to hell (bonnets rouges, gilets jaunes). So now that COVID is here, what did China do? China boosted its industrial production, and has been testing and deploying a vaccine for more than three months. Also China, like Kora or Japan, has been able to test and trace.

France cannot do it. It cannot do the right thing, which is to test and trace. Why? Because treacherous GLOBAL DEEP PLUTOCRATS sent all the jobs to China. Not just the jobs, but the know-how.

President Trump gave a gigantic amount of money for a German Big Pharma, Pfizer,  to build a vaccine FACTORY, and make vaccine, so that immediately millions of doses could be deployed, if approved. Trump did the same with Sanofi-Pasteur: give it money to start vaccine production, before FDA approval. or even class III trials. Sanofi-Pasteur is modifying their flu vaccine, which is used worldwide, including in the USA. So it should be safe and effective, but they have been a bit cautious and slow. The French learned to their dismay, that the USA would get the first million doses of the French vaccine when disponible.

Trump, our COVID savior, apparently, also gave huge amounts of money for vaccine production to Astra-Zeneca-Oxford, which uses an untested Chimpanzee cold virus to carry their vaccine.. 

 George W Bush, GOP aristocracy, pushed the button to invade Iraq, a crime against humanity motivated by US oil men.

The crime was made possible why Biden, who engineered the argument of WMD, and support in the Senate, as I detailed… and Pelosi who, as ranking member of the US Congress Intelligence Committee could have stopped her friend “George”. She also refused to impeach Bush when she became Speaker of the House in 2006… precisely on the Iraq war; as she made the war possible, she was not keen to have this exposed. 

Right now W Bush is retired. He should be prosecuted. But he is not running for office.

Pelosi is the 3rd highest person in the USA (after Trump and Pence). Both Biden and Pelosi are running for the highest offices in the land, Bush is not.

Biden and Pelosi are criminals against humanity, there is no prescription, they should be prosecuted for having plotted to attack Iraq.

I suspect that Biden and Pelosi are trying to self-hypnotize themselves that they are good persons, by being elected. In truth, they were Bush’s closest helpers in the Iraq crime against humanity, and they know it. They were more important than creeps like Cheney and Rumsfeld. Both Bush and Biden had the deepest family ties to the oil industry, they knew what they were doing.

“Democratic” Party robots repeat, as they have been programmed to, that that Trump paid $750 in taxes. To reveal Trump’s taxes is a Federal crime. The New York Times revealed this alleged fact the day before the first debate and the “moderator” used this unchecked fact, and a criminal fact if true, as if it were a valid fact. We have no reason to believe the $750 tax bill is true. Actually, we have good reason to believe it’s false: $750 is a filing fee, and NYT is saying it was not paid in other years, is an incoherence. When I pointed the incoherence to the New York Times, my comment was censored.

Actually the NYT has been grossly lying about many things. For example in 2002-2003, when he accused France of being an Iraqi agent. In the 1920s and 1930s, and even early 1940s, the NYT was on the side of Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, etc… It ran only 35 articles, typically inside and very small, on the holocaust of the Jews… Although it knew, from the highest and best sources, not just Jewish, but also Polish and French governments. Millions were getting killed but NYT stayed silent.


Because the NYT is core to the machinery of the GLOBAL DEEP PLUTOCRACY.  

How? Why?  

The NYT was founded and published, starting in 1851, by a banker. The NYT has been controlled by the same Manhattan Jewish family, the Ochs-Sulzberger family, one of the United States’ oldest newspaper dynasties, since the Nineteenth Century. The present head of the NYT is from the fifth generation of that plutocratic family to do so. 

Everybody knows that Trump at some point got a billion dollars loss in his business, in the 1990s. The IRS has contested a 72 million dollar tax deduction. This is standard fare with major real estate developers. They are encouraged to take huge loans, with some government subsidies and guarantees, and the understanding that losses will be deductible… As with any business. The Hudson Yard Project in New York was accomplished with an enormous arsenal of such government support.

Right now, tens of thousands are living in filth in the SF Bay Area, I see it everyday, because there was not enough construction of towers to live in. We need more Trumps!

The Biden program doesn’t plan to tax the hyper wealthy (they are not on salary!) because none of the loopholes the hyper wealthy use is targeted by Biden.  Nor does Biden plan to end the wealth tax haven of Delaware’s prerogatives (he set them himself!) And he has no carbon tax, meaning he lies about his green economy.

Cognitively challenged parrots plan to vote for Biden, because they saw in all the media that Biden was a good guy, and Trump a monster with orange hair. Well, I have orange hair too. Older humans in the land I come from tend to have orange hair (following Mahomet).

ALL the media is owned by plutocrats. All of it. When people quote Bloomberg, or Reuters, they don’t seem to realize that Mr. Bloomberg is a plutocrat spending 50 million dollars in Florida alone to defeat Trump. Mr. Reuters, another multibillionaire, not even a US citizen, has an anti-Trump bias in every single of his (ostensibly neutral) communications.

And so on.

Oh, why did the New York Times love the fascists so much in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s???…  Because there was tremendous money to be made. The Harriman brothers, who had inherited their immense fortune from their dad, the number one railroad magnate, controlled the “Democratic” Party. They developed the Baku oil fields for Stalin, bringing financing and know-how, and helped Hitler considerably. Thus they got the highest decoration from both hitler and Stalin. And so on. Wall Street owned Germany in the 1920s and 1930s… This is a reason for Hitler’s being so arrogant with Britain and France. Hitler naively thought Wall Street would keep on  on his side, the anti-Bolshevik side. As in WWI, US plutocracy made a bait and switch, and Hitler went down the drain, because the FRENCH REPUBLIC attacked Hitler.

However the Wall Street created and controlled the BIS (the Basel based Bank International Settlement, the bank of banks) kept the US bankers in direct touch with their underlings in Japan and Germany, throughout the war…

Believing the media is believing the plutocrats (NBC Universal and Comcast are controlled by the Roberts family, but also in more than one sense, by Xi). They hate Trump, because Trump is threatening to expose them for what they are, and what they do. Fake news is just part of it…

That a small plutocrat (Trump) turns against other plutocrats as a class, is how revolutions are done. In France, it’s Louis XVI, exasperated by making no headway against the plutocracy and deep state he nominally headed, who launched the French Revolution.

Prior to that Louis had launched the American Republic (he was explicitly told this by advisers, that he should be aware that he was launching a REPUBLIC). Louis spent five trillion dollars launching the USA by making war to Britain. Because he spent enough, he won. Louis XV had spent very little fighting Britain in 1756-1763… On the advice of the treacherous Voltaire, his friend. So Louis XV and now America mostly speak English…

I was hostile to Trump… 30 years ago. Meanwhile I saw way way worse. I campaigned hard for Obama, for several years, explained to journalists that he was not a Muslim. I did this for family reasons in part because my spouse was Obama’s closest friend in middle and high school. Also I really believed him. I had no idea I was baited and switched.

In the end, my entire US family, except for my spouse, got super Obama excited, and leveraged the power… But not as much as I saw it leveraged by others (someone else I knew became ambassador to Switzerland, as she brought in big money during the campaign). Plutocrats directly controlled who Obama could interact with, or not. Meanwhile he was copying my sites so he sounded good. Now they all hate us, because they know we know who they are.

The rise of the Global Deep State, the Global Deep Plutocracy is horrendous. The only comic relief is that it is headed by war criminals who are trying to prove to themselves they are good, when actually they killed millions for Wall Street and its fracking…

The chorus of parrots is nothing, history will sweep them under the rug. The fact will remain. Three millions killed in Iraq, so we could frack. Ten million if including Afghanistan (there too, by happenstance, I was in the middle of it all).

Not knowing is no excuse. Everybody can see the mayhem in the Middle East. But then, of course I was censored thousands of times on the Internet… so that the lies of the plutocrats could proceed…

The enemy of my greatest enemy is my ally.

16 Responses to “Case For Trump: The Enemy Of My Greatest Enemy Should Be My Ally”

  1. SDM Says:

    Trump is now going full oligarch when he fails to call out Pelosi in COVID fiscal bill- he lets her make him look weak. Instead of doubling down and telling her the people need more than what she proposes, he listens to miserable plutocratic shills saying that he needs to chisel it down to a lesser insufficient sum.
    It looks like he really doesn’t want to get re-elected. He ran against the establishment, smashing the Bushes and Clintons, but now he listens to craven neoliberal GDP nonsense. He could push for full Medicare for all in the midst of a pandemic and get elected in a landslide but he is too dumb to figure that out and instead listens to stooges like Kudlow and Mitch McConnell. So I am not buying it that Trump is really making an all out effort to upend the GDP when he is miserly with much needed support for the people caught in the middle of a serious health and economic crisis. He lets the wrong people sway his thinking- or is just too stupid and mean spirited to do the right thing. He is always playing the victim now and it’s pathetic. Again, at least he hasn’t started another war-even though he has surrounded himself with some who wanted one with Iran. Once he “out left-ed” the Dem establishment but now he is in a tailspin all caught up in white nationalism and law and order trying to be a “tough” guy while sniveling about how bad he is treated. What a sad joke!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Trump did lots of baffling mistakes. My spouse said months ago that he looked as if he didn’t want to be reelected…

      This being said, the hatred for Trump in the New York Times is so unsettling, it would drain anybody, I can’t even read it anymore (I have read it for many decades). It is really alarming. Also I got some personal threats, I have no idea why, this site being tiny. But then it was scoring number one in “OBAMA SUPERMAJORITY LIE” from 4 years ago, to the day. So I got hate mail about that precise essay, and then, lo and behold, the essay of mine has disappeared from the first pages of the Google search, replaced by sycophantic descriptions that really the GOP blocked Obama… When actually Nancy did…


  2. Paula Nelson Says:

    Consider how Prescott Bush had assets seized for trading with the enemy and helped to finance Hitler, then plotted a military coup against FDR, but still got his son and grandson elected president?

    As you say:
    So I am NOT ignoring the GOP, it’s all in the head of some of my critics that I am. The Democratic Party… is the old fashion GOP! Really. Consider how Obama and Reagan and Bush Senior, both GOP, dealt with the failure of the banking sector.


  3. D'Ambiallet Says:

    It would seem that you are saying the main problem with Biden is they he is a liar. And a good one. And all what your party, the Democrats has been doing is lying on the big stuff since Vietnam. How did they outwit Trump?


  4. BM Says:

    AAAHAHAHAHAHA you pursue the truth and you trust a lier. how can it be?

    He never did that before and as you said for the others he could have dome that immediately but he did not care since he ws just elected and the poor di not count until votes are needed. that is why I said beware of gullibilism ( a new word I invent)

    buy the way do you forget who will rake the benefit of a vaccine in the US


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      “You trust a liar”… YOU are saying this. Where did I say I trusted a liar? Nowhere! My facts are about facts not whether I am following Jesus and believing in it. I don’t trust Jesus. I am not following an individual. I am not obsessing about an individual. If Biden becomes president my idea flow will not change, I will direct it at maximum positive change, same direction as now. Same direction as 40 years ago.

      When Biden kills three millions, it’s not because I trusted a liar. I don’t even think that many of those voting for Biden trust him. They just think it’s not important that three millions Iraqis were killed. Or they don’t know about it. IRAQI LIVES DON’T MATTER.

      Trump did plenty of things already. Under Trump the NET WORTH of 90% of average US citizens according to the US CENTRAL BANK augmented 16%, and consistently down the social classes.

      To believe Trump will financially profit from a vaccine in a significant way and that’s why he is giving money for vaccine factories, is, simply said, and with all due respect, very strange… 192 vaccines are worked on…Only the topmost most advanced companies got money for vaccine factories…


  5. BM Says:

    what I say and repeat is that by showing only one face of the coin it means that you favor the other and that is where I have a problem. I repeat, when attacking plutocrats you have to attack (plutocracy)them all (plutocracy) and not just focussing on one side as you favor the other in that case. and the other is not better or even worse.

    apparently you forget many things about poverty (before covid of course) and I am not poor but my net worth as not gone up but rather down as my taxes went seriously up and all tax deductions were suppressed as well as other energy saving benefits so please go to the street and listen instead of relying ONLY on bank reports that are as good as the accounting of Capone.

    and do not attribute to orange hair, like all politicians do, the effects they are not responsible off.

    by the way you do not have orange hair, I saw it. 🙂

    Vaccines are already hijacked by the rich.

    DO not focus on some facts and slip under the carpet other facts. that looks like a political agenda that does not face the whole truth.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      That people cannot deduct interest on home loans above 750K infuriated the upper middle class in wealthy areas against Trump. Obama had lowered it to 1.1 million. 40 years ago, it was unlimited, fortunes were made.
      I do not use this, so I don’t cry about it, I admit.
      The home interest deduction is mostly a US thing.
      Biden is hinting that he may reestablish it.
      Trump has made the lower 50% twice wealthier.


      • BM Says:

        you are delusional, ask people in the street

        my wealth is going down

        home interest deduction was also in France not just the US

        look at the number of poors. who cares about them as they do not vote!


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          I am not delusional, I gave you the link to the US Federal Reserve bank pertinent to what I quoted.

          But I know that people with TDS (I invented the expression) have reading difficulties… Trump Derangement Syndrome, like COVID, affects the brain…

          Of course with COVID 19, there is a generalized problem of wealth. Lack of industry has handicapped Europe, US. That’s why China is doing so well. We have been confined for month, sometimes, for days, we did not see the sun, and we had THREE HEPA filters working. Pollution was so bad, the plants outside on the balcony, died. But do I accuse Trump? No. because I don’t have TDS.

          Your personal circumstances are blinding you.

          I have sitten in the City Council of my local city. The homeless problem is caused by their attitude. The attitude of multimillionaire homeowners who prevented low income housing construction. I told them so. They listened like beaten dogs. I blocked a construction project of 80 three million dollars homes. I chastised them for having dared to plot it secretly. A low income housing project is rising, 800 feet from mine, the first one in 47 years…

          BTW, all these people are hard core Democrats and they view me as loud loonie left which gives Berkeley its fame, so they like me in a sense. The Dems keep on inviting me, although I spare my acid observations not.


          • BM Says:

            it is amazing nobody around me said that they were better off.(before covid of course)

            + 50% wealth ! tell me where to go
            the federal reserve as lowered IR and kept them low because nothing was going up.


  6. BM Says:

    Do you know how many children are deported and dumped by the current administration across the southern boded regardless of their original nationality?

    this deportation issue has been a problem exacerbated by orange hair

    this is criminal

    who cares ? child lives matter too , n’est ce pas!


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