American Intellectuals Are Anti-Intellectual. Spite For Conspiracy Theory Is Proof Thereof

In 44 BCE, an unarmed, unaccompanied Julius Caesar was attacked by twenty or so armed Senators inside the Senate. On March 18, Caesar was going to embark on a multiyear military campaign that would take him far away from Rome. The conspirators, animated by hatred of the “Populares” and envy, changed the flow of world history, preferring their own advancement to that of civilization, a fateful turn for the worst. 

Two civil wars which ensued, adding to the several ones just before Caesar’s enlightened rule. This tragedy ensured that the Roman state would become a military-plutocratic dictatorship, as it did. Had Caesar lived, history would have been different. Caesar was characterized by the clemency practice of forgiving his most deadly enemies (and was going even further than Jesus that way). Caesar wanted to centralize the state. Caesar was embarking in ensuring military safety of Greco-Roman civilization against its two main enemies, the savage Germans to the north-east, and the more cogent hydraulic fascists to the east (Caesar may well have succeeded, thanks to the best army, and best general Rome ever had). 

The conspirators, deluding themselves, claimed the Roman People would be happy to be rid of Caesar. They opened the way to self-devouring violence which, cascading from one fascism to the next, over the next millennium, brought the near-extinction of civilization.

Caesar was promoting populism, following the most prestigious Romans of the preceding century, his uncle Marius and the Gracchi, and the main bone of contention was wealth redistribution. To this day, the conspiratorial forces which killed Caesar and the Populares Party which he headed have not been properly analyzed. Why? Because the subject is still explosive. The same forces which opposed Caesar, Marius and the Gracchi are at work today, and are most powerful. They organized the world we are in. They are why the elite is getting vaccinated against the coronavirus while those most at risk are not.

However, educated Americans know one thing: avoid anything that smacks of “conspiracy theory” (except when it is that the police conspire to hurt “Black Lives”). Conveniently, that includes all of history. 

Despising “conspiracy theory” is similar, in basic sentiment, to despising creativity in mathematics. Right, sometimes there are false and idiotic conspiracies theories, just as there are false and idiotic attempted mathematics. All and any really creative intellectual activity starts this way: false, crazy, idiotic… and hard. Real creativity has more to do with poetry than with the established order.

HOWEVER, any research mathematician will  tell you that when the best math starts, they appear obscure, false and idiotic… And often is, at least partly, in the beginning (for example the proof of Fermat theorem was initially false; yes, even the modern one; the proof of the abc conjecture has been up in the air for years, it’s not known if it’s true or not; same happened for the Poincare conjecture… and some (famous) mathematicians tried to steal the proof…). 

Proof of the preceding statement, that creativity is initially interpreted as madness, abound: starting with non-Euclidean geometry, established a century before Euclid, and then forgotten as obviously crazy. Imaginary numbers, partly started by a surgeon, Cardano, who did math as a hobby, looked crazy, insane and maniacal for more than two centuries, until a simple geometric interpretation surfaced.

ALL and ANY great new idea started looking crazy to its author, and obviously false and condemnable to the public. 

The American intellectual class, by refusing to consider all and any conspiracy theory, is showing itself for what it is: a slave to the established order… and its conspiratorial practice. Indeed, what do they think? What is Davos, for example, if not the biggest conspiracy for all to see. Even Jamie Dimon (CEO of the world’s biggest bank) said at Davos in 2020 that the best thing COVID could do was to kill the conspiratorial elite:

“I had this nightmare that somehow in Davos, all of us who went there got it, and then we all left and spread it.The only good news from that is that it might have just killed the elite.” 

The… conspiratorial elite. This year, as the pandemic raged, most of the financial help went to the top 1%. And who suffered most? Not the elite. How do naive American intellectuals explain this?… If not from a conspiracy… of the elite?   

How do we get out of this? By creating a culture which respects creative intellectual activity. That means a culture respecting inchoate, tentative, apparently erroneous ideas, and making the effort of finding out if there is a new mental dimension trying to blossom there.  

Unfortunately, the supposedly “greatest universities” in the world are enslaved to the ocean of money they swim in. They, their intellectuals, swimming like fishes in that ocean of liquidity churn ideology supportive of plutocracy know one master idea: claim there is no such a thing as a conspiracy ruling the world. Because there is, and they are part of it. 

And employed Americans know one thing: to please their masters, those providing them with healthcare, employment, everything good, they have to display their contempt for “conspiracy theory”. So they do, and thus despise thinking.

Patrice Ayme



The conspiracy theory of why Caesar was assassinated is not complete yet. The one of how the slave masters took control of the American Revolution has not even been started.

Caesar assassinated: History is mostly the history of conspiracies


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  1. De Brunet d'Ambiallet Says:

    History on the grandest scale. Thank you for it snd happy new year!


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