Masks Worse Than No Mask For “Virus Nasal Retention”.

Wearing a mask could be more dangerous than not wearing one at all when it comes to warding off COVID-19, in realistic setting, one more study has found. And the study was done in conditions tweaked towards minimizing viral upload!

This modelling study focuses on surgical masks, which surgeons have successfully used for many decades. It does not mean surgical masks don’t work for surgery: they do. Indeed, surgeons use their masks just once and have been trained in their use, which is most particular (don’t touch the mask with non sterilized hands, and that just once, etc…). That newest troubling study was published Tuesday in the Physics of Fluids. The New York Post talked about it the next day. Then the article was removed by Physics Of Fluid. Big Pluto Brother had apparently taken umbrage.

After I made fun of the censorship on the Internet, the article re-appeared (with politically correct sanctimonious tweaks added). Here is the start of “Effects of mask-wearing on the inhalability and deposition of airborne SARS-CoV-2 aerosols in human upper airway“:

ABSTRACT: Even though face masks are well accepted as tools useful in reducing COVID-19 transmissions, their effectiveness in reducing viral loads in the respiratory tract is unclear. As I had been saying… It gets better:
“The viral load in the nose was particularly examined with and without a mask. Results show that when breathing without a mask, air enters the mouth and nose through specific paths. When wearing a mask, however, air enters the mouth and nose through the entire surface of the mask at lower speeds, which favors the inhalation of ambient aerosols into the nose.” Got that? “… wearing a mask… FAVORS the inhalation of ambient aerosols into the nose… And where does that go? In the exposed neurons of the olfactory bulb. The COVID virus infects neurons directly.

From the conclusion: “The results of this study show that wearing a zero-filtration mask can lead to a higher deposition rate of particles smaller than 10 µm (i.e., PM10) in the upper airway for all flow rates (15 l/min–60 l/min) and mask resistance matrices considered. This seemingly counterintuitive observation may be attributed to the altered pressure and airflow fields caused by the mask, which further changes the inhalability of the particles and subsequent deposition in the upper airways. The overall lower speeds of the respirable particles after wearing a mask, as well as an increased area of respiration, can increase the chance of respirable particles to land on the face or being inhaled into the mouth and nose. This unexpected finding raises an alarm that wearing masks with very low filtration efficiencies may lead to a higher chance of deposition of ambient aerosols and thus can do more harm than protection. In this study, we assumed a 65% filtration efficiency of the mask, which is typical for a three-layer surgical mask, for all particle sizes….

And still better, and still clearer:

The finding that particle dosimetry can be substantially different with and without a mask calls for cautions in health risk assessment with face coverings. The practice of estimating airway doses with a mask by simply scaling the doses without a mask can introduce significant errors. Furthermore, current mask filtration efficiency (FE) testing, for instance, using TSI 8130, only provides an integrated FE value for polydisperse aerosols and does not differentiate FEs among particle sizes. It is well expected that the mask FE varies significantly with particle sizes. Even though this study adopted an identical FE (65%) for all particles considered, further studies with a mask are warranted to include the mask FEs that are specific to different particle sizes. Likewise, complementary experimental studies are needed to measure the particle-size-dependent FEs for different types of masks.The nose has a unique role in this COVID-19 pandemic for several reasons. It is the first physical barrier of our body to keep ambient aerosols from getting into the respiratory tract; unlike the mouth, the downward nostrils can effectively prevent large particles from being inhaled due to their large inertia. The nasal mucus and immune cells constitute the second line of defense against invading viruses.48 However, the nasal goblet secretory cells are also one of the three confirmed binding sites for COVID-19 viruses, where two necessary enzymes for cell invasion, ACE2 (angiotensin-converting enzyme 2) and TMPRSS2 (type II transmembrane serine protease), coexist.47 This explains the usage of nasal swabs in COVID testing.46 The other two sites with these two enzymes coexisting are the surface epithelial cells of the alveoli and the ileal absorptive cells in the small intestine.47 In this study, we found that the protective efficacy of a mask for the nasal airway decreases at lower inhalation flow rates. Particularly at 15 l/min, the nasal retention of 1 µm–3 µm ambient aerosols is even higher by wearing a 65% filtration mask than without a mask at all. This situation is expected to worsen for flow rates lower than 15 l/min or wearing a mask with lower filtration efficiencies.”

Now wait… What is the normal respiratory volume per minute under mild exercise? Twelve liters per minute, thus well below the threshold above. It is lower at rest: 8 to 5 liters per minute. So the research article above established that the “NASAL RETENTION AT one to three micronsis EVEN HIGHER BY WEARING A SURGICAL MASK THAN WITHOUT A MASK AT ALL.” So the person wearing a surgical mask is gathering more coronavirus into the nose than if a person wearing no mask! And this is with particle ten times larger in diameter and one thousand times bigger in volume than the SARS-CoV2 virus. Below one micron, the FE, the Filtration Efficiency, of masks surgical or N95 decreases…

A new three-layer surgical mask is 65 percent efficient in filtering “particles” in the air — but when used, that number drops to 25 percent, according to the study. By “particles’ what the researchers mean is 2.5 micron droplets… Thus 25 times larger in diameter than the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus (which is only .1 micron across), and thus more than ten thousand times more voluminous than said virus. As I have explained, experimental results, and, independently, a bit of thinking, suggest that the virus does not hesitate to discard orders from the authorities, and offends by travelling on smaller fomites. That implies that only HEPA filters can stop the coronavirus in enclosed spaces.

Researchers from the University of Massachusetts Lowell and California Baptist University say that masks slow down airflow, making people more susceptible to breathing in particles — and a dirty face mask can’t effectively filter out the tiniest of droplets.

HEPA filters and UV Cs can completely eliminate the virus. Masks cannot. Worse, increasing evidence show masks seem to make the situation worse. Indeed, the problem is whether masks are so ineffective that they are worse than NO masks. The grossest, thus first order, epidemiological evidence says so.

To reach their findings, researchers used a computer model of a person wearing a pleated three-layer surgical mask to track how the face covering affected airflow and how particles passed through. They also looked at how the tiny droplets settled onto the face, in the airway and where they land in the nose, pharynx or deep lung. They found that wearing a mask “significantly slows down” airflow, reducing a mask’s efficacy and making a person more susceptible to inhaling aerosols into the nose — where SARS-CoV-2 likes to lurk.

In this study, we found that the protective efficacy of a mask for the nasal airway decreases at lower inhalation flow rates,” the study said. Basically, slow inflows unable the virus to settle in what it loves, nasal cavity recesses… The pleats of a face mask also significantly affect airflow patterns and their efficacy changes with more use, the researchers found. The team plans to study further how mask shapes affect protection from COVID-19.

We hope public health authorities strengthen the current preventative measures to curb COVID-19 transmission, like choosing a more effective mask, wearing it properly for the highest protection, and avoid using an excessively used or expired surgical mask,” said Xi.

One more demonstration of the inefficiency of masks is that the French president, Macron, got COVID on December 16, 2020. Macron always wears a mask in public. Who has a vested interest in going on with that lethal Mask Masquerade? Well not just those invested in Biotech stocks without any revenue (that’s a good thing), but also those who lied about masks so much, they cannot go back without losing face, and maybe their clout (that comprises many politicians and Western health authorities).

As I said, the only way to curb the virus, aside from brutal medieval style lockdowns, is to wash enclosed spaces with Ultra Violet C and HEPA filters, and avoid the “3 Cs”. Some countries (Singapore) have enacted this.

In related news, Alphabet Inc’s Google on Thursday faced its third major lawsuit as a group of 38 U.S. states and territories filed an antitrust complaint accusing Google. These lawsuits were launched by the Trump administration… After being delayed nearly a year by the Impeachment proceedings against President Trump… There had been a deal with Congress to institute such lawsuit, but the hoax that Trump acted improperly in Ukraine (to which he sent anti-tank missiles, which turned out to be more effective at stopping Putin’s “Little Green Men” than the MREs, Meals Ready to Eat, that Obama had send to the Ukrainian army…). Other lawsuits have accused Facebook to have colluded with Google… While Facebook is alleging to the European Union that Apple is acting as a monopoly of its own (which of course it is).

Those news are related because the social media outfits and the other plutocratically owned, or funded, media are entirely culprit of the failure of thinking out there. Obama revered Reagan: and the “left” reveres Obama, thus Reagan. What did Reagan do for rationality, let alone the “left” ever? Still, Reagan nationalized thousands of banks, and Obama, none, in a much worse banking crisis. This has been rendered possible by a population which has replaced feeling as ordered by the masters come before the most basic logic, let alone observational capability. Yesterday, California had more than 62,000 new cases of Sars-CoV2… And more than 400 dead. With mandatory mask law, amply demonstrating that masks are part of the problem; without masks, from a similar COVID occurence density, the same lockdown decrease the epidemic in Spring. I seem to be the only one not wearing a mask outside of food stores (nearly the only sort of store one can go to these days).

Amusingly I made the mistake of going to Whole Foods two days ago. The gigantic line was extremely COVID dangerous: enclosed space, vast throng of masked cretins breathing each other’s air. I will not go back, but clearly this sort of crowding is exactly what not to do.. And it should be illegal. But Amazon (which owns Whole Foods) is one of the corrupt “Democratic” leadership sacred cows (with Microsoft, to whom Obama gave the “Medal of Freedom” (as Bill and Melinda), Apple, Facebook, Alphabet, etc…) it can do what it wants.

It does not please me to write such articles. I do it as a public service, as so many people are dying, just because the “experts” in command are more like incompetent idiots flaunting their furious superiority by posing as higher beings who know more by thinking less.

Life … is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

― William Shakespeare, Macbeth. Well, not exactly, this is MacBeth talking. Macbeth killed to become king (OK, he didn’t kill three millions in Iraq). So this is a nihilistic general, now king, talking. Life, according to our masters, is a tale signifying nothing, told by idiots. As observed. Most of these deaths, as I explained, were easy to avoid, had one avoided the “3Cs”: Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close proximity. So why did the idiots want that massacre? Precisely because the masters are trying to inure us to the notion of a meaningless life, told by idiots.

The Biden transition team is stuffed, up to the highest level, with big monopolistic tech executives and ex big monopolistic tech members, and they are obviously there to cash in the huge sums of money they put into Biden’s campaign. Those masters of propaganda did well for themselves, and bad for civilization in recent years. They will be anxious to stop the many lawsuits now launched by governments against their monopolies. One of the Trump administration lawsuits alleges violations of Labor Law, no less. Progressives should react while they still can. As the mask fiasco shows, common sense has disappeared: thanks to the mandated mask law in California, the lockdown is proving ineffective, and COVID has exploded there. Previously, without lockdown and no mandate masks, new daily COVID cases in California peaked at 12,000 in July. This week daily cases reached above 62,000 in California, in spite of a mandatory lockdown… Obviously, because of the mask mandate… What else?

But the tech monopolies block that information and reflection…

Patrice Ayme


P/S: The essay above referred mostly to how masks protects from absorbing the virus (answer: they don’t). The question of emission is different, and was treated in other essays. Basically masks functions as emission centers, under jaw motion, the incrusted fomites laden with virus fly away and stay suspended… For hours or until UVs do them in… which doesn’t happen inside, in enclosed spaces, as UVs from sunlight do not reach there! Brains… don’t leave home without them…

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4 Responses to “Masks Worse Than No Mask For “Virus Nasal Retention”.”

  1. CFR Says:

    FYI — a series of physics studies conducted over the past 6 months in various physics labs in the US (primarily at universities) provides compelling evidence that masks worn by the general public are more dangerous than no masks at all, including (but not limited to) the following reasons:

    (1) reusable masks are ineffective after a short period of time, because small particles (like those of CV) latch onto mask fibers, which then become aerosoled and laden with CV (attached to “fomites”) — the CV then floats around in the air for much longer periods of time than if left on droplets (essentially indefinitely if left unfiltered, like dust);

    (2) all masks significantly interfere with air flow in and through the wearers’ nasal passages, which essentially drastically increases viral load in the mask-wearers airways (by orders of magnitude); and

    (3) many forms of cloth face coverings now used by the general public break up moisture droplets into smaller viral carriers by significantly increasing the (fractal) degree of mist exhaled, thus increasing the extent that the exhaled mist cloud to much larger distances (more than 6ft).

    Unfortunately, the mask issue has become a hyper-politicized topic, so there is no way out. We’re all sitting ducks now, forced to wear masks despite the evidence and current explosion of mask-driven infections in the Bay Area.

    Let’s not reject the obvious need for emergency money to be spent on HEPA filters and increased air flow in the commons.

    Yours truly,


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to NYT]

    The vaccines are not controversial scientifically. We just don’t know how long the immunity will last… and whether they may cause something called “enhancement”… Does not look like it on the latter.

    What is highly problematic are… the masks. Nobody wants to talk about that, but the real science is arguably upside down about masks. Recent science papers demonstrate results which are completely unexpected (google name of author plus masks, to find scientific references showing that real hard core science on masks, including in very recent CDC articles, is not at all what is driving public policy!)

    The Asian countries which used the “3Cs” methods elaborated in Japan, have been doing very well. The Japanese found early on that the experts were not protected, because the virus was airborne (not just carried by “droplets”). So they focused on avoiding exposures to situations where the virus floated around. That’s done by ventilation, filtration (HEPA filters), and UV Cs..

    Curiously, the Asians’ common sense has not been followed by Europe and North America, bringing the death of more than one million people. Is this, not taking Asians and their methods seriously, an example of systemic racism? Or simply a case of not understanding that the scientific method starts with common sense? Or is an exploitation of political symbolism, that of wearing masks, privileged over science?

    In any case this dearth of analysis is getting lots of people killed in the USA and EU.


  3. Gmax Says:

    If what you say is true, the situation is truly tragic
    Just imagine all you say is true.Do you realize what it means? Millions dead for no good reasons?


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