[A partial manifesto on the present world political situation, and what has afflicted civilization most, the plutocratic cancer; it was intended for broader publication, so it’s bare bones. People are invited to copy and circulate it, as if they owned it. Marx wrote the “Communist Manifesto”. The essay below is, if one reads between the lines a bit, a “Plutocratic Manifesto”.]



·    Evil will play out, and we will describe it with relish. Elucidating the basic facts is what wisdom seeks first and we will do it better if we enjoy it.

·    The rage against Trump arose from the de facto establishment of a Global Deep State, and its ownership of all the media and education worldwide.

·    This Global State is actually a Global Deep Plutocracy, the first ever, its ideology is “Free Trade”, neither free nor a trade… And “populism” is its enemy.



The following sketch of the main forces of history is written with a maximally progressive motivation. That is only normal: HUMANITY IS PROGRESS PERSONIFIED.

Still the “Democratic” Party, in power most of the time in the last few decades, has been, overall, very regressive… This democratic regression is in plain sight, but imprinted minds cannot see it, because they have been imprinted not to see it. They can’t see the reduction of life expectancy consecutive to Obamacare, or the decrease in wealth and opportunity of 90% of the population, over the last 47 years of mostly “Democratic” rule, or GOP presidents’ laws passed by “Democratic” Congresses, etc.

For plutocracy to capture the minds of its subjects, until they cannot even imagine any alternative, is the most efficient way to rule: it happened in declining Rome for centuries, and in turn contributed to its decline, because captured minds are low quality minds. It happened in the European, Chinese and Japanese Middle Ages. It happened with the superstitious terror Roman Catholicism, and Islam, imposed on the populations they ruled…

In average historical societies, as Rousseau pointed out, a tiny elite of leaders becomes filthy rich and powerful, while the civilization they oppressed progressed very slowly, stagnated, and quite often, regressed. In the present-day USA, top professional politicians became filthy rich from their political careers. Corruption, in other words, that all should be able to see, but do not.

A serious problem has been that the Democratic Party pretends to be on the left, defending “We The People” but actually the Democratic Party passed, all too often, laws way to the right of what the Grand Old Party (the GOP) had fostered before.

An example is Biden’s regressive Crime Bill of 1994, passed by the Senate 97 to 3… so it was a GOP Bill, in a sense, although its author, Biden, pretends to be a “Democrat” (Biden  now says the law was a mistake all the political establishment made… forgetting to add he, Biden, was the one who actually wrote the law! The GOP voted for the Biden law.)

The retort that the so-called “Democrats” give to this is that their policies were right wing because the “Republicans”, the GOP, forced them that way (by the way, I am a registered Democrat, I do not harbor rage against the “Democratic” Party, just against horrendous ideas and policies). This astounding reply is deeply disingenuous. For years, the Reagan policies were turned into laws by Tip O’Neil’s “Democratic” Congress. That was viewed then as very… civilized.

In the first two years of the reign of Obama, there were at least 72 days when the Congress and Senate were in session and Obama enjoyed a “Supermajority”. To pass a drastic law in such a context, one needs minutes, not days (the Senate supermajority imposes its agenda). But the truth is, during the reign of Obama-Biden, the single genuinely progressive law passed outlawed the exclusion of preexisting conditions in healthcare private insurance (and that was a part of the ACA that the GOP supports).

Obama had a supermajority, but he did not use it, because Obama and his Congress presented no law that the GOP would strenuously object to. The mind manipulators of the “Democratic” Party elite and their pundits later claimed Dems could present no law that was advanced enough because the GOP would have blocked it… The truth is the opposite. “Democrats” never envisioned any progressive law under Obama-Biden. Obama passed several laws that were such a give-away to the wealthiest families, through their banks, that the GOP would never have dreamed to try to pass them before, so outrageously pro-wealth they were. The result was that inequality increased under Obama, reaching heights never seen before. Worse: Obama’s lying methods of feeding the wealthy with the money of the poor were imitated throughout the world, so deep global inequality augmented everywhere, and was called the “hope you can believe in”..    

Doesn’t Biden support equality? Well he talks that way, as the expert, professional liar that he is, but his record is clear, loud and strong: Biden’s record is the exact opposite of supporting equality to an extent which is astounding. Biden is the first candidate to the US presidency known to have fostered, during his long career, the financial plutocracy and collaborated in a crime against humanity (the killing of millions in Iraq)… to the extent he did. Biden’s state of Delaware is the world’s top tax haven. And he got away with it by lying throughout.

What of Trump? Isn’t he a plutocrat? Yes, he is. But he is what has become a rare style of plutocrats, nowadays, the type who really builds things (as Eiffel used to in France). Plutocrats who build things use the financial plutocracy (because they need to borrow vast sums to build things), but they are not part of it. The financial plutocracy is dominant, and dominates the West (not China, which is under the Communist Party). When I was young and naïve, I used to deplore the   connection between builders such as Trump and the banks. But then I came to realize, as I saw the housing crisis develop, throughout the West, that builders were not the enemy, and needed banks.

Donald Trump has a strong personality, and that led him to actively oppose laws and moods he disapproved of. He opposed fake racial preference laws, went to court over that, and always opposed the Global Deep Plutocracy, because he could see it destroying society. The Global Deep Plutocracy diverted too much of the essence of the economy overseas, and Trump could see it was all a big lie. Nobody can deny Trump’s originality: while Obama was busy snorting cocaine, Trump was loudly opposing Reagan, the GOP president who was exporting the US economy overseas… with the support of “Democrats” such as veteran Senator Biden.

In many ways, Trump is my opponent. I campaigned for Obama, a friend, for years. I can debate with my opponent. But I cannot debate with a fake friend who stabbed me in the back. The enemy of my greatest enemy should be my ally.

The greatest enemy of progress is the Global Deep Plutocracy. The GDP owns all the world media, thus our cognition and our souls, besides an increasing majority of the world Gross Domestic Product (GDP owns the GDP, it is self-referential). What we are witnessing is the rise of neo-feudalism.



In 1874 Félix du Temple succeeded the first powered take-off with a man on board. 95 years later, humans landed on the Moon. In this short period air travel became routine, human life expectancy doubled and thermonuclear fireworks were lit. Poverty diminished considerably, everybody willing and able got a job, or a top-quality free education. Then Deep Global Plutocracy passed a tipping point: when all the wealthiest and most powerful families in the world interconnected. Chinese dictators systematically sent their children to Harvard. An entire zoos of flashy intermediaries appeared. They know everybody, are extremely wealthy, and are untouchable. Here is a case mostly outside of the US, but still US connected, and it is likely that she has assets in Delaware…

Her Serene Princess Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein is one of these plutocrats. Just in one action, the blonde princess cavorted with kings of Arabia and Spain, getting more than one hundred million dollars in money laundering, banks accounts around the world, land in Morocco (yes, Wittgenstein, like the philosopher, same family, and this, let it be said in passing, shows where much famous philosophy is coming from, the Global Deep Plutocracy itself. Wittgenstein was from a multibillionaire family, the wealthiest in Austria… A case where philosophy is literally above it all… in the basest way). Corinna is very familiar with Prince Charles and many of the world’s great leaders, and with the Clintons, of course, Princess Charlene of Monaco. A top judge in Spain, Manuel García Castellón, reopened a case against Corinna, in August 2020, quoting her worldwide influence, apparent corruption of top Spanish officials, and ability to locate anyone’s assets anywhere around the world. Tax evasion Delaware financial engineering style aristocracy: Neo-feudalism is already here…

Mark Zuckerberg went to the Philips Exeter Academy, a boarding private school, the best, or so, in the USA. The yearly tuition is as much as the yearly median US family income. When Zuckerberg graduated his father gave him the choice of buying him a McDonald franchise, or sending him to Harvard. Now this little adventure in the world of privilege is rather meritorious: the Zuckerbergs did not start with more than 50 million dollars. About a third of the US ultra-wealthy started that way, with more than 50 million dollars to their names. Don’t forget they often have several children, because they are well off. Much of their wealth is hidden, thanks to, for example, the state of Delaware. I have personally met some of these privileged: they are very wealthy and influent, but not ostentatiously so. One I know personally is the right hand man of the French president in ecological matters, also “Bill” (Gates), “Richard” (Branson), and many “Democrats”… Another example would be the Democratic governors of California, Brown and Newsom. The latter was wealthy enough to be treated as a honorary son by the Getty family, long one of the wealthiest in California, and owned a few restaurants by his early twenties… All the while playing new man in the world of politics… whereas in truth the oldest hands in US plutocracy are behind him, or rather above him, presumably pulling the strings.  

In 2012, Mitt Romney, once GOP governor of Massachusetts and now a US Senator of Utah, nearly became president: he came close to Obama in votes. Plutocrat Romney, an extremely wealthy man from financial manipulations, always claimed he was a self-made man. But in truth, he was not at all: by the age of twenty, his father had given him a small fortune, including a few million dollars in cash. The fortune was only small relative to the one Romney made from a vulture fund later.

Bill Gates is often described as self-made man, but his dad founded, owned and headed the biggest law firm in Washington State. His mom was an IBM DIRECTOR, and maneuvered to give her son a dream contract with IBM, which allowed him to walk away with the DOS Operating System invented by IBM (from universities)… and then back-contract with IBM… Another Harvard first year drop-out. Also another monopoly the US government let happen.

This illustrates well how privilege is inherited, and how it serves the concentration of power with the oligarchy (once MSFT had achieved monopoly, early investors, much of them hereditary wealth, are tremendously rewarded).

So most wealth, power and influence is inherited, and all the more perniciously as much of this wealth is small hyper wealth, so to speak, not quite wealthy enough to own a private jet. It’s everywhere influence can be exerted.

As we will see, the rise of a few above the rest is no way to build a civilization. But the best way to destroy it. When the few rise above the rest, they have interest to obscure everything, and they fear intelligence, which could expose them. As they extend their empire, progress, the core of human nature, comes to a stop.



More than 50 years ago a life form reached another celestial body, deliberately, probably for the first time in galactic history. So much progress in a few decades… And then… Fifty years of stagnation, or even decay: quality jobs vanishing, education, health care and housing getting too expensive, mathematics and reading scores going down, world ecology collapsing, religious madness growing, people getting killed for making jokes, unending wars… Why? What happened to the Western world which had led the scientific and industrial revolutions? Why did they slow down so much?

It was a tragedy: although it could have been avoided, by deploying existing technology in a timely manner, Earth’s biosphere started to suffer from a man-made mass extinction. To understand what happened one must find the most significant indicators which tracked the tragedy. What could those be? Let’s take a sweep at history, on the grandest scale, to guess what the important notions were.



For millions of years, human populations were tiny and remarkably diverse. The cause was the great distances and low densities forced by the low productivity of the prehistoric environment.  But then our humanizing ancestors learned to invent technology. First stones and sticks. Then clothing, so that humans could colonize cold areas in Eurasia (as early as 1.8 million years ago in Georgia). Then came the mastery of fire, more than a million year ago (1.3 million years ago, in China). Fire was a force and capability multiplier: predators could be scared away, entire forests could be burned, creating the sort of savannah-park environment humans thrived best in. Otherwise inedible foods could be eaten, thanks to cooking.

However, communications stayed exceedingly difficult. 50,000 years ago, Eurasia still had at least four genetically different human species, a testimony to the lack of mixing… Humans had long used crucially lifesaving technology (tools, weapons, clothing, massive cooking of otherwise inedible plants). But progress was slow. Still, some mixing occurred: about 300,000 years ago, all Neanderthals got some Sapiens genes; present humans resulted from interbreeding at least three human species. Now there is only one human species. 

Aside from fire, for millions of years human ancestors had only as much energy as what their muscles could deliver… but then humans got the idea of making friends. And, because humans had the power, and the poisoned arrows, those potential friends became very friendly. Humans helped wolves evolve into dogs: suddenly human capability was very significantly enhanced: two apex predators collaborating, and soon guarding vast herds of friendly, domesticated ungulates.

10,000 years ago, the first cities appeared in Anatolia, where winters can be rough, and recently created high productivity plants (wheat, etc,) could feed them. Great human concentrations brought debate fostering plenty of ideas and innovation. The impact of humanity started to grow exponentially. New methods of harnessing nature, such as hydraulics, and new species, were created.

To understand what being most civilized means, is revealed by time and location. The progress of humanity was concentrated in space and time, so it depends upon factors rarely present. The alphabet, the sexagesimal system, many crops, many democratic structures, and the first cities all appeared in an area less than 1% of the world’s continental mass… But smack dab in the Middle Earth, at the junction of Africa and Eurasia, where the trading of people and ideas was maximal, from Ireland to India. So, we can see that global trade can be excellent for progress, and how powerful it is. Global trade is presently abused, it is far from intrinsically bad.

All this concentration of innovation shows that the Middle Earth had learned to learn. Global trade helped. A more granular study shows that creative civilizations were highly innovative for often very short time, and then knowledge disseminated: Sumerian cities, Egypt, Crete, Phoenicia, Greek cities, Roman Republic… 

What distinguished these particularly innovative societies? They have all one thing in common: the most innovative societies were more egalitarian, and less ruled as military dictatorships than their peers. Sumerian two chamber parliament cities, Cretan girl toreadors, the first dams in Yemen, with the first known queen, the proverbial queen of Sheba…  Compare Sparta, the most racist, exploitative, and iniquitous Greek city, which invented nothing, with Athens, the direct democracy which created an enormous body of knowledge, in a few decades. Equality fosters progress and the reason is obvious, as equality fosters debate, thus intelligence. Compare Biden in his basement, whom nobody can debate, and Trump’s too many tweets, which anybody can debate.   

If one thinks a moment about it, one realizes that equality is a fundamental human quality: it enables intelligence, the core characteristic of humanity. So how did equality evolve in the history of civilizations? Equality went up and down. Most of the time, it was down, crushed by oligarchies, the rule of the few, and plutocracies, powers of evil. Egalitarian societies were rare, but when equality was up, progress was fast.

Nihilists say: ’Progress really? Oh, so naïve. What is progress?’, and they chomp on their privileges, while looking down on the less enlightened.



Equality, as in ancient Greece and Rome already, was a virtuous consequence of war. In the ancient world, hoplites armies, made of middle-class citizens, armed, dangerous and superbly trained, evolved into the most efficient type of military. The Greek city-state of Argos launched such an army, and became a great power, soon imitated by other Greek city-states.

A consequence of hoplites armies was that citizens were armed and dangerous, and could not be subjected to a military dictatorship… because they were themselves the military. Thus, democracy was an immediate consequence of switching from a military based on an aristocratic cavalry, to a military centered on a hoplite army. King Servius Tullius made Rome switch to a hoplite army. Rome then turned into a de facto republic. As a bonus, its superior hoplite army defeated her aristocratic neighbors which had not armed the middle-class. For the next seven centuries, Rome would be a hot bed of intellectual debates… Until the aristocratic system of Augustus, complete with a professional army (that is an army not made of citizen-soldiers) killed the Democracy, the debate. the Republic, tolerance and civilization (in this order).

Four centuries later, when the Roman empire was transpierced by tiny invasive German armies, Roman plutocracy in the late empire, refused to do what would have saved Roman civilization: draft gigantic Roman armies of millions of citizen-soldiers. Because by then, the Roman plutocracy wanted only subjects. It was better to make deals with the invaders.

Something similar to the military birth of Greco-Roman democracies happened in Europe and America in the first half of the Twentieth Century. To defeat racist German fascism between 1914 and 1945, the representative democracies, led by the French Republic, had to go all out and muster enormous armies of citizen-soldiers. In the period 1939-1945, 16.5 million men served in the US Army, 6.5 million in the French army, 3 million in the British army. Those men had been trained to kill in the name of democracy, equality, liberty … It would have been ill advised to deprive them of these afterwards (such a deprivation is actually how the Franco-Algerian civil war started…in 1945…). 

Thus, the GI Bill, which provided America’s young, dangerous and idealistic men with all they could possibly want. Thus, massive socialist programs in Europe, such as universal free health care, universal free education, up to the university. Massive construction programs rebuilt destroyed cities, factories or railroads… or established freeway systems (US). The rivalry with the socialist paradise next door in the USSR helped along. This all led to an explosion of knowledge and capability… for thirty glorious years concluding with the visits to the Moon… 

However, even then, young people in the most advanced countries realized they were submitted to exploitative oligarchies. In 1968, revolt spread, from San Francisco to Prague. The war in Vietnam showed that a small elite in the USA had conspired to make a war which killed three million for no good reason. That became a teaching moment, worldwide. Twelve years after the invasion of Hungary, the invasion of Czechoslovakia confirmed that the USSR, far from being a paradise, was a malevolent back-stabbing empire even worse than the USA. France also revolted, as young people there realized in May 68 that too many structures had more to do with encrusted privilege of an elite than anything else.

Symbolized by the revolt of 1968, a defiance of the governments installed itself. But it is important to realize that May 68 happened because the great egalitarian movement which had accompanied the Second World War was fully receding. Would-be soldiers, in the USA and France, had given signs of rebellion, so the mood of the elite turned to replacing citizen-soldiers by professionals.



May 68 was just a flash in the pan. Obvious irritants were removed. The elite pursued its ascending trajectory in a stealthier manner. In the USA, plutocrat Kaiser persuaded his friend President Nixon to use the government to help establish the private Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) system. (Just one man revered by the Democratic Party, Warren Buffet, made more than ten billion dollars from HMOs; his friends and collaborators made much more.)

The lesson the elite got from Vietnam is that war was good, be it only for its distracting element, as long as one could hide who started it. Under “Democratic” President Carter a deliberate ultra-secret plot launched a war in Afghanistan. Officially, that war aimed at destroying the USSR by forcing it to intervene in a war it could not win. But the real reason is that the US Deep State and its military-industrial complex wanted a war to extend the empire and replace the Vietnam War. Carter’s Deep State used proxies. The Machiavellian idea was to use Muslim Fundamentalism from Saudi Arabia and the ISI of the Republic of Pakistan to wage holy war against the secular republic of Afghanistan. It could be done cheaply by attacking little girls’ schools (the Prophet, who improved the condition of little girls, would not have been amused). The war in Afghanistan killed millions, and is still on, four decades later. But the USSR, which had been trying to reform itself, indeed collapsed. And ultimately, war was extended to Iraq, jacking up the price of oil, as US oil men and Wall Street behind it, wanted. Otherwise said, “Democratic” President Carter was the first “Neocon”.



The wealthy elite harnessed craftily the idea of freedom. It was going to be their freedom. Freedom would be found in private enterprises, a move led by Thatcher and Reagan. TINA, There Is No Alternative, they claimed. There was a lot of merit to the idea. 

But profiteering could not be applied to unprofitable infrastructure. So, infrastructure went the way of the dodo when privatization was imposed. The psychiatric patients were released to the streets. Violent crime exploded. In reaction, 97 to 3, US Senators passed Biden’s Crime Bill, which was pitiless on people of color, sending millions to prison for nearly nothing (Biden recognizes it was a mistake). My spouse fought a year to get a father of four out of life in prison. He had got life, because of a little pipe in his pocket. Just a pipe. No drug. It required Obama’s presidential pardon, which was obtained (with thanks from the president and the AG!)

China, though, was not that stupid. China has invested in massive public infrastructure for 4,000 years, and China knew the importance of governmentalism, when the government actively steers the economy in the direction of maximal progress. China went on a rampage of industrialization, using lots of Intellectual Property gleaned from the West. Quickly, the wealthiest persons in the West, especially in the USA, realized they could make a business deal with China, similar to the deals they had made with fascists regimes after World War One. (Such deals are not in official versions of history; however, just on the question of oil procurement, Hirohito’s Japan, Stalin’s USSR, and all European fascist regimes, depended crucially on US oil men, their capital, companies or know-how.)

Top decision makers in the USA became mesmerized by a philosopher who told them that the secret of a successful society is the roaring individualist:

“[Dean] “My dear fellow, who will let you?”

[Roark] “That’s not the point. The point is, who will stop me?”

― Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead 

Anything was permitted, then. Nobody could stop them. Constraints on finance installed under Roosevelt in 1933, were removed by Clinton. The 1920s were back, complete with a crash (2008). The situation was worse, though, as Western bankers in the increasingly infernal trio of UK, US and France, mostly invested in bets with each other called derivatives. 

Chinese bankers investing in derivatives, instead of material infrastructure, were encouraged not to pursue this, with a bullet in the back of the head.  

Thus, May 68 only made the elite smarter. By then the elite had become fully hereditary protected by an arsenal of iniquitous laws (and not just in the US, led by Delaware: in France the hyper wealthy’s property is protected from otherwise punitive inheritance death taxes). 

Inequality grew, helped by the partnership with the Chinese dictatorship. Inequality itself is a dictatorship, so its relationship with the Chinese dictatorship justified its own existence and reciprocally. This sort of growth of evil has happened many times in history, in all locales. Under its metastatic form, it is called as it should be, Evil-Power, Pluto-Kratia, where it penetrates all of society.



Because tiny elites, with their vicious, greedy minds, take them to the abyss. They prefer the abyss for all rather the punition they justly deserve. It is optimistic to hope that the Fourth World War will be fought with sticks and stones. The Coronavirus pandemic shows that the annihilation of humanity is possible. A lab in Wuhan made “viral enhancement studies”… next to the “Bat Lady”. (This is not just a Chinese problem, the lab was French built and under world supervision…)

Absent absolute wealth limit legislation, mathematics makes increasingly powerful elites dominate societies. Ruling the many by the few, is inhuman. Thus can only be enjoyed by ever more evil means. Rendering the population so stupid it can’t even take care of itself is a must. 

The Global Dark State of world inherited finance chose Biden, for decades a Senator of the world’s top tax haven, Delaware, the “den of thieves” (dixit the New York Times in 2008!) 

Free trade is neither free, nor a trade, for citizens living in the so-called democracies. Instead world globalization, as in the Roman globalization of 22 centuries ago, enables the wealthiest to escape democratic laws, taxation, minimum wage, laws against slavery. 

Collaboration with dictatorships such as China built networks of power around the world (the Epstein underage sex ring is a small example of this; Biden’s state of Delaware, is another). So-called “Representative Democracy” rests on very few representatives. Thus, their families can be bought, as can readily be seen by looking at the families of most US politicians living today. Global corruption in top politicians is generally legal and a world phenomenon. In the US, they don’t even hide: what they are doing is mostly legal, but should not be. 

An example of corruption? Looking at costs, as percentage of GDP, and quality of care, comparing the US and the UK, one sees that at least half of US health care spending is sheer corruption. One can just look at the most significant facts, to establish this. The UK National Health Service performs better as one can see by looking at the most important objective health criterions. But, as measured in percent of GDP, it costs less than half the cost of the US health care.

Trump ordered to crush down the price of medical drugs, all the way down to the lowest level of comparable countries. The US Congress found that U.S. drug prices were nearly four times higher than average prices compared to similar countries… Democrats did nothing about it, even when they had a supermajority House-Senate, or when Trump asked them to do something about it. So the question naturally arises: do most of the media hate Trump because he is too much on the left? That would make sense as all the media is owned (or severely influenced, as NPR and PBS) by the world’s wealthiest families.    

Trump is hated for his climate positions. Yet the Paris Accord allows all and any countries to pollute as much as they want. The Paris Accord is a band aid over gangrene. Countries are just supposed to define their national goals. The Paris Accord was an accord to not make an accord, but ask some of the wealthiest “Western” countries to distribute some money to the poor. The scheme was just a way to extract money from the USA (as the WHO is). The catastrophic emissions of greenhouse gases, CO2, CH4, NOx, refrigeration gases, is already now above 500ppm in equivalent of CO2, the highest level in 40 million years. To prevent a further catastrophic rise will require new technology so good and efficient that all countries adopt it. Nothing less will do. This requires releasing the animal spirits, as Trump did. Just regulating existing technology will not work. Hydrogen storage, new nuclear, fusion, solar and transmission technologies have to be discovered and invented.

Under Obama, the Patent System was destroyed to insure the reign of the tech monopolies doubling as spy agencies and a new form of censoring and mind molding from plutocratically owned media. Obama committed the outrage of making it impossible for small inventors to make claims against monopolies stealing them as easily as they could before. Because Obama and his ilk are financed and enabled by the Big Monopolistic Tech they themselves fostered, this is all excellent in their moral system. By definition, whatever pays for their mansions and private jets is good.  It’s disastrous for innovations as individuals innovators cannot live from their innovation anymore. Instead everything became the development of easy tech a la Facebook and Twitter, What’s App, and the like, where commercial success can be purchased by the Big Tech Monopolies.

Contrarily to repute, Trump has signed on gigantic augmentations of the budgets in fundamental science and health research (see below). But it does not matter: many (not all) of the world’s wealthiest people hate him because he threatens to break their power tool, world globalization. They also succeeded to make lots of the electorate hate him too, thanks to their ownership of the media.

The power grab of hyper wealth is frightening, but even more so the fact that the intellectual class has sided with the world plutocracy (which pays their salaries). A hope of this book is to expose enough deeply significant facts to make thinkers realize that the enemy, Trump, of their greatest enemy, world plutocracy, may not be their friend… But should be their ally. A good occasion to debate, therefore to learn better thinking.

Hatred is no way to progress. Nor can one progress if one cannot debate with someone in a basement. The connection between Biden and the hyper wealth secrecy of Delaware was never exposed for what it is. The Trump hating plutocratically owned media thrills its gullible public with tales such as Trump wanting to inject them with bleach. 

Here is an illustrative anecdote, mostly based away from the US. The ex-king of Spain has a wealth officially in the 50 million dollars range (not bad for somebody who started with nothing). However the ex-king made two billion dollars illegally, from moving bribes around discreetly thanks to the world financial system… the nexus of which is Delaware…

The present king of Spain renounced his inheritance… Or so he had to pretend. 

Once the ex-king of Spain got one hundred million dollars from Saudi Arabia, he passed 65 million Euros of it to one of his numerous mistresses, the Danish Corinna Larsen (who since changed her name in another marriage, and became “Her Serene Highness Princess” Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein). She explained that “it was not to hide the money”, but “to win me back”. The mistress is tight with the Clintons, Prince Charles, top journalists, the top UK aristocracy, and is a star of the Paradise and Panama papers, with dozens of illegal offshore accounts. Who is arresting her? Nobody. This kind of plutocrats, like Epstein, the child molester, tight with the Clintons, this kind of individuals go around with impunity, in full sight.

In the US the black man with an empty pipe gets arrested, imprisoned for life, while princesses who have money laundered hundreds of million dollars, and everybody knows it, cavort with the US and UK aristocracy, and its media, serenely.

Why so? Because, per the intrinsic nature of the world’s representative oligarchy we enjoy, the political system obeys, and law enforcement negotiates, with those who have the power. Because power buys everything. In the last few weeks, Wall Street unleashed more than a billion dollars to support Biden (more than 30 times what Trump got)… as it buys itself a president they already know all too well… And appreciate very deeply.



  Civilization enabled intensive agriculture by organizing cities, which are large human concentrated populations protected by armies. Humanity became much more powerful. Civilization exploits the exponentiation of power, the fact that power grows at a speed proportional to itself.

However. such exponentiating concentrations are generally captured by ever more powerful small elites. This nefarious effect is caused by the fact that money exponentiate, and thus so does power inside a society. We call this exponentiation the plutocratic phenomenon. It is the most prominent danger in all civilizations, because plutocratization exploits the same mechanism, exponentiation, which gives its force to civilization. As it is inhuman and as it reduces the human base, it ruins the creative core of humanity. Indeed:

·   Having a class of families grabbing most of the power and money is fundamentally inhuman: humans are not made to be ruled and can be ruled only by destroying the core human characteristic, intelligence. The plutocracy does this by tightly controlling what can be learned. Thus the present world plutocracy owns all the media: We The People can learn only what our masters want us to learn. This censorship has now been extended to the Internet.

·   Because plutocracies are fundamentally inhuman, they always fear that their rule is going to be resisted. Thus, they can persist in the exponentiation which created them in the first place, only by getting ever more diabolical in the imposition of their inhuman existence. They do this mostly by controlling minds.

·   Most civilizations collapse when the plutocracies which have captured them become so criminally insane that they commit a fatal error. Collapses are not pretty: in many cases, more than 90% of the original population got wiped out.

·   We are presently potentially in such a situation: a tiny elite, the Global Deep Plutocracy, acts as a world government, under a morass of lies. An example of lies is “Free Trade”. Another example is the “Paris Climate Accord”, which was just a blank check for the world’s biggest polluters to keep on polluting, as much as they like. The tiny elite lost command of spaceship Earth when Trump was elected, but, thanks to its world media ownership, it has succeeded to block Trump and has rolled out one of its oldest, most experienced hands to regain an innocuously frail looking mastery.

·   The greatest error is being committed having many of the life circuits of spaceship Earth on the verge of collapse. Another great error is the mother of the preceding one: all the world’s decisions are taken inside a small elite of a few thousand families, which worship GDP. GDP, not just Gross Domestic Product, but also the Global Deep Plutocracy… which functions as the fateful, lethal and vicious part of the Global Deep State.(And yes there is Global Deep State: 200 states talking to each other are part of it, plus countless treaties, international arbitration organizations, the UN, WHO, UNESCO, Interpol, EU, WTO, etc.)

·   ***

·   The phenomenon of Global Deep Plutocracy running out of democratic control is already what demolished the Roman Republic, and the Roman empire it degenerated into. Thus, there is a detailed historical precedent of what is happening today. Basically, the same patterns are reproduced, but on a planetary scale.

·   When the Roman State collapsed, its second foundation, the Franks, took over and established a milder rule with religious tolerance, while outlawing slavery and mandating secular education, throughout Europe. That fostered technological and philosophical innovation. Science followed. Thus, five centuries after the Roman State collapse, the “Renovated Roman Empire” was leading humanity’s progress, higher than Rome ever had.

·   However, this time we do not have a civilization B waiting on another planet to extirpate us from the mess caused by those who stole most of the wealth, power and mind, the greediest, basest, and most fake.  


Obama increased inequality. He was elected to do the opposite. And he promised to decrease inequality, before then doing exactly all he could to increase it (for example the TARP program).

·  The main root of the present Global Deep Plutocracy arose from the mightiest nation, the USA. It is a multigenerational phenomenon. (The Senator who led the writing of the crooked Obamacare law was a fifth-generation plutocrat; one of his mansions sat on more than 100,000 acres of personal property; the VP of a major health insurer resigned her job to help plutocracy get more money out of healthcare.)

·   Rockefeller owned at some point more than 12% of the US economy. President Teddy Roosevelt tried to stop the takeover of the entire USA by the few by putting the antitrust laws into action.

·   But the American Republic didn’t have the absolute wealth limits of the Roman Republic, and all that Teddy achieved was a dissemination of the plutocracy. Foundations, shell companies and other loopholes, plus the intrinsic nature of the present financial system only insured that the wealthiest families would become ever more powerful. And they did, even using world wars as games they invented the rules of, and won.

·   ***

·   World War One gave a boost to the USA’s wealthiest class, first from trading with the enemy of democracy, the Kaiser and his racist, genocidal plutocracy. This sounds like an arcane remark, but, had the Franco-British blockade not been broken by the USA, the Kaiser plutocracy, which had attacked the world, would have had to surrender three years earlier. The question of historical interest is whether the adviser to US President, Colonel House, proposed such a deal in his office in Berlin on June 1, 1914? This is a question no serious historian paid by plutocrats wants to ask.  

·   Then, after victory in 1918, the USA grabbed much of German industrial and intellectual property. The USA became the Deus Ex Machina of Germany, organizing the entire country in a succession of Wall Street engineered official “plans”. US plutocracy also financed Hitler and organized his death machinery for him, even before he got to power (for example, IG Farben, central to the extermination camps was a monopoly organized by Wall Street, in 1925, eight years before Hitler came to power; monopolies were lawful in Germany, but not in the USA; so Hitler gave IBM a monopoly of computing in his Reich).

·   By the time World War Two was done, the US plutocracy owned the world (both Stalin and Mao owed their survival to the US, thus Wall Street). Top US lawyers in charge of denazifying Germany, such as the Dulles brothers, were in charge of prosecuting the Nazis they had done business with before the war… Business of the US Deep State with Germany, Nazi or not, was back to status quo ante bellum in a flash. 24 years after the Nazi capitulation, SS-Sturmbannführer Von Braun, and his 1,600 German Nazi collaborators, enabled NASA to land on the Moon.

·   ***

·   Operating mostly invisibly, like the mythological Pluto, the second name of the Greek god of hell, the plutocrats, their foundations, nonprofits, shell and anonymous companies, elite private universities, think tanks and overwhelming media ownership, established the Deep State as we know it in the US nowadays. The nexus of this constellation of financial evil and influence was the state of Delaware, the world’s top tax haven led by Joe Biden, elected US Senator at the age of 29.  

·   Soon Roosevelt’s Banking Act of 1933 was dismantled: plutocrats recovered under Clinton full control of the financial sector, just as in the roaring 1920s… Those self-described “Masters of the Universe” focused investments on “financial derivatives”… a sort of obsessive financial masturbation which enabled to divert funding away from infrastructure. Thus the West fell into decrepitude (it was not just the US doing this “derivative” stuff; France and Britain were just as apt, with the same degeneracy as a result)

·   There is a method to the madness of putting financiers in power and letting them destroy the economy. In conjunction with offshorization, divesting deprives We The People of power. And when there is no power there is no democracy: demos-kratia is people-power.

·   Fortunately, We The People elected a “populist” president, Trump, once a Democrat, and long a rebel with many causes (such as institutionalized reverse racism). In particular, Trump struggled against offshorization, flamboyantly already in the 1980s, against Ronald Reagan (and his little helpers in the “Democratic” Party such as Joe Biden).

·   The Global Deep State saw the danger: not just what Trump was trying to do, but, worse, what he said, and the change of mentality Trump imparted… Trump changed the global mood, from the worshipping of Free Trade, which is neither a trade nor free, and the supreme engine of global catastrophically rising inequality, to the realization by We The People that local economy and local manufacturing was necessary to achieve freedom and power.        

·   The Global Deep State used against Trump methods similar to those used by the Global Roman Plutocracy fighting the Roman Republic. Horrible insults, including that he wanted to become dictator. Trump, quite a bit like Tiberius Gracchus, just pursued an immensely wealthy monopoly, Google, the world’s monopolistic search engine.

·   Having risen living standards and energized the nation noticeably, Trump would have won without problem… But then came the virus, and as Nancy Pelosi, one of the stealthy architects of the Iraq War, put it: “It’s Trump’s virus!” Nancy knows that the virus arose in China, thanks to Trump… A rather curious situation: China is one of Trump’s main adversaries. The Chinese dictatorship is a crucial part of the Global Deep Plutocracy (much more so than the fascist regimes bankrolled by US plutocrats were in the 1930s)… So imaginations are invited to run wild. One thing is sure; while China ferociously and totally locked itself against the virus, air bridges to the rest of the world were fully open. Sometimes crimes are of opportunity, sometimes crimes are planned, sometimes both.        

·   In all this the worst has certainly been the capture of most of the world’s intellectuals by the Global Deep Plutocracy, GDP. This is not surprising as the most prestigious universities are themselves not just fed and controlled by the GDP, but part of it. There, once again, we saw this movie before: after a few generations under the yoke of the Roman plutocracy and its emperors, Roman intellectual life had petered down to zero… And so did Roman science and the engineering… Just when maximal innovation was needed. In the end the Barbarians had better weapons

·   Smart Roman officers helped launch the confederacy of the Franks, complete with Latin written law (the Lex Salica). This would turn into the Second Foundation of Rome (similarly to the tale described in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy). But in the present times, there is no Second Foundation… Besides China, of course. China, a five-thousand-year-old civilization, had at least one near-extinction event in the last millennium (the conquest by Genghis Khan and his Mongol generals, who proposed to Genghis the annihilation of China, demographically and ecologically… He rejected the proposal…) Comparing to Western Europe, China can only have learned what the Franks learned: that technological progress and military prowess are the core of civilization and home-grown plutocracy should not stand in the way.  

·   So we face a moment of truth: shall we unleash full human potential, or an ocean of lies. Lies? Well, the Obama-Biden rule was pretty much an ocean of lies. Consider inequality: it became the worst ever, by design. Consider fossil fuels: under Obama, the USA became the greatest producer of fossil fuels, ever. Meanwhile hydrogen research got killed although it is an ecological necessity. Consider healthcare: under Obamacare, US life expectancy went down spectacularly, and it was not because of a Chinese virus.

·   To contribute to the return of sanity, supposedly, now we are supposed to elect the organizer of the Iraq destruction, so his friends could frack, the Senator from the world’s top tax haven… And that’s progressive? So many jobs, and our destiny, going to go back to China, is progressive?

·   Now that have learned to hate a particular individual, often depicted in racist terms, what are the progressives supposed to progress towards? Global nuclear feudalism led by hidden finance and monopolistic big tech?

·   Obama & Biden both said they changed. They would not make the same mistakes again, they insisted. Disingenuously, they observe times have changed (the times got worse, thanks to them). They would stop doing nothing, they claimed. Right. Except Obama-Biden’s erroneous ways and means not mistakes, they were strategies according to the systems of thoughts and moods of the Global Deep Plutocracy. Biden’s plan is nothing but a big fury about nothing, apart, most significantly, from a big mass of loopholes to help hyper wealth regain full control of its future.

·   What Biden will do will be to do what he always did: give more to his class (his father was from the Rockefeller class, as a top executive of American oil), and do it stealthily, secretly, deniably, according to the ways and means of his state of Delaware, the world’s top tax haven, in full cooperation with the plutocratically owned media. That will be all done under a green varnish, paralyzed by fake well meaning “40% redistribution” to the poorest areas, while empowering some more the tech monopolies Biden and Obama put in power. White will be black, and black will be white, until we accept that we understand nothing, and never will. It’s simple, though: Bidenomics contains the seeds of its own destruction, it’s made to fail, only the hyper wealth class will come out ahead of us all.

·   This deliberate obscurantism, where nothing is what it seems, may well hurt again science and technological progress, as happened under Obama-Biden. Under Trump, budgets in science and technological research have never been so high, by a wide margin. But as in all matters, all what people learned by rote, from the plutocratic media which own their tiny minds, is that anti-science Trump wants to inject them with bleach. No plutocratic media comments with veracity the science budgets which Trump signed… By far the largest ever.

·   Remember: the Germans who voted for Hitler believed they voted for progress. Reality would have taught them otherwise, but they had been imprinted to find reality offensive and that hatred was all they needed. The same exact psychological mechanism, of hatred unbound, has been harnessed by the Global Deep Plutocracy against what it derisively labels “populism”.

·   Obama baited us with hope and switched to increased plutocracy (look at the graph above; the equivalent graph with the top .1% is much worse). Biden did this all his life, transfer ever more assets to the world’s wealthiest families, his friends, and kept being reelected, because the tax haven situation in Delaware made the state ever wealthier.

·   We are facing a world of lies.

·   Not the first time that a nation chooses the wrong leadership.

·   Seeing Biden approach the altar to be wed to humanity reminds one of a mass serial killer taking his vows to never do it again once he gets the fresh and innocent bride he always wanted. Really? Do you call that learning?



I am a hyper progressive, I want maximal progress, while conserving and even reconstituting the biosphere maximally. Thus, the Global Deep Plutocracy is my greatest enemy. Establishment Democrats lie in the most significant way: they present themselves as friends of We The People, and friends of the Earth, yet all the most major changes they implemented in the last 44 years were serving the Global Deep Plutocracy… and extreme filth as Obama became the greatest fracking president ever. By charity, I will not mention the Vietnam War launched by “Democrat” President Johnson under false pretense (the Tonkin Gulf incident, when it was claimed the North Vietnamese had attacked, when they did not). A chronic pandemic of the grossest lies has bathed us for decades (“Free Trade will free you! Send your job to China, feel good! The media mediates the truth, etc.) is why the Middle and the Lower Classes went down, throughout the West (US policies were mimicked by lesser countries). A few examples:

1. The War in Afghanistan was launched secretly by Democratic President Jimmy Carter on July 3, 1979. It leveraged lethal Jihad against the Socialist Republic of Afghanistan, using Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and mercenaries such as Bin Laden. The aim was to destroy the Soviet Union by creating a Jihadist regime next door. Reagan pursued the mission, but did not launch it. So Carter is not only the culprit of the wars which followed, but of the lethal Jihad unleashed on the world. Carter is still venerated as a saint, a living illustration of the inversion of all values.

2. Reagan fascist turn to the right was rendered possible by the Democratic Congress of Tip O’Neill, which voted for the Reagan counterrevolution by passing the laws that Reagan wanted. Nor is that an accident, Obama admired Reagan, loud and clear… So Reagan has been the bottom line of the Democratic Party for more than 30 years. Consider Clinton, who went way right of Reagan, judicially and financially.  

3. Under Clinton, in 1994, the NAFTA Treaty, a giant sucking sound of US manufacturing exiting for Mexico. Trump changed NAFTA into USMCA, which preserves US jobs, US manufacturing content, and mandates $15/hour minimum wage, twice the US Congress mandated law.

4. Under Clinton, the Banking Act of 1933 was destroyed, and banks, instead of using their financial leverage mandated to them by society, for the infrastructure of society, were allowed to use it in a casino in the sky with each other. Thus the plutocratic financiers are getting wealthier without providing for society. Nor is that an accident, but a deliberate malevolence, as we will see in more detail. By not providing for society, they weaken society that gave birth to them, thus the potential of a counteraction against their evil rule. In other words, the financial system is acting like metastatic cancer, killing its host, while defending itself.

5. When things went very sour with the sky casino, the Democratic Party rolled out with a flourish an ambitious Kenyan boy eager to please the great white masters, and the frail telegenic boy gave the world’s wealthiest men (through the Central Bank, and then mostly through the private banks) around five trillion dollars, so the wealthiest would stay the wealthiest.

6. The “Democrats”, in particular Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, were the two most efficient collaborators of George W. Bush in invading Iraq, a crime against humanity, “Democrats” don’t give a hoot about, because they only focus on “Black Lives Matter”, a convenient distraction. 

7. The boy organized Obamacare which sent more taxpayer money, through three different routes, to better confuse critics, to the world’s wealthiest insurance companies and their shareholders. Overall healthcare delivery suffered and life expectancy went down. Obamacare was thoroughly incapable of dealing with COVID 19, as healthcare delivery had been made much more complicated and expensive, for most (85%) of the patients (as intended, 85% is the official number from Obamacare).  

8. After immediately demolishing hydrogen research by executive order, on his first day, Obama exploited the Iraq War by enabling Wall Street to finance fracking all over, and, in particular on public lands. This made the USA the greatest fossil fuel producer, in the history of the universe. As usual, Obama covered his butt, claiming to be a great ecologist, by going to Paris to sign a meaningless treaty. Obama learned well the art of butt covering from Biden and Pelosi (Pelosi voted against the attack on Iraq she had secretly authorized, knowing it was a world-historic war crime lie; Biden organized the argument for the attack). Biden and Pelosi are hard cored NEOCONs.

So I am NOT ignoring the GOP, it’s all in the head of some of my critics that I am. The Democratic Party… is the old fashion GOP! Really. Consider how Obama and Reagan and Bush Senior, both GOP, dealt with the failure of the banking sector. Reagan and Bush Sr. nationalized thousands of banks, funded them, and sold them. Instead Obama just gave the banks all the money they wanted. No change of management, or owners, and full financing of the crooks by taxpayers. That’s Obama, serving hyper wealth, blatantly; but the media owned by hyper wealth does not see it, because it is paid, not to see it. Compare. Obama: right wing banking fascist, gives bankers all the People’s money they want; Reagan: left wing nationalist, did not transfer money from the poor to the wealthiest during a banking crisis, whereas Obama did.

The world Obama-Biden Fostered Some More, and the reason why the media owned by the wealthiest men hates Trump: he could break the GLOBAL DEEP PLUTOCRACY by saying too much how evil it is…


Clearly, the old fashion GOP, indistinguishable from the rest of the “democratic” elite has changed. Some dimensions of Trump’s policies are on the left of the left of the so-called “Democratic” Party. 

I am not just talking about the fact Trump produced the highest employment (something most beneficial to minorities). GOP-Trump has mandated world’s lowest drug prices now, something even the extreme left of the Democratic Party did not propose… Although they could make it into law if they wanted, whenever they wanted… but they don’t want, because Big Pharma is paying the Democrats… even the ones supposedly full left…

Rising the employment rate considerably, while lowering taxes, has produced a spectacular jump in the worth of the lowest 90% of earners, all the way down to the lower class. By 16%! (Source: Federal Reserve.)

I do not reason like a herd animal: it is either that one is against them, or for them. Instead, I just pursue the truth. The truth, nothing but the truth, but the whole truth. As the democratic leadership has pursued big lies, they saw me going the other way, and they condemn me for following Trump. But in truth those truths of mine are older than any Trump declarations. Trump is following my publications, not the other way around. I am a highly progressive registered Democrat… Because otherwise we can’t vote on interesting stuff in California, hahaha.. that does not mean I have to believe the lies of the leaders of the Democratic Party.

Right now France, Germany and Britain are back in COVID lockdown. Why? Because they sent all the jobs, the factories, the know-how, and even the financing, and the will, to China. Workers can go to hell (bonnets rouges, gilets jaunes). So now that COVID is here, what did China do? China boosted its industrial production, and has been testing and deploying a vaccine for more than three months. Also China, like Kora or Japan, has been able to test and trace.

France cannot do it. It cannot do the right thing, which is to test and trace. Why? Because treacherous GLOBAL DEEP PLUTOCRATS sent all the jobs to China. Not just the jobs, but the know-how.

President Trump gave a gigantic amount of money for a German Big Pharma, Pfizer,  to build a vaccine FACTORY, and make vaccine, so that immediately millions of doses could be deployed, if approved. Trump did the same with Sanofi-Pasteur: give it money to start vaccine production, before FDA approval. or even class III trials. Sanofi-Pasteur is modifying their flu vaccine, which is used worldwide, including in the USA. So it should be safe and effective, but they have been a bit cautious and slow. The French learned to their dismay, that the USA would get the first million doses of the French vaccine when disponible.

Trump, our COVID savior, apparently, also gave huge amounts of money for vaccine production to Astra-Zeneca-Oxford, which uses an untested Chimpanzee cold virus to carry their vaccine.. 

 George W Bush, GOP aristocracy, pushed the button to invade Iraq, a crime against humanity motivated by US oil men.

The crime was made possible why Biden, who engineered the argument of WMD, and support in the Senate, as I detailed… and Pelosi who, as ranking member of the US Congress Intelligence Committee could have stopped her friend “George”. She also refused to impeach Bush when she became Speaker of the House in 2006… precisely on the Iraq war; as she made the war possible, she was not keen to have this exposed. 

George W Bush is retired. He has stayed out of politics. He should be prosecuted. But he is not running for office… And he is not trying to pretend, as Biden, Pelosi and Obama are, that he is a good person. When he was in power, I detested him. But, like Allah, I can be merciful.

Pelosi is the 3rd highest official in the USA (after Trump and Pence). Both Biden and Pelosi are running for the highest offices in the land, Bush is not.

Biden and Pelosi are criminals against humanity, there is no prescription, they should be prosecuted for having plotted to attack Iraq.

I suspect that Biden and Pelosi are trying to self-hypnotize themselves into believing that they are good persons, by being elected. In truth, they were Bush’s closest helpers in the Iraq crime against humanity, and they know it. They were more important than creeps like Cheney and Rumsfeld, and the lamentable Powell. Both Bush and Biden had the deepest family ties to the oil industry, they knew what they were doing: invading Iraq to save the US oil industry.

“Democratic” Party robots repeat, as they have been programmed to, that Trump paid only $750 in taxes. How do they know? To reveal Trump’s taxes is a Federal crime. The New York Times revealed this alleged fact the day before the first debate and the “moderator”, who seemed to have been bought by the other side, used this unchecked fact, and a criminal fact if true, as if it were a valid fact. We have no reason to believe the $750 tax bill is true. Actually, we have good reason to believe it’s false: $750 is a filing fee, and NYT is saying it was not paid in other years, is an incoherence. When I pointed the incoherence to the New York Times, my comment was censored.

Actually the NYT has been grossly lying about many things. For example in 2002-2003, when he accused France of being an Iraqi agent. In the 1920s and 1930s, and even early 1940s, the NYT was on the side of Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, etc… It ran only 35 articles, typically inside and very small, on the holocaust of the Jews… Although it knew, from the highest and best sources, not just Jewish, but also Polish and French governments. Millions were getting killed but NYT stayed silent.

Why? Because…



How? Why?  

The NYT was founded and published, starting in 1851, by a banker. The NYT has been controlled by the same Manhattan Jewish family, the Ochs-Sulzberger family, one of the United States’ oldest newspaper dynasties, since the Nineteenth Century. The present head of the NYT is from the fifth generation of that plutocratic family to do so. 

Everybody knows that Trump at some point got a billion dollars loss in his business, in the 1990s. The IRS has contested a 72 million dollar tax deduction. This is standard fare with major real estate developers. They are encouraged to take huge loans, with some government subsidies and guarantees, and the understanding that losses will be deductible… As with any business. The Hudson Yard Project in New York was accomplished with an enormous arsenal of such government support.

Right now, tens of thousands are living in filth in the SF Bay Area, I see it everyday, because there was not enough construction of towers to live in. We need more Trumps!

The Biden program doesn’t plan to tax the hyper wealthy (they are not on salary!) because none of the loopholes the hyper wealthy use is targeted by Biden.  Nor does Biden plan to end the wealth tax haven of Delaware’s prerogatives (he set them himself!) And he has no carbon tax, meaning he lies about his green economy.

Cognitively challenged parrots plan to vote for Biden, because they saw in all the media that Biden was a good guy, and Trump a monster with orange hair. Well, I have orange hair too. Older humans in the land I come from tend to have orange hair (following Mahomet).

ALL the media is owned by plutocrats. All of it. When people quote Bloomberg, or Reuters, they don’t seem to realize that Mr. Bloomberg is a plutocrat spending 50 million dollars in Florida alone to defeat Trump. Mr. Reuters, another multibillionaire, not even a US citizen, has an anti-Trump bias in every single of his (ostensibly neutral) communications.

And so on.

Oh, why did the New York Times love the fascists so much in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s???…  Because there was tremendous money to be made. The Harriman brothers, who had inherited their immense fortune from their dad, the number one railroad magnate, controlled the “Democratic” Party. They developed the Baku oil fields for Stalin, bringing financing and know-how, and helped Hitler considerably. Thus they got the highest decoration from both hitler and Stalin. And so on. Wall Street owned Germany in the 1920s and 1930s… This is a reason for Hitler’s being so arrogant with Britain and France. Hitler naively thought Wall Street would keep on  on his side, the anti-Bolshevik side. As in WWI, US plutocracy made a bait and switch, and Hitler went down the drain, because the FRENCH REPUBLIC attacked Hitler.

However the Wall Street created and controlled the BIS (the Basel based Bank International Settlement, the bank of banks) kept the US bankers in direct touch with their underlings in Japan and Germany, throughout the war…

Believing the media is believing the plutocrats (NBC Universal and Comcast are controlled by the Roberts family, but also in more than one sense, by Xi). They hate Trump, because Trump is threatening to expose them for what they are, and what they do. Fake news is just part of it…

That a small plutocrat (Trump) turns against other plutocrats as a class, is how revolutions are done. In France, it’s Louis XVI, exasperated by making no headway against the plutocracy and deep state he nominally headed, who launched the French Revolution.

Prior to that Louis had launched the American Republic (he was explicitly told this by advisers, that he should be aware that he was launching a REPUBLIC). Louis spent five trillion dollars launching the USA by making war to Britain. Because he spent enough, he won. Louis XV had spent very little fighting Britain in 1756-1763… On the advice of the treacherous Voltaire, his friend. So Louis XV and now America mostly speak English…

I was hostile to Trump… 30 years ago. Meanwhile I saw way way worse. I campaigned hard for Obama, for several years, explained to journalists that he was not a Muslim. I did this for family reasons in part because my spouse was Obama’s closest friend in middle and high school. Also I really believed him. I had no idea I was baited and switched.

In the end, my entire US family, except for my spouse, got super Obama excited, and leveraged the power… But not as much as I saw it leveraged by others (someone else I knew became ambassador to Switzerland, as she brought in big money during the campaign). Plutocrats directly controlled who Obama could interact with, or not. Meanwhile he was copying my sites so he sounded good. Now they all hate us, because they know we know who they are.

The rise of the Global Deep State, the Global Deep Plutocracy is horrendous. The only comic relief is that it is headed by war criminals who are trying to prove to themselves they are good, when actually they killed millions for Wall Street and its fracking…

The chorus of parrots is nothing, history will sweep them under the rug. The fact will remain. Three millions killed in Iraq, so that Wall Street could frack. Ten million if including Afghanistan (there too, by happenstance, I was in the middle of it all).

Not knowing is no excuse. Everybody can see the mayhem in the Middle East. It is a fact. It was caused by US attack. But then, of course I was censored thousands of times on the Internet… so that the lies of the plutocrats could proceed…

The enemy of my greatest enemy should be my ally.



Our civilization is enduring a turmoil which most civilizations have collapsed from ultimately: a hyper wealthy elite engages in a fanatical death struggle to increase its already considerable control of most of society. It has no choice, but to forge ahead and try to augment its exaggerated power, otherwise it will be exposed for the crime organization that it is and lose everything. 

Examples of such a situation, when, to stay in power, a bad elite gets worse, abound in history.


Actually the true name for such elites is plutocracies, more on this further on. The Mexicas (“Aztecs”) of Tenochtitlan went down that fateful route: the Mexicas had increased their industrial cannibalism, in an effort to impose their empire ever more over their increasingly angry, devoured neighbors… Just then the unexpected happened: the arrival of 1,500 Conquistadores… The Spaniards were very happy to find so many as yet-uneaten Natives who were delighted to make excellent allies for the Spaniards, instead of delicacies for hungry Mexicas.

Closer to us, and very relevant to the present difficulty civilization is in, is the collapse of the Roman State. This had been long in the making, because of the replacement of the Roman Republic by a regime mixing plutocratic hyper wealth and military dictatorship. This cruel fascist and iniquitous regime imposed an intellectual fascism so severe that the technological innovation necessary for the survival of the Roman State, collapsed (the reasons why this happened are somewhat similar to the set-up Obama-Biden imposed, as we will see). The increasingly stupid Roman State was unable to cope with a conjunction of ecological, immigration, and epidemiological crises which it had itself contributed to install.

To get out of this, the Roman military dictators doubled down, and embraced theological rule: the emperor was made into a god, under Diocletian, and then Constantine realized it was smarter to rule in the name of God. The Roman dictators imposed a theological regime, Roman Catholicism, under the pretext of redistribution, being nice to immigrants, releasing all prisoners, and speaking in the name of Jesus and Mary. Critiques of the regime were censored, under the penalty of a potentially very unpleasant death… for having offended “God”. The unfortunate defeat of the secular army of the Western Empire in fall 394 CE brought immediate collapse by invasions, the following spring, when barbarians penetrated deep inside Italy, for the first time in five centuries. 

In the present situation many elements of the Roman collapse are present, including the control of the many by the few, and the suppression of dissent by the plutocratic media and the plutocratic universities.



Senator Joe Biden was one of the top instigators of the invasion of Iraq, second only to G. W. Bush in importance. Bush ordered the invasion. Biden, a “Democrat”, chaired and organized the Senate Foreign Commission during 2002 which provided president Bush with the reasons to invade Iraq. And Biden provided the “bipartisan” support Bush needed.  The Guardian detailed Biden’s role in selecting biased, pro-war witnesses for his all-important commission (details will be found further on in this book). 

The consequences of the enormous and murderous Iraq lie have been far-reaching. Not just fracking, but inuring the US population and in particular its intelligentsia, to lying, on a massive emotional and factual scale. The War Against Iraq was what is called a “megadeath” event: millions died. On the ground of this fact alone, Biden should be forbidden to run for office ever again. However, here it is. The outrage is the message. That habituation to media mediated lying and crime against humanity with mass lethal consequences, has habituated the population to not asking important questions. 

In turn, this lack of curiosity for the obviously questionable has habituated the population to rejecting the spirit of examination. Socrates said that the “unexamined life is not worth living”… Maybe because unexamined political leaders make life unbearable: fatal drug overdoses doubled under Obama-Biden. 

In turn, this lack of examination blocked most of the “populist” reforms necessary, enabling the mainstream media to present them instead as deranged (Whether they came from progressives, Sanders or Trump)…   

The ideology of Joe Biden is that of the Davos plutocracy, a global hydra gorged on offshoring jobs where US and Western law doesn’t reach: anything goes, as long as it leads to increasing power for an elite of a few thousand families, many originating from the Nineteenth Century USA. The way towards this takeover by wealth and greed is crooked finance, tech monopolies, nihilistic teachings, and brainwashing the entire world population with most of the world’s media, which the Davos plutocracy has captured. 

Biden was also Senator, for decades, of the state which is, worldwide, the ultimate tax haven, Delaware. What could go wrong, from a progressive point of view?

To entice us progressives, Biden and his supporters make a lot of good points, nice little points to dream of, shiny dynamics, always moving according to what the latest polls say. Obama made many of the same points, with his mouth, to the opposite effect, in the resulting acts. I have been trying to figure out many points of Biden’s program: they keep shifting… Many contradict each other. Many policies are not to be revealed before the election… to avoid “headlines”, Biden himself, said several times.

The invasion of Iraq, a war of aggression, which killed millions, was a crime against humanity. Biden built the rationale for it, and it was a lie. More specifically, it was what Hitler called a “Big Lie”. A lie so huge people can’t conceive of it. The fact that the Editorial Board of the New York Times in his endorsement “Elect Joe Biden, America” didn’t use the word “Iraq” once, is a testimony to a bias so deep, that it is discombobulating. What else did the Editorial Board forget to mention about Joe Biden which is most significant? That Biden authored in 1994 the systematically racist crime bill which brought mass incarceration thanks to this ”New Jim Crow”? That Biden’s mentors in the Senate, or not, had achieved high rank in the Ku Klux Klan? 

Under Obama, manufacturing rolled over, life expectancy went down (for the longest and deepest in time of peace), and inequality reached a higher level than ever before, while fracking soared. These are very significant facts. The Editorial Board of the New York Times says it will not happen again. It’s probably wishful thinking as naïve as when I spent two years of my life working hard to get president Obama elected, just to see the unfortunate developments I mentioned, unfold. What I discovered then is that elected officials, even Obama himself, were nothing relative to the power and awe the billionaires enjoyed.

Biden says he will augment taxes. The elected “Democrats” say that this will control the wealthy. But they are lying. They know very well that augmenting the taxes on the middle class or even the 1%, is not how the hyper wealthy and hyper powerful are controlled… Because, like Biden and his S corporation trick, the wealthiest use loopholes to avoid taxes altogether… At the worst for them, the wealthiest turn taxation into negotiation.



There are a lot of good ideas in Biden’s presidential wish list: free public universities, more funds for scientific research, a green economy, infrastructure spending, Medicare For All (I invented the term and I am all for it) and so on. Biden says he will do much of this by just augmenting the marginal tax rate on the wealthiest… by a tiny percentage. This is mathematically impossible… and a cover-up.

Indeed, Biden says nothing about cracking down on the fiscal loopholes for the hyper wealthy…the only “loophole” he wants to close is “step-up basis”. That’s a middle class tax, not a wealth tax. The abolition of step-up basis on inheritance has been a disaster in France: it deprived non-wealthy heirs of much, sometimes most, of their inheritance. But the absence of a “step-up” basis does not hurt the hyper wealthy in France: they have plenty of special loopholes, just for them, passed by friendly legislators who were anxious to please them: pigeons are friendly to whomever gives them crumbs. Abolishing “Step-up basis” targets middle class inheritance, not the immense wealth, influence and power of “Foundations” and “Nonprofits”, let alone the anonymous financial entities which make the fortune of Delaware… And of Biden’s donors and sponsors.  

The US Deep State is the original inventor of loopholes for the hyper wealthy (and this, before World War One; I will explain below what the noxious part of the Deep State is made of). Loopholes, such as the Foundation law, were made into law the same morning as the income tax law. Yes, the same morning. “Foundations” enable heirs to control huge wealth, and power, tax free… And stealthy. It’s neo-feudalism… with an invisibility cloak added. 

The propaganda trick known as the “Living Pledge”, launched by plutocratic propagandists, shamelessly builds on the Foundation myth: give half of your fortune to a Foundation controlled by your significant others in the thereafter…and feel all self-righteous about it. We The People will be eternally grateful to live in a world controlled and managed by your precious heirs… and their children’s children.

The origination of feudalism a thousand years years ago followed the exact same pattern: we, the wealthy and powerful do this, taking over the world, for you, as a public service. In exchange, the hyper wealthy should go tax-free, and all of this should be made inheritable… Exactly what as the Foundations and Nonprofits go, crammed with wealthy heirs as they are… And their glorious names plastered all over public buildings (an example: the enormous and ancient San Francisco general public hospital suddenly became the “Mark Zuckenberg” hospital, although the plutocrat had given only a tiny amount of money, relative to the immense capital of said hospital). 

Fiscal loopholes and jurisdiction evasion by the offshoring of industrial investment enabled by global trade are how most of the wealthiest become wealthier. Fiscal loopholes from globalocracy made the wealthy of Ancient Rome way wealthier than was legal in Rome. As a result the Republic fell, because the hyper wealthy became so wealthy they captured the Roman Deep State.  

Worse, and even Machiavellian: Biden plans to augment US corporate taxes to 28% well above the countries the USA is in competition with. The naive progressives will congratulate him, believing in their ignorance that Biden will be punishing the rich, when all he would be truly doing is to provide them with a fig leaf… The consequence of a higher corporate tax would be the exact opposite of what they expect. This is so true, that quasi-socialist France is presently targeting a lowering of its corporate tax rate down to 25%. Rising the US corporate tax at 28% will give an excuse for corporations to offshore themselves (that’s the Machiavellian trick of Biden and company, providing an excuse to offshore themselves again). Tax proposals made by “Democrats” right now will rise the top individual rates above 62% (and even much higher if one includes fake capital gains distribution; this enables tax rates to become negative, actually!)

That astounding taxation will weaken We The People… the crucial effect the Global Deep Plutocracy wants most to achieve. 

To boot, the 28% rate will bring down the US financial markets, as it will make US based companies much less profitable, hence 401k retirement plans, down (the solution for investors will be to invest overseas). That may sound innocuous enough, but, by lowering assets of average citizens, their power goes down, thus the powers of those who can use globalism, the wealthiest of the wealthy, augments relatively even more.

It goes without saying that income tax rates do not apply to the truly wealthy. Only loopholes for the hyper wealthy apply to the hyper wealthy, and Biden intends to leave those alone.



The main US business association, the US Chamber of Commerce, now approves a carbon tax: so Biden, the “Democratic” candidate, supported by the “New Green deal” crowd promotes the exact opposite of a progressive leadership on the green economy. Biden talks the talk, yet has already announced that he will walk the other way, another example of his deep inauthenticity. Authenticity is crucial: if a politician, even before an election, obviously doesn’t believe in his alleged program, how do we expect him to apply it afterwards? 

A carbon tax makes CO2 emissions expensive… Nothing else does. Biden, by refusing to tax carbon, is refusing to target directly CO2 emissions. Right now CO2 emissions are subsidized, often directly. Biden says he will get rid of the subsidies. CO2 emissions are also subsidized because emitters do not have to pay for the consequences of their emissions. Conservatively, the World Health Organization evaluates the number of deaths caused by fossil fuels at around ten million a year. 

Any country seriously adhering to the Paris Accord and unwilling to go through the sort of creative destruction Trump has promoted, from fewer subsidies, has to impose a carbon tax to reduce emissions. What?… wait: how does Trump’s creative destruction help the environment? Simple: by providing fewer governmental subsidies, coal plants have been closing at a faster rate under Trump than any time previously (including under Obama-Biden). Biden also said something that proves he is not sincere about decarbonization: he said any program will have to provide 40% to disadvantaged areas. That is about as intelligent as saying one will land on the Moon while providing 40% to disadvantaged areas. Why? Because there is no low tech solution to the decarbonization problem. As it is, we do not have enough high tech to decarbonize as we need to. Such “disadvantage” prejudice will act as a mighty brake to the modernization, and decarbonization of the economy.

The noise makers of the “Green New Deal” exhibit their own hypocrisy, or painful ignorance, by saying nothing about the summary dismissal of the carbon tax by their candidate Joe Biden during the electoral process. Considering the brakes Biden will put to development, with his weird 40% “disadvantage” diktat, a carbon tax is a must. Once Biden is elected that way, by pledging no carbon tax, it will be too late to backtrack, because Biden and his wealthy sponsors will argue that not having a carbon tax was an engagement of his with the people who voted for him. Instead of letting the free market work against carbon, Biden will distribute crumbs to his friends.

So the firebrand known as AOC, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, should wake up, there is still time. A question naturally arises: why would Biden be hostile to a carbon tax? The answer is the type of sponsors on Wall Street which the Obama-Biden administration had: they financed fracking, the raison d’etre of the Iraq invasion. Those financial types have milked fossil fuels very profitably and would love to have the party last a few more years. A carbon tax would kill fossil fuels quickly. This is also why they killed hydrogen, on day one of the Obama-Biden administration (Trump has reinstituted hydrogen research). Green hydrogen and its derivatives (ammonia, etc.) has the potential to completely replace fossil fuels..

Biden has told Wall Street that his Energy Secretary would be Mr. Tom Steyer, a multibillionaire, who claims to be an ecologist. Mr. Steyer became a billionaire through coal… and also with the help of Goldman Sachs, investing in private prisons and offshoring jobs. Brandishing Mr. Steyer as a potential cabinet member should seduce the worst of Wall Street, because it demonstrates, for all to see, that the hypocrisy on the part of Biden is colossal, and the lie immense: nothing like an insolent liar at the head of the world, as far as the financial plutocracy is concerned. And even better: Biden’s own voters will become part of the lie, and get compromised!

That Biden can arrogantly choose such a man as Mr. Steyer, the exact sort of financier all progressives should despise and fear, shows that Biden is the sort of soldier global plutocrats trust. Nor is Mr. Steyer unique, as an excellent and natural choice for Mr. Biden. 

Another name floated by Biden to Wall Street is Ms. Meg Whitman, also a multibillionaire, from EBay, and a poster girl from the tech monopolies and their secretive financial arms, and monopolistic plots… including Goldman Sachs (on the board of which she served, before it was revealed she used Goldman Sachs for “spinning”). Proposing Ms. Meg Whitman as Commerce Secretary, is indeed very reassuring for the financial plutocracy: it shows Biden is not afraid to scandalously let the owners of the world rule, for all to see… Besides, it accustoms the Biden voters to vote for Wall Street.

What could go wrong for progressives?… Once they have persuaded themselves that the world should be ruled by crooked finance, their spirits have been fully captured, and Biden is their man!



We have seen the extreme right masquerade as the left before: the German “National-Socialists” were actually financed and organized by US plutocrats early on (Henry Ford led a herd of US bankers and corporations who followed closely on his heels), followed by many plutocrats from several nationalities (not exclusively German). However, most Germans, naive, and ill-informed, believed the Nazis were “socialists”, as their name indicated. Hitler fostered the lie deliberately (he wrote about it). 

Today massive propaganda from plutocratically owned media presents plutocracy as the “left”:

I just think COVID is God’s gift to the left,” the famous actress Jane Fonda remarked with a chuckle (her statement was video recorded). “It’s a terrible thing to say, I mean, I think it was a very difficult thing to send down to us, but it has ripped the bandaid off who [Trump] is and what he stands for and what is being done to average working people in this country…  We have a chance to harness that anger and make a difference. So, I’m just so blessed to be alive right now.”

Make a difference for whom? For the Global Deep Plutocracy? Jane Fonda, daughter of her famous actor dad, went to Hanoi during the Vietnam War to pose with anti-aircraft batteries shooting down US planes…  In the meantime, she showed her true colors by marrying billionaire Ted Turner, creator CNN, one of the greatest Global Deep Plutocracy propaganda outfits, and its first embodiment as a TV channel. Fonda definitively belongs to the “haves” of the Global Deep Plutocracy.

The concept of “left” started during the French Revolution, when the most progressive and redistributive MPs were sitting to the “gauche” (left) of the Constituent and national Assemblies. Of course the real gauche, at the very least, would want to outlaw billionaires. There is a precedent for the outlawing of hyper wealth: Rome. Outlawing billionaires for two-thirds of its existence, is why Rome lasted as long as it did. I computed that the Absolute Wealth Limit in Rome for its first six centuries was no more than 50 million in today’s (2020) dollars… A small fraction of Jane Fonda’s personal wealth… a climate activist who has publicly bragged about having sex in private jets.

Jane Fonda, her ilk and the Trump hating class of GDP have succeeded to persuade most of the leading world opinion in their employ, that they, the Global Deep Plutocracy, are… the left. I can’t wait until Biden is president, and the real left is forced to admit that this “left” was not a left at all but has outmaneuvered them as the fools they are.       



Homer would have hated Biden’s hypocrisy about dark wealth like the “Gates of Hades”:

Mr. Biden spent 37 years as a senator from the credit-card, corporate mecca and tax haven of Delaware, where he built relationships and a voting record that provides ammunition for progressives. In Biden’s early years as a US Senator during the 1970s, legislative and regulatory changes made his state attractive for credit-card companies, corporations, and millions of anonymous “shell” companies. 

In Delaware, Den of Thieves? John A. Cassara wrote: “As a special agent for the Treasury Department, I investigated financial crimes like money laundering and terrorism financing. I trained foreign police forces to “follow the money” and track the flow of capital across borders.

During these training sessions, I’d often hear this: “My agency has a financial crimes investigation. The money trail leads to the American state of Delaware. We can’t get any information and don’t know what to do. We are going to have to close our investigation. Can you help?”

The question embarrassed me. There was nothing I could do.”

This is Biden and his Delaware for you. That maybe why he is so sure that the Biden family finances left no tracks (except some foreign payments couldn’t be erased).

Wealthy individuals and businesses that want to mask their ownership can conveniently do so in the United States, and then stash those assets abroad with impunity. The key is shell companies registered in… Senator Biden’s state..

The United States demands that financial institutions in other countries share information about Americans with accounts overseas, its reciprocation efforts fall short.

Wealth in tax havens in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands often originates in shell companies that are incorporated in Delaware. This wealth is not declared on tax returns.

The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy in “Delaware: An Onshore Tax Haven” observed that the state’s financial obscurity, combining with a loophole in its tax code “makes it a magnet for people looking to create anonymous shell companies, which individuals and corporations can use to evade an inestimable amount in federal and foreign taxes.”

Now, finance, insurance and real estate accounts for 44% of Delaware’s economy, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. In 1999 Biden voted to repeal the BANKING ACT of 1933 (“Glass-Steagall”). Franklin Roosevelt’s Banking Act of 1933 established a separation between investment banks for the wealthy engaging in financial speculation, and commercial banks with common people money financing the real economy. The repeal of the Banking Act caused the overwhelming rise of the financial plutocracy as the world’s major conspiracy. Besides precipitating the 2008 financial crisis, it is the most major force behind the rise of inequality. This is also why the biggest money favors Biden. In usual Biden style, Biden “regrets” his role in destroying the Banking Act. Biden knows he can get away with anything, as long as he hedges his role later.

MBNA was once the country’s biggest independent credit-card issuer and Delaware’s largest private employer. Mr. Biden and his wife traveled on an MBNA plane in 1997, a government filing shows. MBNA founder Charles Cawley lent Mr. Biden an original Andrew Wyeth painting from his personal collection to hang in the vice president’s residence. In 1996, Mr. Biden sold his house outside Wilmington to an MBNA executive for the full asking price of $1.2 million. Mr. Biden’s son Hunter, just out of law school, was hired by the company. Hunter Biden later consulted for the company during the same period that MBNA fought for the punitive bankruptcy reform, which Biden helped pass…  Biden told the Washington Post in 1999, “I’m not the senator from MBNA.” In 2005 a bill to make it harder to declare Chapter 7 bankruptcy, benefiting MBNA, passed the Senate with active support from Joe Biden.

During the reign of Obama, several months after James Biden joined a construction firm as an executive, the firm received a contract worth more than a billion dollars to build houses in Iraq while Joe Biden oversaw the U.S.-led occupation of that country.

In the early 2000s, before working with his uncle, Hunter Biden had opened a lobbying practice that landed clients with interests that overlapped with his father’s committee assignments and legislative priorities. Ahead of his father’s second presidential bid, he entered the hedge fund business with his uncle James Biden, purchasing in 2006, a 1.5 billion dollar fund (yes that was a b, as in billion), called “Paradigm”. That entitled Hunter to a 1.2 million dollars a year salary.

A partner was Brian Mathis, a veteran of the Clinton Treasury Department and a Democratic bundler who was friends with Barack and Michelle Obama at Harvard Law School. In March 2011, Mathis, was among 30 financiers invited to a White House meeting to discuss the state of the economy. The meeting was arranged by the Democratic National Committee and omitted from Obama’s public schedule.

Even pro-Biden plutocratic magazine such as Politico.com have detailed a long litany of shady deals involving the Bidens… and even a connection to Obama.



Joe Biden and his wife Dr. Jill Biden reported about $10 million in income in the fiscal year 2017 from a pair of S-corporations, CelticCapri and Giacoppa. The two entities were paid for the couple’s book deals and speaking gigs. Any amounts the Bidens received from the corporations were not subject to the 15.3% combined Social Security and Medicare tax, because they were reported as “distribution” rather than “salary”. So basically, the Bidens avoided 1.5 million dollars in Social Security and Medicare in 2017. The Bidens used their home state of Delaware’s financial privacy laws to shield income from public view, by setting up these two tax- and transparency-avoidance vehicles known as S corporations. The Obama-Biden administration had called for an end of the loophole allowing S-Corporations to avoid payroll taxes. So the Bidens’ hypocrisy is astronomical. (Some will retort that Trump does the same, but that’s both incorrect and deeply irrelevant: Trump is a real estate, and the tax code, to encourage construction, has made such returns very complex; the case of the Bidens is transparent.) 



The Bidens used fiscal loopholes contradicting their professed faith in Medicare and Social Security, for all to see. Being blatant this way elevates tax evasion as part of the landscape, guaranteeing tax evasion will stay part of the landscape for their sponsor, the global plutocracy. This is one reason why the hyper wealthy love the Bidens: they have no shame. They would do anything for greed, and trusted that the Deep State and its worldwide plutocratic media would protect them from scrutiny for their tax evasion: you trust me, they say to global plutocracy, and we will protect you, as we trust you to protect us through your control of the media.

The media does not just control with fake news, but also fake moods. Not seeing anything emotionally wrong with the Bidens escaping social security and medicare taxes is a way to create a mood.  

The Bidens’ blatant spurning of the popular masses shows that they are not afraid of popular outrage: they have that one under control, thanks to friendly plutocratic media. So one can anticipate that they will also defend the tech monopolies, which acceded to extravagant power under Obama-Biden… 

Do unto other plutocrats as you do onto you: by using tax evasion for all to see, the Bidens are showing fellow Global Deep Plutocracy members that their hearts are as blatantly dark and twisted.

Some may hopefully bleat: ‘Why would the hyper wealthy love Biden when Biden proclaims that he wants to augment taxes on the wealthy?’ Proclaim is the word, indeed! It’s mostly for show, it doesn’t scare hyper wealth, it just persuades the gullible middle class that something will be done about wealth. Biden will augment taxes on the top 1% salaries, but most of those high salary individuals don’t lead the world, most of them just serve the global plutocracy, they are high price servants. (Also it’s not very clear how he will limit himself to the top 1%; the declarations contradict themselves…) 

The .01% are the ones who really lead, and those avoid taxes altogether from loopholes. Some of the wealthiest don’t even draw salaries. Steve Jobs, following others, drew only a one dollar salary from Apple. Most do like Larry Ellison from Oracle did: just borrow from banks, using stock holdings as collateral. No salary, buy an entire gigantic island in the Hawaiian archipelago. 

By using tax loopholes in a way grotesquely spiting their own electorate, the Bidens, once again, show, through glorious public example, that they belong to that brotherhood of hypocritical exploiters with no limit to their arrogance towards “little people”… and thus those loopholes which bring the world’s wealthiest people in the lowest tax bracket, will stay in force. 

Similarly, Joe Biden is silent on the monopolistic tech companies. This is all the more troubling as the tech monopolies were fostered mostly during the Obama-Biden administration, and have become central for enforcing the Deep State, with a mixture of spying and censorship similar to the recipe in China (for small people like yours truly, massive and systemic censorship is an everyday experience, to the point of causing anxiety, and advice from friendly lawyers to cease and desist to avoid worse problems). 

In either case, Joe Biden, by making his hospitality for these perversities manifest, is training his own voters to accept tax loopholes for the hyper wealthy and monopolistic tech. US public opinion has already been shepherded into not asking about Joe Biden’s role in the war of aggression against Iraq, technically, a crime against humanity (without prescription anywhere).

As far as plutocracy is concerned, the beauty of Biden is corruption for all to see, deified as sublime behavior. In an email, dated May 15, 2017, Jim Biden, brother of Joe Biden, shares a list of “key domestic contacts for phase one target projects” for the venture with CEFC China Energy Co.

The list included prominent Democratic names such as Sens. Harris of California, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Dianne Feinstein of California and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, former Virginia Gov. Terry McCauliffe and others.



Let’s focus on Joe Biden’s role in the Twenty-First Century greatest crime against humanity.

Charles Manson was an American criminal and cult leader. In mid-1967, he formed what became known as the “Manson Family”. His followers committed nine murders at four locations in July and August 1969. The Los Angeles County district attorney believed that Manson intended to start a “race war“. In 1971, Manson was convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder for the deaths of seven people. The prosecution conceded that Manson never literally ordered the murders, but they contended that his ideology constituted an OVERT ACT OF CONSPIRACY. Manson was sentenced to the death penalty for this conspiracy. So Manson’s influence killed nine, and he was condemned to capital punishment. If he had conspired to kill three millions, would he have been nominated to the presidency?

As chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when the vote for a war of aggression against Iraq was cast, Biden was at the forefront of the effort to attack Iraq in 2002 and 2003. Biden had set-up a commission to invent reasons for invading Iraq. 

The US government called this sort of massacre, “Shock And Awe”. Plutocratic media has been removing pictures of the bombing of Baghdad by the US in 2003 recently. There is probably no desire to remember this tragedy where Biden was arguably the second most important perpetrator, in the drive towards war, only behind President W Bush himself… Of course Biden later tried to forget the whole thing, and the plutocratic media has helped him that way.

Please consider carefully what this establishment of a commission to invade Iraq means. Biden’s drive to war was not a silly off the cuff remark, or an out of context edited statement, or a silly tweet storm, or a joke. Justifying the invasion of Iraq by carefully invented, vicious lies was Biden’s purposeful main policy and activity for  at least ten months… The invasion of Iraq killed at least two million Iraqis. Upper estimates are up to 3.5 millions.  The war is in a quiet phase now, but it is still going on, and could flare up any time.

Around 10,000 US citizens died (nearly half of them soldiers; the US military used a lot of civilian contractors). And all this mayhem for what exactly? 

At first sight, the attack on Iraq was just to satisfy the inner urges of the three most crucial US leaders at that time (President W. Bush and his two “Democratic” accomplices, Biden and Pelosi.) I call this criminal. War criminal. As we will see, there is a much broader and deeper motivation. That motivation became clearer in the fullness of time. Actually the deep motivation for the Iraq invasion animated the most major US policy in the two decades following the US invasion and mayhem in Iraq. The mayhem and wholesale destruction was no happenstance, as it was made to appear. In truth, it was too well organized, not to have been a plan.

The day the war commenced, Biden told CNN: “There’s a lot of us who voted for giving the president the authority to take down Saddam Hussein if he didn’t disarm. And there are those who believe, at the end of the day, even though it wasn’t handled all that well, we still have to take him down.” Who are these “us” Biden is talking about? The “us” from the US Deep State

Stephen Johnson, a US citizen, and a friend, intervened, to re-establish what passes in the USA for sanity, the madness of the crowd. He wrote: “Calling Biden a war criminal is plainly nuts, so you’re losing credibility with me.”

Well, I am driven by facts, not by whether people have faith in me, as if I were Jesus Christ, who needed the comfort of the crowd to feel good about himself. I have written extensively about the US aggression against Iraq for more than a decade. The Guardian gave a nice synopsis of my position in:

“Joe Biden championed the Iraq war. Will that come back to haunt him now?” By Mark Weisbrot”

“The Iraq war has been a prominent, even decisive issue, in recent US presidential elections. That will make Biden’s history a liability. Mon 17 Feb 2020

BIDEN DID VASTLY MORE THAN JUST VOTE FOR THE WAR. Yet his role in bringing about that war remains mostly unknown or misunderstood by the public.

When the war was debated and then authorized by the US Congress in 2002, Democrats controlled the Senate and Biden was chair of the Senate committee on foreign relations. Biden himself had enormous influence as chair and argued strongly in favor of the 2002 resolution granting President Bush the authority to invade Iraq.

“I do not believe this is a rush to war,” Biden said a few days before the vote. “I believe it is a march to peace and security. I believe that failure to overwhelmingly support this resolution is likely to enhance the prospects that war will occur …”

BUT HE HAD A POWER MUCH GREATER THAN HIS OWN WORDS. He was able to choose all 18 witnesses in the main Senate hearings on Iraq. And he mainly chose people who supported a pro-war position. They argued in favor of “regime change as the stated US policy” and warned of “a nuclear-armed Saddam sometime in this decade”. That Iraqis would “welcome the United States as liberators” And that Iraq “permits known al-Qaida members to live and move freely about in Iraq” and that “they are being supported”.

The lies about al-Qaida were perhaps the most transparently obvious of the falsehoods created to justify the Iraq war. As anyone familiar with the subject matter could testify, Saddam Hussein ran a secular government and had a hatred, which was mutual, for religious extremists like al-Qaida. But Biden did not choose from among the many expert witnesses who would have explained that to the Senate, and to the media.

Biden’s selling points as a candidate often lead with his reputation for foreign policy experience and knowledge. But Iraq in 2002 was devastated by economic sanctions, had no weapons of mass destruction, and was known by even the most pro-war experts to have no missiles that could come close to the United States. The idea that this country on the other side of the world posed a security threat to America was more than far-fetched. The idea that the US could simply invade, topple the government, and take over the country without provoking enormous violence was also implausible. It’s not clear how anyone with foreign policy experience and expertise could have believed these ideas.

The Guardian adds: “Senator Dick Durbin, a Democrat, and still a Senator in 2020, was on the Senate intelligence committee at the time. Durbin was astounded by the difference between what he was hearing there and what was being fed to the public. “The American people were deceived into this war,” he said…

The resolution granting President Bush the authority to start the invasion of Iraq, which Biden pushed through the Senate, was a major part of that deception. So, too, was the restricted testimony that Biden allowed. The resolution itself contained deceptive language about a number of pretexts for the war, including al-Qaida and weapons of mass destruction that Iraq did not have.”

·   Mark Weisbrot is co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, DC. He is the director of Worth the Price? Joe Biden and the Launch of the Iraq War (2020)

Weisbrot finishes his article this way, re-hashing essays of mine written more than a decade ago… But the truth is worth re-hashing, always, when it is most significant:

“The Iraq war has generally been seen as one of the worst US foreign policy blunders in decades. It fueled the spread of terrorism and destabilized the Middle East and parts of north Africa. “Isil is a direct outgrowth of al-Qaida in Iraq, that grew out of our invasion,” noted President Obama.

More than 4,500 US soldiers, and nearly as many US military contractors, lost their lives; tens of thousands were wounded, with hundreds of thousands more suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Estimates of Iraqi deaths run as high as 1 million.

At the very least, Biden should explain why he played such a major role in winning the authorization from Congress for President Bush to wage this disastrous war.”



When considering if a criminal act happened during a violent action, one has to look at the motivation of the suspect. That’s called Mens Rea in Roman, and contemporary law. It is the intention or knowledge of wrongdoing that constitutes part of a crime, as opposed to the action or conduct of the accused. In the case of the legal person known as the USA, there was a blatant criminal motivation: fracking. Revealingly, the Obama-Biden administration made that motivation blatant.

The US attack on Iraq occurred without a clear UN mandate… because of the frantic efforts of the French Republic… which has the longest historical view: France was a driver of history against extravagant savagery, for 15 centuries.

Biden’s criminal act is not that of a simple vote and arguments in favor of invading Iraq, as Senator Hillary Clinton did. No, Biden invented the entire big lie which Bush used, and made the US media run with it. 

What are those who claim they intend to vote for Biden, and are exposed to the preceding say? It’s hard for Trump haters to accuse Trump this time (Trump opposed the Iraq invasion, so did I. I got insulted, lost all my friends, got banned from the New York Times… This is when my attitude to Trump started to change, because, to oppose the invasion of Iraq in 2003 from inside the USA, one needed to have more than guts, but also lots of brains and self-confidence)

They can’t accuse Trump, but they can blame the victim. Stephen Jones: “For the record, it was Saddam Hussein that first claimed he had WMDs. Unfortunately, few in the Cheney-Bush administration wanted peace over profits.”

Unwittingly, Mr. Jones proved my point. Which profits? Invading a country to exploit its resources is a very well defined war crime. Even for the brutal US Deep State, such a gross violation would have been too much, so it was never the real plan. So, if there couldn’t be any profit made in Iraq itself, the profits could only be made in the USA itself where Cheney, ex-CEO of oil fracking giant Halliburton was massively invested.

For the record too: Saddam lied for internal reasons, but he knew that the Americans knew he had NO Weapons of Mass Destruction whatsoever… And that was confirmed by the UN inspectors going all around Iraq and finding none. So the Bush administration claimed that the weapons, and the laboratories, were on trucks and were moving around. No doubt Biden and Pelosi smiled and clang champagne glasses together about that grotesque fairy tale lie, fostered by their errant boy, General Powell at the UN.



In the judgment of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, which followed World War II, “War is essentially an evil thing. Its consequences are not confined to the belligerent states alone, but affect the whole world. TO INITIATE A WAR OF AGGRESSION, THEREFORE, IS NOT ONLY AN INTERNATIONAL CRIME; IT IS THE SUPREME INTERNATIONAL CRIME differing only from other war crimes in that it CONTAINS WITHIN ITSELF THE ACCUMULATED EVIL OF THE WHOLE.“[1][2] .

The United States of America is then asked to vote for an accomplice and perpetrator of the “Supreme International Crime”. 


Manson’s ideology led to the murder of nine people, from a criminal conspiracy. He was sentenced to death, but he didn’t plan or order the murders. 

How many people died in Iraq because of the US attack? Deliberately, the US military refused to count the bodies. Says even the plutocratic Washington Post, a Trump hating newspaper owned by global monopolist plutocrat Bezos: 

15 years after the Iraq War began, the death toll is still murky”. By Philip Bump, March 20, 2018:

Tens of thousands of people died fighting in the Iraq War, which began 15 years ago Tuesday. Nearly 5,000 of them were U.S. service members. Tens of thousands were insurgents battling the transitional Iraqi government put in place after the ouster of Saddam Hussein.

But that figure obscures the actual number of deaths attributable to the conflict. During the war and during the Islamic State militant group’s occupation of as much as a third of the country in recent years, the number of deaths runs into the hundreds of thousands, including civilians killed as a result of violence and, more broadly, those who died because of the collapse of infrastructure and services in Iraq resulting from the ongoing conflict.”

The Washington Post, and top US universities are owned, directly or not, figuratively, or literally, by US plutocracy. US plutocracy wanted to attack Iraq, to become wealthier and more powerful, so it had interest to underestimate the number of people killed by the US attack. Iraq Body Count, for example, counts only the death appearing in English speaking papers (that’s around 300,000). Studies in The Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine, also infeudate to US and global plutocracy recognized around 700,000 killed by 2006 from the invasion. A general overview by (plutocratic) MIT explains why the numbers published are just a fraction of the real number of deaths (they stop there, lest they displease their wealthy sponsors). Even (plutocratic) Brown University agrees that when the large city of Mosul was retaken, dozens of thousands died. But they have not been counted, observes Brown: most civilian victims were pulverized or returned to the atmosphere after combustion, and their ashes dispersed. 

An Iraqi Kurdish intelligence report estimated that at least 40,000 civilians were killed in the bombardment of Mosul alone, with many more bodies still buried in the rubble.  A recent project to remove rubble and recover bodies in just one neighborhood found 3,353 more bodies, of whom only 20% were identified as ISIS fighters and 80% as civilians. Another 11,000 people in Mosul are still reported missing by their families.

All in all, the Iraq invasion led by Bush, Biden, and authorized by their accomplice Pelosi, killed at least 2.5 million people. Because Pelosi, as Ranking Member of the US Congress Intelligence Committee knew explicitly that the pretext for invading Iraq was a complete lie. Pelosi admitted her lie on CNN in 2019.

Pelosi said Bush had a right to invade Iraq “because they won the election”. Pelosi justification? She said:”…I knew there were no nuclear weapons in Iraq. It just wasn’t there…. So, I knew it was a – a misrepresentation to the public…in my view, not a ground for impeachment. That was – they won the election. They made a representation. And to this day, people think – people think that that it was the right thing to do.

Which “people” think it was right to kill three million people in Iraq so that US oil could become profitable again? Which “people” think that low? Those you misinformed?

Biden, though, maneuvered to invade Iraq before the election. Why did Biden want so much to invade Iraq? Official history doesn’t know. W Bush pretended he hated Saddam because Saddam had tried to kill his dad. But Biden never presented a motivation for his will-to-invasion. Apparently, Biden helped to kill ten percent of a country, just because he could.



Wars tend to happen for good reasons, but bad actors will hide those good reasons they have, from the public. Things may not clear why, in the heat of the moment. However, in the fullness of times, the real culprits are easier to reveal. However, sometimes, they stay hidden, because the mood in power is adverse to the truth. This needs a full essay: for example why Rome annihilated Carthage is still a hot potato: the plutocracy presently in power would prefer you not to know why, so it promotes in its plutocratic universities historians uninterested by a real explanation.

So why did the US invade Iraq? At the time US leaders claim that Iraqi oil would pay for the invasion (can’t do this, it’s a war crime!) That still did not explain how the US was supposed to profit from the invasion. 

The truth is simple: Iraq, with the second oil reserves in the world, saw its oil production killed. In consequence, the price of oil shot up to heights never seen before (above $140 a barril). Capital investment in US FRACKING was profitable at or above $60 a barril. Wall Street was all for it. 

Shortly after the paroxysm of the Iraq war, the ingenue, Barack Obama arrived on the scene, talked of saving the climate, big time, and then proceeded to push US FRACKING as much as possible. Obama called fracking the “bridge fuel” to the “clean-energy future” (even the Washington Post in 2014 found this bridge fuel to the future “not so simple”). Soon the US was the greatest oil producer the world had ever seen, and soon the US was the world’s greatest gas producer the world had ever seen. Biden could only smile that the plot had worked as intended, and Trump haters could only conclude that Trump destroyed the climate.


Hatred in the service of greed is a common motivation:.

So what about these “Black Lives Matter” signs on the lawns? Do Iraq Lives Matter, too? So why are they not on the lawns, too? Two and a half million killed, does that speak loud enough? It does not? Never had math, never had history? Don’t know about Iraq? Why is that not SYSTEMIC RACISM AGAINST IRAQIS?


Did Trump conspire to invade Iraq as Bush, Biden and Pelosi did in 2003? No. Quite the opposite. Trump was not a politician at the time. Why to mention the invasion of Iraq? Because the invasion of Iraq, which killed millions, was a great crime of the USA much worse than the Vietnam war (the other crime, perhaps worse, was the deliberate attack against Afghanistan, this time not for oil, but to weaken France and the USSR).

However, since, differently from the Vietnam war, the destruction of Iraq was instigated in a bipartisan way, it never encountered the opposition that Democratic President Johnson’s escalation of the war in South-East Asia caused (also there is no more draft). 

The virulence of Pelosi against Trump can be explained as the burning desire she has to cleanse herself of her crime against humanity, her complicity in setting up the Iraq invasion. She admitted to it in December 2019, in a surge of hubris characteristic of self-doubting criminal minds.



I opposed the attack on Iraq in 2003, and I suffered personally from it (so that Biden and Pelosi plotted to launch it is personal to me). I remembered being confronted violently by people I barely knew. Visceral hatred against those opposing the war was blatant. It wasn’t disagreement. It was pure, irrational hate. Antiwar thinkers were accused to be Saddam Hussein’s agents. This is reminiscent of the situation with Trump now, when people asking for sophisticated reasoning about why precisely Trump is so bad are accused of being “Russian assets”… And not coincidentally, these are the same individuals who are behind both hates: standard “Democratic” rabble, blind to thorough debate.



A good way for an elite to get more installed in its vicious rule is by eliciting the basest instincts in the population it rules over. If the basest feelings are accepted as elevated, an inversion of all values has been realized, hell becomes heaven, and evil becomes god. Also the basest emotions are so strong, they shut down more refined neurology.

The present worldwide hyper wealthy elite used the oldest trick: sheer hatred for a scapegoat, who, in this case, happens to have been elected president of the mightiest nation which ever was. Hatred is the strongest neurohormonal drug. Many have loved to get drunk on the hatred for Trump. The elite behaved as if Trump was a cause to their mismanagement, whereas, as Trump himself continually says, he is a reaction to it. Worse: that mismanagement, as we will see, is deliberate. 

Ruling elites are always the top crime organizations: top, because that is what “ruling” means. Crime, because humanity is not to be ruled by a bunch of monkeys, however noble. The key to the reign of such a crime organization is a crooked information system: garbage into the minds of We The People, garbage out, ready for disposal.



We are in an information society. Most productive workers produce ideas. More than two-third of the GDP is “services”… but it turns out most of the added value is from “essential services”. Controlling the belief system of this intellectual class is essential to the plutocratic rule. This is greatly accomplished through censorship. Thoughts not belonging to the (plutocratic) party line are banned.   Yours truly has been extensively banned or censored from many publications. And not just me: I used to appreciate a few commenters in the New York Times, long ago. Although not as scathing as yours truly, they were interesting. So, the NYT banned them.

The censors at the New York Times have censored me thousands of times. The censors have been so strict that, although a paying subscriber, I find painful to read the NYT. The NYT wondered “how they could take me seriously when I believe in Global Deep Plutocracy” which they labelled a “paranoid conspiracy theory”. The NYT is justified to censor me, accordingly, because of my alleged paranoia.

Just as so-called “social networks” such media are actually para-governmental organizations. This is coming from their monopoly positions, and privileged access. So, basically when they censor, they act as tools of the government, the true government, the Deep State.



I know a number of university professors with tenures in prestigious universities. They absolutely hate Trump at a pathological level. When I ask them, I get very superficial answers to justify said hatred: his hair is orange, he is uncouth, he is wealthy, he injects bleach, he is a Russian agent, etc. How come so much superficiality? Let’s roll out a concrete example partly explaining how many otherwise intelligent individuals have become deranged using the Internet. Wikipedia, supposedly opened to all fair contributions, writes one-sided articles outrageously favorable to the Biden family… The articles are full of missing facts, devoid of common sense… However Wikipedia, supposedly a neutral encyclopedia, locks such outrageously partisan articles, blocking significative facts, and the simplest logic. Hence Wikipedia turns itself into a Biden propaganda machine… Wikipedia prevented mentioning that the son of the Vice President of the USA was getting $83,000 a month from a Ukrainian company, Burisma. Wikipedia rationalizes, with astounding details, that Vice President Joe Biden, dad of Hunter Biden, was correct to have fired the top procurer of Ukraine, who was inquiring on the company Hunter Biden was a director of. And when said procurer is on the record in a legal document saying he was fired because of Hunter Biden, Wikipedia claims that US corruption in Ukraine is a “debunked conspiracy theory”… made by “Russian agents” (the author of the present book has written many scathing articles against Czar Putin, who invaded Ukraine while Obama-Biden did nothing about it… I observed that the last time a European country suffered a comparable amputation was thanks to Adolf Hitler; a close advisor to Putin gave a 3.5 million dollars check to the Biden family).



It gets better than that. The ultra-biased Wikipedia works in unison with ultra-biased Google search engine. When one searches for “Biden Corruption”, Google plasters the outrageously pro-Biden Wikipedia article on top of its search. Articles taking the Biden corruption seriously are not in view (shortly after this outrage the US Justice Department sued Google for monopolist activities, biased search… Google claims we can use other search engines…



Bing, the Microsoft engine, is even more biased…It completely rejects the existence of sites which are hostile to tech monopolies… Such as mine, with its more than two million words and thousands of articles, and bans sites which express doubt about the worldwide power of Mr. Gates, and his connection with the Chinese dictatorship! Complaining to Microsoft about this for a decade changed nothing. Mr. Gates likes his friend the dictator of China, and they both agree that freedom of expression is a danger to their positions.

Meanwhile Facebook uses a little army of Chinese government censorship specialists to “down rank” and extirpate what it views as “hate speech”. For Facebook, “hate speech” is not the hacked Trump tax returns, which it was a criminal activity to reveal, should they be real. For Facebook, allegations against the Biden family’s apparent corruption is “hate speech” (at least until November 3). These expert Chinese censors are in the USA on H1B visas, and will return to China with better machine learning made in the USA, to improve the dictatorship of Xi… A win-win situation. Which is also your own Xi dictatorship, because you probably purchased some of the products of its slave labor, enjoyed its virus, and kissed your job, and your dignity exported to China goodbye…



Contrarily to repute, real Democracy should not be a system where one is “represented” by a few who rule (that’s what oligarchs mean). So, they talk, supposedly on our behalf, in a so-called “Parliament”. How is having one person “representing” eight hundred thousand persons, democracy? Some US “representatives” represent more than one million people (for example, there is just one “Representative” in the US Congress for the entire state of Montana!) How can one have one person talk for a million? Democracy should be the power of the people, not the power of the very few.

Right, to give power to the people is not easy, and the Greeks used a number of different methods at the same time; representation by deputies, indeed, the method we use, was just one of them; direct voting, right to direct expression in the national assembly, drawing lots were other methods which were used in conjunction. It was very hard for the Greeks to make Democracy work. The average Athenian citizen needed a day to travel to the National Assembly, the Ecclesia. Now it should be easy: voting should be only a few clicks away… no more excuses…

To demolish Democracy, all the oligarchs have to do is to demolish the second part of the concept, of Demos-Kratia… “Kratia”, the Power of We The People. The oligarchs don’t need to demolish the People themselves.

Demolishing power can be done in two ways:one, by making people into sheep, thanks to a stupidifying media, and this method is used frantically. And secondarily, by demolishing the capacity of We The People for important work crucial to the functioning of society. If you can’t do work for society, you are useless, thus innocuous to those who stole everything. This can be done by sending jobs overseas. This is why the plutocratic owners of all the media are so anxious to get rid of Trump: he has interrupted their march to neo-feudalism, by bringing jobs back.



Jean Jacques Rousseau wrote in his Social Contract: “Let us then admit that force does not create right, and that we are obliged to obey only legitimate powers”. Well, elites rule by force, indeed, but most of this force is spent in persuading the subjects that they should be ruled, or in making them stupid enough that ruling them is the only solution…. from carefully contrived misinformation, disinformation, and mental malformation imposed on their victims.

Conquest of the many by the few of a small elite, depends not just on a brutish application of power, which is hard to sustain, but on mental enslavement, which is permanent.

This is why King Francois I of France was keen to have rogue printers burned alive, five centuries ago: printing and distributing all this “hate speech” destabilized the French plutocracy (that plutocracy called itself an “aristocracy”, which means the power of the best in Greek).

To mentally enslave, one has to feed captive minds only with information appropriate for the furthering of their enslavement. This is done by having the owners of most of the world’s wealth control all of the “free” world media. ? The fifty wealthiest US families have more wealth than the poorest 165 million US citizens, so they can afford to buy all the media. So the “free” world is not really “free”: how can one free one’s mind, if it is filled up with garbage

Total media control by the owners of the world should be against the law. But it is not, and, after more than a century of fake and misleading news, ownership of the media has allowed the owners of the world to imprint minds as they see fit.

The result is a population obsessive about a particular scapegoat, Trump, depicted as “orange”, or “yellow”, and on the run… As far as the owners of the world are concerned, hating desperately one particular life form is perfect. Thus the plebs is not mindful of the Global Deep Plutocracy, true owner and commander of the world, its moods and its mind.

The owners of the world have accused the bearing of bad news and tough solutions, one of their own, scapegoat Donald Trump, to be at the origin of what he is fighting against. The treacherous Trump has turned against the plutocracy which gave birth to him, and has to be eliminated, not just as a spectacle, but also as a false prophet of “populism”. History is full of cases when a civil war starts when some of the elite sides with We The People. This happened in particular in the Roman Republic, with the Gracchi brothers, who were relatively even more prestigious than the Kennedys for the USA. Tiberius Gracchus was not just a military hero, first to scale Carthage’s walls, but a top commander. He was the grandson of Scipio Africanus, the Roman general whose incredibly bold plan and execution thereof won the Second Punic war against Carthage. Tiberius was assassinated, after a huge quantity of venomous lies was directed his way, for wanting to bring jobs back to Rome by cutting down on the plutocracy. Tiberius was the first of a long line of plutocrats who turned against plutocracy: the last one, and most famous, would be Julius Caesar.

It would be a disaster for Earth if US politics took the same path, but the collapse of reason which has occurred in an indication that it could. It is not encouraging to see that the candidate of the plutocracy to highest office of the land is an individual who can legitimately been considered to have been one of the main actors in a crime against humanity (in Iraq; see below). 



Just in case total media ownership has not made people stupid enough, the plutocrats, having stripped We The People of mental power, also stripped We The People of physical and financial power, and even dignity.

Offshoring power and employment is therefore a main trick of oligarchs: it deprives We The People of Power, thus deprives them of Democracy and even the capacity for rebellion. Add to this, greater profits, and offshoring is a win-win situation for hyper wealth. (This is why the method of offshoring was already in Rome… and led to the collapse of civilization, no less…)


For decades the partisans of free offshoring, also known as free trade, claimed that free offshoring was better for all: economic theory demonstrated that, and, to prove it, the top pundits gave each other Nobel Prizes in economics. Offshorism flew in the face of the most basic common sense. 

The COVID epidemic showed that the capacity of the West to make the most basic industry such as Personal Protection Equipment, masks, antibiotics, or medications had migrated to China. We, in Europe or the USA, were told not to use quinine (made in China, quinine had proven very efficient against a number of disease such as Q Fever and SARS-CoV-1, which is close genetically to the COVID virus, SARS-Cov-2) or masks. The problem with quinine, and antibiotics is that they were made in China, and supplies needed desperately by hospitals ran out. India blocked its massive exports of hydroxychloroquine, because its quinine supply from… China was restricted.

The large countries which did best fighting the epidemics where the most industrialized: China, South Korea, Japan, Germany… None of these four industrial giants really stopped their industries, while Europe and the USA lock downed their economies (so China, Korea and Germany are stronger than ever now).  The way to fight the pandemic at this point is industrial: testing, tracing, HEPA filters, UV C projecting robots, as some Asian countries are doing… and setting up a massive vaccine program (Sinevac in China, and “Operation  ”Warp Speed” of Trump). 



De-industrialization and offshorization were consequences of a plot of the Global Deep Plutocracy, in a conspiracy with so-called top research and teaching institutions. That conspiracy aimed not just to augment the profits of the wealthy. That the wealthy were just greedy is what they themselves prefer us to believe. But the reality is much more sinister. What the most wealthy individuals wanted even more was to deprive We The People of any power, and make the People less rambunctious, by reducing them to destitution.

It is no coincidence that the Chinese, Korean, Japanese and German populations got to keep their industry: they are more disciplined, thus they can be entrusted not to use this industrial power against their masters.

All this deindustrialization and offshorization has made the lives of many of us worse than that of wild beasts. This is not an exaggeration: go see the filthy encampments in California, a few miles from (“Democratic”) Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s many mansions, vineyards and estate!… Please visit those homeless camps in the San Francisco Bay Area, as I have: they were found, by the United Nations, to be among the worst in the world. I saw a partner in a major law firm burst in tears when she saw one of these camps in Berkeley, California.

Worst than wild beasts, who at least have dens to return to”… this is what the Roman Tribune of the Plebs Tiberius Gracchus said, word for word, nearly 22 centuries ago, speaking of the Roman proletariat. Rome’s Tiberius was fighting against a similar offshorization and de-industrialization. Tiberius and his successors failed, most were first insulted very unjustly, and then assassinated by the hyper wealthy, and ultimately, the republic died, and civilization collapsed.



Oligarchs, with the help of an arrogant pseudo-intellectual class in so-called “academia”, supposedly in charge of higher thoughts, and higher moods, contrived to make us believe that offshoring power had to do with freedom… somehow obtained through the great “efficiency” laborers working overseas would bring (this has a whiff of slavery in the air; the mechanism is related…) With a deep-seated sense of irony, they called that method of enslavement “FREE TRADE”.

So-called “liberals”, well paid by their wealthy masters, to have the correct thoughts, were all for it. “Free Trade” was turned into the main religion of the European Union, second only to Fundamentalist Islam as something not to be argued with… In either case, the wealthy masters are being served as they intended to be served, weakening and dividing We The People.

Believing that sending the most significant jobs overseas, the jobs actually making the things we use and our entire environment, was obviously self-injurious, a form of suicide. So how come that was not seen by We The People? It is because We The People are made to see only what our hyper wealthy masters want us to see, thanks to the corrupt media they own and the corrupt universities they finance (in 2020 the endowment of Yale University is above 32 billion dollars, and it’s not the wealthiest private university…). Even worse, We The People were taught in schools how NOT to reason, by defeating the very notion of Enlightenment.

So We The People could not see that “Free Trade” was just the freedom for our hyper wealthy masters to enslave us. We The People have nothing to exchange: once our jobs means and way of life has been exported to China, what do we have left to trade with?



Academia has operated as the think tank to fuel the destruction of democracy in the guise of helping it. The poisonous enough theory of “Free Trade” was not enough. “Free Trade”, neither free nor a trade, was an attack, not just against society, but also against reason. That was amplified by a direct attack against the Enlightenment, which gave Power to We The People. Starting in France, intellectuals found personally profitable to claim that the Enlightenment rested on slavery and genocide, instead of reason, science, intelligence and wisdom. There is no recovery from that: one cannot use reason against those who claim that reason never ruled, but only slavery, greed and the basest instincts did.

The truth about the ascent of the West is the exact opposite: it is precisely because the West rejected slavery that it became masterful. Slave trading was outlawed in the Europe by queen Bathilde of the Franks in 655 CE. This social measure spurred progress in all ways.



If reason is enslavement, as the enemies of the Enlightenment pretend, what shall rule us? Emotion! Black Lives Matter! Nothing else matters! Reality, that Black Lives get killed by Black Lives, should not stand in the way! That decency, because one shouldn’t look at skin color, should not stand in the way! Racism to the rescue! That’s why black lives kill black lives, as it really matters, etc. And sure you are a racist if you believe all lives matter, etc. According to those who hate the Enlightenment, history has also to do with facts and reason, thus should not be looked at… Only the display of what is viewed as the correct political emotions of the moment matters. The governor of California announced that he wants to pay reparations for slavery, although there were no slaves in California. Most descendants of slaves also descend from slave masters… Are they going to have to pay to repair themselves?

Capturing all and any mode of expression and information, enabling only those who served them, is how the fiercest elites have always reigned. It makes their lying dictatorships stupid, fake, brittle, ready to collapse… and very emotional (this is why in primitive regions, if you are perceived as insulting “the Prophet”, you shall be killed; never mind that there were huge populations of Christians in Pakistan for centuries before Islam was invented by an analphabet…)

Obsessing about the “Orange Menace”, Trump, or “Black Lives” make individuals who have no time to ponder financial derivatives and all the countless loopholes in Biden’s program which will serve the wealthiest. They are just plain too angry.

The potential consequences of being owned by a tiny elite of greedy, self-obsessed fools have never been potentially so dire.

Indeed, the reign of this Global Deep Plutocracy extends to the entire planet, and their lies and crimes are ruining our planet, mostly through the minds they forged. Contemplate Facebook using Chinese nationals expert in censoring algorithms: this is telling the entire planet that dictatorship in China is a good thing, and Zuckerberg is its prophet… While this new feudalism is rising, speaking a fake language, full of insignificant facts, distracting us with problems it itself created, like foreign wars, not just our freedom and life, but the biosphere itself is at stake.



In this book we seek the truth, from a maximally progressive point of view, even if it hurts. Especially if it hurts: no pain, no gain. To seek for maximal truth, one has to seek for the most important facts. For example finding the most important facts about the reign of Obama and Biden show that their policies have deliberately caused the following: life expectancy decrease as never before, inequality became greater than ever, tech monopolies became dominant, and that was deliberate as small inventors got stolen by the “America Invents Act”, fossil fuel usage and production inside the United States reached new heights, thanks to fracking on Federal Lands, higher than from any country in the history of the world, offshorization reached such intensity that the peak manufacturing under Obama was much lower than under Bush (and then it went down!)

The search for truth is first a search for the most significant facts to build the truth with. Truth is good, meta truth is better… Because the former does not go without the latter.

I am a (“registered”) “Democrat”, but the failure of the pseudo-progressive, pseudo-”Democratic” wealthy elite who has led the world, in general, and the “Democratic” Party in particular, is now so blatant, it has become the most significant problem (prosaically said, one cannot fight “Trump” by being way worse than Trump in all ways)…

And this failure of the US and European leadership class is not really a failure, it is masquerading as one. In truth, it is a plot, a conspiracy, a together-breathing (“con-spirare”), the oldest of them all, having to do with imposing on most of the population of the world the wrong moods, and the wrong ideas in the service of the few thousand families who rule the planet, and the obsequious servants who do the dirty work for them.

Monopolist Bill Gates is all over the “liberal” TV channels; Gates gets personal letters from Xi, the Chinese dictator, Gates tells us Xi is good, for us. A monopolist, Gates, telling us that a monopolist-in-chief is great! What could go wrong? The same TV channels are owned by individuals and their organizations entangled with the Chinese government, not just in business and financial deals, but also in security tactics and strategies. It’s not just a global state, it’s a global dictatorship…



Many of these wrong ideas and moods serving the owners of the world were imposed upon us, to divide and distract us, and many, unfortunately, believe them. It requires courage to state the obvious. No, we are not all racists, and white supremacists, when we reject unfair accusations against Trump as we reject the same accusations against us. Non-Hispanic whites make only a third of the population of California: accusing Californians of racism against non-whites is to accuse them of racism, against themselves.

Racism is not the root of all evils anyway. How did racism in the USA arise? Racism is a convenient evil that was just a way to achieve greater greed, it originated with the moral givers of the ruling class and their huge tobacco plantations. Then racism presented the added advantage of dividing the lower classes against themselves.

Obama-Biden told us that healthcare would have to cost more to 85% of us so that the underclass could afford health insurance. They forgot to mention how the rest of the world did it, and it is not that way. This redistribution of property from the middle class to the lower class was not a solution… Except that, in the end, the Obamacare redistribution ended in the pockets of the already wealthiest men in the world.

Real progress, starting with technology, is the solution for real, and sustainable progress… The medical research and science budgets augmented enormously under Trump (by up to 40% or more)… Listening to Trump directly confirms this is no accident: this is what Trump wanted, so he signed it into law. But then the media tells us Trump is anti-science… and the little gullible voters of the “Democrat” Party believe the media owned by the plutocrats… Tell them otherwise, and they will hate you, like religious fanatics indoctrinated by priests who took over a civilization.

All over the same question permeates all: how does one find the truth? Well, one finds it from MOST SIGNIFICANT FACTS.

But, to achieve progress, thus more truth, extinguishing the powers of the plutocracy, in particular their ownership of the Global Deep State, including health care, the media, the internet, and money creation, is a must. Because they have a grip on what they imprint We The People as the most significant facts.



Such progress towards more truth will not be achieved by the likes of Joe Biden. Biden is innocuous looking, that’s his strength, and part of the problem. Biden is supported by a network of lies. Obama, repeated a traditional lie, told thousands of times, in the same tone. Obama called Biden a “scrappy kid from Scranton.” In truth, Biden’s dad headed a division of American Oil Company, founded by David Rockfeller. Joe Senior lost his high social status to drinking and theft. Says the New York Times: “Joe Sr. had it all in his 20s, sailing yachts off the New England coast, riding to the hounds, driving fast cars, flying airplanes.” (https://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/24/us/politics/24biden.html)

So Biden, and presumably his secret tastes and inclinations, originated from the plutocracy. Strong and multiple arguments show Biden’s entire career to be the exact opposite of what he wants us to believe. Similarly, the polar bear appears to be white like innocent snow but is the exact opposite: red in fang and claw.

Let’s roll out some of the most significant Biden facts, inter alia: Biden’s state of Delaware, a tax haven, the world’s foremost “Den of Thieves” (said the New York Times itself, a few years ago), Biden’s service to global plutocracy since Reagan’s times, his debt and credit card legislative bills, Biden’s crime bill, which brought mass incarceration of minorities, his plotting to engage in megadeath in Iraq, over a decade, in a possible deal with US oil men (remember Joe Sr’s job at Standard Oil) and Biden’s total hypocrisy, using legal tax evasion for the wealthy to avoid paying taxes on Social Security and Medicare (while saddling the middle class with giant health care costs in the Obamacare plot).

Biden’s proposed presidential program is itself a lie: it pretends to want to help the lower class, but instead it would debilitate the economy. When considering Biden’s program don’t look just at what he says, but also at what he doesn’t say. That’s what [PA1] reveals Biden’s nature as an agent of global plutocracy. The New York Times itself was lauding Biden for getting so much money from Wall Street, nearly a billion dollars in a few weeks, when Trump only got scraps. As Trump pointed out, this is in exchange for services to be rendered.  Wall Street is buying Mr. Biden a presidency! Are we the progressives supposed to fall in love with Wall Street? In any case, we are grateful to the world’s wealthiest people! What could go wrong now? They love us and we love them!

Some will sneer that I compromised my credibility by writing what I just did. However if they believe in Biden they can’t believe in the noblest aspects of the human spirit: too much shifting around in the service of the sort of individuals Jesus didn’t give a chance to get to heavens.



Biden conspired with G. W. Bush to provide a fake rationale to invade Iraq, and the result was the death of millions… What is called “Megadeath”, coldly planned.  It is a rare case that somebody suspected of crime against humanity is offered ultimate leadership… Afterwards!

Such megadeaths are not old history, they are never old history. They keep on living long after their supporters and the malevolent societies they belonged to have vanished.

That Caesar killed a million in Gaul is still viewed as problematic (even though Caesar, differently from Biden, had excellent excuses). Killing so many in Iraq is an infamy which will keep on living.

And the invasion of Iraq can be seen as an even worse infamy when the reason why it happened is exposed: pure greed in a conspiracy with Wall Street and the frackers. One day, this infamy will be as famous as slavery itself, or the genocide of Native Americans: a couple of American leaders, Bush and Biden, evilly conspired to go kill Iraqis to increase the profit of US oil companies. Voting for Biden says this infamy, and Iraqi lives, do not matter. The same ones who claim “Black Lives Matter”, in the following breath, say: ”Iraqi Lives Do Not Matter! And Biden who organized the argument for invading Iraq, is my sense of progress!” This attitude is part of a pattern, collaborating with evil as prescribed by higher ups, by having only the good thoughts. Evil? The Dark Side for no good reason, and because:


One concept central to this book is plutocracy (others are civilization, progress, science, authenticity, truth). I use what some would call a concept of generalized plutocracy… Right, to understand the present planetary crisis, having the most general interpretation of “plutocracy” is absolutely crucial. What one wants to understand can be seen in miniature in Russia: why is Putin so popular there? He obviously behave like a Czar… And that makes him popular, because he dominates the media.

On the wealthy, I agree with Jesus Christ… And the Roman Republic. Jesus said the wealthy was less likely to go the heavens than a camel through the eye of a needle. One may argue that Christ was just following the spirit of Roman Republican laws. The Roman Republic, anticipating Jesus by five centuries, limited the wealth of families absolutely… and their extravagant spending (some Greek City-States had similar laws). When the Roman absolute wealth limit failed, so did the Republic. The Gracchi were assassinated because they refurbished the wealth limit law. Caesar was assassinated in 44 BCE, because, as Consul in 59 BCE, he had actually enacted a wealth distribution. The plutocrats could not forgive Julius Caesar for doing so. Afterwards their hatred for Caesar was inextinguishable. A bit like the one the present-day plutocrats have for Trump, but much worse. Plutocracy is something which can grow out of all proportion, and extinguish humanity, as it has extinguished so many civilizations. Here is why: 



In the popular imagination and academic theorizing, excess wealth is generally associated with inequity, it’s “unfair”. But the full truth is that hyper wealth is much more than unfair: it’s the road to hell. Not just individually, but as a civilization.

Plutocracy is usually defined by the establishment as the rule of the wealthy. How convenient. It is just as if Satan defined Satanism. This all too convenient notion is way too restrictive. Plutocracy as the rule of the wealthy is so restrictive a notion, that it ends up serving the hyper wealthy (‘Oh, we are plutocrats because we worked harder, so we have more!’). Let’s back up a bit. Jean-Jacques Rousseau famously noticed in the first sentence of his book “The Social Contract”:

Men are born free, they are everywhere in chains” … Plutocracy forges those chains. 

Plutocracy produces chains, not just wealth. Plutocracy has a cruel and demented side, plutocracy is not just about some persons having more material wealth than other persons. 

Plutocracy also burned people alive, be it the plutocracy of Theodosius I the Roman Catholic emperor who established Christian Terror as the method of government, or the Fifth Caliph, Ali, who imitated Theodosius. Plutocracies ruled by terror and blood. Remember the Aztecs rulers inaugurating a new temple, and sacrificing 80,000 souls in four days, every single one opened alive, so they could feel the pain and horror. Call that obvious Evil-Power, Pluto-Kratia.



The human species was created over the last five million years through a process of evolution driven by intelligence: in general, the most clever human groups survived better, and reproduced more. Such groups became more clever because new ideas arose, and they arose best from the minds of the many, through debates among many individuals, and the more individuals, the more ideas were generated. Thus the rule of the few contradicts the essence and engine of humanity, intelligent debate of as many individuals as possible, symbolized in, and enabled by human rights as explained during the Enlightenment. 

The rule of the few (oligos-arkhein… oligarchy) is thus deeply inhuman, and most humans, in normal circumstances, that is, in free circumstances, would notice this. To make sure they do not, and accept what is not humanly normal, the oligarchs use ways to control the minds of their subjects. Thus, the more power the oligarchs have, the more they resort to inhuman ways, leveraging evil power, to stay in command. Evil-power is literally Plutos-Kratia.

This is how and why oligarchy turns to plutocracy.

And the more the plutocracy, the more stupid and evil society becomes.

The explanation of civilizational evolution as the struggle of humanity against the plutocratic phenomenon encompasses the cycle theory of polities which the Greeks believed in (it is found in Aristotle and Polybius), and it also encompasses the Marxist theory of social evolution. It also directly rests on prehistoric evolution and the essence of humanity. And presents plutocracy as a perversion thereof.

Money is lent at interest. So is political power. That means that, the more the money, or the more the power, the faster it grows he faster it grows, and that speed is equal to its size, like a cancer. Plutocracies grow exponentially, they exponentiate. Thus, enabling plutocracy is enabling ever greater evil. This is what we have done today by making the ownership of media a private affair owned by the world’s wealthiest families.



The only way to prevent plutocracy to exponentiate is by limiting wealth and power absolutely. In other words, make billionaires unlawful. Rome did this very well for six centuries, redistributing her wealth all around her own society, until globalization went around the Roman laws, which were local.

Plutocracies turn humans into herds. Plutocracies are generally how civilizations perish. They are nothing new, but a mathematical-psychological phenomenon most civilizations are aware of, and fend off, until they get devoured by it.

Nowadays we have just one world civilization, and thus one world plutocracy. And that is a new problem; there is no spare civilization to save civilization. Moreover, the plutocracy in power in the Twenty-First Century uses means that did not even exist in the past. Its mind control is exquisite. 

That mind control is rendered possible by private ownership of the media. How many know who owns the media they are getting their news from? That there is a plutocrat called Bloomberg? And one called Reuters? That US Today’s controlling shareholder is a Chinese government? That NBC is owned by Comcast who is in deep business with the Chinese dictatorship? That Bill Gates gets letters from Xi? Etc?

Private ownership of the media, unsupervised by We The People, should be absolutely limited, in an extension of what The Roman Republic did for five centuries.

Take for example Anderson Cooper, the respected top propagandist at CNN, famous for having white hair since ever (to look older) and for being the first “gay” in the US media. That, what he does behind closed doors, is, of course, a distraction.

A more cogent observation about Anderson Cooper is that he is a descendant of a family which was, at some point, the wealthiest in the Americas. His maternal great-great-great-grandfather was business magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt, who founded the prominent Vanderbilt shipping and railroad fortune. Cooper was born hyper wealthy, and a stint or two at the CIA could only help his career as a world mind controller. But no, everybody who has been programmed by the established order, will tell you that what matters is what Cooper does in the bedroom. Instead one should focus on what propagandists like Cooper do to the world… not the bedroom.

The world media is full of these wealthy heirs posing as fair, balanced and wise intellectuals… while all they do is propaganda for their greediest class, their hyper class… And they use victimology to hide their aggression of the entire world society. They pose as weirdos of some sort to attract sympathy as members of the severely victimized LGBTQXRSTXYZ, a human grouping born that way.

The whining doesn’t stop here. It is constructive whining. “My son has a drug problem!” says a whining Biden, when asked about his son’s astoundingly profitable corruption… So we have to feel sorry for whom many suspect is a most prominent crime family who subverted the Republic… With its “big guy” the most prominent Twenty-first Century apparent war criminal running for office… Worldwide…

Reading the preceding, many may scoff: ‘Oh, then, plutocracy is normal, everybody does it, so we may as well embrace it!’ Actually, no. Plutocracy should be viewed as a crime. Plutocracy is organized crime. The greatest organized crime imaginable, because plutocracy is also the cause of all wars. Plutocracy is a degenerate form of civilization, which causes civilizational collapse, by killing the creativity of minds, if wars do not suffice. Plutocracy, because it kills minds, reducing them to group think, following the leader, is as deeply inhuman as it gets.

As I will show further on, there is pretty much only one plutocracy nowadays. All dictators are plutocrats, and they are pretty much integrated in the world economy, the world plutocracy: this is why goods made by slave labor can be purchased worldwide. The Chinese dictator Xi, one of the world’s top plutocrats, writes friendly letters to Bill Gates, a major US plutocrat who controls much more than his personal wealth, his position at Microsoft, and his Foundation. The argument can be made that Xi became China’s greatest autocrat since Mao, precisely because he profited from the support of US plutocrats such as Gates and Buffet… 

The world plutocracy behaves like a Global Deep State (GDP, celebrating the cult of… GDP…) I will trace its rise, in the USA, later in this book. 



“Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another.”

― Homer, The Iliad.

This is a huge problem with most politicians nowadays: they speak one way, and act the opposite. Genuine human progress can only be founded on truths, logic and moods articulated on the most significant facts available. 

The most significant fact of representative “democracy” in the last fifty years has been the systemic offshorism of its vital essence. Systemic offshorism was accomplished surreptitiously. “Offshorism” consists in displacing offshore, out of the reach of democratic law, the core activities of democracy, among them, valuable employment. 

Offshorism has happened many times before, most notably when the Roman Republic collapsed. Offshorism is colonialism in reverse. And it is not happening by accident, but by intelligent design from the ruling Global Deep Plutocracy which masquerades as a fair process based in a pseudoscience called “economics”… economics being itself a conspiracy theory for gullible minds it itself created, through the world opinion making which the ruling class owns.

A small elite, directly employed by the Global Deep Plutocracy, sings everyday the mantra that this is not so, that no elite owns the world, or if it does, it does nothing about it, it means nothing. Thus, the owners of the world insist, the very notion of “Global Deep Plutocracy” is a “paranoid conspiracy theory” as the New York Times put it, replying to me! … As if the twenty something ignorant scribblers at the New York Times, who often started as popular “bloggers”, knew enough history to decide this. That exploitative world elite, constantly conspiring with elected politicians, is the greatest evil which humanity can foster. It hates Donald Trump, because the mere existence of Trump endangers the whole world Global Deep State system, deliberately, or not. 

Some will sneer: their little herd-prone minds found a simple explanation. ‘Oh, I understand, you are for Trump, how sad’. No, I am not like you, simple minds, looking for a herd to join, for or against a particular leader, and all enraged about a scapegoat. I debate ideas. The leaders I fight, or follow, are moods and ideas. I am for progress, in all ways, more than anybody I have heard of. More than once I believed that Biden may have changed, and I forgave him. Every time I was wrong. Biden acts like a robot giving ever more to the most powerful.

The Global Deep Plutocracy is expert at posing as if it were progressive. But the contrary is true: Global Deep Plutocracy is intrinsically regressive: its rule is inhuman, it fears intelligence, which brings understanding, thus the elucidation of the mechanisms of its cruel rule. GDP would rather turn all of us into mussels and have us for dinner. GDP craftily used Trump as a way to block all progress: for example, if Trump wanted something progressive, like lower medication prices, that could only be an evil plot from “the orange menace” which had to be resisted. 

Action was looming against the censoring tech monopolies the Obama-Biden government had fostered. Just at that point, that week, that day, Ms. Pelosi decided that Trump had to be impeached… for a phone call (listened to by many officials). The result of this Trump Derangement Syndrome (I invented the expression) was that any progressive law where an accord could have been found with Trump was delayed, except for the USMCA of Trump, a better version of NAFTA, with its minimum wage twice that mandated by the US Congress for the rest of the US population… 

Trump acted against the offshoring of everything. As soon as elected, Trump threw out the Trans Pacific Treaty of Obama, which would have enabled international corporations to overrule US law. However, the offshoring of everything valuable to China was so extensive that Trump had to organize an air bridge to China during COVID… As many once proud industrial powers in Europe also had to… 

Much of the work of Trump against offshoring was psychological… However that psychological shock to the world should not be underestimated. A treaty with China insured that the People’s Republic would buy a supplement of 100 billion dollars of goods in addition to what it bought already. 

Mastering factual significance, let alone better truths, requires deep honesty, necessary to debate the validity of arguments, and learning from one’s errors, and of the errors of others, and of the madness of the crowd. To achieve supreme capability for understanding, one has to be in one piece, mentally, a whole, that is, having integrity, and authenticity, that is, being the author of one’s own being.

In other words, to achieve genuine progress for all, one wants the opposite of fake news and fake thinking serving authorities higher up in the hierarchy of wealth and power. If one wants genuine progress, bad lies matter: left unexamined, bad lies teach nothing but bad habits, self-defeating moods and grievous errors. 

An example of bad mood, throughout history, has been hatred and scapegoating, where one individual or a group gets accused unfairly and ferociously, often to divert blame from the true culprit(s) to third parties.

Feeding human minds with fake news, fake moods, fake emotions and fake logic brings erroneous expectations and interpretations.



For example, the author of the present book worked for years to get Obama elected. However, once in power, Obama did pretty much the opposite of what many of those who worked, or voted for him expected on all progressive subjects, and the numbers show it: diminished life expectancy, augmentation of inequality, and the USA becoming the greatest fossil fuel producer in the history of humanity, ever. Such is the factual essence of Obama. 

Nevertheless, in spite of this objectively disastrous record on crucial indicators, Obama is still viewed by many people who think of themselves as “progressive”, from the “left”, or “democrat” as a great president… whereas the exact opposite is in plain sight.

Attempts to discuss this generally end up with allegations against Trump, who was not in power during the Obama years… Or ever before (whereas Biden was) and, thus, Trump was in no way the cause of the Obama disappointment. (Trump can show his own most significant indicators; differently from Obama, they are positive, like the USMCA treaty, record employment, record relative diminution of inequality in the lower classes, etc.) 

One would expect ex-Obama voters to dislike Obama, who betrayed their hopes, but no. They are better programmed than that, in great part through herd effects fostered by “social networks”. Instead of bemoaning the Obama trick, they desperately want more of the same… Under the form of Biden… Although one can make a claim of progressivist record for Obama as a Senator that one cannot make for Biden. The obvious cause of this is frantic propaganda from the media.



A notion fundamental to the sort of pseudo-democracy we are supposed to enjoy is “separation of powers”: the legislative, the executive, the judiciary, etc. But how can one have separation, when it is the same people paying literally for those three branches, by financing their campaigns, plus financing or owning all the institutions which make up the public mind? 

Indeed, the reality of today’s world is the existence of a Global Deep Plutocracy (GDP). The New York Times called this idea of mine a “paranoid conspiracy theory”. The New York Times has been controlled by the same family since the Nineteenth Century (and it was very friendly to Stalin and Hitler in the 1930s). Interestingly, the fact that this family was Jewish did not prevent the New York Times, and many top “Democrats” (such as the Harriman Brothers) to be friendly to both dictators during their times of horror. 

Indeed, all and any media turn out to have the same owners… who know all the other owners. Watchers of the local TV station may not notice the NBC logo: it means the station is owned by Comcast, whose business partner is the Chinese dictatorship, and the entire entity is controlled by just one US citizen with 40% of the shares. 

The ownership of the world by a few thousand families is hidden in plain sight. This monopolistic concentration of power, and, even more worrisome, this confiscation of mind by a few, has been gathering momentum for a very long time. The capture of the world capability by only a few is fundamentally an exponential, that is a phenomenon which grows at a speed proportional to its own size. The root reason, as I explained, is that capital, be it a capital of money, or a capital of power, grows at a rate proportional to its size, when it can be lent at interest (and this is exactly why the religions of Abraham forbid to lend with interest to coreligionists, to prevent the rise of these exponentials; many societies found that same limitation trick, from the Commanches to the Vikings).

This exponentiation of wealth and power is a threat for all civilizations, because pushed to extremes, it ends up with one master and millions of slaves, making any civilization into the brain of one, the lesser soul obsessed by power, and thus incredibly dumb. 

The exponentiation of wealth for the few had been augmenting for a century, but it was fully unleashed during the Clinton presidency. Like a pernicious mold, it has molded all of US society, and from there, the world: Little known to common folks, it is the financial plutocracy which financed the US style health care, tech monopolies, the media, and fracking all of which now extend the plutocrats’ power… and their philosophy of greed.  

Human wisdom is the very definition of our species. It arises from intelligent debates. Genuine human progress happens best and fastest when all human minds are given an equal chance to contribute to debates fostering new and better ideas. This is how genuine democracy, demos-kratia, people-power, optimizes progress. We do not have genuine democracy now. So our progress has been faltering. A bad place to be, as the fate of the biosphere is in our hands. All indications are that we are bringing quasi instantaneously the Earth to Jurassic-like conditions. The only way to avoid this thermal and acidic catastrophe is through more advanced technology than we have today. So spurring scientific innovation should be primordial to all those who want to progress in the direction minimizing suffering.

Hundreds of civilizations have bloomed and collapsed. Throughout all civilizations, power in a few hands has brought ever more power in these few hands: power exponentiates. Invariably when few rule, oligos-arkhia, catastrophe followed. If we want our world civilization to survive, and us with it, we have to restrain the oligarchy. 

Universal taxation on wealth can prevent the rise of hyper wealth; this is actually the fundamental reason for taxation. The City-State of Rome succeeded to put an absolute limit on the wealth and power of families, for six centuries. Then it failed to do so: globalism and offshorism had enabled part of the Roman elite to avoid Roman legislation, and to grow immensely in power, just as Twenty-First globalism has enabled part of the elite to avoid Western legislation.

Rome became the toy of its wealthy elites. Yet, some individuals, among the wealthiest, and most prestigious, disagreed with the most privileged, and tried to return the Republic to We The People. The most famous of these heroes who dared to confront the global plutocracy were the Gracchi, Marius, Sulla, and Caesar. Ferocious civil wars ensued. The Republic collapsed. Ultimately the selfish plutocratic families who had captured the Republic were themselves annihilated, but only by methods which made a return to Democracy impossible. Too many people had died. 

We are in a similar situation. A small elite of a few thousand families, mostly spawned from the US Deep State, has seized control of world media and universities, and thus the global mind. Two thousands of them are present billionaires, but this galaxy of wealth extends much further: heirs of the once hyper powerful are found throughout the leadership system, often as officers of nonprofits, foundations, think tanks (it’s not just Prince Harry and his spouse, a Hollywood star).



Plutocracies tend to expand as much as they can, per their exponentiating nature. The phenomenon was limited in Europe, because Europe had many power centers, due to difficult communications in the past. Those many plutocracies tended to fight each other, thus self-limit.

However, the USA is huge and occupies an entire, extremely wealthy continent (Canada, Mexico are just appendices). Thus a US based plutocracy could be expected to grow worldwide, and it is exactly what happened (all the more as the leading European powers, in particular France and Britain, were parents of the US, thus ready to obey their progeniture..)

The rise of the global plutocracy started a long time ago, in the USA. In reaction to US President Teddy Roosevelt’s crack down on monopolies. Roosevelt broke the monopolies, but that was like dispersing vermin. Quickly, the US Deep State and its entangled plutocracy learned to use many tax avoidance tricks, and dictatorships all over, and not just in Banana Republics. Fascist Germany was used to boost the power of the US plutocratic establishment during 1914.1917 and even more in the 1920s and 1930s.

Recently the debility and lethality of the deal the US plutocratic class made with the Chinese dictatorship became blatant and led to the election of Donald Trump. Donald Trump had condemned this sort of offshorization of jobs, power, income and dreams, since the 1980s when he opposed Ronald Reagan, and his “Democratic” accomplices, who kept everybody distracted by their supposed rivalry. The deal the US dictatorship made with the Chinese dictatorship was similar to the one the US plutocracy and its Deep State made with Adolf Hitler and his followers as early as 1922 (at a time when Adolf Hitler was still reviled in Germany). It works this way: we US plutocrats develop you because it profits us. What they do not say is that US plutocracy profits twice: with higher profits, partly from tax evasion… and with weaker opposition at home. 

Surprised by the defeat of their well-paid pawn Clinton, the global plutocrats have cultivated hatred against Trump. Hatred became their main tool to regain control. Most of the so-called “left” found hating a particular person, Trump, the Scapegoat-in-Chief, most pleasant. Hatred is a great drug.

This is a dangerous strategy… Because we have a precedent: the same method was used against the Gracchi, with terrible consequences, the destruction of the Roman Republic, and ultimately the collapse of civilization.

To understand what happened then, and how it is reproduced now, one has to master some concepts, and, at a bare minimum: globalization, state, deep state, plutocracy… Those concepts spread over spectra of interpretations, going from the auspicious and necessary, to the evil and terminal. For example, all serious states have a deep state, an indispensable competent administrative layer which lays below the leadership class. But there are also states endowed with a deep state in the sense of a secret, higher caste hiding behind the visible leadership. The latter sort of state is generally created by global finance: this was the undoing of Rome, and it is turning into our undoing too. Thus globalization can also be evil (although it is also good and necessary… and has existed for dozens of thousands of years, say when one needed an obsidian knife, and the closest volcano was thousands of miles away). 

A small elite controls the world, leveraged by the Deep Global State, and one of its most meritorious enforcers has been Joe Biden. His stunning record is clear…much of it grotesquely anti-progressive, including deep friendship for top racists (as Biden’s good friend, Senator Byrd, an ex KKK leader)… But how much Biden has been part of the most unsavory aspects of the Washington plutocratic, racist swamp has been buried by plutocratic media. 

Similarly, on major objective criterions: life expectancy, inequality (Gini Index), and fracking (the US made into the world largest fossil fuel producer), the Obama-Biden administration was a dismal failure, achieving the opposite of the values it proclaimed. This lack of authenticity and integrity was completely ignored or denied by the plutocratic media, which pushed the cynicism far enough to attribute these horrors to Obama’s successor. The worst part is that this subterfuge was swallowed, hook, line and sink by intellectuals.

That the world intelligentsia fell for Biden reveals that intellectuals have given up on their critical role, embracing instead the one of happily barking watchdogs for the hyper wealthy elite which owns them. Such rotting by the head was seen before, most notably under the Roman empire, and various Chinese dynasties. It is an indication of a later stage of the global plutocratic takeover. Intellectual decay always precedes collapse, as there are simply not enough ethical and authentic brains left among the leadership to master the otherwise incomprehensible situation and its possible solutions.




Monopoly of opinion serving them is how plutocracies rule. The tech monopolies got to enormous power during the eight years of Obama-Biden. Google, Facebook and Apple swallowed more than 500 companies in less than ten years. In 2019, Facebook officially spent 17 billion dollars on lobbying…. In other words, Facebook spent 17 billion dollars to pay for privileged access to political “representatives”. From the point of view of ancient Greek democracy, that would be a crime: equal right of speech was mandated for citizens, including then moral persons such as companies. Lobbying should be made unlawful, especially when to such an extent. 

Once I was banned for life from commenting in a widely distributed European electronic publication. The editor told me privately that he didn’t want to ban me, but bankers bankrolling him had insisted that I should be banned.

My crime was terrible. I had said that bankers had financed Hitler, and the bankers said that was a lie. Funny how much those bankers cared about what their grandparents did. That, per se, is very revealing. The editor had to ban me, he confessed to me, because the bankers paid his salary. The bankers claimed that, if one checked the assertions I had made, one could only find me as a reference on the Internet…. They had scrubbed all other references in the meantime! An impressive effort. That was more than ten years ago. 

After I was banned, European (and world) readership could keep on being presented 

With a completely misleading picture of the roots of World War Two. In truth American and New York bankers had played a crucial role in Nazism, helping to create the Bank Of International Settlements (BIS) enabling British and American bankers to maintain contact with their friends and colleagues in Japan and Germany. This was the Global Plutocracy in action: on the ground, armies were desperately fighting, dozens of thousands of people were dying, every single day, but those who had organized the mayhem were calmly managing the whole pandemonium behind the scenes. The leader of the BIS during the war was a Wall Streeter named Thomas McKittrick. He freely travelled inside Germany in 1943. The BIS was financing the Wehrmacht, the eighteen million men monstruous Nazi army with explicit orders to assassinate all sorts of noncombatants (that’s why its two top Marshalls were hanged at Nuremberg)     

The tech monopolies present themselves as “utilities”… But all they do is support political viewpoints which make them ever more powerful.

“Facebook’s internal purpose, whether they state it publicly or not, is to compile perfect records of private lives to the maximum extent of their capability, and then exploit that for their own corporate enrichment. And damn the consequences,” said Edward Snowden “This is actually precisely the same as what the NSA does. Google … has a very similar model. They go, ‘Oh, we’re connecting people.’ They go, ‘Oh, we’re organizing data.’” Although, Snowden said, these companies still do not know as much as the government, which can gather information from all of the many tech platforms.

Say something they don’t like about the coronavirus, or even the flu, because it would help Trump to say that… and the tech monopolies, led by extremely wealthy men who basically did not attend college, will strike… even the president of the USA.

The argument of Facebook and Twitter was that the US president had been “misleading and potentially harmful” by claiming we will have to learn to live with the coronavirus, and saying the flu kills sometimes more than 100,000 in a year, in the USA. Well, it turns out that the latest science (NIH, 2017) confirms that this is correct: the flu kills much more than it appears at first sight. Before I detail this minor, but telling, point, let’s confront directly the question of crime against humanity that the US Deep State has not hesitated to engage in, directly or indirectly… Basically ever since it was born.

As the Nazis themselves pointed out repeatedly, they were just trying to do in Eurasia what the USA had done in America. In particular, marching out the concentration camps inmates during the winter of 1945, was directly inspired by the “Walk of Tears” of the Cherokee Nation (Tocqueville himself directly witnessed it). The aim of the “Walk of Tears” and its Nazi imitation, was to kill as Native Americans, or concentration camps detainees, with plausible denial that these deaths were intended: do you see the analogy with what Biden-Bush organized in Iraq? Millions died, but we did not intent that to happen… Whereas the truth is, that was unavoidable once Biden-Bush attacked. All the detainees of Auschwitz walked the snowy roads in middle of winter. Those who collapsed were killed. Those who tried to flee in the woods were shot. 

All of these war crimes of the Nazis were rendered possible because the US plutocratically owned media decided to not show the crimes of the Nazis, and their erstwhile allies, the Stalinists, for the whole world to see. Thus, when France maneuvered to destroy Nazism, the US Deep State (in particular its US Congress) did its best to hinder the French Republic… While striving hard to maintain plausible deniability. The same mood was at work when President Carter launched the war in Afghanistan: why to bother with a few riled-up Muslims? What mattered, as Brzezinski explained, was to destroy the USSR. In 1939, the attitude of the US plutocracy was that the fate of a few million Jews did not matter. What mattered was to destroy the stranglehold European empires had on the world, which reduced the influence of the US plutocracy and its entangled Deep State.


What Will Biden Do? Probably As Usual, Make The Wealthiest Wealthier While Pleasing SUPERFICIALISTS:

Biden himself said nothing will change… Look at what happened under Obama-Biden: inequality augmented because the wealthiest were subsidized back to wealth through the banks, themselves the recipients of eight trillion dollars from the Federal Reserve. It was an economic recovery for the wealthiest: TARP (Transferring Assets to Rich People).  

Surely, present-day Trump haters will say, this is not happening today? But actually, it is. For example wealthy law firms with average partners earning millions a year, got millions of dollars of “free money”, as they say, from the stimulus bills written and passed by Congress in 2020. This is a well-known example, and probably a cynical way of getting the upper law establishment to support the Democrats.

The Biden program is all things to all potential voters, so we don’t really know what he is going to do. Probably all talk one way, while acting the other way, like Obama: let good time roll for the wealthiest and most powerful, getting ever more wealthy and powerful. Biden says he is intent to save firms, while not introducing a carbon tax, and that implies a lot of efforts will be deployed to redistribute money to what firms can’t be saved, and shouldn’t be saved. Politicians, worldwide, have always done this sort of thing: it augments their power. While efforts towards a better ecology and economy will sink in a sea of red ink and corruption. 

This is a road taken down in countries such as France: in the fullness of time, it leads only to powerlessness and destitution. Powerlessness because, to earn a living, workers then depend upon the good will of the governing class (a subsidiary of global plutocracy)… and destitution, because the flow of history cannot be reversed by charity, or receiving crumbs. 

In California, a Democratic governed state, efforts to please all, especially the Politically Correct, have led to disaster. It was well known that the forests had to be very urgently managed… in the case of the Creek Fire, which burned around 400,000 acres, the proportion of dead trees in the forest was between 80% and 90%, providing 2,000 tons of fuel, per acre. Those trees had been dead for years. “Environmental” regulations prevented the clearing of fuel and brush, even next to towns, even after the money was allocated to do so. Thus, instead of mitigating the consequences of the climate catastrophe, it was rendered worse by the ways of trying to please everybody all the time, especially the SUPERFICIALISTS.

Right now for progressives the danger is that Biden be elected on a program which is superficially progressive, but… fake. In truth, as under “Democrats” such as Clinton-Gore, or Obama-Biden, a fundamentally regressive practice will be sneaked in. 

How does Biden achieve the appearance of progress? Biden is full of self-righteousness, rage and fury against Trump, even calling him a “clown”, a “liar”, a “racist”, and ordering him to “shut up” and stop “yapping”. This flow of insults satisfies Trump haters, but it is, precisely because it’s so satisfying to haters, a cover-up. It enables Biden and his handlers to take no progressive positions on the big issues. This emotional distracting technique was systematically used under the Obama-Biden administration.

Indeed look at what Biden is NOT saying. There will be no carbon tax, no break-up of the tech monopolies and their grip on the Patent System, no dramatic lowering of the cost of health care, no closing of the loopholes on hyper wealth, but there will be reconstitution of the ties with our allies, in other words, reconstitution of the global plutocratic system. 


We have seen Global Deep State before. When the Roman State collapsed, it left a Deep State, and it had several dimensions. One was Roman Catholicism itself, which did not collapse, and stayed a king maker; another was the legal secular framework which did not collapse in the lands the Franks held… and soon enough that would be most of Europe. The Roman military did not collapse either, because the Frankish army was a Roman army, with an imperator (Vase de Soissons execution, when Clovis acted as a Roman imperator, with right of life and death on “his” soldiers). So the deepest structure of the Roman State survived with the Franks, and soon reconquered all, new and improved…

Another Deep State appeared when the Feudal Order arose in Europe in the Tenth Century. There had been terrible wars, and those who won them conveyed onto themselves hereditary rights. The feudal order acted as a meta-order over all of Europe, entangled with the Roman Catholic church. The upper class of feudality, acted as a new species: they interbred throughout Europe and after a few centuries of this genetic experiment, they looked similar, tall, strong and white.  

Make no mistake: these hereditary rights exist nowadays: they are in plain sight through Foundations, “Nonprofits”, Shell Companies, etc.  



Although it has been exponentiating recently, the rise of the Global Deep State, a capture of public power by a financial oligarchy, is not a surprise: it is a consequence of the nature of the banking system we use… which is oligarchic in nature. (The USSR and the People Republic of China have showed that popular banking systems can be more performing than oligarchic ones; this is why, when Hitler attacked the USSR with a few thousand tanks, he discovered to his horror that the Soviets had 35,000 tanks, roughly ten times more… Also in World War Two the UK and US basically nationalized their entire economies.)

When the Republic of Florence appeared, it needed an army to defend itself. Differently from the Greek city-states and Rome, or what the Swiss would soon do, Florence did not rise an army of citizen-soldiers. Starting in 1115 CE, Florence was an oligarchic republic (instead of a democratic one). It bought itself an army, by borrowing, from selling government bonds. The Republic went on for three centuries, until some of its home-grown bankers, the Medici, took control, producing tyrants and popes in profusion.

As early as the Sixteenth Century, rival bankers in Florence and Germany were bankrolling François Ier of France and Charles Quint in the war they waged at each other and financed their elections.

Francis I and Charles Quint were going around Europe, with a huge following, travelling governments and protection armies… All bankrolled by rival bankers (this is why two French kings married the daughters of their Florentine bankers, the Medici). After the Netherlands took over Britain, the Bank of England was created with the same idea, this time to build a Navy big enough to beat France and having enough money besides to bankroll Prussia against Austria and France. The result of this was the destruction of the French empire by Britain, but also a succession of wars which ended only in 1945…

The evidence for the Global Deep State propelled by banks was made explicit by the House of Rothschild and its own bragging that it was the power behind the thrones. “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, …The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.” ~ Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777-1836). The Rothschild ruled many other nations. The present French president is a Rothschild bank graduate. They have learned, like most plutocrats, to hide their names, their influence, and their strings. 

European bankers financed the US massively in its first few decades (canals, manufacturing). Hamilton and President Jackson took polar opposites: the latter succeeded to destroy central banking, in an effort against the Rothschild and their ilk.



US President Jackson famously destroyed the Bank of the US. It accused it to be under private bankers’ control (which it was). 

Otto Von Bismarck the polyglot Chancellor of Germany was one of the most important of the politicians of the Nineteenth Century. He dominated European politics for more than 30 years. There is a recording of him singing the Marseillaise… in French. Bismarck created the ill fated “Second Reich” (the first one had been the “Renovated Roman empire” of the Franks, which lasted 1003 years until terminated by a Corsican arrivist). 

Bismarck, following the idea of a young Socialist friend, created the first universal healthcare system. So Bismarck played a much more important role in the history of civilization than just as a European (or a sunken Nazi battleship). Bismarck knew what he was talking about. Bismarck talked about the Deep State. 

Bismarck wrote in 1876: “The division of the United States into federations of equal force was decided long before the Civil War by the high financial powers of Europe. These bankers were afraid that the US, if they remained as one block, and as one nation, would attain economic and financial independence, which would upset their financial domination over the world.”

So Bismarck knew that the nature of the USA as a disjoint system of states was itself a conspiracy of bankers. Before I get into the details of what happened, and how, let me point out that, in the fullness of time, what Bismarck said European bankers feared is exactly what happened in the Twentieth Century… but in reverse: US bankers and the plutocracy they generated, dominated, and were entangled with came to dominate the world…

And US bankers and their associated plutocrats made sure that Europe exploded into many pieces by feeding not just right wing fascists (Mussolini, Hirohito, Franco, Hitler), but also the left wing sort of fascists (Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh). Visualize Stalin meeting with top US plutocrats in the middle of World War Two (such as meeting with Harriman, US Ambassador, son of magnate Harriman, and godfather of the Democratic Party). And yes the New York Times was collaborating all along, for example by having the exclusivity of uncritical discourses of Stalin. That this sounds like a delirious, paranoid science fiction conspiracy to the common person is a testimony to how thick the propaganda upon what really happened in the Twentieth Century has been laid.   

So Global Deep State is too vague a term. GLOBAL DEEP PLUTOCRACY is more like it. And with “plutocracy” interpreted as its etymology suggests, and as Jesus Christ suggested, and as logic and factualism suggest: Pluto-Kratia… EVIL-POWER. The acronym is the same as in Gross Domestic Product… And not by coincidence as the GPD has been the base ideology of the GDP.  

In a nutshell the reason is simple: men are born free and everywhere they are in chains. It’s a crime, and it can keep on being imposed on us, with ever more, and ever greater, crimes, because we have let the few run away with most of the power of society. Global Deep Pluto-Kratia, Global Deep Evil Rule…  

Thus GDP produces not good governance, but its exact opposite, ever more malevolence to keep on going… It is a vicious spiral down the abyss…

There is such a thing as a Global Deep State. It is the natural outgrowth of the US Deep State. It is more than a century old, and has covered up the entire globe, penetrating like a poisonous mold over and inside the basket of fruits which makes this planet. Many of the elected political “representatives”, and persons of influence, throughout the world, are progressively initiated to coexist with this entity, monitored and mentored accordingly, as they climb the ladder of wealth, power and influence.

At first sight, the Global Deep State is like the mythological Pluto, covered by his invisibility cloak. Indeed, in many ways it was never seen before and it is complex and hard to understand, a bit like the Quantum Computer. 

That the rise of both the Global Deep State and the Quantum Computer happened roughly simultaneously is not surprising: advanced technology, and only advanced technology made both possible. And yes the Global Deep State is a form of Artificial Intelligence. It is undomesticated, an out-law. Even worse: as it serves the few, this AI is intrinsically hostile to the many, hence to humanity… And can preserve itself only with ever more malevolence against humanity in general.

In 1918, HENRY FORD used a newspaper in Dearborn, Michigan, to publish an anti-Jew 91-part series called “The International Jew.” Fast forward to 2018. An 11-page package re-examined Ford’s racism. Before it could reach readers, Dearborn’s mayor, a “Democrat”, John B. “Jack” O’Reilly Jr., four times elected, censored the magazine and fired the editor. Its banned cover is reproduced above. This is an example of the Deep State at work: even a century later, the local mayor prevents local public opinion to establish a link between local global plutocracy (in Michigan) and the apparition and rise of modern anti-Judaism, and thus Nazism (in Germany)

The notion of Global Deep State has been hidden from the public. At the time Henry Ford ran his rabid anti-Jewish 91 part series, the “Independent” he used was one of the most distributed magazines in the USA, and was translated in 12 other languages. “I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration,” Adolf Hitler said in 1931, sitting below a giant portrait of Ford in his Munich office. Ford was much more than an inspiration. It seems likely that Ford was the largest financier of Hitler, before Hitler tried a coup in 1923.


However, the situation would spectacularly invert itself within two generations. The ascendency of the USA made its tycoons the most powerful in the world. The US finance and industry became the world’s most powerful. Enormous world wars in which the US establishment played a somewhat treacherous role relative to its democratic parents, France and Britain, enabled US plutocracy and the entangled US state to establish a Global Deep State. 

So far so good would exclaim some globalists: is not a world government what pacifists always dreamed of? However, it has turned out that this world government is little more than world organized crime. And the crime is most ambitious: it was able to cover-up its role in World War One and Two. Even in wars such as the one in Afghanistan, most US citizens know only about 9/11. They don’t know the US Deep State started the war there in 1979 and 9/11 was only a consequence…

The Global Deep State has been the main actor in all the turmoil worldwide for decades. Since the reign of Clinton, though, it has become obvious that average workers in the USA or Europe have been among its victims. Offshorization of the substantific marrow of Western economies has been the main tool to shut down the power of 99% of the population of the West. 

Donald Trump’s anti-ultra globalization ideology has compromised the Global Deep State, and COVID has shown to be a clear and immediate danger.  

The New York Times, itself part of the Global Deep State, as the “newspaper of record in the USA” objected for all to see (October 10, 2020): “Patrice Ayme, how do you expect anyone to take you seriously when you embrace a paranoid conspiracy theory like “The Deep Global State?”

Well I didn’t “embrace” it, the Global Deep State was not something all made up, walking towards me, that I had to “embrace”. I deduced the concept of “Deep Global State” as the best way to abstract categories of judicious observations. Differently most scribblers at the New York Times who are paid salaries not to think significant thoughts, I am rewarded for deeper analyses… purely psychologically! 

The New York Times contests that three concepts apply: deep, global, and state. So is the Global Deep State a state? When is a state, a state? Is a state something with a constitution? No! Neither Rome (753  BCE until the Fifth Century), nor the “Renovated Roman Empire” (800 CE to 1803 CE), nor France until 1789 CE, nor Britain to this day, have had written constitutions. just to evoke powers which were at the forefront of democracy and civilization… The French and American republics wrote down constitutions in 1789 CE, after the work of Constituting Assemblies (“La Constituante” in French). That was new. It also implicitly said that preceding states of the West did not have popular legitimacy.

Besides, what is a constitution? The European Union has officially no constitution, just treaties between states amended by the Lisbon Treaty. The United Nations also has a Treaty (“Charter”). The UN Security Council often uses armed forces (made of national armies, often French in recent years).

Is a state something with a currency? Not necessarily: the “Tollar” spanned many nations in Europe (the word “Dollar” comes from it). Similarly with the Euro. In 1861, having no money to pay for the Civil War, Lincoln created the Dollar, a paper money authorized by Congress. Practically it was used and imposed by the US army, and as the latter won the war, so did the Dollar.



In 1907, there was a panic in US financial markets and banks. The average US citizen could have lost most of their assets. JP Morgan, the famous banker, with the help of John D. Rockefeller, the US richest man, stopped the panic (with the US Treasury in tow, as had already happened in 1893). A handful of plutocrats then outright bought the entire financial markets. They were really the State. The Deep State was born, for all to see. They immediately went global. 

In 1905, while on a business trip to the United States with other board members of the Dresdner Bank, young German PhD, the banker Horace Greeley Hjalmar Schacht met banker J. P. Morgan, as well as U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt. In global and central banking, transnationalism and private bankers, personal ties are central.

Schacht was soon at the head of the Dresdner Bank. After committing a war crime in 1915, punished by his German superiors, Schacht became head of the German Central Bank. German hyperinflation had been deliberately engineered to avoid paying the reparations of the enormous damage Germany had caused in its attack of the First World War.

In 1926, Schacht and Wall Street provided funds for the formation of IG Farben (organizer of The Holocaust). Schacht collaborated with American economists to form the 1929 Young Plan. Simultaneously, in connection with his American contacts, he fostered, financed and made honorable a racist rabble rouser, Adolf Hitler. Schacht, who campaigned against reparations for years in the USA, would become Hitler’s economy minister. The 1920s saw the thorough penetration of US plutocracy and its Deep State, in the German economy and society. 

A trick helped. German properties were requisitioned by the government of the USA, in 1919, and then distributed to US plutocrats. The records of these illegal transactions were stored in one government building in Washington. Then the building, and all the transactions, burned. No trace was left. Thus many US plutocrats, their corporations and their banks, found themselves owners of a vast swath of the German economy.

US plutocrats then smuggled weapons to the Nazis, from the USA, using the American owned Hamburg Amerika Line, the world’s largest shipping company. Thanks to those weapons, the Nazis killed at least 10,000 of their German opponents in 1932, clearing the way for the genocidal liars’ ascent to power.

In 1945, US plutocracy found itself in control of the world: dictator Mao entered Beijing on top of a US jeep. Dictator Stalin had been saved by the enormous US “lend lease” help, which gave him dozens of thousands of machines, from trucks to fighter planes. Then Stalin was given half of Europe by the Franklin Roosevelt administration, just to make sure Europe would not rise again. Immediately after the US maneuvered to help many “liberation” movements which changed the allegiance of countries to the USA (so-called “decolonization”)

Completely clueless, the Europeans still give thanks to Roosevelt, although it’s Roosevelt’s well crafted inaction which brought the fall of Europe to Hitler, while US plutocrats made the Third Reich all that it could be.



Texaco, a Texas based oil company,  gave Hitler the oil needed to invade Spain (especially when transporting fascist armies by air). The long war in Spain trained the Nazis, and explained why, from their superior training, they were able to surprise the French and the British armies during one fatific week in May 1940.

But many other US corporations and banks constituted the core of the Third Reich. For example, IBM, given monopoly power by Hitler, and managed from New York, ensured the functioning of all the computers of the Third Reich during the entire war; Hitler’s Reich couldn’t have functioned without these dozens of thousands of IBM throughout Europe, crucial to its organization; as the machines were very fragile, IBM had to repair them continually; they were found in thousands of extermination camps, trains systems, military, etc.

Global plutocracy, global hell power, is not just about the USA. It is also part of the history of Europe. Now there is plenty of evidence that global plutocracy is using China the way it used Germany. What could go wrong?



Starting more than a century ago, then, the US Deep State, an entanglement of financiers. government, universities, foundations, “nonprofit”, the military industrial, financial and oil complexes have organized, or fostered, deliberately or not, consciously or not, most of the wars and arrangements with various overseas regimes and dictatorships. 

This DAVOS PLUTOCRACY, the hydra with a global face, is now solidly anchored by the all-censoring technology of the information monopolies, and their artful censorship, themselves entangled with secret services… Most of the mind control is hidden from view, and leverages the natural cognitive laziness of the American upper classes (and no the Paris’ left bank we presently have will not save them, many who are influential there are themselves completely corrupt).  

The hatred of global plutocrats against Trump, and its context, that of redistribution of wealth and power, are alarmingly similar to the rage of global Roman plutocrats against Tiberius Gracchus, nearly twenty-two centuries ago. This conflict lasted 110 years, and destroyed the Roman Republic. 

Both Trump and Gracchus, full of wealth and honor, as they were, could have stayed in their prestigious corners, playing plutocrats. Instead, both Trump and Gracchus launched a ferocious struggle against thoroughly corrupt globalocrats evading local laws. Very similar unhinged accusations have been made, down to the fight of the “Populares”, the “Populists”, against the self-described “Optimates” (the “Best”) of the Roman plutocratic Deep State. 



A complicating factor in resisting the ascent of plutocracy is that the state is now pervaded by deep structures, such as universities, which are devoted to the establishment they belong to (the naive will tell us the universities are not part of the state… but they are, just ask any street fighting man…). For example, Harvard University played a crucial role in the rise of Nazism. This has been completely scrubbed from collective memory, to the point it sounds ridiculous. But it is an integral and core part of the instauration of the US Global Deep State.

The university system did not exist in Roman times (but for the academies in Athens). Now the university system is completely on the side of the establishment: the university system produces the ideologies justifying the existence of the present establishment. For example, the university system pretends that we are living in “Democracy”… Demos-Kratia, where Demos is “People”, and “Kratia” is “Power” is an ancient Greek concept. Demos-Kratia had very detailed requirements such as equality of speech, equality of direct vote, the right of all to address the top decision making process, and equality of justice. To this the Romans added an absolute wealth limit for families. Universities pretend that this is the system we have, whereas actually the system we have is something more akin to what the ancient Greeks called “oligarchies”, from Oligos, the few and Arkhein, to rule. The U.S. House of Representatives has one voting member for every 747,000 or so Americans. That’s not one person, one vote. In real democracy, everybody is a lawmaker, and everybody has an equal right to debate… or rule (for some councils, officials were selected by lot; term limits were ferocious: in normal time, under the Roman Republic a Consul couldn’t be re-elected for ten years, and term was just a year; there were special provisions for emergencies)..

Under Rome, intellectuals serviced the State. Right now, universities are doing the same. Universities produce roughly the same teaching, including a mutilated view of history. For example slavery was outlawed in Europe around 655 CE, a full millennium before it was reintroduced in the English colony of America. This is not taught. Thus it’s not taught why and how slavery was outlawed in Europe, not why and how slavery was reintroduced in English America. Doing the latter would expose the roots, hence nature, of “systemic racism”. One would find it has to with the wealthy getting wealthier… the same as in Rome, nearly two millennia before. In other words, it’s enormous wealth and power which brought slavery, and brought it back to America.

The reason, then, why correct history, in the particular matter of slavery, is not taught correctly, is that it would brandish wealth and power as the roots of slavery…  But wealth and power are the exact roots of the US university system, and its raison d’etre is exactly to serve those roots.


FREE TRADE IS PREACHED, BUT HOW CAN ONE HAVE FREE TRADE WITHOUT FREEDOM, How Can People Have Freedom Without Power, And Power Without Speech And The Right To Know?

A necessary trait, to enjoy a society very unequal in power is a very absurd economic theory, where it is explained We The People profit by… Having no jobs of significant value. The (plutocratic) party line, shared by both “right” and “left” has been that we all benefit by sending all jobs, but the most menial far away forever (Paul Krugman in particular did this, and got a Nobel for it; it’s called “New Trade Theory”, and made Krugman the darling of the plutocratic pseudo-left). 

This is a general sickness of the West: the European Union has been more determined to apply this “free trade” doctrine, than even the USA. In a bizarre turn of things, the supposedly socialist European Union is now arguing with the right wing British Prime Minister about state support of industry. Boris Johnson wants them, and the EU thinks that’s… too socialist. Ah, but then they call the Brexiting Johnson a “populist”.


Authenticity is crucial to those who want real progress, just as lies are vital to those who want to attack, and exploit. Because progress is founded on truth, and war, on deception. 

Trump is authentic, politically speaking: he has held the same anti-globalist position since the 1980s. Trump was also against US wars of aggression all his life. He refused to go kill people in Vietnam. Trump’s friend Muhammad Ali, also refused to wage war in Vietnam (“I have nothing against them Vietcong!”)… so the Olympic Boxing Gold Medal was put in prison and deprived of his world champion title. 

Donald Trump was one of Muhammad Ali’s biggest fans and friends. Trump and Ali had a relationship going back more than 35 years, with Ali attending Trump’s second wedding in 2005. Trump received the 2007 Muhammad Ali Award at Celebrity Fight Night XIII, an annual fundraiser for Phoenix-based charities.

Trump was also a great friend to Michael Jackson, who played with Trump’s children, for years (they lived in the same building). 

The plutocratic media has fully distorted Trump’s reality in the matter of race. Is there a white man with so many black friends? The reason for Trump’s gregariousness with black individuals is simple: Trump was always an outcast: in New York the older New York plutocracy never liked him… in part because of the German origins of his family, and then Trump’s tendency to rock the boat in all sorts of ways, including about hypocritical systemic racism… Trump sued the Federal government and state government about systemic racism, and won (more than once)! Trump is the original warrior against systemic racism!

So why is a progressive such as yours truly saying these things which are so embarrassing to those who accused Trump of racism frantically? Precisely because they are. I know enough history to remember that Hitler campaigned by claiming he was an anti-racist, a savior of minorities… That was even the main axis of Hitler’s electoral campaign… In other words, whether a politician is authentic can be a question of life and death. 

Biden knows two things: how to please his superiors with tremendous lying, a skill foremost in the mind of the ruling plutocracy. So for the present presidential campaign, Biden has adopted most of Trump’s themes, in an effort to take votes away from Trump. In other words, Biden 2020 is running against all the preceding Bidens we have seen before. Biden, who sang the praises of offshoring US jobs for 45 years, is now singing the praises of bringing jobs back to the US. He probably means this zero percent, and his corporate tax higher than France is the proof… Because if he were sincere about bringing the corporations back to the USA, he would lower the corporate tax… as all countries have been doing. Because  

The Democrats have taken care of the Biden authenticity problem by a counterstrike: that Trump knew COVID was airborne, he said so to a reporter called Woodward, who taped him. But then Trump didn’t tell the American people… making Trump inauthentic, claim the Democrats.. The only problem was that this was Trump’s scientific opinion at the time, and that was NOT the scientific consensus at the time. Even now, it’s not the scientific consensus… although it’s clearly what is happening. Trump confided in his opinion, but he did not want to panic everybody with a personal opinion at the time. He may have been wrong, and then some of the food supply was threatened by the economic impact of COVID and confinement.




Trump spent gigantic amounts of money in biological research and vaccine development. Vaccine companies were even given funds by Trump to build vaccine factories before it was known whether their vaccines were safe and effective (from successful class III trials) …. Trump gave enormous funds for vaccines, not just in the USA, but also overseas. 

The  giant French pharmaceutical Sanofi-Pasteur has been making, for many years, the flu vaccine sold worldwide, including the USA. It is developing an anti-COVID vaccine with a very safe and time-honored process which is a variant of their flu vaccine, so it will surely be safe and effective. The French were discomfited when the Sanofi-Pasteur announced that the first 100 million doses of the Sanofi-Pasteur vaccine will go to the USA… Why? Because Sanofi-Pasteur got a billion from Trump to develop their vaccine, and that was part of the contract.

A similar situation developed in England: British pharmaceutical Astra-Zeneca in combination with Oxford University got a similar deal from Trump. There too, the vaccine will go to the US first.

Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” was therefore an excellent idea, and I doubt the Democrats would have had it. Too much inertia, and vested interest. An example: when president Roosevelt had to reorganize the entire US economy for massive and immediate war production, he did the original operation warp speed. FDR selected to lead it a young Canadian economist, Galbraith. Because FDR knew that all and any US economist, however young, would be vassal to the powers that be, with their tremendous vested interests.  

In a way this is the whole drama of Trump: the feudal structure of the Global Davos Plutocracy knows that Trump does not respect the greatest powers that be, themselves, and that’s why they want to get rid of him. 

Eerily for me, Biden said on 10/8/2020, speaking of Trump: “We never know what comes out of his mouth!” The same words were used word for word by an Obama “bundler” in 2009 in an effort to get rid of my presence around Obama…




One argument against Trump has been that he is anti-science: just listen to the plutocratic media, they use that line continually. 

They are liars. Big time.

The NIH, National Institute of Health saw its budget increase under Trump, after seeing a decrease under Obama-Biden. NIH’s mission is to seek fundamental knowledge about the nature and behavior of living systems and the application of that knowledge to enhance health, lengthen life, and reduce illness and disability.

Here it is: the NIH budget went from 32 billion (constant) dollars in 2016 (Obama) to 42 billion in 2020 (Trump).

Notice the decrease of the NIH budget under Obama, after the jolt of the “Recovery Act” of 2009

The Global Deep Plutocratic media then leverage their lie by adding there are all these COVID deaths… because Trump is anti-science. 

The argument is fraught, because comparisons in the number of deaths caused by COVID between regions, countries and periods cannot be made. For example, early on France did not count nursing home deaths, and then started to do so… But Germany next door did not do so for much longer… Thus, getting automatically fewer COVID deaths than France.

Truly what matters most is EXCESS DEATHS: of much more deaths than average. A paper published in the Lancet by Raoult and Al. showed that in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region of France, COVID did not create excess deaths… the reason being that other pulmonary diseases (flu, pneumonia) got depressed by social distancing from COVID. This is a vivid illustration of what Trump was talking about when he said that the flu killed more than 100,000 a year, sometimes, in the USA, and one would have to learn to live with COVID. Twitter and Facebook claimed those statements were malevolent, misleading and dangerous, and censored them (just as they prevent, with Google, links critical of the Bidens). The heads of Twitter and Facebook speak authoritatively, but they did not complete college… Their general education is lacking.

But in truth the flu, influenza, destroys the immune function inside the lungs, by up to 90%, making them much more sensitive to pneumonia, etc. Incorporating this effect, doubles immediately the number of deaths attributable to the flu. And probably COVID. 

So much for Trump being anti-science.

Ah, Trump also received a highly experimental anti-body treatment from Regeneron… Which was then in Class I trial. By comparison, when Einstein was proposed an experimental aortal aneurism treatment, he declined, not wishing to try something then rather new. So much for Einstein being a great researcher. That surgical treatment has long been standard. Also individuals are not addicted as much to tobacco nowadays as Einstein and President Franklin Roosevelt were. They were both told it was killing them, but, as good drug addicts, they persisted. Trump does not do drugs after an elder brother died from it… Nor does Biden who quipped that there were already enough drunkards in his family… That’s why Trump and Biden are not as decrepit as Einstein and FDR (who died at 63, looking 93).

Actually the argument can easily be made, looking at graphs, or straight spending, that Obama-Biden reduced science budgets, and fundamental technology budgets, in a nefarious way. 

In the matter of development and ecology, this is obvious: Obama-Biden people such as Chu, his energy secretary, developed batteries and killed hydrogen research. They had a vested interest.

However, hydrogen and derivatives, be it for fusion, burning, storage, etc. are mandatory for renewable energy, and a green future. Mandatory. Batteries, however convenient for cars, are more of a blind alley: the best energy densities achieved in the lab by batteries are 1% of fossil fuels. Hydrogen, of course, is so competitive with fossil fuels that highest performance rockets use it instead of fossil fuels (SpaceX is switching from fossil fuel in its Falcon rocket to liquid methane, CH4, in its Starship, an easier-to-manipulate hydrogen substitute…).  

The political establishment in the West has been excellent at producing lies in the last half century. And, first of all, “Free Trade”. That’s their main industry. The dictatorship in China does not need to lie to have more power, because its power is already maximal. The paradox of Global Deep Plutocracy is that, to acquire more power at home, it needs to lie, so they rolled out the liar-in-chief, Biden. An effect of all this lying mood, is the relative weakening of science, which is the hard core of experimental truth. China does not have this limitation: the rule of the dictatorship is not threatened by scientific truth, accordingly, it is making a giant effort in science.

It is so rewarding to see that China has renewed with some of its deepest traditions… It amy force the Global Deep Plutocracy to keep the science spending up.


Trump’s Order on Reducing US Drug Prices


Leaders of the so-called “Democratic Party” have plotted for decades to increase the profits of their friends in the US healthcare plutocracy. One thing they certainly could have done was to reduce the prices of drugs in the USA. Obama had a “super majority” for his first two years: he could have passed any law he wanted. He could have started with executive orders, and shamed Congress into transforming them into law. Anyway, for the record and history, it is Donald Trump who passed the Executive Order on lowering drug prices. So, when “Democrats” howler that Trump is Satan, they mean that the greed of the US Big Pharma is god. Here is the White House’s order:



Issued on: September 13, 2020

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Purpose. Americans pay more per capita for prescription drugs than residents of any other developed country in the world. It is unacceptable that Americans pay more for the exact same drugs, often made in the exact same places. Other countries’ governments regulate drug prices by negotiating with drug manufacturers to secure bargain prices… The Council of Economic Advisers has found that Americans finance much of the biopharmaceutical innovation that the world depends on, allowing foreign governments, many of which are the sole healthcare payers in their respective countries, to enjoy bargain prices for such innovations. Americans should not bear extra burdens to compensate for the shortfalls that result from the nationalized public healthcare systems of wealthy countries abroad.

In addition to being unfair, high drug prices in the United States also have serious economic and health consequences for patients in need of treatment. High prices cause Americans to divert too much of their scarce resources to pharmaceutical treatments and away from other productive uses. High prices are also a reason many patients skip doses of their medications, take less than the recommended doses, or abandon treatment altogether. The consequences of these behaviors can be severe. For example, patients may develop acute conditions that result in poor clinical outcomes or that require drastic and expensive medical interventions.

The corruptocrats at the helm of the Democratic Party (I am a Democrat, BTW, no “”, around me being a Democrat)… insist that naming a judge will destroy healthcare. But they did nothing about medication prices, even when they were in total command of the USA, and especially when… “Obamacare” was about transferring public money to the world wealthiest healthcare plutocrats, not about lowering prices for the average US citizen. Trump’s executive order does this.

Here is more of Trump’s Executive order on Lowering Drug Prices:

In most markets, the largest buyers pay the lowest prices, but this has not been true for prescription drugs. The Federal Government is the largest payer for prescription drugs in the world, but it pays more than many smaller buyers, including other developed nations. When the Federal Government purchases a drug covered by Medicare — the cost of which is shared by American seniors who take the drug and American taxpayers — it should insist on, at a minimum, the lowest price at which the manufacturer sells that drug to any other developed nation.

Sec. 2. Policy. (a) It is the policy of the United States that the Medicare program should not pay more for costly Part B or Part D prescription drugs or biological products than the most-favored-nation price.

(b) The “most-favored-nation price” shall mean the lowest price, after adjusting for volume and differences in national gross domestic product, for a pharmaceutical product that the drug manufacturer sells in a member country of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)…

Sec. 3. Payment Model on the Most-Favored-Nation Price in Medicare Part B…the Secretary of Health and Human Services shall immediately take appropriate steps to implement his rulemaking plan… pursuant to which Medicare would pay, for certain high-cost prescription drugs and biological products covered by Medicare Part B, no more than the most-favored-nation price…

Sec. 4. Payment Model on the Most-Favored-Nation Price in Medicare Part D…the Secretary shall take appropriate steps to develop and implement a rulemaking plan… pursuant to which Medicare would pay, for Part D prescription drugs or biological products where insufficient competition exists and seniors are faced with prices above those in OECD member countries that have a comparable per-capita gross domestic product to the United States… no more than the most-favored-nation price…


So please remember when you go vote: Trump is Satan, he wants cheap medicine for you, while his enemy Big Pharma is God, and the “Democratic” Party is Big Pharma’s prophet! If you doubt that Big Pharma and Big Greed is god, just check out the five extraordinarily expensive mansions Obama and Biden live in… Big Pharma and its investors has rewarded them well…

Biden’s dexterity is remarkable. Now he says he will lower the price of drugs a la Trump. Biden, with consummate chutzpa, claims Trump lies about wanting to lower the price of drugs. However, although the plan of Trump is detailed, once he insulted Trump by calling him a liar, Biden, did not give an inkling about what his plan could be.

Trump thought he had his way with words. But in Biden, he met a man who has been lying professionally for half a century, and is a greater master.



Demos-Kratia: People-Power. Let We the People have Power! That is the basic truth of human society. That point has been made insignificant by the elites. They called their “Free Trade” free, best for all, and shipped the employment overseas. Now Facebook is shipping back Chinese dictatorship specialists to ban speech they don’t like, after Obama and the Deep State gave them monopoly. This is not much different from how the Ottoman leaders behaved. Whereas printing was free in France after Francois I’s ban on printers he didn’t like, in the Ottoman empire, which covered present day Turkey, a significant part of Europe, North Africa, Arabia, and the Middle East printing stayed unlawful. The Ottoman empire became a place of increasing stupidity. The Arabian Nights were edited, published and printed in Paris, centuries before they made it back where they came from…

Elites rule by molding minds into doing what they want, by their complete control of what people learn and are imprinted to care about: they make people into obedient robots who rule themselves. It was true 5,000 years ago, it is true now. Earth’s global elite wants We The People to hate anything and anybody that gets in their way. They know they are thieves, and their rule could be short. So they redouble their efforts to make their rule more implacable. 

A fake world picture has been crucial to the global elite. For example, we were told that Free Trade was supreme. Heretics pretending otherwise should be called names: uneducated, Marxists, populists, obscurantists, idiots, and even racists. Free trade, like free immigration, free movement of capital, became elements of a new religion, and laws were written down to enforce it. Left unsaid was the fact that it made those who created this mood and these laws, became ever wealthier and powerful.

An obstacle appeared in the way: the election of Donald Trump, a traitor to the global wealth caste controlling all media.  Trump was called a “populist”: the word rhymes with racist. Another “populist” was elected to leadership nearly twenty-two centuries ago: Tiberius Gracchus, also a traitor to the upper class, of which he was the most elevated rung. The rapacious elite did its utmost to destroy Tiberius, starting with an avalanche of insults. Tiberius was also opposing globalism, which had enabled the Roman elite to become more powerful than local Roman law allowed. The war of the wealthy global elite against Tiberius ended with the destruction of the Republic. 


We hate Trump, therefore we progress like noble savages! The rage against Trump is awesome. Most partisans of the “Democratic” Party agree: Trump is the cause of everything bad: Trump is an evil monocause. Never mind that Obama-Biden did nearly nothing good for eight years that the GOP would not have approved of. It was all the fault of Obama not having a supermajority… except Obama had one, it turns out, for at least 72 days, plenty enough time: he would have needed 72 minutes. But the truth is, that Obama had nothing progressive to try to pass which required a supermajority… Oops..  

Global media controlled by global elites tell us Trump’s intelligence is a form of idiocy: if you don’t like manufacturing to be made far away, if you don’t like financiers to own all the media producing fake news, if you don’t like the world’s healthcare with by far the lowest care over price ratio, if you don’t like lack of quality employment, and if you don’t like been led by Davos plutocracy, ultra-expensive private universities and their lies, if you don’t like being told you don’t hate Trump enough, then you are unworthy, uneducated, and probably a systemic racist. This hatred is not just from a genuine indignation raising from fake news taken as if they were true. This hatred is not just a trick to bring enough rage that everybody gets tired and gets rid of Trump. This hatred is mostly a trick: those who learned to enjoy hatred, learned not to enjoy reason anymore.

Hate is an all-consuming passion, and therein its main raison d’être for mind manipulators through the ages: hatred leaves little space for analysis. Tyrants always teach their subjects to hate. This is why, when the Catholic Church ruled over Middle Age Europe, it taught believers to hate Jews: Christians had no time to learn anything else, and they walloped in their hatred with relish. Revolutions had to wait centuries. 

A brain which hates Trump has no time to find out if, and a fortiori why, top US financiers, the same ones who plotted the invasion of Iraq, promote Biden frantically, or how come left wing democrats never speak about how banks and the humongous gigantic financial derivatives make the wealthy always wealthier, while the infrastructure of the rest of society, from bridges to education, to healthcare, collapses. 

The world is increasingly dominated by a very small number of families: they have built up the tax and influence system of the world to their advantage. This is considered normal: look at the enormous wealth of top “Democrats”, and their children, and the little outrage this colossal discrepancy between their professed policies and private practice brings. Two “Democratic“ Presidents in quick succession made fortunes from their presidency: corruption for all to see, President Truman would have repeated that it “demeaned the office of the presidency”, to make money from it. Top “Democrats”, for example Senators defeated in elections, became lobbyists for the exploitative healthcare industry, earning 500 times the median US income, each year. 

This Global Deep Plutocracy is increasingly powerful from molding minds by its control of the world media and universities, and increasingly powerful from the globalism which enables it to escape national laws, thus becoming, in a fundamentally undemocratic way, ever wealthier. The daughter of Chinese dictator/president Xi went to Harvard: it’s not a coincidence, it’s a web. A spider web.

Trump’s drive to reverse the offshoring of US jobs, manufacturing and dreams to the Chinese dictatorship, or Mexican plutocrats and their ilk, threatens the ideology, let alone the practice, of globalism. It’s so incredibly dangerous, now even Biden has to parrot it. (Biden’s age will come in handy to help him forget all of this the day after the election…) 

Everybody with keen observation powers can see this fake world was pulverized by COVID. However, this is not what happened. The global plutocratic propaganda was able to turn the COVID epidemic to its advantage, with a constant barrage of the most amazing lies.



Biden is an extremely flawed politician from the most Global Deep Plutocracy ever. He is, de facto, a war criminal. That could play in his favor, by enticing him to better himself. Could he redeem himself, atone implicitly for his faults, and do a lot of the necessary reforms? Yes.

If he becomes president, I will join my tiny voice, in the name of hope. And it is entirely possible that he would become an excellent president. He is as experienced as any US politician. He has known evil and indulged in it… a big difference with Obama. Another difference with Obama is that the force is with him: a large part of the Democratic Party is enraged against the system, and wants some drastic reforms. So far, they are barking up the wrong tree. But maybe they can see the light, and where the enemy really is… And help push Biden in the right direction.

But that could happen if and only if he captures a lot of the mood Trump fostered: de-globalization, de-offshorization, de-regulation, lower taxes… On several of these matters, though, he promised the opposite. But there is hope. Remember, he is a consummate liar.

Whatever happens, Trump already won, because many of the moods he launched are not going to shrink any time soon. If anything, the slow coup Trump has been a victim of is a demonstration of the viciousness and extent of the Global Deep Plutocracy which has taken control of the world.

Or maybe, more exactly, yours truly won, because thousands of essays, and decades later, I am pretty happy to see full ideological war is also engaged by others against Global Deep Plutocracy. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that Sanders, Warren, AOC, and Chameleona don’t act as fake as they truly may be.

Full democracy requires that politics should never be a career… And full democracy is what we need if we want full debate, and thus the full panoply of ideas we need to have a chance to save civilization… And even the biosphere. The latter point makes this crisis different from any before. A sixth mass extinction is happening out there, and it is not as much man-made as was made by the Global Deep Plutocrats who illegitimately and inhumanly govern us… and they succeed to do so mostly because they foster obscurantism and the inability to think and emote as well as we could, if we were free of them, and their evil influence.



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  1. Shahnaz Niazi Says:

    Shahnaz Niazi
    What a load of crap. You’re just another fuck who isn’t happy about the way ‘power’ is being applied. You’d be more than happy to apply your particular version of power if you actually had the power to do so.


  2. Paul Handover Says:

    I think Shahnaz, or whatever his (or her) name is, is being very rude.

    Anyway, I haven’t had time to read the full document and it may be a while before I can do so. But I wanted to say publicly that you have performed what I believe is a public service. Well done!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thank you Paul. I appreciate the support. This is actually a book, and still evolving. For example I should mention Bill Gates, who controls more than 200 billion dollars, and much more than that in Chinese and US influence: he is in best terms with Obama, who once put him in charge of US education, Biden, Chinese dictator Xi… and the guy, a HP heir, who threw my daughter, nine years old, from her school… The latter being tight with many plutocrats and the French president.

      Bill Gates is often described as self-made man, but his dad founded, owned and headed the biggest law firm in Washington State. His mom was an IBM DIRECTOR, and maneuvered to give her son a dream contract with IBM, which allowed him to walk away with the DOS Operating System invented by IBM (from universities)… and then back-contract with IBM… Another Harvard first year drop-out. Also another monopoly the US government let happen.

      This illustrates well how privilege is inherited, and how it serves the concentration of power with the oligarchy (once MSFT had achieved monopoly, early investors, much of them hereditary wealth, are tremendously rewarded).


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Latest version on the site is better… Running smoother… Thanks again…


  3. BM Says:

    c’est un vieux jeu de mot (au centre d’aide a l’emploi: si vous n’avez aucune qualification alors les seules chances qu’il vous restent sont devenir ministre ou president). C’est exactement ce qui est arrivé aux elections precedents et avant BO. et aussi en France.mais meme macron fait figure d’intellectuel au regard de l’elephant

    La list des ses injustices, dévoiements, mensonges, trahison du peuple, conflicts d’intérêts et autres est trop longue et de toute façon tu fais semblant de l’ignorer. En ce faisant
    tu te trumpes lourdement. moi je ne parle que de ce que je vois par moi meme et ce que je vois c’est pas beau. je ne lis pas les journaux je n’écoute que quelques fois les paroles qui en disent beaucoup.Je n’écoute pas les ragots non plus.

    mais tu devrais savoir que je ne vote pas et que j’en suis bien contant car je n’ai pas a choisir entre la peste et le cholera. Donc n’essaie pas de me convaincre ça ne sert en rien dans les résultats.

    Stay safe. you know what happened to MM , JL , MLK ( not for the same reason though).


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I was bombed once in France by Ordre Nouveau, they made the bomb just for me 😉
      Unfortunately the gentleman who got in between was shredded to bits. He was a musician.
      Funny thing is that they knew me very well, and we had only extremely civilized conversations. But their racist hatred got the better of them… precisely because I got them persuaded that they were bad people…

      I was just cyber hacked again, through WORDPRESS, my essay on ISLAM… of eleven years ago. I repaired it miraculously.
      My sister and Connie are angry that I do not adopt a low profile relative to Islam…
      I have a fatwa against me. From PAKISTAN GOV, no less…
      Will Joe and Chameleona save me?
      I was not trying to persuade you, I am just studying the arguments, or lack thereof, which is itself an argument…


  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    John Thomas
    That’s a batshit crazy conspiracy theory, but obviously, you don’t understand that. You need to improve your “research skills”. Better still, don’t “do your own research”, learn to trust those information sources that usually get things right instead. (FYI, that rules out Fox News, Breitbart, and OAN. Forget Q too.)


  5. EugenR Says:

    It is acknowledged, generals, officers, journalists, doctors, social workers, teachers in schools and academy, scientists, public administrators, public workers, all these professionals are trained people, means in their curriculum is motivation for service to public. Service to public is a concept that lies outside the orbit of the zero-sum game, because in service to public you give to others rather than take from them. Gambling is a zero-sum game. Trump is a gambler, a zero sum player, and claimes, service is for “suckers”. 
    This is the reason, Trump is opposed so badly and one-sidedly by all these professionally trained people, indoctrinated to serve the others. On the other hand, Trump is surrounded and supported by all these zero sum players, ready “to kill” the others for their own. The others are those with different appearance, different faith, different hobbies, different opinions, different race, different language, different accent. 

    As to Trump supporters, the environmental problems are problems of others, social problems are problems of others, economics is to satisfy their immediate “needs”, desires. The others let them rotten, let them behind the fence. 


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Eugen:
      At the suggestion of a (French?) reader, I added the following paragraph:
      There are 208 private schools in Alameda county, serving 30,800 children. And there are 404 public school and 230,000 students in them. Thus the county is instructing the wealthiest 13%, and the rest are supposed to learn how racist they are. Casual observation of private schools show a lot of blonde heads. Thus it is overwhelming non-white children who are told how racist they are, in other words, fake news, while white children are taught real knowledge.”


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I agree that is generally acknowledged, etc. However, many of the journalists, and media grossly cheat. New York Times has censored THOUSANDS of my comments. For example nearly all the ones wehn Biden was preparing to invade Iraq and during the destruction of Iraq. I think a lot should be passed making this sort of CENSORSHIP ILLEGAL. Indeed it violates an extremely important aspect of DEMOCRACY, ISEGORIA.
      That literally was an abbreviation of meaning same right of speaking in the public space.
      Somewhat related was parrhesia, form all-speaking, in French, franc-parler, the right to all-speech…

      So I want to pass a law making the denial of ISEGORIA ILLEGAL.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      How do you know Trump said “service is for suckers”? As he serves, donating his salary 100%, that would make him the biggest sucker of them all… Something he may well say jokingly… I have listened to Trump dozens of hours, such is not his mood, to sincerely believe that public servants are “suckers”. But Trump does make plenty of jokes, generally one every few minutes, so those can easily be interpreted as factual statements.

      The plutocratic media lies 24/7, serving its masters and employers, which can fire them, 24/7. This literally happened at the New York Times to the top editor, a few weeks ago. Also some of my comments were approved too fast, then withdrawn, and the criminals may have been fired. The proper procedure is to approve them after a few days, so I cannot complain I was censored…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Maybe you should read my very latest essay, about my County of Alameda. My daughter is exposed to gross, Nazi like propaganda, with the “Black Life” extolled as a superior race which only matters. Instead of being taught ancient civilization history, she is taught that she is a racist in denial. As she is mixed race like 90% of her classmates, she is not taking it too well. At least the Nazis were teaching their children calculus… Here they teach nothing, but the 13% of children who can afford it in PRIVATE SCHOOLS ARE BACK TO REGULAR INSTRUCTION.

      4/5 of profits of Tesla come from a US Federal (TRUMP) subsidy. Trump married two illegal immigrants and had 4 (FOUR) beloved children with them. Evidence is that he has a problem with the Manhattan elite, and the dislike is mutual. Wall Street just purchased Joe Biden for a few BILLION Dollars…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      In case you do not get it, the LOCAL DEMOCRATS have IMPOSED NO SCHOOL ON PUBLIC SCHOOLS JUST BLACK LIVES RACISM. Only private schools are opened, INDEFINITELY. Blacks are 10% of the County, 5,8% of California.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Nice psychoanalysis of the American psychos such as yours truly… With all due respect, and begging forgiveness for the Trumpiness displayed, did you ever live in the USA, let alone vote or massage Obama’s neck?


  6. Don Kemerling Says:

    Patrice Ayme Ol’ Joe isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, so he might have been going along with other people, but I think the plan to get rid of Saddam went right to the top. It also lasted for years. 9/11 gave Bush an opportunity to use the readiness of the American citizens for war, and exacerbated it every chance they got. Long before the second war started there were lots of children dying from severe sanctions and the damage from the Gulf War. I’ve seen estimates that reached 1/2 million people. Madelyn Albrecht didn’t have any problems pushing those sanctions beyond pain, nor President Clinton, nor Al Gore as far as I know.
    Meanwhile there was a plot to use Iraqis to knock the dictator off. I had read they were trying to get a general in charge of a whole division to turn on him. In this article UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter and reporter Seymor Hersh lay out what they know about it. This is in 2005, so those efforts by the CIA were old news then.


  7. Rachel Laudenslager Hunt Says:

    I was with you until you mentioned academia being under the control of China.
    So as I see it, yes power and wealth tend to flow to those who already have it.
    Yes, the United States certainly has a lot of problems that stem from too much power and wealth concentrated in the hands of very few people.
    Yes, there are some news organizations that are clearly shilling for their corporate owners and their political allies.
    Yes, it’s a problem that news has been so thoroughly commodified that truth is no longer as profitable as sensationalist lies.
    Yes, academia is something of a scam in that they are overpriced and oversold for what they deliver.
    But the suggestion that all this is in favor of liberal ideas is a popular myth. There’s a lot more to this of course, but in general, those with the most power and wealth are also the most eager for you to blame the ills of the world on their enemies, while distracting from the fact that they (the powerful and wealthy) could change things for you if they cared to.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Rachel: I have only been employed in Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Rockefeller U. I know academia very well. I have three friends who are full prof, chaired, all in engineering… getting $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from China. I told them I thought what they were doing was/should be illegal. My daughter is Chinese bilingual… My disagreement with academia is not from me looking up, but from me, looking down. It integrates dimensions nobody else has. I am significantly more subtle than generally assumed. https://patriceayme.wordpress.com/…/synthesis-found..


      • Rachel Laudenslager Hunt Says:

        Okay you seem to know a lot more about academia than I do. But you sound like a conspiracy theorist, so perhaps I could be forgiven for assuming that you are significantly less subtle than you are. Also, you supported your point by linking to your own blog? That’s not exactly confidence inspiring.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Academia, nowadays, is under the influence of way too much. It is actually a prostitute… that is, for sale. Global Dep Plutocracy bought it.


  8. Ev Dioscorea Says:

    This would be a much more powerful statement without the moralistic overtones


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Ev Dioscorea
      Thanks for the appreciation. Two clarification requests, though: 1) is morality an intrinsic evil? And if so, why? 2) where are the examples of “moralistic overtones”? I want to learn..


  9. Rachel Laudenslager Hunt Says:

    I take it back. I liked your blog post and I agree with you. But seriously “Global Deep Putocracy”? Sounds like a Bond Villain.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      All the world media is either owned or paid for (PBS, NPR, BBC, etc.) by the world’s wealthiest families. We live in the world of Bond, James Bond, but minds are so bonded, they didn’t even notice that they are in chains. Basically the entire system is fake. The fact that moneyed interests won the propositions in California exemplifies this.


  10. Don Kemmerling Says:

    Bill Gates should have built a factory or two to make PPE. For a couple of billion$ he could have totally avoided the shortage when we needed it. He’s complaining like they should have listened to him, but he didn’t need to tell anybody. He needed to do it himself.


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