Too Many Young People Are Dangerously Idiotic Sheep, Why?

Yesterday I was (partly) running on one of my preferred trails above magnificent lake Tahoe. The trail was icy in part. In the central section above the water itself, I met four young, standard couples, composed of a human female and a human male. They were all masked. Imagine the scene: an extremely steep forest with large trees, the blue lake expanse to the east, ten kilometers wide at that point, the first road miles away, and each of these separated couples, wearing masks. As if they were wearing masks with each other all the time. What were they defending themselves from? The pristine wilderness?

Icy Trail, Magnificent Views, Potential Very Big Drop, Rubicon Trail Lake Tahoe, 11/28/2020

Each couple was in great difficulty: dressed like tourists with standard winter footing, they were on an icy path, less than two feet wide, above a deadly drop-off, up to two hundred feet, or more, straight down to the lake. Their shoes had not much grip on the ice, they were tottering on the verge of death. Fortunately it was rather warm and the brooks were flowing with water (instead of being solid steep ice). I ran past them as they squealed in vain. No doubt they all voted for Biden because Trump was “not scientific”.

Wearing masks is “scientific”, if ordered by those young people leaders, the well-heeded elite of crooks full of biotech stocks. Leaders with a grip so strong on the weak minds of young people, that here they were, displaying total, squared idiocy on a dangerous trail. Squared idiocy because it was the multiplication of the mask idiocy by the footwear idiocy. Their probability of dying from COVID basically zero, their probability of tumbling to their death abysmally high. 

On such a dangerous trail, in winter, one should wear crampons. I am used to masked idiots asking free minds wearing no mask to “cover-up” in the complete wilderness, from five meters away in the wind, and then delighted when they switch to the grossest insults when one does not obey their blatant idiocy.

Here the idiots couldn’t talk: their teeth were chattering from the horror of eminent death, their eyes coming out of their skulls, death was a slip away. As I passed them, I admonished them with refined cruelty: ”You are wearing useless mask. Masks will not save your lives, because you do not wear crampons, you should not be on this trail!”

Displaying such a level of idiocy is a great danger for humanity. In Northern California, chances are that many of these young people are among those steering the world, completely ignorant types who decide what is true and what is false, for the whole world, following like throngs of maniacal lemmings. In truth, such Silicon types are completely fake themselves, and, on this trail, it was obvious, even to their clueless selves. The main problem with them tumbling to their death was the trail would thereafter be closed… Not that this would stop me, closed trails actually attract me, but such a beautiful place should not be closed to the world.

According to polls, Biden was elected by young people coming in droves to vote for him, as if he were their savior. Visualize this: a veteran ultra major US politician, in ultimate power for half a century, a major Neocon, saving the world from the one who brutally took out US troops from all sorts of countries, and directed the production of three working COVID vaccine in ten months.

It makes sense: remember, they are ignorant of most things, just full of silicon, hopefully, they have no idea that Biden was one of the main authors of the greatest crime against humanity of the Twentieth Century, the invasion of Iraq; more than three million dead and counting. Less hopefully they know Biden attacked Iraq but it is of no consequence to them: all they care about is themselves and their peers. 

The problem with all too many young people is that they believe 100% all the propaganda the Global Deep Plutocracy inflicts on them. Actually they do not view it as infliction, or the subjugation it is, but as a liberation, and a pretext to impose themselves upon others. 

For all too many people, nowadays legit “source” means certified Global Deep Plutocratic outlet: CNN (Ted Turner), NYT (same family since 19C), Washington Post (Bezos/Amazon), Reuters (nearly for two centuries property of Reuters family), AP (a consortium of plutocratic media), Factcheck.Org. I happened to have a (once friendly) relationship with (one of) the main plutocratic financiers of Factcheck.Org, a hereditary plutocratic crook, who took very badly my exposition of his corruption to someone else… who immediately violated professional secrecy he was bound to, and reveal to the Factcheck plutocrat that I knew what he had invested in (something horrible).

Many of the arrogant parrots out there evoke “science”. They have often no notion of “science” or even culture: computer programming is no more science than ordering one’s room is science. Zuckerberg and Gates did one year of college. Jack Dorsey from Twitter started his fortune with criminal hacking. Now he poses as paragon of monkish like morality, complete with deranged appearance. 

Science does not say masks work in all and any cases. Science says the efficiency of masks in a medical setting is 70%. In a public setting, 0%, scientific studies have shown. Yes, that was a zero.  

Why should it be different? The virus is aerosol, carried by droplets one tenth of a micron across…HEPA filters and UV stop it. Masks do not. All countries which went into a mask frenzy saw a tremendous flare-up, because the uneducated thought they were protected, when actually they were not. I try very hard NOT to wear a mask, but even harder to avoid places with potentially airborne virus. 

So why are so many of the youth so idiotic? Because the Global Deep Plutocracy wanted it so. In California public schools are shuttered; teaching is less than 12 hours a week, half of it about Great Leader Iraqus Maximus Biden, why Bad Lives Splatter should follow him and his Kamelat. 

Obviously public education has failed, as intended by the hereditary elite. Because it is hereditary: Zuck went to the number one private school in the USA.and then Harvard, Gates, similar story, with the dad top lawyer in his state, and the mom an IBM director. Failure for the people, success for the elite. The dumber the population, the more exploitative the elite. An infernal spiral down to civilizational collapse. 

But you know what, now some of the wise know how this works, and that that’s why it may not work again.

Patrice Ayme


7 Responses to “Too Many Young People Are Dangerously Idiotic Sheep, Why?”

  1. Gloucon X Says:

    Pence voted for Iraq War.


  2. Gmax Says:

    Yeah idiocy is the word. But ain’t just the good old USA. Look at Europe. Masks everywhere and so is COVID
    Why do you think they love masks so much?


  3. Ian Miller Says:

    Masks could be quite effective (although on a Lake Tahoe trail their use verges on insanity). The point is, if you wish to rely on science, you should realize that trying to filter the virus out by making the pores smaller won’t work – you won’t be able to breathe properly – especially on the lake Tahoe trail. However, let is have a middle layer that is loose and fluffy, and covered with something like a carrageenan, and wide-weave outer layers to hold everything together. Now, the idea is with turbulent air flow, because there are no straight paths, if the virus touches the carrageenan, it gets stuck, and the sulphate half esters eventually kill the virus. Now that would offer some protection. Not that you see anything like that being offered to the public.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Ian:
      I have an essay on this and I am going to publish within minutes. I spent a lot of time reading through my Science and Nature magazine of the last few months, and other research. Verdict? Masks work in medical setting (that has been known for more than a century… Maybe even 10 centuries…) But they seem COUNTERPRODUCTIVE in public, for the public. HEPA filters work though, so does UV, and even directly from the Sun (I have disinfected everything that way since January…)


  4. Paula Nelson Says:

    Too many older people are also Dangerously Idiotic Sheep. My comments after hearing Reagan debate for POTUS… “If we continue to elect presidents the way we buy laundry soap (most advertised) we are in trouble. I also knew he had Alzheimer’s. So does Biden.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Paula, that was implicit. Old sheep…. I never liked Reagan… And discovered too late that my friend Barry thought smart to say he admired Reagan… Indeed, that old drunkard ended up with Alzheimer… He was always culturally retarded, at the very least…


  5. aldariontelcontar Says:

    Reblogged this on Monarchist Conservative and commented:
    Today’s people, not just young, are mostly dangerously idiotic sheep. The reason are severalfold:
    1) First, scientia (knowledge) has replaced philosophia (love of wisdom). Collectively as a culture we today *know* far more than ancient Greeks or Romans, or medieval Byzantines, did – but we *understand* far less. Critical thought is discouraged, and instead children and adults alike are enocuraged to accumulate facts, without context, and without understanding. But what does this result in? A world of sheep, of people who walk along the paths dictated by somebody else, and pretend that they are intelligent – which they are not (intellegens – understanding, discerning).
    2) Second, outright veneration (worship) of authorities. Social sciences have achieved dangerous levels of acceptance, considering they are dominated by ideology. People do what they are told to do, and do not think much about it.

    And I have noticed what is described in the post itself. People wearing masks in the open, not understanding that they do not protect anyone that way but may well make themselves sick(er). It is pure stupidity: out in the open, masks will not protect. In fact, if virus is so infective that it will infect through the air, in open space and over a distance of a dozen meters, then wearing masks is pointless because virus will go around the mask anyway, especially in a closed space. And if masks protect, then it means that virus is limited by the reach of aerosol (specifically, spit spread when coughing), which is less than a meter in calm conditions. In windy conditions it may be up to 6 meters (see link below) but it also gets diffused over that distance.

    People were first scared, and then brainwashed – which was even more effective because they were scared. This is the basic “shock doctrine” as described by Naomi Klein.

    And beyond COVID think, we have had (in Croatia) tourists who went onto open sea with sea air mattress, or went to mountains in flip-flops.


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