Exponentiating The Climate; Or When “Experts” Exponentiate Themselves.

“Experts” in infectious diseases, at least those at the top of the hierarchy, including the world health Organization and the much admired Dr. Fauci, have proven disastrously wrong in the orders they advised governments to give to fight the COVID pandemic... Could it be that expertise is itself infected?

Experts did well in many other countries, from China to New Zealand, so we can compare. In the most “advanced” and largest “representative democracies” of the “West”, “experts” seem to make a habit of giving “advice” which makes bad situations, worse… Examples abound, I will sketch a few here. Probably because, those countries being wealthier and not under Communist Party rule, the corruption therein is much greater. Please watch Fauci taking himself for Don Corleone of the Godfather, or on Kim Kardashian’s show, to understand better what I mean.

An excellent example of thorough corruption driven by “experts” is Western Finance since the Clinton administration’s repeal of President Roosevelt’s work, accomplished in 1933. That brought the 2008 financial crisis, where the “experts” once again, gave the advice which augmented the inequalities, not to say the inequities…

Another subject where “experts” proved incompetent was the climate. For decades, “experts” pontificated that it would take 5,000 years for Antarctica to seriously melt. So no serious worries were to be had. Yes, a few glaciers could melt. But Antarctica? No! Their erroneously optimistic opinions were thoroughly idiotic, ignored basic physics and the notion of exponential, and supported only by their desire to please their masters.

It was obvious all along to really free and superior minds, that Antarctica was at risk of melting from below, cataclysmically... Because the densest oceanic water is not the coldest.

The maximum risk with the climate is not drowning, which can be survived by swimming to higher ground, but actually, lacking oxygen, hypoxia: experts have argued with me, and, latter the French president, to claim atmospheric oxygen was NOT at risk. Those “experts” in denial tweaked what was known in the most satisfying way, to please their employers (big fossil fuel guzzling governments, typically).

In truth, it is, at least in the worst scenarios one should imagine, and they do not require much imagination: all forests burn, all plankton gets acidified to death from carbonic acid and burned form high temperatures, and then the permafrost melt and oxidizes …devouring atmospheric oxygen (yes we can, I did the computations; “experts” can try to repeat them). But enough with my fertile imagination. Another fact is not pointed out enough: clearly GLOBAL HEATING is EXPONENTIATING. Just look at the graph of temperatures. To help, I traced the exponential by hand, in red:

E X P O N E N T I A L: Clearly the world temperature is following an exponential. Thus presumably, the entire planetary climate… And the “experts” are at fault.

A (growing) exponential has the shape it does because its rate of growth is proportional to its size. In other words, an exponential depicts a phenomenon where the rate of increase of the size of the phenomenon is proportional to the size of this phenomenon. In other words, the bigger the problem, the faster it grows, because the problem itself contributes to its rate of augmentation. The multiplication of bacterial or viral infections are the archetypical example of this… Or that of any uncontrolled population, such as that of Niger (which went in one generation from 4 million under the French administration, in 1960 to 24 million today…)

On December 3, 2020, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Gutierrez, called the state of our planet “broken”. Exponentiating the climate into hell is part of the problem. An even larger problem is that expertise, in the most important countries, has been captured enough by those with exaggerated power to break civilization itself….

And the remedies are not close at hand. Remedies will go through superior knowledge. However, plutocracy, worldwide dominates truth. The media, worldwide, is owned by plutocrats, the evil-rulers… who have a vested interest of making the planet ever more homely for themselves, that is, ever more like hell.

So what to do? That’s the question pragmatic ones always want to be answered, when one points at the root of the problem, namely a planet led secretly by corrupt “experts” on plutocratic payroll… Press for enormously accelerated research in green hydrogen and fusion hydrogen. (“Green hydrogen” covers hydrogen and derivatives such as ammonia, which can be used for storage of renewable energy; it’s mostly a question of deployment). Also boycott countries such as Australia, the world number one coal exporter. Australia should be the object of UN sanctions, like Rhodesia or South Africa were in the past, and for similar reasons: crime against humanity. Australia is treating all of us, humanity, as an inferior race, not to say species. Some will point the finger at Trump and his rhetoric, but, de facto, the USA’s outrageous CO2 production (more than thrice France, per person) is more hedonistic than greedy, and coal has gone down in the US even under Trump: India and China are the ones fostering coal as much as they can, and they get much in Australia, and plan to get even more. North Americans like big mansions and big lives, while Australia, and also Canada sell as much of their souls, and their fossil fuels, as they can find… Although they live comfortably enough already (much better than India and China!)

Fundamentally, though, the notion of democracy has to be elevated to higher standards (well beyond what “experts” in politics will suggest). So that “expertise” can be re-evaluated. And that means more well informed debate with all involved (thus more direct democracy, isegoria, parrhesia, etc.). This starts with realizing the usual punditry and “factchecking” is itself serving who pay their bills, and mortgages for those big mansions from which they can zoom down on us. The fact is, just as with COVID, there are some countries doing much better than others on the question of CO2 emissions, and this has a lot to do with their experts finding a completely different version of reality, alternative facts, and alternative solutions… We will see what Biden’s “experts” will propose. Solutions go through new technologies… or then regulations enforcing the implementation of new technologies, or technologies which should have been deployed (such as renewable and biodegradable plastics). Right, new technologies do not necessarily work: geothermal energy deployed industrially in northern Alsace has brought earthquakes so numerous and damaging that many houses are now cracked, and the technology had to be stopped on an emergency basis, lest all of Alsace be levelled… And everybody knows that some of the nuclear fission technologies previously deployed have created very inconvenient radiation problem: that can be fixed with new nuclear technologies; the previous ones were deployed precisely because they polluted… the main pollution being Pluto-nium. Plutonium can be weaponized, and that’s why it was loved. We need to have experts focus on something less hellish.

Ultimately, real top notch expertise has to be symbolized by simple, autonomous ideas.

The fact that the world temperature is now exponentiating means that the temperature augmentation is self-feeding. This is an important new fact. It should have its own neural network. Amen.

Patrice Ayme


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6 Responses to “Exponentiating The Climate; Or When “Experts” Exponentiate Themselves.”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Does the shape of the curve plies what you say, the growing proprtional to itself? That’s a math theorem?


  2. Paul Handover Says:

    This is the greatest problem that humanity is facing. One that defies everything that makes sense. One could write a book about it (and I am well into that book) but in itself it won’t bring about the changes that are so urgently needed. That curve is frightening! Truly frightening!

    Is there any hope in society removing CO2 from the atmosphere?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Paul! Thanks for writing a book on this. You can quote me as much as you want. I was struck by the fact nobody has traced the curve… which is clearly exponential. I drew it… with my finger! Now that it looks as an exponential means that its rate of growth is proportional to its size, so, then, that it is self-feeding!

      Yes, CO2 could be removed… What we need is big TERRA FORMINg machines (like in the movies Alien). Given huge energy, say from a thermonuclear fusion reactor, we could just make a giant freezer, run air through it, and then liquid CO2 would flow out. Then one can just inject it in some basalt… There is plenty of basalt. It quickly turns into rock.

      CarbFix, a project pioneered by an international consortium led by Reykjavík Energy, the French National Centre for Scientific Research, the University of Iceland and Columbia University, with funding from the EU, is doing just that. Calcite is made in the alveoles of basalt. It takes 400 days…

      That will have to be done at some point in the future, once fusion becomes available… There is no rush… Meanwhile the 50 billion tons of CO2 added a year have to be mitigated…

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    • Patrice Ayme Says:



  3. Paul Handover Says:

    Thank you, Patrice. I may well select some material from your posts for the book; that’s a kind offer.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      You are more than welcome, Paul. I cannot find the time or energy, dedication and concentration to write books, so this way I could sort of partake, should you find some of my passages worthy,into works of greater reach than my pathetic scribblings…

      Liked by 1 person

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