New Pork Times, etc: Lack Of Critical Education Brought Up A Population Of Naïve Idiots, As Intended

Furry on the Internet among the hateful lemmings because I pointed at the PUBLIC MASQUERADE as the main cause of the worsening of the pandemic in Europe and the USA. Believing masks was a panacea has fostered up an aggressive ignorance so great, that effective anti-COVID measures were forsaken: distanciation, filtration, ventilation, UV disinfection… while mask wearing encouraged bathing in infected air with masks, the best way to catch the virus… in part because mask exhibitionism fosters unwarranted overconfidence turning masks into COVID emitters, in all too many cases. Yes, as has been shown in many scientific articles, some masks can augment dissemination by up to 5 times relative to no mask. That was one the claims I reported, and people found it outrageous. But, I didn’t do the research myself, I was just quoting. Now haters are enraged against me, and call me unscientific for quoting peer reviewed publications, in journals such as Nature… just because they can’t read the whole thing… let alone understand it. All they know is what Doctor Fauci allegedly said, like all their forebears knew was what Jesus the crucified allegedly said… lemmings do best, when all enraged.

for the homemade cotton masks, the measured particle emission rate either remained unchanged (DL-T) or increased by as much as 492% (SL-T) compared to no mask for all of the expiratory activities.

Here is another good one, same article:

Our work does raise the possibility, however, that virus-contaminated masks could release aerosolized fomites into the air by shedding fiber particulates from the mask fabric.

What is going on? The Nature article explains:

For jaw movement, the particle emission rates for homemade paper and cloth masks were an order of magnitude larger than that of no mask (Fig. 2d). These observations, along with our results from manual mask rubbing experiments (Fig. 5), provide strong evidence of substantial shedding of non-expiratory micron-scale particulates from friable cellulosic fibers of the paper and cloth masks owing to mechanical action40.

Now what I did personally, in Patrice Ayme’s own essay, which brought up the fury of nasty idiots, was to make a few simple computations and observations, comparing and thinking about HEPA filters, KN95 masks (supposedly most efficient), and the size of the virus, and its ability to stay suspended in the air apparently indefinitely (as CDC published Tulane university research showed). This personal thinking and computing made clear how the mask masquerade augmented the pandemic. Masks are useless outdoors, and also indoors (if NOT used by medical personnel, in medical settings: fresh, clean, non shedding masks, etc.) I added to this broader philosophical remarks pertaining to the sad state in which collective thinking has decayed, and why.

Insults and threats were my reward.

Insults are not reason. Reason, well, reasons, it does not just label a person’s activity with just a derogatory term, and leaves it at that. Only haters do this.

The lack of education enforced by plutocracy (contemplate the closed public schools, while California private schools, in person, remain open) brought the result of a citizenry incapable of reading. All they know is hatred. And obeying orders from their masters, expressing themselves through the media, the plutocratically owned media. We saw this before, in Sixth Century Constantinople.

Cuomo refused to use Trump’s Hospital ship. The most interesting question is this: would he do it again, knowing it killed 10,000, but helped win the presidential election? I don’t know. I can’t guess. Maybe I could, if I read enough. But is a life spent reading about garbage people all day long, worth living? Meanwhile Cuomo joked to Dr, Fauci that he, Cuomo, and he, Fauci, were the modern De Niro and Al Pacino… Famous for fictionally killing many in gangster movies. Many who look at the situation critically, like yours truly, will not amused, because it is easy to make a case that idiotic orders or advice from Cuomo and Fauci killed thousands.


Maybe we enlist you [Fauci], do it with you, we’ll do an ad telling New Yorkers it’s safe to take the vaccine, to, you know put us together, we’re like the modern day De Niro and Pacino. You can be which one ever, whichever you want. You can be the De Niro or Pacino. Fauci and Cuomo,” Cuomo said.

Compare with what is serious and spectacular: Operation Warp Speed officials said to reporters in late November that around 6.4 million Pfizer RNA vaccine doses are going to be sent to states and territories by the middle of December if by then, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration grants authorization. Meanwhile the husband of Democratic Congresswoman Omar, the famous headscarf wearing Muslim, received $500,000 in COVID stimulus money. More than 100 law firms received loans ranging from $1 million to $10 million. Including Boies Schiller Flexner, the high-priced law firm run by David Boies, which received between $5 million and $10 million. Seven top law firms, with partners making several million dollars a year, got more than ten million each in stimulus money. I have said this earlier, including one of this multimillionaire lawyers joking to me:”it’s free money!” It’s the new pork. The New York Times concentrates on other things, thus enabling it some more.

New Pork Times Latest:

Meanwhile the New York Times ran a rabid article: “Death Came for the Dakotas“. General ideas: those savages wear no masks, and do not socially distance (I am a strong proponent of social distancing: I have seen friends only outside with a wind, at a distance, since last January, and stop breathing when I pass people, until obviously fresh air is disponible…) It helped the NYT thinking that the governors there are republicans, a species the NYT loves to hate officially… while being not so secretly, somewhat to the right of the Trump crowd, in socio-economic engineering, Neoliberalism, Neoconservatism, and US imperialism… the Trump hating acting as a cover for the latter, and partly explaining it…)

Well… Based on the New York Times coronavirus case count, the current deaths per capita are:

133/100K in North Dakota

123/100K in South Dakota

177/100K in New York state

288/100K in New York City

Understanding that the virus is airborne, and that masks do not stop enough airborne viruses, in most confined air situations, would have prevented this.

The death rate in NYC is greater than double that in the Dakotas. For the “horror story” the New York Times say is happening in those plain states, they still are much better off than the New Pork Times‘ own backyard.

Is the excuse going to be that New York State had to have a tremendous epidemic so that its manslaughtering governor could get a Grammy Award for his clownish stories about how he preferred to kill 10,000 Senior Citizens, rather than using Trump’s ship, the Mercy? Cuomo, the much admired murderer, sent back infected residents to nursing homes, rather than to the Mercy.  

New York City was hit earlier so a deadlier outbreak was inevitable, it had nothing to do with an incompetent mayor and an incompetent governor? China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea were hit even earlier. Taiwan has seven dead from COVID, that’s it. South  Korea was hit before NYC and its death rate is around 1/100,000. 

It would be interesting to read in the New Pork Times an article explaining why NYC’s death rate is over 250 times greater than that of Seoul, a larger metropolis. Or why Cuomo, the mafioso looking governor of New York State, refused to use the Mercy, and preferred to send thousands of seniors to their death. Even better: why is Cuomo lauded? Is it, because, like Obama, he did the opposite of what he claimed to have done? Part of the essence of the god of Evil, Pluto, is that it can make itself invisible. So Obama was a naked supporter of fossil fuels, and is still celebrated as a tremendous ecologist… Although he yanked to zero hydrogen research on day one of his presidency (Obama saw no such urgency with the minimum wage… Actually he did not change it during his presidency, leaving it at eight dollars an hour. Obama can earn 100,000 times that, in an hour, so superior is he to the common animals…) 

If one wants to understand the pathologies that made America’s affair with the coronavirus so deadly, one should ponder what so many “Democrats” and other authorities did (not just Trump and the incompetent CDC). Visit New York City, read the New Pork Times, with a critical mind… And then understand Obamacare in detail, and its practical effect on getting healthcare, and the for-profit US healthcare industry. Hint: advanced countries do not confuse healthcare and health profiteering

And that Grammy Award to Cuomo? Those who gave it to him knew all too well Cuomo killed 10,000 seniors rather than using the Trump ship. This is precisely why they offered him the award, to be able to turn around and snap: “Cuomo got a Grammy for his coronavirus action, he is a hero and martyr!” Yes, a Grammy, for turning the death of 10,000 into an hilarious performance… making the captive audience of the New Pork applaud… their own demise.    

Patrice Ayme


5 Responses to “New Pork Times, etc: Lack Of Critical Education Brought Up A Population Of Naïve Idiots, As Intended”

  1. Gmax Says:

    It’s all very infuriating. If what you say is correct, this approaches the level of high treason. And it looks correct to me, considering what the scientists you quote say. But it took me a while other read your essay and the other one before that. Most people have the attention span of a cocker spaniel.

    I read the bandana style masks runners often wear spread the virus much more than no mask at all. So the news are getting out. But it’s dramatic for business


  2. Partha Shakkottai Says:

    You say: “Insults are not reason. Reason, well, reasons, it does not just label a person’s activity with just a derogatory term, and leaves it at that. Only haters do this.”

    Reason is out of bounds regarding Islam. Any comment is hate speech according to Google, most likely controlled by Islamians.


  3. Craig A. Cunningham, PhD Flag of United States Says:

    Dec 13
    Replying to @Tyranosopher
    Your post displays a misunderstanding of the nature of science.


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