Two Myths: Trump Anti-Science, And Obama Pro-Science


One argument against Trump has been that he is anti-science: just listen to the plutocratic media, they use that line continually. 

They are liars. Big time.

The NIH, National Institute of Health saw its budget increase under Trump, after seeing a decrease under Obama-Biden. NIH’s mission is to seek fundamental knowledge about the nature and behavior of living systems and the application of that knowledge to enhance health, lengthen life, and reduce illness and disability.

Here it is: 

Notice the decrease of the NIH budget under Obama, after the jolt of the “Recovery Act” of 2009

The Global Deep Plutocratic media then leverage their lie by adding there are all these COVID deaths… because Trump is anti-science. 

The argument is fraught, because comparisons in the number of deaths caused by COVID between regions, countries and periods cannot be made. For example, early on France did not count nursing home deaths, and then started to do so… But Germany next door did not do so for much longer… Thus getting automatically fewer COVID deaths than France.

Truly what matters most is EXCESS DEATHS: of much more deaths than average. A paper published in the Lancet by Raoult and Al. showed that in the Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur region of France, COVID did not create excess deaths… the reason being that other pulmonary diseases (flu, pneumonia) got depressed by social distancing from COVID. This is a vivid illustration of what Trump was talking about when he said that the flu killed more than 100,000 a year, sometimes, in the USA, and one would have to learn to live with COVID. Twitter and Facebook claimed those statements were malevolent, misleading and dangerous, and censored them (just as they prevent, with Google, links critical of the Bidens). 

But in truth the flu, influenza, destroys the immune function inside the lungs, by up to 90%, making them much more sensitive to pneumonia, etc. Incorporating this effect, doubles immediately the number of deaths attributable to the flu. And probably COVID. 

So much for Trump being anti-science.

Ah, Trump also received a highly experimental anti-body treatment from Regeneron… Which was then in Class I trial. By comparison, when Einstein was proposed an experimental aortal aneurism treatment, he declined, not wishing to try something then rather new. So much for Einstein being a great researcher. That surgical treatment has long been standard. Also individuals are not addicted as much to tobacco nowadays as Einstein and President Franklin Roosevelt were. They were both told it was killing them, but, as good drug addicts, they persisted. Trump does not do drugs after an elder brother died from it… Nor does Biden who quipped that there were already enough drunkards in his family… That’s why Trump and Biden are not as decrepit as Einstein and FDR (who died at 63, looking 93).

Actually the argument can easily be made, looking at graphs, or straight spending, that Obama-Biden reduced science budgets, and fundamental technology budgets, in a nefarious way. 

In the matter of development and ecology, this is obvious: Obama-Biden people such as Chu, his energy secretary, developed batteries and killed hydrogen research. They had a vested interest.

However hydrogen and derivatives, be it for fusion, burning, storage, etc. are mandatory for renewable energy, and a green future. Mandatory. Batteries, however convenient for cars, are more of a blind alley: the best energy densities achieved in the lab by batteries are 1% of fossil fuels. Hydrogen, of course, is so competitive with fossil fuels that highest performance rockets use it instead of fossil fuels (SpaceX is switching from fossil fuel in its Falcon rocket to liquid methane, CH4, in its Starship, an easier-to-manipulate hydrogen substitute…).  

The political establishment in the West has been excellent at producing lies in the last half century. And, first of all, “Free Trade”. That’s their main industry. The dictatorship in China does not need to lie to have more power, because its power is already maximal. The paradox of Global Deep Plutocracy is that, to acquire more power at home, it needs to lie, so they rolled out the liar-in-chief, Biden. An effect of all this lying mood, is the relative weakening of science, which is the hard core of experimental truth. China does not have this limitation: the rule of the dictatorship is not threatened by scientific truth, accordingly, it is making a giant effort in science.

It is so rewarding to see that China has renewed with some of its deepest traditions…

Patrice Ayme    

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One Response to “Two Myths: Trump Anti-Science, And Obama Pro-Science”

  1. Gmax Says:

    You are wasting your time trying to reason with these Trump haters. They are not interested in reason
    But I appreciate I had no idea Obama gutted NIH that much and then TRUMP BOOSTED NIH


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