Bad Lies Matter: Fresh Air, Not Masked Air, Is How Japan And Many Other Countries Defeated COVID. The “3 Cs”.

Abstract: It was obvious since the beginning that SARS-CoV2, the famous coronavirus, was AIRBORNE. That this rather trivial evidence, and how to remedy it, was not noticed is a testimony to the astounding grip plutocratic media exerts on simple Western minds… of the increasing mentally retarded type

Mmathematics scores are collapsing in France, a related notion: that the West is getting dumber is exemplified by COVID; generally East Asian countries dealt with the pandemic in a very smart way, using the “3Cs”, to counteract the airborne nature of the virus. As I will explain.

Japan, in particular, took the appropriate measures… All astute observers in the West should have been able to see it. But are there astute observers left in the West? Westerners see only what their masters tell them to see, just as they feel only what their masters tell them to see, and think only what their “philanthropic” masters tell them to think. Thus, the plebs, in Europe or the US was unaware of the Japanese example. Now Western leaders, for example in healthcare could not possibly have been unaware of what Japan did. Still they refused to follow Japan. Why? Are Europe and the US not just stupid, but also blind? Or, to follow the racial obsession of the lunatic pseudo-left (manipulated by plutocrats), is it skin color racism? Racism? Yellow Lives Don’t Matter, whatever they do, even if it saves lives? What else? Surely, they did not try to win an election that way?


Idiotic disinformation is rampant, insulting, racist. In their latest delirious twist, the masked propagandists identified anti-vaccines idiots with those who have carefully read the literature on masks, astutely appraised the history of the pandemic, on a worldwide basis, and found that masks were part of the problem rather than the solution. 

Wait indeed for “MASK LUNG“, a future disease, when all those little masks fibers in the lungs will cause fibrosis of said lungs… Lung fibrosis (“COPD”) has no cure and is one of the most frequent diseases…  

One would think the public smarter in its capacity of observation: March-April: no masks, epidemics under control. Fall: mandatory masks (in Europe, California, etc. ). Epidemic completely out of control, in EU, US. The reasons have been exposed in recent SCIENTIFIC articles: masks work mostly in the medical domain, they give a false sense of safety.  

It should not be hard to understand… Everywhere in Europe and North America, the pandemic exploded when masks were mandated for the public. At best, masks were useless, at worst, they contributed to the pandemic, this is what the graph above says, on the face of it. And there are excellent reasons for the latter, supported by observations.

So why the astounding death toll in Europe and the USA? Why the deliberate avoidance of Japanese lessons on COVID? Western racists and bigots, white lives supremacists, have nothing to learn from Japan?…Indeed, many countries suffered little impact from SARS-CoV2, with few deaths and no slowing down of the economy. But the white plutocrats who have all the media, academia and “factcheckers” on their payrolls, by definition of “plutocracy” have devilish logic. Remember that their number one objective was to bring back in control the actors of the implementation of financial plutocracy of the 1990s. It is not just that they are systematically racist, and look down on the Japanese.

Japan had only 2,500 dead… with the world’s oldest population. South Korea, 600 dead, and a death rate per 100,000 roughly one hundredth of that of the UK, US, France. Taiwan had only seven dead (7)… That’s 1/5000 the death rate of Belgium. Yes, less than 5,000 times less for Taiwan than Belgium… 

Simple. Obvious. Obvious since February, when the Diamond Princess, a large cruise ship with more than 700 COVID cases berthed in Yokohama. Then, top, world class infectious disease Japanese experts with the best PPE masks. shields and training available anywhere in the world, went on board the ship. Many of these superlative experts caught COVID. The conclusion was obvious, and drawn immediately: the virus was airborne, masks were of very limited utility. The Wuhan coronavirus, SARS2 attaches itself to ultralight fomites, and can stay up in the air forever. Recent studies, published by the CDC have shown that the virus can stay up more than 16 hours with no sign of falling down (references are on CDC website referred to in my main essay on the subject, MASK MASQUERADE KILLS). 

An airborne virus cannot be stopped by standard medical masks. This is why avoiding confined air and crowded places is crucial: safety is a matter of breathing fresh air, not of stopping droplets. 

Most countries which fought COVID successfully didn’t mandate shutdowns or social-distancing orders. Instead they encouraged people to avoid the 3 “C’s”: Closed spaces with poor ventilation, Crowded places with groups of people, and Close-contact settings.

Why these simple truths, that the virus is airborne, and that crowds and enclosed spaces should be avoided has been known since February have not reached the public in the EU and US is a testimony to the racist mind control the plutocratic media exerts. Oh yes, it has been known in a sort of abstract way… However the mask mythology has insisted that the virus was carried by droplets…. Thus has differectly contradicted the fact that the virus was airborne: being airborne requires for prevention solutions which mask wearing contradicts.

So what of the systemic racism accusation? Well, clearly, Western medical authorities did not take seriously Japanese authorities: if they had, they would have adopted their solution. At first sight, it looks like anti-Japanese racism so strong that the systemic racists prefer to die, breathing viruses, while practicing voodoo masking, brandishing pseudo-science even the ignorant can understand, as ordered by greedy politicians on the take… 

Result? A few million dead. And a considerable augmentation of fascism and stupidity. And spread of disease. Yesterday I was in a park, running uphill. A tall white man in uniform (not law enforcement) screamed at me:”Go back! You are not wearing a mask! You are spreading disease!“. He moved towards me in a threatening way. There was nobody around, besides him; after I ran away from him, I met no one for miles, a full hour. This is big park. Some trees are adorned with automatic cameras of the “Mountain Lion Project“. I had a long way to go, I was seriously winded… And it would have been dangerous to stop, the man was obviously deranged and violent. What to do when confronted with such maniacal behavior? Well, have the courage to tell a bit of the truth. So I replied, while fleeing:”You are a fascist!“.

Speaking of spread of disease, I went later to a “Whole Foods” market (owned by Amazon). It was stuffed with slaves purchasing food for the wealthy of the hills. There were not enough cashiers. So I line snaked through the store, among the aisles. It was one hundred meters (330 feet) long. A crowded, closed space: perfect for spreading COVID. A few blocks away there is a recent COVID cluster, with hundreds of cases (officially 540 cases, at that racetrack employer, Berkeley decided). Exactly what to avoid (I did not see the line when I entered, from the way the store is set-up).

To end on a positive note: thanks to COVID, RNA vaccines made a breakthrough… they can be used against cancer, or so the hope goes, that’s why the whole technology was initially developed. Ironically, then, COVID may end up, by accelerating biotechnology, saving much more lives than it robbed…

Bad Lies Matter… 

Patrice Ayme

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6 Responses to “Bad Lies Matter: Fresh Air, Not Masked Air, Is How Japan And Many Other Countries Defeated COVID. The “3 Cs”.”

  1. aldariontelcontar Says:

    Reblogged this on Monarchist Conservative and commented:
    It is not a consequence of racism, though. It is simple: masks have nothing to do with fighting the infection. Rather, they are a tool of control over the population, just as everything else done. Otherwise large trade centres would have been closed down, instead of small shops and bazaars. But logic here is not that of health, but one of plutocracy.


  2. ianmillerblog Says:

    The best we can say for the average masks is they at least reduce the virus load given off by an infected person. That is, they work by restricting the damage done by those already infected. Not entirely suitable, but I suppose they are better than nothing.

    The reason Japanese have avoided the worst may have something to do with their diet. Seaweeds, which they consume, contain sulphated polysaccharides with known antiviral properties.


  3. Gmax Says:

    If nothing else, wearing NO mask makes people more careful. Should be a NO-BRAINER.


  4. ronaldscheckelhoff Says:

    “Mountain Lion project …” That’s an interesting observation. I once discovered a camera hidden under a fence rail on a trailway in a park. The battery was buried, but rain had exposed it and I noticed it first. This was not really an area where there’d be much wildlife. I crouched down and looked directly into the camera from 2 feet away. I tapped the camera, shrugged and moved on. I passed a spot on the trail that had a suspiciously non-useful fence post next to it. Closely looking at the fence post I saw an embedded IR sensor, a small pair of wires, and a little buried battery.

    About forty five minutes later I was walking back past the same point (returning on the round trip). There at the spot were two state employees with screwdrivers, removing the setup. Coincidence?


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