Non Anonymity: US Presidential Election Was Fraudulent In California

Anybody receiving my family’s ballots could determine exactly how we voted on everything: in California, for the US Presidential Election of 2020, there was NO PRIVACY SLEEVE: one could see who one voted for, and the name… there was no double envelope, like my HOA (Home Owner Association) has. As far as I am concerned, that makes the election fraudulent in California. Non secret voting is fraud. It may be republican, but it is banana republican.

Grossly anti-civilizational propositions plutocrats paid hundreds of millions for, also “passed“. But how do we know votes against plutocracy were not tossed away? Remember: anti-plutocratic propositions are viewed as “populist“, just as the Trump vote is viewed as “populist”. Because there is a clear mechanism in existence to explain why they would be tossed away: in California, a particular mood reigns, full of hatred and derangement… Against anything “populist“. It is, at this point, pro-Big Monopolistic Tech. It is not just pro-Big Monopolistic Tech, but rabidly so… Because Obama the revered brown life, who matters, was rabidly pro-Big Monopolistic Tech. It is couched as anti-Trump hatred, because Trump sued Google, for monopolistic abuse, but the truth is that Big Monopolistic Tech is the core employer in Northern California, of dozens of thousands of programming lemmings.

The non-anonymity of voting was planned, it is not an accident. Here is a quote from the California government When your vote-by-mail ballot is received by your county elections official, your signature on the return envelope will be compared to the signature on your voter registration card to ensure they match. To preserve the secrecy of your ballot, the ballot will then be separated from the envelope, and then it will be tallied.

Now California voted two-third for Biden (as early as 1998 a Iraq invasion promoter). And that includes the central valley and Orange County which tend to vote Republican. Biden was ahead by 5.5 million votes in California… And half a million in the rest of the USA! A statistically intriguing imbalance…

Sequoia Maple Sky: Not all is bad in California…

Where I am, Berkeley, “Democratism” is rabid. It masquerades as progressivism, but its unreasoned hatred is more in common with traditional US racism. If anything compatible with Trump is uttered, interlocutors beg you to never mention to anyone that such an utterance was heard!

It is troubling to observe individuals with TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome (I CREATED the neologism!). They have no idea what ails them. No idea that Biden is exactly like what they say Trump is like, what they claim to hate… Just Biden is WAY worse. No idea. So they end up attacking real progressives, or, even worse, basic foundations of civil society. The latter point will last, tragically. These enraged, unthinking characters are all into superficialism, just as racists are in the superficial appearance of skin. They will accuse elderly Jews to be… Nazis: h

Somebody who has determined I write from “Saint Petersburg” asked whether I hated Trump haters. Do I hate Trump haters, the ones with the plutocratically administered Trump derangement Syndrome? No, I don’t hate my patients!

I gave more general reasons why the US Presidential elections was fraudulent. Only the plutocratic media molds the minds… because there is no other media. Minds have been privatized by the world’s wealthiest “factcheckers” and their thinkeries, and “academia”. (“Thinkery” is an older word than academia, it was forged by Aristophanes, ridiculizing Socrates, Plato and company.)

Someone said they saw how I was “suckered in”. I was suckered in because my medical drugs, bought cheaply in France, were intercepted by Obama FDA, torn out, some sent back to France, half-destroyed. And now Donald really got me with his most favored nation trick for lowering the price of drugs. Make America Good Again!

But then the gullible turn up their smug faces, and say: “Associated Press, AP, and Reuters are reputable organizations!” In truth, AP and Reuters are PLUTOCRATIC MEDIA. They are literally owned by some of the world’s wealthiest persons, and THEM ONLY. Progressives who get instruction from AP and Reuters are like rabbits taught by wolves.

New York Times is controlled by the same family since the century before the one before the present one. Not quite as old as T Rex, but still pretty old and ravenous. New York Times is a “public” company… but the public has no control whatsoever… (A question of A shares versus B shares…). And those beasts are vicious: a financier of “Factcheck.Org”, heir of one of the greatest names, and lots of money, threw my daughter out of her school. His three blonde children of the superior race owning America, stayed there, the mixed race child was torn from her root, and now cannot be schooled in her native tongue.

Here they go, and they howl: we are good, we are the best (“Optimates” in Latin, the plutocratic party of the Roman Republic, which destroyed it), we are… blue. Blue in the face they are, and they hate the reds. Blue like those without oxygen, red, like the Native Americans covered in ochre earth… What do you mean “blue”, “red”? California voted for two extreme plutocratic propositions #15 and #22… As far as I am concerned, reverting more than a century of workers’ rights makes sense when one has voted for the guy who said, as a US SENATOR-chair, one had to invade Iraq… in 1998……/biden-invaded-iraq…/

So this is the point, let me repeat slowly: a reason, colossal naivety, “Democrats” voted for Biden is the same reason that enabled those same voters voted for the California Propositions the wealthiest persons in the world asked them to vote for… But there were even worse causes. Not just colossal naivety, but the propensity to vote for the same plutocratic operators… Because they share the same moods. And what mood is that? Preferring basic instincts like hatred and greed to cool analysis. California has become Democrat controlled from a mix of clientelism, greed and Big Monopolistic Tech employment… All of it empowered by an increasing lack of critical and informative education in public schools, while children of the elite go to private schools. Right now, public school children get eight hours of instruction a week, and private school children, 40 hours. Slaves and serfs don’t need much beyond read and write, masters need to outsmart them, and it will be easier if the serfs are so incredibly stupid, that they vote for their own masters…

It’s pretty funny actually, as the main supporters of “Democratism”. the plutocratic way, a beast of contradiction, will be among the victims thereof…

Patrice AYME


14 Responses to “Non Anonymity: US Presidential Election Was Fraudulent In California”

  1. Corey Tufts Says:

    “Where I am, Berkeley, “Democratism” is rabid. It masquerades as progressivism, but its unreasoned hatred is more in common with traditional US racism. If anything compatible with Trump is uttered, interlocutors beg you to never mention to anyone that such an utterance was heard!”

    Corey Tufts
    So true. The whole Bay Area is extreme in my opinion. Many people become angry at the mere mention of alternate political views. This shuts down dialogue, usually.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      They are extremely at the service of plutocracy. I can take (out) any of them, any time. They are a bunch of fake, fake progressives, with the notion, somehow that by behaving like Nazis, they are “anti-fascist”…. The irony of it all, is that they may have got it by (mis) interpreting what I said over the decades. A dear friend of mine, who was 100% marginal… Hard to beat he lived in a SUV, for 5 decades… Thought I was way out there in my own theories, he couldn’t believe what I was telling him 20 years ago… He was way out, I was way further out and much more suspicious (for extremely good reasons). Well, he got burned alive, to death eleven days ago… Bay Area, latest style…


  2. Gmax Says:

    Allegations of fraud using mail in ballots in Georgia are kind of the same. But not as bad


  3. EugenR Says:

    Patrice hi, i have difficulty to understand your position. I have to ask you, is election about to secure the perfect process, or to chose the best candidate? Unfortunately it seems, the world leading nation, that brought democratic political system to the world, repeatedly fails to elect a president, worth for the job. And it is so since Richard Nixon, who was the last president, who had a positive impact on the world. He started the process of opening China to the west, and he abolished the unsustable tabu, the connection of US Dollar to gold. The economic prosperity in the western world, was partly caused by this revolutionary step. And the American political system caused his impeachment (I know, technicky he was not impeached). Since then no other president of his scale appeared in the political scenario of US, all of them were rather mediocre or even worse, total failures, as in case of Bush the junior, or Donald Trump. Obama, as the expectation from him were high, after all he was rather well educated with charisma, so was the disappointment from him. It seems, he was afraid, or uncaplable to implement policy, he believed in, or at least so he proclaimed.
    What’s good about Biden, no-one expects from him to be a great president. Probably he will be a doing nothing president, and the major problems of the world, and so the US, will continue accumulate, but with ever growing rate. But to be supportive to Trump, who’s policy, if you can call it policy at all, was the most disastrous, since WWII, comparable only to the presidency of G.Bush the junior, is too much for my limited capacity to understand. His short sighted populist economic policy, would have end with disaster comparable to 2008, with or without corona virus. His international policy was all about bullying both, Americas friends and enemies, his security policy based on betraying Americas best friends, in Afganistan Syria, Turkey, Korea, you name the rest, made America at most to look as a great mouse, and far from being lion. As to his internal social policy, if he had any, brought only more to the super rich, and nothing else. And please notice, I’m not claiming his policy letting the coronavirus to develop its natural cause was wrong or worse. Even if the results are rather disappointing, i could understand his preferences of economy upon health care, if i wouldn’t suspect him, that he has done it for the bad reasons, willing to be reelected again.


    • Gmax Says:

      Patrice says votin was not blind in California DO YOU THINK THAT IS OK? Let democrats check who you voted for then tally the vote? WORSE THAN SOVIET UNION


    • Gmax Says:

      Also many people would take umbrage to your statement that US brought DEMOCRACY to world. Only people of the right religion, no Jews, no Catholics could vote. And only the wealthy, and not the colored. Stayed like this until MLK


      • EugenR Says:

        Yes and why not repet the following claim:

        Sidney Powell, a lawyer who appeared with Trump’s legal team during a press conference on Thursday who, without providing evidence, said that electronic voting systems switched millions of ballots to Biden, and that he also won thanks to “communist money”.

        He probably meant Communist money from North Korea, since as to my knowledge, this is the only communistic country, still existing in the world. Ups, i have forgotten, they wouldn’t do it, they are mr. TRUMPS dear friends.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Eugen.
      You say:
      i have difficulty to understand your position. I have to ask you, is election about to secure the perfect process, or to chose the best candidate?
      In representative democracy, We The People chose the candidate we deem to be best. That’s what defines the “best” candidate. Considering that Biden, as early as 1998, as one of the top elected leaders of the USA, advocated to invade iraq with the US Army, one can argue that he is a criminal against humanity, thus not the best, except after undergoing an inversion of all values:

      Voting in California was NOT ANONYMOUS this year. This is EXTREMELY GRAVE:

      FASCIST PLUTOCRATIC propositions were passed as result, bringing California back to a regime not seen in more than a century… No more workers rights: no more healthcare, no more employments benefits, firing at will, no more basic rights whatsoever. Because the same who voted for the fascist plutocratic Biden voted for the fascist plutocratic propositions…

      This being said, I expect Biden to be contrite and try to repair his Hitler like past… To redeem himself for history… OK, got to run, family thanksgiving…


  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to NYT].

    The recent US elections were deeply fraudulent. 1) There was no isegoria. 2) There was no parrhesia. 3) Global Deep Plutocracy owns all the media, thus most minds. 4) Early voting happened before even the first debate. Many people changed their minds, they had already voted.

    Even worse, in California, anonymity of voting was forsaken, as there were no double envelopes, when voting by mail. Rabid partisans are conditioned to claim none of this is of any consequence: that, per se, is an even deeper sort of fraud, the inability to understand the concepts of freedom and equity.


  5. Eric Brody Says:

    Eric Brody
    Respectfully, Patrice, one’s disagreement with California’s decision not to incorporate a privacy sleeve into its mail-in balloting system does not in any way substantiate a claim of fraud.
    California law established rules for mail in balloting, and California followed them.
    There is no place in this conversation about the integrity of the 2020 election for the kind of observation you have made and your spurious accusation of having witnessed “fraudulence.”
    Do you agree?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I was totally shocked.: California decided to make voting non anonymous and… transparent! NO PRIVACY SLEEVE!

      I have lived in developing countries of dubious electoral systems, and that’s exactly what they do there. The non-anonymity-can-see-who-you voted for, before votes get counted: it’s not democracy anymore.

      To say there is no place for a privacy sleeve leaves me speechless. Have you lived in a dictatorship, or a democracy with a real coup? Anyway, California is quickly becoming a very strange place, with the worse homeless encampments…

      Of the whole planet (the UN said!)… and I see them everyday, as millions of Californians do. No privacy sleeves and no toilets; ce sont des concepts qui vont très bien ensemble (Beatles parody).


  6. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Fraud in an election is one thing. Mass corruption and delusion, is another, much worse. 90% of the popular vote differential advantage of Biden over Trump came from ONE SINGLE US state. Curiously, whom one voted for president could be seen from the outside of the envelope as there was NO PRIVACY SLEEVE, for the first time ever (that’s unlawful for HOAs… in California…) But, more worrisome, Trump hatred is a cult in California. I love hate against the establishment. But why just Trump? Did Trump push to invade Iraq?


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