“Democrat” Voters As Neoconservative Fascists: Proof By California Prop 22

Fifty-eight percent (58%) of California voters approved Proposition 22, a corporate fascist law passed thanks to a huge propaganda. In California, heavily dependent upon the techno-fascist state installed by Obama-Biden, 64% of Californians voted for Biden. Thus those same Biden voters exempted many Internet pirates from civilized workplace laws stripping their workers of basic, essential protections. Biden voters voted for the return to savagery, before workers had rights [1].

Uber, Instacart, Lyft, DoorDash and other Internet providers of ride-shares, food and grocery deliveries spent $200 million pushing Proposition 22 (and this is probably just part of it). This is not surprising: Wall Street spent billions on Biden in the last few weeks of the campaign, after they got their guarantees. And the result was the same: the parrots heard the music played by money, and learned it so well, that they voted exactly as big money had told them to (last year, 2019, Facebook spent 17 billion dollars in lobbying). 

Not surprisingly, just as with Neocon, right winger, finance industry shill Biden, Californians were misled by a hurricane of lies about Proposition 22’s impact on workers. Let alone from the impact of reintroducing the Nineteenth Century during the Twenty-First Century.

Emboldened by the results in California, Uber and friends are apparently planning to take the show on the road, worldwide. Already, even in France, their employees are already enjoying the Proposition 22 level of non-rights… However in France especially, and Europe in general, workers enjoy a universal safety net that US citizens do not have.

Progressives have to understand what happened in California is what happened when they voted for the most right-wing politicians in the USA since Richard Nixon… Except Nixon did not insist on invading a country on the other side of the Earth to kill millions of people, so as to please his oil friends. But Biden did, as early as 1998 (and dragged W. Bush in the conspiracy).

Proposition 22 states that workers for app-based driver and delivery companies are not employees under California statutes. Instead they are classified as independent contractors. This represents the eradication of workers laws and rights established over more than a century. It means the eradication of sick days, overtime pay, retirement, unemployment insurance or a workplace covered by occupational safety and health laws. Also, no health insurance (good luck persuading a private insurer to insure you).

What happened in California? Despite the state’s liberal reputation, California, under the “Democrats” is increasingly a fascist state for the hyper wealthy. Just consider that public school in Alameda county, the county of Kamala Harris, with Oakland and Berkeley, are closed, with 231,000 students (including my own daughter). Meanwhile the 30,800 students from private schools are taught in person. Whereas the private school children were learning about ancient civilizations (the official California curriculum), public school children were invited to demonstrate for Black Lives Which After All Matter, forced to watch on zoom discourses of Joe Biden, or watched for hours on hand the counting of votes (in the fraudulent elections). An entire generation of children is not taught anything, except being stupid. Then their “Democratic” masters will tell them that, considering their ignorance, one has to import another few millions more knowledgeable Asians to compensate for said ignorance, and they can always provide the worthy foreigners with “services”   

The few rights gig workers are left with are not enforceable. If a company pays less than what’s required, shaves hours or doesn’t pay the (small and insufficient) health care subsidy, Proposition 22 is silent about what workers do to enforce those pay and subsidy rights (engage a $400/hour lawyer?)

Unlike most Propositions, which require only a majority vote of the State Legislature to revise, Proposition 22 requires the vote of seven-eighths of the Legislature to make any changes.

Left unsaid is the selfishness of California “Democratic” voters: they love their slaves, that’s why they love workers without rights as much as they love illegal immigrants. In either case, average “Democratic” voters get service from slaves they would not get otherwise. 

voting for Proposition 22 fits perfectly the model of voting for a gentleman gangster who is the exact opposite of what he claims to be. California is a bellwether. This time, it leads in corporate neo-fascism. Biden is already busy putting the lobbyists of the tech monopolies he and Obama created, into key positions, for his administration of the Global Deep Plutocracy. 

All this happens because the true left was just defeated?

This is going to be fun.

Patrice Ayme


P/S: I voted against Biden and against Proposition 22. I was not surprised by the high score of Biden: most of my fellow Democrats are ignorant, naïve, and stupid. But I was surprised that they would push the cynicism to the level of admitting to themselves that they could have their cake (mafioso Biden) while eating subsistence workers who serve them. This shows that their lack of cognition is deliberately meant to serve their selfishness well…


[1] Basic math shows that, even if 100% of non-Biden voters had voted for Prop 22 (and me and some of my friends are exception to this), more than one third of Biden voters would have voted for Prop 22. In all fairness, the California Democratic Party Executive Board was against Prop 22 … and for Prop 15, as I was, and we were defeated… in both cases, by Big Money. In either case, there was no serious spending to do the right thing: all the money went to neocon Biden (who was sure to win the state).

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One Response to ““Democrat” Voters As Neoconservative Fascists: Proof By California Prop 22”

  1. D'Ambiallet Says:

    Shocking. Inversion of all values a la Nietzsche?


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