Our Divine Leaders Want Us Obedient. How To Bring Them Back To Human Size

For California Governor the Coronavirus Message Is Do as I Say, Not as I Dine
A meal at the French Laundry? A junket to Maui? California’s Democratic leaders have put strict measures in place. If only they would follow them.

That was from the… New York Times [1]. My eleven year old daughter was submitted to four weeks of “voting suppression studies” a sort of hysterical propaganda to justify the dictatorship of a few “Democrats”. It is NOT AT ALL the official California sixth grade program… which focuses on ancient civilizations from the Middle Earth, India and China… More than two thousand years ago. So the little ones were told that those who were not wealthy enough could not vote, nor could some races, or women. All very good that now we can all vote… But do we? Of course not. In Berkeley-Oakland, for decades, people have been free to vote for Barbara Lee.

Barbara Jean Lee (born July 16, 1946) is an American politician serving as the U.S. Representative for California’s 13th congressional district. Now in her 12th congressional term, Lee has served since 1998, and is a member of the Democratic Party. The district, numbered as the 9th district from 1998 to 2013, is based in Oakland and covers most of the northern part of Alameda County. Lee is the current whip and former co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (2005–2009).

Who does that “whip” strike?

SAN FRANCISCO — It was an intimate meal in a wood-paneled, private dining room in one of California’s most exclusive restaurants in Napa Valley, the “French Laundry”. The cost of dinner starts at $500 per person… without wine. Newsom mentor Willie Brown wrote that he heard the meal’s wine bill alone “was $12,000”. This is a restaurant where the cheapest dinner for two costs what the median US family earns in a week… Before taxes. No one around the table wore masks, not the lobbyists, not even the governor.

Democratic leaders in California have repeatedly ordered residents to be hyper vigilant amid the biggest spike in infections since the Chinese virus pandemic began.

Democratic leaders in California have flouted the state’s coronavirus orders and guidelines. Mr. Newsom and other officials stridently clamored for Californians to make sacrifices to stop the spread of the virus. Most recently beseeching them to stay home and avoid visiting family over Thanksgiving.

California lawmakers went to their traditional vacation cum conference for a week of taxpayer and lobbyist paid a luxury resort Fairmont Kea Lani in south west Maui, Hawaii. Rooms start at more than $500 per person, and up to above $1,600… Full disclosure: I have been in Maui, and I know some people who went to this luxury resort… which is way too expensive for my ethical code. I even asked pointedly why they went there, and the answer was that they liked the luxury, being provided with brand new slippers everyday. In my opinion, humanity has better things to do than new slippers for the wealthiest everyday (if nothing else it prevents investing in biotechnology).

So at the luxury resort, those who vote the laws and those who know which laws they want to pass co-mingle, thanks to the Independent Voter Project… another of these sinister plutocratic conspiracies with a misleading name… All breathing together good coronavirus air in Maui.

The Maui luxury resort extravaganza happened just as California issued explicit guidance on avoiding “nonessential travel to other states or countries.” The elitist malfeasance displayed here by the governor, legislators and lobbyists — from the California MEDICAL Association, no less — knows no limits…. and therein its charms.

Ms. Feinstein, 87 walks regularly through Congress and airports without a mask. The video was widely circulated a day after California issued expanded orders for residents to wear face coverings when they are outside of their homes.

Face coverings the efficacy of which, aside from hospital settings, with more sophisticated, cleaner equipment, has not been scientifically demonstrated… Feinstein obviously knows this, the inefficiency of masks, otherwise she would be wearing one, all the more as she is a “legislator”.

The juxtaposition between the strict orders to the plebs and the behavior of lawmakers does not just undercut a defining message of prudence that the state’s Democrats have sermonized throughout the crisis. It brings up a fundamental question. The sumptuous dinner at the French Laundry was hosted by a prominent California lobbyist, Jason Kinney. The chief executive for the California Medical Association and the organization’s top lobbyist were also there. 50,000 California physicians.

Fascist multimillionaire corrupt Governor Newsom eating his 20,000 dollars meal with his lobbyists and Pluto friends, complete with Californian medical association (of millionaires). No masks, no social distancing, all laws of the land. Newsom turned around and closed the California economy, a few days later, and then imposed a curfew… All of this within days of the dinner above.

Newsom on Monday described the dinner as taking place outdoors. But the photos show a table indoors with a glass sliding door that opens to a courtyard. On Wednesday a spokesman for Mr. Newsom, Nathan Click, said the governor had no further comment. Newsom admitted his sin with glee: “The spirit of what I’m preaching all the time was contradicted and I’ve got to own that,”

Governor Newsom announced on 7-17-2020 that California Public Schools would be shut down for the rest of the year. Why not? Private schools are open, in person, for the elite, everyday: let the wealthiest be the brainiest, it is safer that way! Newsom’s four children, aged 4 to 11 get superior private school instruction (as Newsom himself explained). Newsom’s kids go to Country Day, a $25,000 per year and per student. So while my daughter in public school is given eight hours of total instruction a week, much of it insisting that listening to US president Trump causes insanity… Newsom’s children learn the California curriculum… ancient civilization in the case of the sixth grade. Yes, in public school as I observe it, the California curriculum in history has been changed by the standards of the present “Democratic” Party propaganda (which is standard fascism, actually, a la Giovanni Gentile‘s definition of fascismo, a tight relationship between the state and the corporations…)

Newsom and the first partner eschewed state public health guidelines to dine with friends at a time when the governor has asked families to scale back Thanksgiving plans,” wrote the Sacramento Bee editorial board on Friday. It added, “If the governor can eat out with friends — and if his children can attend their expensive school — why must everyone else sacrifice?

And the answer to this is that you have got to be used to it. Indeed, why does the elite insists for the plebs to follow ridiculous rules (masks in the wilderness, say)? The juxtaposition between the strict orders to the plebs and the behavior of “Democratic” lawmakers does not just undercut their sermon throughout the pandemic. It brings up a fundamental question: What are they trying to do? Could this flaunting of privilege and disdain for the law, not be a device to mentally condition us further down our debasement?

Is it not because the elite, the Feinsteins (billionaire), the Gettys (once the world’s wealthiest family and Newsom’s telerobotic operator), the Newsoms, know it is important to train Californians to obey senseless orders as if they were dogs… So the mandatory mask wearing, the curfew and the senseless rules (don’t go on the giant beach!) are mostly to inure the plebs to obey senseless orders. It works: the California proletariat voted for Prop 22, which goes back on more than a century of workers’ rights.

Governor Newsom has been a public servant his entire life. After graduation from college, he founded the PlumpJack wine store with family friend billionaire Gordon Getty as an investor. The Getty family was long one of the world’s wealthiest. Newsom’s father was an appeal court’s justice and attorney for Getty oil. Newsom’s maternal great grandfather was a professor of medicine at Stanford University.
Newsom is Californian elite, through and through. Instead of acquiring a professional degree (lawyer, doctor, etc.) Newsom leveraged his acquaintanceship with the elite. Newsom’s friendship with the California elite enabled him to be nominated to the San Francisco Board of Supervisor (and from there, mayor). Newsom was sworn in by his own father.

Being part of the elite insured contracts for Newsom’s flourishing businesses, with a personal income well above a million dollar a year, and more than 700 employees. A long article in the LA Times documented, while Newsom was lieutenant governor, the investment of Getty in ten of eleven Newsom’s businesses. Getty said he treated “Newsom as a son” (SF Chronicle).

Please also notice the immensely wealthy Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi is part of the family (Newsom’s aunt is married to Nancy Pelosi’s’ brother in law). Public education has been basically stopped. My daughter gets eight hours a week, by zoom, half of it unabashed Democratic Party propaganda, as a California public school child. Private school children are back being educated in full and in person, including Newsom’s four private school children. Is that democracy? Or plutocracy?

These distortions of reality are there to impose a new mood. That the plebs should get used to the following: the plebs has to follow orders and the law imposed on itself by the elite, and the elite is above them all. In other words, the plebs has to accept mental (economic, financial) neo-feudalism…

We have see all of this before. This is the essence of fascismo a la Gentile. Giovanni Gentile was described by Mussolini, and by himself, as “the philosopher of Fascism”. The Italian fascists promoted a tight relationship between corporations, plutocrats, governance and workers. The plutocrats came out ahead, the rest, not so much… In 2003, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Gordon Getty was the chief investor in 10 of Newsom’s 11 businesses at the time. Getty dragged in many other plutocrats to invest in Newsom’s businesses. “We’ve assembled our dream team and are ready to embark on creating Tahoe’s most distinctive resort and residences,” said Hilary Newsom, president and partner of Newsom’s PlumpJack Group.

They have assembled your dream team and are ready to embark on creating the world ready to serve them… The Global Plutocrats want us to feel they are divine. However… Si comprehendis [,] non est Deus (if you understand [something], it is not God). As Augustine of Hippo put it in Sermo 117.3.5; PL 38, 663 (Although anti-Christian globally, it does not mean I do not find inspiration in Christian thinking. The exact same idea is found in the Qur’an, spoken by Allah Himself… When Allah is asked to justify His friendliness with the devil and Djinns…)

By inverting Augustine’s idea, we get a remedy. If we understand them, they are not divine. that’s how to bring them down from their perch.

Patrice Ayme


[1] Now that Trump is out of the way, maybe the New York Times’ Trump Derangement Syndrome is on the mend? Hope springs eternal…

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