Obama $600,000 Speech In Bogota: Outlaw Retroactive Corruption

Obama is viewed as the icon of the so-called “left”. At least, so speak the Main Stream Media, which I call the Plutocratic Media, armed with its Plutocratically Correct speech. This is a fascinating inversion of all values. In the four years since leaving the White House, former President Barack Obama has spent his time raising and solidifying his position in the top one percent of the top one percent of Americans. Obama has raked in exorbitant amounts of money for public speaking events and made deals worth millions with multiple companies. Simply put, this is retroactive corruption.

In a revealing slip, at the height of the Great Recession, “Obama quipped that “at a certain point you’ve made enough money,” That was an inside joke: although his fortune was in excess of twenty million dollars when he entered the White House, Obama did not give his salary to charity as Trump did. Trump is not the first president to donate his salary. Former Presidents John F. Kennedy and Herbert Hoover, both wealthy before they took office, donated all their earnings.

All what you see here is to the Obamas, a piece of the US most expensive island, Martha’s Vineyard. The mansion had been on the market for 15 million dollars. Taxpayers and losers, you worked hard, and your success is great; your great leader, the one of TARP, has been well rewarded by the owners of the world, so you did good, when you loved and admired him. The Obamas have two other mansions. Hey, they are just getting started… to give you lessons on inequality, and your systemic racism… The more the talk about your racism, the less talk about class warfare of the owners against the losers like you.

In May 2019, Obama the caramel idol of the pseudo-left was paid nearly $600,000 to speak at the EXMA conference in Bogotá, Colombia. According to the Bogotá Post, “A conversation with President Barack Obama,” addressed “influential growth strategies” in marketing and other aspects of the marketing economy. No doubt, getting the money from where it is located, namely organized crime, was a prominent concept.

Colombia is infamous for the corruption prevalent in its public sector and military, which costs officially the country $17 billion a year, equivalent to 5.3 percent of its Gross Domestic Product. Colombia exports half of the world’s cocaine and its drug cartels are the government. Corruption and drug money are what Colombia’s Inspector General called “the new cartel”.

Notice that Obama got his highest payment from the quasi-official criminals of the “new cartel”. In other words, the Global Deep Plutocracy is very grateful for Obama’s leadership: criminals of the world, unite! Obama is not just rewarded by the largest criminal organizations in the world, he insures an on-going service to them by providing them with clout, and respectability from the adoring rabble, worldwide, which celebrates the greatness of the one who got a Nobel Peace prize even before he disintegrated weddings in Yemen, and other acts of heroism in the evil dimension of the never vile enough.

While Obama deplores “exploding inequality” in his speeches, the sum he got for one night stand in Bogotá is more than 10 times what the median yearly household income in the US… and 72 times the average worker’s annual income in Colombia.

Obama is rewarded by those who profited from his presidency. His speeches have been given to big Wall Street firms and big investors. Obama gave at least nine speeches to Cantor Fitzgerald, a large investment and commercial real estate firm, and other high-end corporations. Each speech has been at least $400,000… for Obama.

Obama handed the robbers and outright criminals who caused the 2008–09 financial crisis a multi-trillion-dollar bailout (eight trillions by the Fed’s own reckoning). The Obama administration oversaw the largest redistribution of wealth in history from the bottom to the top one percent, eased by mellifluous discourses to the contrary. It was obvious at the time, right from the first few days of the Obama administration, that he had become an agent of the wealthiest plutocrats in the world, and that his presidency was in their service. Individuals such as yours truly, who did so much to get Obama elected, sank in depression…

Interestingly, Obama made the wealthiest so much wealthier that it noticeably diverted economic growth away from the rest of the nation.

Under Obama, the tech monopolies in charge of “populist” surveillance were developed, while the president personally killed thousands of innocent civilians.

https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2019/06/20/obam-j20.htmlAs the World Socialist Web Site puts it, summarizing concepts I have presented in the past:

“In addition to monetary rewards for his service to the financial elite and military-intelligence apparatus, Obama has been lavishly feted by socialites and billionaires such as Richard Branson. Obama was Branson’s special guest in 2017 on a private island where the pair were seen kite surfing and enjoying the amenities of Branson’s exclusive resort.

Michelle Obama has also benefited after the family’s departure from the White House. The couple signed a $65 million book deal with publishing company Penguin Random House for their political memoirs. Michelle’s memoir “Becoming” was the best-selling book of 2018 with over 10 million copies sold. The pair also signed multi-year deals with Netflix and Spotify to produce content aimed at “fostering dialogue” and promoting diversity in entertainment.

Obama’s lucrative post-White House career hobnobbing with the corporate, entertainment and financial elite epitomizes the revolving door relationship between the US government and the private sector. Obama’s rewards are simply retroactive bribery for services rendered to the capitalist elite, who have welcomed him with open arms.

This is all lunacy. That Obama has no moral compass, dignity or the presidential mien many US presidents had in the past is one thing. That most of the world’s population has been so indoctrinated in its subjugation that it cannot what’s wrong with this picture, is something else entirely. This phenomenon of mental subjugation is the most common state of humanity… The strength of Western civilization is that the spirit of subjugation did not flourish as well in the West as anywhere else in the world.

So what to do? Legislate. Presidents or their families, or high level officials and their families, anywhere in the world, should have a low bound on their income after office, say over ten years or more (the occultation period under the Roman Republic for re-election to the Consulship was, in normal times, ten years… There were exception in case of existential wars, for reasons of military leadership) Say one should limit their income to ten times (for presidents) or less (for lesser officials) or the median family income. Moreover office holders, and their families should be forbidden to get ANY money or gift from anyone, individual or corporation, who profited from a legislation they signed or helped to pass (including at the level of senators, deputies . congressmen, and aides).

In other words, I propose to pass laws annihilating the “revolving door” which enables the Global Deep Plutocracy that Biden is getting ready to revive as never before… The idea is that no one should be able to enrich themselves through public service. The reward should be the service and the power it should ephemerally provide with…

So let see this legislation: Time to see if the would-be “progressives” of the “Democratic” Party are for real…

Patrice Ayme

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4 Responses to “Obama $600,000 Speech In Bogota: Outlaw Retroactive Corruption”

  1. D'Ambiallet Says:

    So Obama got cartel money? Gross


  2. ianmillerblog Says:

    I would normally say that taking that sort of money from an underdeveloped country with its poor is the pits, but I guess he really took it from the purveyors of white powder to the US, which becomes a deeper pit.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, I was floored and amazed when I learned this. My spouse who knew him nearly 50 years ago already, as a close friend, cannot believe how low he has sunk morally… Presidential power does that. I saw it with my very eyes.


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