Plutocracy, Or Demoncracy: A Pernicious, Persistent Mood

Plutocracy creates a herd, and then make it charge. Suggesting a mood of collective hatred helps. If anything else, the botched election shows that Trump was not as hated as the plutocratically owned media wanted world opinion to believe: half of the USA trust him, the rest got persuaded that age-old problems caused by decades of elite rule, would go away if only the scapegoat was removed.

Fake polling helped. Fake polling (it’s technically called “suppression polling”) has been a tool of mass mind control by the elites for a very long time. Those who paid for the polls are typically plutocratic entities which hate Trump by definition.

This sort of public opinion manipulation, under the form of fake public opinion, has been primordial since before the fall of the Roman State around 400CE. It creates a herd, and then make it charge. At the time, the fascist Roman Deep State persuaded everybody that everybody was a Christian, something that was absolutely not true, and, starting in 380 CE, three emperors simultaneously wrote edicts to arbitrarily punished, and sometimes burn those who disrupted the brand new Christian peace. Fast forward 1640 years, and imagine that all those who snicker about “Black Lives Matter” would be arbitrarily punished by the authorities.

Constant media barrage under the advice of the media owners, the world’s wealthiest families, then and now, has created fake minds they can dominate.

  • Don Kemerling: I don’t think we’ve ever seen such a media manipulation as them and big tech withholding the evidence that Joe Biden is a monumental crook who sold out the country to China.

If it were only Biden… Yes, it is astounding, indeed. Our only hope is that some on the left are really sincere, and not just paid by Soros (as many were). Then we have to explain to these hypothetical leftists that they were manipulated. But it will not be easy.

On French TV I was struck by what a pundit said. She chuckled that the near-miss of Trump showed that “half of the USA, the part of the US without education, still believes in industrialization“. So, according to French pundits, industrialization is a sin of the past, a form of primitivism, lack of cognition, racism. Nobody on that TV forum seemed obfuscated by the attitude the lady exhibited… instead grave approval was expressed for this grotesque opinion… which is akin to saying that we should be slaves to China…

Academia, considered here as a legal person, is another one who is “for sale”… That is, prostitute (it is what it means). “Top” universities are wealthy and addicted to wealth.

Red Lives Matter. California Fuchsia (Epilobium canum)

Ev Dioscoreapeople tend to agree that evil exists, as a general principle, but specifying a particular subset of humanity as being evil has a very narrow appeal (mostly to those who agree with you). Moralistic rhetoric isn’t evil per se, but it does have very limited reach, especially if posted online, where no one is shy about declaring their opposition as evil. This is an important message and to my view exposes a problem that desperately needs a solution. Anyway, the core of the arguments [you] presented is good I believe, I’d mostly like to see it get the traction it deserves.

Patrice Ayme: Traction, we need traction… When I say “plutocracy is evil”, I am attacking a concept and a mood, not just the particular plutocrats we can see crawling all over the media. Plutocracy is a mass mental phenomenon, it lives in minds, morality, institutions, ways and means, protocol and standards of what passes for correct thinking. It gets attached to an age, it preys on ages.

Studying Roman history in depth, using the latest science, I was struck by the total population replacement which happened (Science mag., 2019). Because, although the plutocrats and their opponents killed each other so very well that they disappeared, the evil plutocratic mentality they had spawned survived the dismissal of their creators splendidly, and then blossomed so much the Roman civilization became increasingly dysfunctional in all sorts of ways, from fighting epidemics, to fighting barbarians, the degradation of the ecological environment and the collapse of mining, to a crushing inequality. 

Basically a first population of plutocrats created, over a few generations a mentality which engineered several civil wars in quick successions… And the apotheosis arrived when the plutocrats killed their supreme representative, Julius Caesar, for the crime of being a “populist” (“Populares”) and doing serious reforms, including in socioeconomy to the proverbial swamps… The most ferocious civil war followed and a vengeful Augustus did away with most of the old plutocracy… But to do so he used the exact type of methods Caesar had avoided. So the fascist plutocratic opponents of Caesar died, and so did their Deep State control, but, although dead, they won the mentality war: an ever smaller and more powerful class acquired control of civilization, bringing dysfunctionalities which led their descendants to double down… 

And then again and again, ever more evil to achieve control, until “heretics”(“those who made a choice”) were burned after the edicts of 380 CE signed simultaneously by no less than three emperors (Theodosius, Gratian, Valentinian II). Control got lost in 394 CE when, apparently helped by God, or a famous wind, Theodosius annihilated the Occidental army (which was Frankish and secular). 

Similar situations are observed all over history; plutocracy behaves as a metastatic cancer with a life of its own, it can grow, when it is solidly implanted in a civilization, even when its biological support dies.  

One can only call evil what civilization intrinsically generates which tends to kill it. 

We have a particularly disturbing situation right now as the entire world media is controlled by very few people, something that never happened in the past.

Rachel Laudenslager Hunt: “I take it back. I liked your blog post and I agree with you. But seriously “Global Deep Plutocracy”? Sounds like a Bond Villain.”

I wished it would be that simple. All the world media is either owned or paid for (PBS, NPR, etc.) by the world’s wealthiest families. Evil Bond villains have taken over the world, and, because Her Not So Gracious Majesty worked for them, nobody noticed!

We live in the world of Bond, James Bond, but minds have been so bonded, they didn’t observe that they are in chains, and the villains have taken power, all over the world… long ago. They look at Auschwitz, and they do not understand. Well, I do, because I know who, what, where and when, Hitler and company were financed, instigated, encouraged, enabled, empowered, and finally outmaneuvered. And I can see who profited. Hint: same crowd, or their descendants… Because, this time there was no genetic change.

Basically the entire system is fake, paid for by the wealthiest (that is prostitute in the etymological sense, look at academia). The fact that moneyed interests won the propositions in California exemplifies this.

When US Demoncratic leaders, propelled by demonic power, instigated the death of more than 10 million people in wars throughout the Middle East, the conspiracy was so effective, that few decent “Democrats” noticed. So few, that they actually elected one of the main criminal conspirators… Years after the conspiracy should have come to light… but did not, as the mensurations of some individuals, or trite observation such as XYZBLGQ Lives Matter, or how great Michelle Obama looks were obsessed about instead. And then of course, it became clear, according to the plutocratic media, that Trump was a Russian agent, because Obama let Putin invade Ukraine, or that Trump was corrupt in Ukraine, because Biden fired the Ukrainian prosecutor prosecuting his son… This looks all innocuous, but these imbecilities, besides being a coup against the US President, had a main secret interest. That was to rendered all those who were so thrilled by it, ever more stupid and hateful.

Evil is not just haphazard, just a nuisance and a shame. Often, far from it. Evil is a mode of thinking related to the imposition of force. They think evilly, therefore they are strong… strong enough mentally to impose their ways onto others… as if they did not exist.

Patrice Ayme

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10 Responses to “Plutocracy, Or Demoncracy: A Pernicious, Persistent Mood”

  1. Paul Handover Says:

    Where do we go from here? I genuinely don’t know. I voted for Trump, greatly influenced by your goodself, but I am naturally a liberal minded person. Because I believe in the power of community and in the truth. My close friends say that I am more of a republican because years ago I was a successful entrepreneur but I don’t know. In the UK I voted for the Liberal party but here, as I just said, I don’t know. Over to you, Patrice.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      So the American left elected the most right wing, pro-plutocratic US Neocon politician in active existence… and a criminal against humanity, to boot. What could go wrong?

      “Liberal minded” these days means one votes for the US politician who was the first to say that the US should invade Iraq (in 1998, in Senate).
      Simple minds want to know what one thinks by what one “is”. So is one a “Democrat”? Or a “Republican”. I respect people who voted for Trump, or people who voted NOT for Biden. Nobody decent and not deliberately ignorant could vote for Biden.

      The main problem we have right now is NO ISEGORIA… Without isegoria, no democracy. I will explain in subsequent essays.


      • Paul Handover Says:

        I had to look up isegoria. It is a word that I hadn’t previously come across.

        But you are correct, of course.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Thanks Paul. Isegoria is an abbreviation for: all having the SAME speech capability in any PUBLIC PLACE. It is a different notion from free, open speech… Parrhesia. Michel Foucault gives a good description of the latter (Berkeley, 1983)

          Etymologically, “parrhesiazesthai” means “to say everything — from “pan” (everything) and “rhema” (that which is said). The one who uses parrhesia, the parrhesiastes, is someone who says everything he has in mind: he does not hide anything, but opens his heart and mind completely to other people through his discourse. In parrhesia, the speaker is supposed to give a complete and exact account of what he has in mind so that the audience is able to comprehend exactly what the speaker thinks. The word “parrhesia” then, refers to a type of relationship between the speaker and what he says. For in parrhesia, the speaker makes it manifestly clear and obvious that what he says is his own opinion. And he does this by avoiding any kind of rhetorical form which would veil what he thinks. Instead, the parrhesiastes uses the most direct words and forms of expression he can find. Whereas rhetoric provides the speaker with technical devices to help him prevail upon the minds of his audience (regardless of the rhetorician’s own opinion concerning what he says), in parrhesia, the parrhesiastes acts on other people’s mind by showing them as directly as possible what he actually believes.

          I have always been inclined to practice parrhesia… And it is frequently used against its author, by using rhetoric, to some extent its adversary…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks for the compliment, by the way, Paul, I am happy to be so well considered by someone of your empathy.
      Well we have to go towards the truth and isegoria is how to get there…


  2. kathw Says:

    PA: Great closing line.
    But in the end, most things in human nature are consequence of adaptations acquired based on immediacy of threat. The plutocrats have a buffer that keeps them high above the fray – so they are certainly opportunists – but I don’t think they’ve planned this whole road (ultimately to entropy), regardless of their ability to exploit the trend.
    It’s the old correlation vs. causation argument, for which many avenues of convergence are in play.
    As much as Biden may be blamed for Iraq war/killings, there are so many others – failures and vectors that contributed to that kinetic confrontation. Fracking was a consequence, an exploited opportunity more than a cause. Remember how the neocons talked about getting control of Iraq’s oil as “war bounty” – – when that didn’t pan out, they pushed for subsidies that financed domestic bounty via fracking, which played out so successfully, that USA no longer needed to control Middle East oil cartels to assure supply of energy.
    Now renewables/climate change imperative has further distanced us from Middle East’s complicated history and passions and fate (at least in terms of our energy supply/demand).
    Kinetic is now muted in favor of potential force/energy. Yes, we’ve only kicked the can down the road, we’ve just “bought time” – – but so be it. Time to reflect, to plan, to learn – – always better than force and devastation.
    Good thoughts.

    They say black holes shed information
    But why wouldn’t they?
    Everything sheds in entropy
    Black holes are no exception.

    Here’s what time/study has allowed/revealed:

    The Most Famous Paradox in Physics Nears Its End
    In a landmark series of calculations, physicists have proved that black holes can shed information, which seems impossible by definition. The work appears to resolve a paradox that Stephen Hawking first described five decades ago.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Kathleen for the thoughtful contribution.

      That Iraq would pay for the war by grabbing its oil was pure disinformation. That absolutely could NOT be done, it would have been a characterized war crime: attacking a country to steal it, highway robbery writ large. The Biden-Bush crowd had got to have known this: they were packed with lawyers and this is the most elementary notion. The question is then what did the media pundits and journalists who repeated the notion know? Well, NOWADAYS, FOX NEWS at the very least, is crammed with lawyers: several of the main characters there are lawyers, and have their own shows. For example Shannon Bream, Miss Virginia 1990, used her award to pay for her legal education… She has a daily show which is excellent.

      To prevent this sort of disinformation, ISEGORIA has to be IMPOSED BY LAW.

      In the case of Iraq and oil, the disinformation hid the real aim: DESTROY IRAQ to enable US FRACKING. Fracking was an old (50 years) tech. The price of oil was just too low to deploy it.

      Serious disinformation is one of the main conspiratorial methods (I am going to turn myself into the first official conspiracy specialist). Disinformation about how and why the wars in Iraq, or Afghanistan are examples. But some disinformation campaigns are even deeper, for example the exact role the US DEEP STATE played in WWI and WWII. Those disinformation campaigns live mostly in academia, where they establish and maintain a FAKE version of history… Mostly because that fakery is crucial for the Global Deep Plutocracy…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Kat: Thanks for the Quanta article… I don’t think I was aware of it… Ironical as I somehow launched the field in Stanford, way back (to great derision of some of the best, although not Penrose and Susskind…)
      The bottom line in all this is incoming, and fast, finally: the QUANTUM COMPUTER.

      Central to all this is ENTANGLEMENT. Do I understand Quantum Entanglement? No. Does anybody else understands it? No. The multiverse is a bit like free trade: a lie… The real mystery is Quantum Collapse. I say it’s physical process, and my fundamental reasons are philosophical (Newton would approve, it was his objection to his OWN theory of gravity…)


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