Unarmed Woman Killed By Elite US Capitol Police For Not Obeying Like A Dog

In recent decades, the wealthiest became wealthier, precisely because they, through the intermediacy of their pet politicians, made the middle class poorer: they transferred wealth, leveraging globalization to do so. That was violence, extreme violence. And it has brought a violent reaction, because the low lives finally noticed. So now they shall be shot to reestablish order?

The violence of the transfer of wealth should be hard to deny, should one deign to notice it. For example, under Obama, 8 trillion dollars (then around half of yearly GDP) was given to the top banks (through the Federal Reserve “Quantitative Easing”). Then those (private) banks lent money to their class, the wealthiest. This is the mechanism which, under Obama, made US inequality greater than ever (measuring this in a number of ways, 1% vs 99% or Gini coefficient, etc.). In turn this rush to further inequality spurred many middle class Americans to vote for the wealthy enemy of the elite, and its main tool, globalization, Trump.

Transferring more wealth to the wealthiest to this extent was new. It was made possible by an outrageous trick: transferring money to the wealthiest persons (in the sense of legal entities). I called that Transferring Assets to Rich People (Obama just called it TARP). That policy made the policies enacted by Obama, an admirer of the right-wing president Reagan, much more pro-wealthy, pro-plutocratic, than those of Reagan and his successor, Bush Senior, had been. That’s an astounding fact, and so counter-intuitive that most “Democrats” have not observed it.

In total contrast with what Obama would dare to do, Bush Sr. and Reagan would nationalize failed banks, before giving them money. Bush and Reagan nationalized more than 2,000 banks. Obama nationalized none, he just gave them money. It was the grandest theft of the history of the USA (and I visualized slavery before writing this; that vicious institution preceded the establishment of the US… although not that of part of the mentality of the USA).

Is that democracy Pelosi style? Is that civilized? Is that human? US Capitol Police threatening with war weapons civilian protesters, January 6, 2021…. Just because the protesters are occupying where only the elite is allowed to be?

Why is there so many ridiculous divisions, full of hatred? Because it is taught! Divide and conquer! The media is owned by the world’s wealthiest people… the same ones who rule the world, the tax code and the “stimulus” programs. Plutocrats want “We The People” divided, or distracted. So when Obama gave $8 trillions to banks, then lent to the wealthiest, boosting inequality, the (fake) left didn’t notice. Each time I evoke it across one of the paid stooges in charge of (fake) “left” propaganda, I am called a “troll”.

Meanwhile the US and European plutocracy in command of industry and investment decided to industrialize and invest ever more in… China… They were encouraged by the control they had of the media, which made violent reactions unlikely. So they industrialized and invested in countries similar to the People Republic of China: safe, friendly dictatorships providing the optimal understanding for exploiting most of the world by a tiny elite while disempowering potential revolutionaries, such as this young woman wrapped in a flag, confronted with war weapons, and told to obey. She was a bit slow, she may not have heard said some of her friends: enough to die, surely… In the minds of individuals who got out there and kill millions for oil (Iraq) or Coltan (Congo)… Biden, the main agent of the invasion of Iraq, did not like the invasion of the US Capitol by protesters and threatened them with the accusation of “sedition” on Twitter:

Joe Biden@JoeBiden·Let me be very clear: the scenes of chaos at the Capitol do not represent who we are. What we are seeing is a small number of extremists dedicated to lawlessness. This is not dissent, it’s disorder. It borders on sedition, and it must end. Now.

Does Biden condone using deadly force on an unarmed young woman, just because she doesn’t obey as fast as a well trained dog? I doubt Biden would shoot his dog if it didn’t obey, though, so the comparison is inappropriate, I apologize. The reply to this from “Democratic” leaders has been to say that Trump supporters (75 millions of whom just voted for Trump) are “deplorables”, haters, racists, unworthy, dangerous, idiotic, uneducated, deluded and a general threat to “healing” (to use Biden’s semantics and conceptology).

Confronted to momentous events, one has to think from afar. So let’s just do this. what’s the big picture?

The young woman has been shot in the neck, for not obeying like a dog. She is alive and conscious, but bleeding. Shooting an unarmed civilian is not civilized. It doesn’t matter if one claims that’s in the name of “democracy”.

Many of the so-called “Democrats” have exerted violence for a very long time: Nancy Pelosi, a wealthy heir, is the daughter of a mayor (of Baltimore, no less). She spent a few decades “fundraising” with the wealthiest to financially foster political candidates compatible with her vision of the so-called “Democratic” Party (BTW I am registered as such, because otherwise where I am one doesn’t exist politically… or even civically, in the sense that one is not treated in a civil fashion). Hereditary plutocrat Nancy has headed the so-called “Democratic” Party since 2003… That’s as long as Louis XVI was king of France. Arguably, she listens even less (Louis XVI convoked the “General Estates”, a grand conference of all the powers that be).

Exerted violence? How? Inequality and inequity is violence, spread out. The so-called “Democrats” pushed for “Obamacare”, another subsidy for the wealthiest (especially private healthcare insurance companies which saw their market and subsidies expand) . The result was despair: the deaths from drug overdoses shot up to around 100,000 a year. George Floyd, who apparently died from being crushed by police, was stuffed with drugs (or so I have been told), and that may have contributed to his death.

Let me quote the Reuters organization, a plutocratic device founded by Reuters, a plutocrat, nearly two centuries ago; Reuters of course starts with a misleading title, asking the question they want a fake answer to, and providing a red herring to do that:
Blue collar boom? College grads, baby boomers big winners in Trump’s economy

By Howard Schneider WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump rolled out an eye-catching statistic in his State of the Union address Tuesday: the wealth held by the poorest half of American households increased three times as fast as the wealth held by the “1%” since he became president.

That’s true, according to Federal Reserve data.

On average, Americans have seen a 17% jump in household wealth since Trump’s election, while wealth at the bottom half has increased 54%. “This is a blue collar boom,” Trump also said Tuesday. That’s less apparent. The biggest winners on a dollar basis were a familiar group – whites, college graduates, and people born during the “baby boom” between 1946 and 1964. Since December 2016, President Barack Obama’s last full month in office, aggregate household wealth has increased by $15.8 trillion, but the vast majority went to groups that have tended to accumulate wealth in the past.

Yes, but what matters most is the percentage of increase in “worth”.

Unarmed young woman bleeding to death inside the US Capitol, January 6, 2021, after being shot as if she were a rabid coyote. The US Capitol, a butchery to live in infamy thereafter.

A problem with American culture, from the start, has been the habit to destroy whoever is the way of those who considers themselves to be the owners. An approach which considers human life of little worth.

After calls to the Pentagon, the Justice Department and the Vice President, we have decided we should proceed tonight at the Capitol once it is cleared for use,” Nancy Pelosi told members of Congress.

“We now will be part of history, as such a shameful picture of our country was put out to the world, instigated at the highest level,” she continued, concluding, “let us pray that this instigation to violence will provide an epiphany for our country to heal.”

Well, as long as there is plutocracy, and plutocrats buy politicians and the media, there is violence. Buying politicians and the politics most favorable to wealth is no way to “heal”. The fact is someone ordered police to used deadly force against an unarmed protester, and that was not Trump or Pence, who did this, but most probably the third official in the hierarchy, the head of Congress, the so-called “Speaker”, Nancy Pelosi herself. According to witnesses (who could be seen and heard on the Internet before they get shut down), there was no warning shots (“coups de semonce” in French). This is an aggravating factor. For example, police in Hong Kong, egged by the Chinese PRC government, used a lot of violence against protesters… but relatively civilized violence as no protester was shot without warning, and never in such egregious circumstances… I mean this was a sort of mini Tiananmen inside the US Capitol… Same general idea… With the important difference that when it took weeks for the PRC government to use violence in 1989, it took minutes here.

Civilization starts, when modes of violence are identified properly.

Biden talked well, just now, and he said politics “should be about finding solutions” not about “stoking the flames of hate and chaos“. To reduce hate and chaos, finding out who ordered to shoot unarmed civilian protesters to death would be a good start. And that person should be prosecuted for giving an order more appropriate to Nero’s rule than to democracy.

Patrice Ayme



P/S: The woman depicted above shot and killed by police during the storming of the US Capitol by a pro-Donald Trump mob has been named as a 14-year decorated veteran of the US air force and of four foreign military tours, including to Iraq and Afghanistan. Ironically enough, she received the Iraq Campaign Medal, indicating she served there in support of the U.S. war (organized by son of oil executive Joe Biden, now president-elect). A French TV company (which had a crew inside the Capitol) filmed what happened: Ashli was going through a door, ahead and above the throng of people she was with. A courageous act, but foolhardy, facing righteous savages with the law on their side. She may have been unable to back-up, after getting the order to do so considering her position, halfway up a door (I saw the tape).

Ashli Babbitt, 35, had travelled to Washington DC from San Diego, her husband told the local news station KUSI, adding that she was a passionate Trump supporter. A witness to the shooting told the TV station WUSA9 that “a number of police and Secret Service were saying, ‘get down, get back, get out of the way.’ She didn’t heed the call.” At that point, the witness said, “they shot her in the neck.” (That witness also appears in footage of the shooting itself.) The video shows they had her legs in full evidence, and could have shot her all over her entire body, from feet to waist. But no, the police shot to kill.


P/S 2; Biden made a speech and I listened to the horse’s mouth direct. I was enthused… Real nice stuff, for at least five minutes.. And then he versed into conspiracy theory about Trump organizing many conspiracies, and brandishing Trump as if he were apparently Satan incarnate, and it was abysmal. So much for “healing”… Now I was not born yesterday, and I could see that all Biden was ding was giving red meat to his violent supporters… while doing exactly the opposite of what they expect and hope for…


19 Responses to “Unarmed Woman Killed By Elite US Capitol Police For Not Obeying Like A Dog”

  1. EugenR Says:

    To those who are happy with democratic Georgia i have to say, Obama had two years super majority, that he wasted to negotiate Obama care with the Republicans, that all they were interested in is not to let Obama, a black guy, be successful in his presidency, where their own one, the half retarded Bush Junior failed.

    No-one says that openly, but every politician is racist, white or colored, doesn’t matter. The only difference is who is the politicians electorate base. If they are colored people, he has to flatter them, if they are white people, he can ignore them, as Trump had done. By the way, Trump lost election, because he annoyed everyone, mainly colored people.

    What is going Biden to do with his super majority? Is he going to tax consumption and environmentally damaging activities? Is he going to transfer resources from private sector to public sector, as education, health, infrastructure, etc? and let the Republicans call him socialist. Is he going to break down the corporate financial institutions, to weaken the corrupt corporation system? Is he going to nationalize the health insurance from private corporations that is the only real solution to broken US health care system and not the Obama care compromise solution, that brought worse system than before. And i am not an expert on the field, but it seems to me obvious, that the US health system just doesn’t work, even if it costs double to that of European.

    Is Biden going to demonetize the political system. To break to chalks Banks and other financial institutions, to prevent situation of, to big to fail and forcing them to stop meddling in political system. Is he going to restrain the corporate managements grasp of public companies, to weaken the corporate managements hold of corporations, and give back the power of decision to the real share holders, even if it would mean cutting Dow Jones index to half?

    Is he going to change the narrative of America towards global warming, or he will do just as Obama did, let the other countries pay the price and pull out US from any international cooperation on environmental issues.

    Is he going to save the US dollar, and prevent total economic collapse, or just he will let the things continue as they are, until the Chinese will introduce their own international currency, competing with the dollar, that will destroy the US economy, based totally on the strength of the dollar and strength of its financial institutions.

    Is he going to change the political system in a way, that this carnival of repubican party couldn’t repeat itself, or is he going to look for compromise with the republican party?

    Is Biden going to involve US in international politics, to get back US position on the world scenario, and in the world institutions, to push back the Chinese and their newly emerging dictator, from all the positions on world scenery, they conquered during the crazy presidency of Trump, who was after all a tiger from paper, with laud roaring and no teeth, against the Chinese.

    After i see how Biden will use his super majority, i will decide if it is huge step forward for democracy, or just an another mediocre president, who waisted his presidency for nothing significant.

    We will very soon see if there is time to celebrate or not.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Obama didn’t not negotiate with Republicans, something he did not need to do. He pretended to negotiate with them, so that he could give more subsidies to health care insurance companies… it was all a sham. And it was organized by the power that be. I had on the phone a guy who had made himself close to Obama telling me I could not be trusted around Obama, because they could not tell what we were going to say. So they organized a number of tricks to disconnect our relationship with Obama…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Biden’s cabinet is more of the same. Nancy Pelosi has led the Democrats for 18 years, as I said as long as Louis XVI ruled. The reason half of the USA is very upset, is that they realized they were lied to. Biden is not left, he is just playing one on TV. Actually, he is on the right of Trump. Just as Obama was. Since Obamacare passed, life expectancy of the US went down. It never happened before that much and for that long.

      But anybody saying this will be called mad and dangerous by the lying media. The media lies because it is owned by the world’s wealthiest people and their foundations, trusts, anonymous companies, and those wealthiest people profits from the present global system…

      Today, Joe Biden accused the Capitol Police, which protected him all his life of… racism…

      Wilmington, United States: President-elect Joe Biden on Thursday accused US authorities of treating pro-Trump protesters more leniently than anti-racism demonstrators who were forcibly dispersed by police in Washington last year.
      “No one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday… they wouldn’t have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol, we all know that’s true, and it is unacceptable.” Biden said.
      World Agence France-Presse Updated: January 08, 2021


  2. brodix Says:

    Give them enough rope.
    Having Biden, Schumer and Pelosi in charge for the next two years should be quite interesting. Considering they realize the odds of the Republicans gaining back both the house and senate in 22 are pretty good, creating a reverse Mueller investigation, I suspect they will be as focused on raiding the cookie jar and covering their tracks, rather than be bothered with trying to make too many people happy. Not only haven’t any of them ever had any vision, beyond personal aggrandizement, but Biden and Pelosi are getting pretty long in the tooth.
    It will be messy.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Nancy only knows power, 18 years of it.
      It will be, indeed, very interesting. Those people are WAY worse than Trump… in the exact dimensions which they criticize Trump about.
      Grotesquely, but tellingly, they want to impeach Trump now.. so he cannot represent himself in 2024!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s all what this is about. Trump talked very well on Thursday night, BTW… Much better and much less decisively than Biden the same day. Biden was full of lies and hatred, accusing Trump of have won only because of Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… The exact opposite of Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Already a weird, incredible moment: I would have expected Trump full of rage, Biden full of healing… it was the exact opposite!!!!!!!!!

      The economy will be doing well in the next few months, thanks to the Trump administration… But after that… Expect economic mayhem, and the spirit of Trump which predates Trump… read what yours truly was writing more than a decade ago… will come back with a vengeance… Except of course if they keep on doing what they already started to do, namely tinkering with elections, something I witnessed…


      • brodix Says:

        Given the degree it is getting blamed on the capital police, when it appears a bit too much staged, suggests they really jumped the shark on this one. The obvious motive was to shut down any investigation into the election, but as was said of Watergate, the coverup was worse than the crime. It will only draw more attention to the election, as they scramble to cover up the cover up. At the rate things are moving, this might spiral out of control quite quickly, as both Democrats and Republicans will either feel obliged to, or want to investigate the security failure and throwing your own security under the bus sounds like a desperate move.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Yes, this is getting ever weirder by the hour…
          BTW, I visited the Capitol informally myself, long ago. It was pretty relaxed, friendly police.
          Twitter just obliterated Trump’s account.


          • brodix Says:

            The markets and the political hysteria are going parabolic in tandem.
            Grab the popcorn.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            I have to stay away from the popcorn now, I am getting overweight.
            Biden ventured into some of my classics, the Dresden Bombing and the Big Lie Technique. That was interesting in more ways than one, comparing Republican Senators to Nazi propagandists, and then getting into the sulfuric Dresden debate…. I have to reply…. 😉


          • brodix Says:

            Back in the day, you would be burned at the stake, for being a heretic. Now you just get cancelled for being a conspiracy theorist. Progress.
            The fact is that antelope can’t turn against the crowd, even if the crowd is headed for a cliff.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            I have a friend, Dave Altman, who was burned alive. The official version is that he had an accident in the truck where he lived… I don’t believe it.In truth I know the area extremely well, and it has become extremely dangerous, from the underclass Nancy Pelosi has created. You have people sleeping everywhere.

            Four times more deaths in San Francisco County last year than from COVID…


  3. SDM Says:

    Why not address that the mob was enraged about a “stolen” election and driven into a frenzy by Trump? Hardly a peaceful event. No doubt plutocratic divide and conquer politics knows no limits or shame. Some members of the so-called security forces have been shown to welcome the mob -photo ops, standing back, etc.- and do little or less to prevent the attack. If the group was black or brown, most likely there would have been a much different outcome. Probably at least a few shot, in the back, pumped full of lead, outside on the street.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Whether the demonstration was justified or not was not the point of the essay.
      The mob is in a frenzy because of reasons which predated Trump. The difference between Trump and Biden in total votes over five states was 43,000 votes…
      I saw Obama suggest that “Sean Hannity… go tear him up!”

      Protesters were in in two minutes.
      Have you been in “mobs” before??? I have. That was a pretty normal mob. I have seen much more violent demonstrations, and not just in the USA. This was not a very violent mob. Too busy wearing flags. not “Black Block”…

      You repeat the racist slur Biden made: Wilmington, United States: President-elect Joe Biden on Thursday accused US authorities of treating pro-Trump protesters more leniently than anti-racism demonstrators who were forcibly dispersed by police in Washington last year.
      “No one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday… they wouldn’t have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol, we all know that’s true, and it is unacceptable.” Biden said.

      Is that decent? Many of the Capitol police on tape were black, colored… Anyway nothing to fight to death about. The Capitol is not a church, and we are not Catholic/Muslim fundamentalists… Trump said the Capitol invaders should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law… Why don’t you say that too? The police chiefs of the Capitol resigned, BTW… The Capitol has a bigger police budget than the city of Detroit…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      A shorter answer is that I am not obsessed by Trump. Trump talked extremely well on Thursday night… whereas Biden was the exact opposite, on Thursday morning. full of lies and venom, saying his predecessor was elected by… Russia. How come Biden has nothing better to do than hate Trump?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Also Trump did not kill that woman. An unspeakable level of hatred or sadistically violent perversion led an armed representant of the state to shoot at the neck of that veteran. She was just breaking through the window of a door in a hallway. Civilized people don’t kill for such a trifle. This is a worse level of violence than slavery. Yeap. That’s what I wrote, because I think.


  4. SDM Says:

    It appears my comments struck a nerve. Not one to simply say “Trump=bad” but there appears to be a blatant hypocrisy when he is blithely labels black protests as a mob of thugs that must be crushed by masked federal police but when his supporters crash the gates there was only delayed and rather mild reaction. One woman shot is regrettable and tragic yet it is routine in the USA to see police routinely go unprosecuted for worse. Militarized and lawless policing is not seen as a problem to the Donald.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Trump bashing has to be put in the context of Obama’s Fed giving 8 trillion dollars to the wealthiest… Something the fake left has not yet noticed (it is its main mission not to notice it).
      The way that woman was killed is a stain on US civilization. The officer brandished his gun, and brandished and brandished. Then he calmly aimed at her head. And aimed and aimed, and aimed. And then he shot her in the neck.
      He could have shot her in the belly, fully in his sight, and at the level of his gun. But he selected a kill shot.

      Trump called the attack on the Capitol “heinous”. “Full prosecution”, etc. Pelosi is hell bent in turning him into a martyr. She can go right ahead. I admire what she does as a woman, she is a sight to behold. But what is she after? She goes to the Joint Chiefs, and evoke the nuclear arsenal? The effect of that is not going to be what she expects. It was an exceedingly dangerous step to take.

      I am bored with Trump Derangement Syndrome. I think it is insane and dangerous. Most US intellectuals are howling with the plutocratic wolves: it is pathetic. We are well into repeating the scheme of what happened to the Roman Republic in 146 BCE to 44 BCE. Yes, Trump, like the Gracchi, marius and Caesar, among other chiefs of the “POPULARES” was wrong, terribly, in the details. But those remain the details. We are starting to get scared here. As I said, a friend of mine, Dave Altman a non political, non system guy… who USED to think I was wrong about the tech monopolies, was burned alive. My (naive) friends think it was an accident. I do not. There is a massive trash camp of the underclass (“homeless”) a Pelosi camp, starting 200 feet away, below the train tracks, and then the freeway and then between the freeway maze there. It is an extremely dangerous place.


      What matters most to me at this stage is to avoid mega death where I live (it has started). I sent one zillion tweets to Biden about one shot vaccination, in the last few weeks, he announced he will do that, that’s great.
      There are great things to do at this point. Being obsessed by Donald Trump is not one of them. And going after the roughly half o the population which understand what Trump tried to represent is the sort of “mistakes” plutocracy is periodically making. Except it’s not a mistake: civil war is how plutocracy achieves ultimate power. This is what history teaches.

      Hydrogen matters. Low income housing matters. Stopping the collaboration with Chinese dictator Xi matters. Focusing one’s emotional system on the pleasure of hating one individual, Trump, however delicious, does not. And removing forcefully some of my Twitter followers by closing their accounts as just happened is a sinister perspective into the future. The Apple-Google duopoly is trying to block any speech against them, by removing Apps…

      That kind of banishment, a denial of isegoria, works: I have long been banned over most of the “left”-Internet, more than a decade ago… So now an entire generation of clueless “left” people financed by… plutocracy… has arisen.


      • SDM Says:

        Trump bashing is low hanging fruit- he is a train wreck. Agreed that Obama, Clinton, Biden have done far worse and pluto media run cover for them. Trump did take some real swings at plutocrats but it appears that it was more out of his own self interest than anything else. His twisted messaging reveals his insecurities and twisted worldview. He revealed the weakness and inadequacies of the constitutional framework by pushing it to the limits. He ran to the left of Clinton yet failed to deliver on most counts. No “beautiful” healthcare, no big infrastructure program, he let Goldman Sachs and Exxon Mobil into the cabinet- hardly a draining of the swamp. The list goes on….
        And he signed off on the greatest upwards transfer of wealth in US history with the “CARES” act- another pluto crime.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Trump was impeached all along, even before taking office, in an alliance of the establishment. This is why it will be a good symbol for history that he is impeached in his last week.

          BTW, French presidents, accompanied by heads of states (Merkel), have led demonstrations in Paris… Trump did not even walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. Those who said he led a coup have obviously not read history.

          I was once, as a child, in an attempted coup in Africa. That was something else. Even then, I made a song about it (I was ten years old). It was turned into fun and games, and not at all this sinister ambiance here, when friends I have known for decades wrote to me, months ago already, that, for “legal” reasons they could not pursue a (private) conversation with me… Not clear to me what I do that is illegal, but clear to them…

          BTW the stimuluses as passed, were drafted by Congress, not Trump. I know Plutos who were chuckling the whole way, even as the Trump administration tried to make them regurgitate. Now it’s all over, as you point out: the latest CARES Congress forced onto Trump has “forgiveness” and tax free nature incorporated. What was Trump supposed to do? Refuse to sign? He tried, they overrode.

          Under Trump, science budgets increased enormously. I know what you will say: oh, but Trump cut the science budgets, in PROPOSALS, then Congress reestablished them. It was all a tactic to augment government spending. What counts is the result.

          In the last budget, Congress had got rid of Trump. What happened? Science was just augmented 1%, the smallest increase since Obama.
          We will see what happens next. Under Obama a lot of the energy science was devastated, starting on day one (whereas it got augmented under Trump from day one).

          What did Congress do with the money? Clientele spending… The sort of thing which leads my local city have 90% of its employees doing… nothing (they admitted this in public, many times! Without realizing they did, they are that clueless… But then, when I look at them, I don’t feel like telling them they are completely useless…)

          I am all for infrastructure spending, and for massive science spending. We will see what Biden does. The obsession with turning Trump into a martyr is no way to help goodness come out of Biden…


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