All is opinion. Redeeming Truth… And “Democratic” Plutocrats

All is opinion. Learn.

Facts are opinions which are fully justified.

And all too often opinions rest on facts which are not fully justified.

Nietzsche argued that truth is impossible—there can only be perspective and interpretation, driven by a person’s interests or ‘will to power’. Against [empiricism], which halts at [observable] phenomena— “No, facts is precisely what there is not, only interpretations” (Will to Power § 481). The doctrine that there are no facts, only interpretations, Nietzsche sometimes calls ‘perspectivism‘. 

Picture is of Yosemite Valley, looking towards Half Dome (not visible from mist). “Three Brothers” formation front and left, “Sentinel” back right, Yosemite Falls Buttress to the left background, and Washington Column can be guessed behind it. I climbed on Three Brothers many times. Two parts where I used to climb spectacularly collapsed. Over my climbing career, no less than five (5) places where I climbed collapsed, including the place where I did a spectacular first ascent, fast and free after nearly getting killed in an avalanche. 2,500 feet of buttress gone, causing a Richter III earthquake…

I go further than Nietzsche. Economy of Thought (ET), not just Will to Power (WP) is a major driver of human behavior. In a sense ET is the opposite of WP. WP asks for energy, ET reduces the demand for energy. One expands and attacks, the other shrinks and conserve (energy).

Hopefully Biden (and Pelosi) have enough self-knowledge, and general knowledge to realize that, in light of history, they are war criminals and criminals against humanity… A deeper truth will, hopefully, be preferred by the perpetrators to the asinine chorus of the sycophants…

Hopefully, then, they will try to redeem themselves, and will try to enact policies that make them look better in the fullness of time. A fundamental drive of “Populism” is to unleash the animal instincts of the general population (not just those of the oligarchs). This empowerment of all now means .more direct democracy, more debate, and unleashing mental creativity. That will require to rollback the destruction of the Patent System which favored well-financed monopolies. 

Nominating Yellen Secretary of the Treasury is a step in the right direction (Trump had her, and came to regret her, after he didn’t renew her). Excluding the career Neocon, dictators promoting, war fostering, hereditary plutocrat Susan Rice, was another step in the right direction. There were more discrete steps, also in the positive direction, as when Biden (I saw it live) said rejoining the Paris Climate Accord would be “subject to negotiations”… As are “many other things”. 

Indeed. The climate Paris accord was a terrible thing for those ecologically minded: it was a blank check for the most major polluters to keep on polluting… While getting a rent from the most advanced nations, which as usual, get accused of… being most advanced and too democratic?

The WHO was another disaster. Faced with a pandemic, it refused to launch an inquiry on what Taiwan knew. Taiwan took measures against COVID 19… in 2019! COVID 19, Taiwan 19. The WHO then insisted that a ban on international travel was uncalled for… While China had already blocked, weeks earlier, all internal travel, and especially inside the city of Wuhan (total lock down), or within Hubei province. The US paid to the WHO something like ten times what China paid. Still China made the rules… and the virus!

How do I know Biden and Pelosi may want to redeem themselves? Well, Biden said so about the Crime Bill of 1994, the “New Jim Crow”… the author of which he was. he confessed, in one of the two debates, that it was an error (which the entire Senate committed he insisted… Actually 97 Senators, not 100… And the fact remains that he wrote it, all by himself!)

It’s a hop and a skip away from admitting the same about foreign policy, and Iraq in particular (he and his Foreign Sec has confessed only to bad “execution” so far).

Pelosi’s unhinged anti-Trumpism was not just from her being a member of the political plutocratic class: she used any single occasion to proclaim herself a good person and even a good Catholic. She is not the thief she looks like, making a fortune from politics, and the accomplice of Bush in the matter of Iraq (which she compounded by refusing to impeach Bush on Iraq in 2006, when she headed the US Congress!)

We will see where Biden goes. But other things have surfaced, monsters from the past, more blatantly monstrous than ever, pursuing their descent into the abyss, namely President Barack Obama coming out with striking pronouncements about how “we will have to work” with the Big Tech monopolies he himself created… to find out what truth is. Ignorant greedsters of the world unite and impose their truth on all!

Verily, the only thing these monopolistic people and their servants, who became so wealthy in a few years, by stealing minds, are qualified to find is greed, ever more of it, and outrage, ever more of it. 

Patrice Ayme   

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4 Responses to “All is opinion. Redeeming Truth… And “Democratic” Plutocrats”

  1. SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ Says:

    Speaking of opinions, here is a fine quotation:

    “I’m tired of ignorance held up as inspiration, where vicious anti-intellectualism is considered a positive trait, and where uninformed opinion is displayed as fact.”
    Phil Plait


  2. SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ Says:

    Here’s a quote that I feature in my highly analytical post about critical thinking entitled The Quotation Fallacy “💬” published at

    Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.


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