Civilizational Collapse explanation in academia presents a spectrum from Tainter’s  collapse of complexity from rigidity, to those who prefer conjunctions of particular factors. In either case, a complex society cannot adapt to changing circumstances, it’s a lack of intelligence which causes collapse… which, in the end terminates with war and, or, invasion [1] .

One understands societal collapse if one adds one explanatory dimension.

Indeed, there is an explanation which embraces all the conventional explanations of civilizational collapse in one fell swoop. Its description is its name. Civilizational collapse is generally from stupidification through exponentiating plutocracy [2]. In this explanation, an ever smaller elite grabs all the levers of power. Not just the decisional power, but also the mental powers, even hopes and dreams. 

This happens because power exponentiates (it grows at a speed proportional to its size, like a metastatic cancer, or a microbial infection, or money lent at interest itself). The exponentiation of power is an intrinsic feature of civilization as civilization was established precisely to harness the exponentiation of power, and of the science (what is known for sure)… which enables it.  

Departure of the Israelites by David Roberts, (1829) ( Public Domain )

Humanity is not made to live in chains, be they mental, or made of iron. The power of humanity comes from the intelligence arising from superior ideas, which come from debate, which is enabled by equality among humans. The rising of elites denies this. It denies human intelligence. It denies intelligence because it claims the intelligence of a few is enough, and debate is not necessary to search for higher (more complicated) thought. And thus all what flows from intelligence, including empathy, reason and decency does not need to progress, the best of all possible worlds has already been achieved.

Inequality is deeply inhuman, it ultimately promotes the brains of a few as the only reason we have, and will ever need. It denies the essence of humanity, intelligence and progress. Thus, as it is inhuman, it turns to evil ways to persist. The Roman observation:”Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum” is turned on its head, in an inversion of all values: as there is no error, the few have decreed, perseverance is divine.

Thus Demos-Kratia is replaced by Plutos-Kratia, that is Democracy, People-Power is replaced by Evil-Power. The worst emotions, those feeding the Dark Side, Evil, are then in command ever more, while the overall intelligence level of society collapses. This is what the present Global Deep Plutocracy imposes on the world (and has long imposed, since World War One and World War Two were among the works of its macabre art…) The Global Deep Plutocracy’s ownership, or influence, of all the world media and academia insures this. 

When the Roman State encountered serious difficulties, in the Fourth Century, its plutocracy preferred to negotiate with the tiny Barbarian bands, rather than draft the gigantic Roman armies that it could have mustered. Why? Because levée en masse, a national conscription, would have put We The People back in power at the helm of the Roman State. Such popular armies, from mass conscription, were routine during the seven first centuries of Rome, and explain both the democratic character of Rome, and its power. Sometimes during the Roman Republic, even slaves were drafted (and promised freedom)…

Late Roman plutocracy at the helm of the Roman State rejected having a popular army, because the first thing such a popular army would have done, would have been to put the Roman plutocracy out of power. Instead, by negotiating with the savages, the Roman plutocracy was able to merge smoothly with the Barbarians, through the establishment of military and familial relationships: through alliances, marriages, adoptions, and au pair relationships, exchanging children (Aetius, the last powerful chief of staff of the Roman army, spent years as a child among the Huns; in return, he saved them when he could, persuading the Visigoths, and then the Franks, to go home, instead of exterminating the Huns after their crushing defeat at the battle of the Catalaunian Plains).

Similar relationships are established nowadays among elements of the worldwide Global Deep Plutocracy. The relations do not need to be familial, business and education are enough (Chinese leaders send their children to Harvard). 

Historically, plutocracies have mismanaged the societies they abuse to the point an exterior shock made such societies collapse into Dark Ages. Thereafter, a (hopefully) better society could grow again (but not always). We may not have such luck this time, as the Global Deep Plutocracy embraces the entire world. It may just establish a worldwide Neofeudalism. And it should be able to make us endure unprecedented catastrophes without fearing an external shock destabilizing it, as the Global Deep Plutocracy embraces all, and controls all. As the New York Times, the newspaper of report in the USA, just put it: those who voted for Trump were “grotesquely ill-informed”.

Patrice Ayme


[1] That civilizational collapse ends with war, and or invasion is not an opinion, but a fact: show me a collapse, and I will show you, in the end, war, and, or, occupation; this holds for the Mayas, or Easter Island. Jared Diamond claimed Easter Island committed ecocide. Wrong. In truth Easter island endured quasi-extinction down to 111 individuals, from Western diseases (destruction from occupation). Same for most of the Americas. The one exception to collapse through invasion/occupation is the Viking in Greenland… a few starved, but they mostly left, from the Little Ice Age and their Ivory Trade collapse, both of which made their economy unsustainable. Even then, the Inuit, having exterminated some natives already, were going south, encroaching on Viking lands.


[2] Even the Aztecs/Mexicas fall under the case of the idiotic plutocracy taking bad decisions… As they antagonized their neighbors, who, in turn, provided Cortez with armies… After a while, the Spaniards artfully used one plutocracy against the next and ended up conquering Mesoamerica that way. Diseases did the rest…


Note: the preceding is the author’s theory in a nutshell. The NYT sat on a simpler version for a few days before publishing it, lest their plutocracy collapse from hurried publication resulting in too many readers of the iconoclastic train of thoughts…



  1. Lewis Caraganis Says:

    Lewis Caraganis
    Siler City NC
    Interesting, though probably an oversimplification.


  2. Gmax Says:

    Nice summary, couldn’t be clearer. So how to we get out of this vicious spiral?


  3. D'Ambiallet Says:

    We need for these truths to reach our shores


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