Why One Shot Vaccine Should Be Given

Many of the big “democracies” have experts in healthcare, and they disagree. Confronted to a desperate situation, British experts did the obvious, and correct thing: remembering the graph below, they recommended one shot (for now). However in countries such as the USA and France, “experts” condemned this suggestion as “not scientific”. But, actually, it is, it rests on a certainty: the vaccine protects very well after 10 days.

This is the graph representing the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine trial results. The red square represent the case of COVID in those who got the placebo… The blue circles represent COVID in those who received the vaccine. After ten days, there are basically no cases in the vaccine group. Moreover vaccinated ones who got the virus did not get grave cases. However none of this says anything about transmissibility… for certain… But it looks improbable.

Some will say, and some have said: who cares that a few more million aged and ailing individuals who were going to die anyway pretty soon die sooner? But that is a naive approach. When the epidemic started, I claimed it was deadly serious, and could bring 450 million deaths. The computation was cogent (“scientific”) at the time, as then the death rate was seven percent (7%) . Meanwhile, treatments improved and the most vulnerable and better protected. So now the death rate is much lower: 3%. That’s around 230 million dead, if all of humanity got the virus, without vaccine. But we have a number of vaccines… which work… for now.

What happens when a species is suddenly offered a gigantic ecological space to colonize with many different niches therein? Well, the species mutate, adapts, occupies all the space (a bit as Quantum Waves do, and, fundamentally, for the same reason: after all the virus contains less than one billion atoms, it’s a Quantum object).

There are constraints: a species cannot devastate its ecology as the human species is doing with Earth right now. If a species devastates its ecology, it disappears. But if it’s ecology cannot be devastated with its present behavior, a species will tend to devastate ever more. Why? Selection of the fittest. If a mutant can gobble more energy, or, and multiply faster, it will grow its exponential faster, and the difference of two exponentials is itself an exponential. Let me insist a bit on that point, which is the core mechanism with which I propose to explain the disappearance of species, from dinosaurs to Neanderthals. If a mutant multiplies faster, it will exponentially replace a reproductively slower species. Also if a mutant M devastates the ecology of a more slowly reproducing original V, while reproducing faster, M will replace V even faster.

In the case of the SARS-CoV2, devastating the ecology of the original virus V means to kill much more human beings.

We already have a mutant version M of the original coronavirus V. That will, in turn, enable to make M much more lethal. Thus, humanity and dear experts, time is short: one has to eliminate that coronavirus before it becomes much more transmissible, and much more lethal.

A related question is why are the experts in some of the largest, wealthiest democracies, so “incompetent”? Well, they are not. These are the places where one can get away with corruption…whereas in China, corruption was even rather recently dealt with a single bullet to the back of the head… European and American leaders are flaunting their corruption: watch them become multimillionaires, while still in office (Newsom, governor of California owns eleven companies, all created during his political career; Obama’s fortune was above 40 million when he left the White House); the revolving door between highest government positions and lucrative private “consulting” and “lobbying” has been ludicrously profitable to our “dear leaders” and their “experts“.

Fortunes were made this year with Biotech stocks… That probably explain why many “experts” felt deep down inside their brain structures were not so keen to find a strategy to get rid of the pandemic.

Now, having posed as Jesus Christ, I will switch to Satan, equally comfortable, putting on my forked tail, horns and laser like eyes while opening my greedy, fulminating maw: it is excellent that so much money is going to biotech, I am all for it. It’s actually better than this happened, even through the devastation of COVID, because the mastery of genetic medicine (this is what mRNA vaccines are) will cure basically all diseases, including aging.

Reconciling Jesus and Satan can be done, though, by sending our present experts to hell, eliminating COVID with the fiercest means (mandatory vaccination, one shot; no doable now because of lack of vaccines) while financing biotech massively.

Patrice Ayme


One Response to “Why One Shot Vaccine Should Be Given”

  1. Gmax Says:

    I hear that Biden has decided to do just that. Did you tweet that to him?


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