Entangling plutocracy, media, internet and the state, is fascism

The plutocratic media is all out, accusing Trump of a “coup”. A theme is to accuse the 75 million voters who voted for Trump to be “post-truth” and thus pre-fascist, as Timothy Snyder, a New York Times proclaimed “historian of fascism” from Yale university (see plutocratic universities are not universal)… who does not seem to have studied coups very much: when people march, demonstrate, riot and enter illegally a government public, that’s not a coup. A wiser course would be to inquire why it is that people are so upset, and correct that. Pretending that Trump did it, is not just silly, but dishonest. The elite seems stupidly ready to make a bad situation worse. Or is that apparently stupid strategy actually smart in the most vicious way?

The modern definition of fascism as promoted by Mussolini and his main adviser, professor Gentile, consisted in entangling deeply the dictatorial state and private enterprise as if they were one (the original definition of fascism is basically the opposite: it is the people, united by the law around the axe of justice; that definition is symbolic to the French and US republics; it is on either side of the Speaker in the US Congress). 

Thus real fascism in the modern sense is when the government gives the equivalent of roughly half of the GDP to the wealthiest persons in the land. This is what happened under Obama. I used person in the legal sense: giving money to the wealthiest banks, for example Goldman Sachs, Citygroup, etc. Those banks, in turn, lended to the wealthiest people in the land. This strategy, imitated in Europe too, mightily contributed to increase inequality, worldwide.  

Globalization also increased inequality, as it enabled the world’s wealthiest person to evade local laws, and export jobs to dictatorships. 

This general spirit of the times extended throughout US governance, which is characterized by a revolving door policy, where public “servants” serve themselves with rich private jobs the main function of which is a form of corruption, with armies of lobbyists, and the promise that public job decisions will be well rewarded later.   

It is symptomatic that way that Delaware is the world’s ultimate tax haven. Fostering division in the service of the wealthiest broke the Roman republic. Those who rioted were not the wealthiest.

The Guardian called this the “Plastic Conspiracy: who is to blame?” We protested when we realize some people we knew who are professional ecologists steered a school towards replacing natural grass by plastic on several fields. As a result we got threatened to have our 9 year old daughter summarily thrown out of school. Then the plutocrat (one of the wealthiest heirs) insisted with the school that we would be thrown out, as we were. Couldn’t even say goodbye to people. The school kept the tuition for the following year, and installed the plastic over several fields. BTW that fake ecological heir advised two president (French and US) in the matter of presumably fake ecology, and is from a well-known Silicon Valley fortune… He also finances “Factcheck.org”… Hey, he certainly knows which facts people are supposed to know… To become the simple brutes he handles best…

A possibility, of course, would be for the people really upset against the elite on the left (who persuaded themselves that believed in Biden), to realize that Biden is the same old Biden, all smokes and mirrors… And then for them to make an alliance with the other populists, those who switch from voting for Obama to voting for Trump. Then what is plutocrat Pelosi, the heiress, going to do? Call again the Pentagon to inquire about nukes, as she let us know that she did last week?

This has always been a tactic of plutocracy: create a civil war (or a succession of many of them in the case of the Roman Republic), then claim that only the generals can save the land. And rule through the generals.

Meanwhile as Pelosi readies her ridiculous last few days impeachment, she will demonstrate one thing above all else: that the demented Dem leaders spent Trump presidency trying to impeach him. This creates a new anchor for political thought, looking forward: when one doesn’t agree with the president, one should impeach him. Just as when they fostered riots the demented Dem leaders, they did not expect their opponents to do the same, they do not expect the Republicans to do the same.

But, as I said, plutocracy aims to make a bad situation worse, always, because hell is its abode. In the last few days, the monopolistic tech companies rolled out their muscles, and started to shut down people, companies and form of expressions they don’t like. Their leaders are typically half educated (no Elon Musk there) hackers with a typical geeky view of the universe, where everything is two cent logic without culture.

The New York Times calls this, in their opinion all caused by Trump, the “American Abyss”. But actually, from considering the dying Coral Sea Barrier, to melting poles, a Chinese dictatorship enslaving millions on ethnic grounds, a (Chinese) virus which killed more than one out of a thousand citizens in Europe and America, plastic pollution in the bodies of all, one can see that the abyss is much more than the work of a few individuals. Or even a generation.

The abyss is a way of thinking, and feeling, or, more precisely, a way of not thinking and feeling enough., or appropriately enough Pursuing scapegoats to the end of the Earth is, instead, what is called scapegoatism, the anti-idea of replacing all encompassing logic by the delicious pleasure of hatred destroying people.

That, in this abysmal situation “Democratic” leaders have nothing better to do that to hound Trump, chasing him across the land until the last days and beyond, as if he were an orange fox and the Dems are high nobility mounted on tall horses, with nothing better to do than to boast of their cruelty, is a testimony to their complicity in creating the abyss they contributed to dig.

Patrice Ayme

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15 Responses to “Entangling plutocracy, media, internet and the state, is fascism”

  1. Lovell Says:

    The rioting mob had only one specific issue to slice : that there was election fraud and that the actual winner of the November contest was Donald J. Trump. A charge totally unsupported by any verifiable fact.

    The decision by Twitter and Facebook to ban the serially mendacious, corrupt, semi-literate psychopath of a President on its platform is predicated on his continuing threat to peddle more lies and inciting more violence – an act both unbecoming and criminal.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Have you taken part in unruly demonstration leading to… riots?
      I don’t think you did.

      I did. I am familiar with tear gas, and the craziness. And also at people looking at me weird. A mob will charge through, mindless. I also know the Capitol: it is extremely easy to defend. In hundreds of hard core demonstrations in Paris over the last 149 years, a serious public building was never breached… Let alone the Senate or the National Assembly (which are more than a kilometer away from each other). During the Paris insurrection in August 1944, several public buildings were seized by the police joined to the resistance… But they occupied them to start with…

      In a mob, there are anchor ideas.
      But overall, much larger ideas and feelings are at work.

      Just calling a particular individual a liar is getting us nowhere, if what the lying idiot is talking about is right. Some malfeasant idiots wanted me banned from Facebook, because I related and, or, reasoned about masks recently. More exactly why and how masks backfire, contribute to the present pandemic. I had 10,000 words out on this, anchored on recent science (things I subscribe to… as a scientist). Somehow I got called an anti-science racist extremist… The only thing true in this is that I am a mental extreme. Some of my friends who are (US) intellectuals are terrified to just talk to me. Pathetic. How do they want to resist fascism? When one resists real fascism

      To my knowledge I created the expression Medicare For All, Trump Derangement Syndrome… Now I will introduce Demented Dems.
      The best way to make sure Biden does nothing good is to go on with Trump Derangement Syndrome. But of course that’s exactly what those who pull the strings want.

      BTW, many other people were cut out in the last 48 hours… including several of my own followers…


      • Gerrit Says:

        Curious, that “Medicare For All” has a peak at 1948 and a blip in 1963, when medicare only began in 1966, in Google Books: https://books.google.com/ngrams/graph?content=Medicare+For+All&year_start=1940&year_end=2019&corpus=26&smoothing=0


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Thanks Gerrit, and welcome. When I started to use “Medicare For All”, I was, to my knowledge the only one to use it. I did not invent the slogan first. I proceeded top down: why not let people insure themselves through Medicare… AT COST? The idea is that they would pay what it cost. In other words, health insurance would be run as a non profit… Except for poor Seniors, where, as now, it is a subsidy.

          One OBVIOUS advantage would be to disconnect employment and health… A connection found only in the USA, and a monstrosity.
          The other OBVIOUS advantage is that healthcare, your life or you money, this highway robbery style of for profit business, would disappear.
          A convenience is that this M4A could be introduce progressively, by age slices.

          All this thinking got me BANNED FOR LIFE from DailyKos, for being an anti-Obama troll (Obama is a personal friend of mine).
          The demented Dem leaders wanted to keep the gravy train of turning health care into profit, because they fed at the through.

          Now what you found above is interesting. All I can say is that I found outright lies, sometimes on the Internet, from otherwise mostly reputable and dependable organization.

          Sometimes it is deliberate, as when Factcheck.0rg claims that the US was never involved in causing trouble in the Middle East… And then “proves” this by interviewing all the troublemakers it could find, something roughly as intelligent as going around to interview all Nazis about concentration and extermination camps in 1941… Sometimes, as in the NYT, it is their business model, this is why the US media supported the Biden-Bush invasion of 2003 (Biden is on the record asking for it in 1998, as Senior Senator, when Bush Jr was just a governor), or why they run a campaign against the French Republic which never stops (they want France to become racialist, hence as divided as the USA, to make France easier to Pluto rule).


      • Lovell Says:

        “Just calling a particular individual a liar is getting us nowhere, if what the lying idiot is talking about is right.”

        Seriously now, what is right about the claim of the lying idiot that the November election was fraudulent or that his “victory” was stolen?


      • EugenR Says:

        Patrice hi, you are lucky you never lived under a despotic regime. I grew up to my 19th in such a regime. A country, where only lies were permitted to be published and truth was forbidden. Trump is a representative of the same tendency, every lie or every act, that can bring him closer to power is legitimate, in his eyes. As contrary to the fascists and communists, he didn’t have plan or ideology, what he wanted to achieve. All he wanted is to make a great show and the biggest stage for it, position of president. His intuitive approach is to be a gambler. He is not even a businessmen. Its not surprising, that the equity of his business activities is zero. One day he may be in bankruptcy, other day a billionaire. For him it is the same, until he can run the show.
        Yes he is a great showman, with no capacity to run anything else, definitely not a country, a world power. So we are lucky. As contrary to the communists and fascists, who were much more skilful, and successfully implemented their evil intentions, Trump is to stupid to achieve anything real, and as such he is without capacity to make a real revolution, with an aim to take over the power. He made a great show, frightened the members of senate and the Congress, that maybe will teach them, that playing with the mobs and liers can be dangerous for them personally and for their families. What is just good. Maybe US political system of petty thieves will learne that there may be a price to be paid for lies, theft, false imposing, etc.
        No republican believed not a word of what they claimed, when they spoke about falsification of election, but all of them knew, Republican party is Trump. And all they want is to be reelected, and here Trump will have a lot to say. The result will be destruction of Republican party, and maybe some change will come to the US politics, and no more half retarded politicians and lick asses will fill the congres and the senate. So at the end, Trump has done something important. He has showed, that politics based on lies, impostors and theft can not work for ever.

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        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          One can say Trump is the greatest liar in history, looking at the facts, after all this is what the plutocratically owned media says, all over the world.
          All I want is to get my Trump vaccine. Even Biden thinks “Operation Warp Speed” is a good thing.
          Where were you living already? Hungary?

          All the US had was an unruly demonstration in its capital, with an invasion of Congress rendered possible by an incredibly incompetent Capitol Police. They could have had on the spot more troops and police than the demonstrators. They declined. They opened the doors. Then they started to shoot.

          When the demented Dems will run out of Trump, they will run out of things to say.

          All I want to is that next time I vote, my vote be anonymous. It was not the case in November 2020.

          By the way, I was living in Africa during a coup. I also lived in Iran, Peru and Bolivia while they were under dictatorship.
          In 2003, the US media was hysterically for the war, following Biden. The NYT banned me for a decade (when the editor/owner retired for his son)… for opposing the war …it came to be know the lies were deliberate, organized by Judy Miller, in connection with the Bush White House. She had to resign, but then rebounded…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      BTW, large demonstrations not organized by a state are generally right in some important sense (that includes the BLM riots and Gilets Jaunes in France) I did not get that idea today. I have taken part in many demonstrations. And also talked to the Justice Minister of Bolivia (just an aside…)


  2. SDM Says:

    You are starting to descend into a rabbit hole – just because the “demon”crats are bad does not make trump good. The man is all about himself yet he has tapped into a widespread rage and has a talent for demagoguery. What exactly do his followers crave? No doubt there is an element of economic strife resulting form neoliberal gutting of the working class and small business. But there is also a distinct demographic angst element that white people are at risk of losing majority status- and this scares the sh*t out of them.

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    • Gmax Says:

      Hatred, maliciousness, insanity is running thick on the land. I would never have guessed it would come to this.

      And the violence is cranking up. I read your posts on Facebook, and I agree that the violence started with diverting all this money under Obama towards banks, and even before under Clinton when Goldman Sachs was in power. So now they are only talking about the insurrection as they put it. It’s a BS


    • Gmax Says:

      Where did Patrice say Trump was good just bcs demoncrats are bad? I missed that part. You should give a quote. Trump is good for some things. Yes, and Biden found the same things to be good. Like vaccines, warp speed. Politics w China


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I am not from a “white” family… But most Trump haters I know are ivory white. I actually suspect them to do virtue signaling, as when I walk through the white wealthy hills, full of BLM signs and people look at me weird when they observe my non-whiteness, and can’t even say hi… Now there are even signs explaining they shouldn’t call the police when they see weird people like me walking…

      I generally scare rabbits, and their holes are definitively too small…

      Virtue signaling is so hilarious. If one is ready to laugh around death.

      The only people I knew who used Obamacare for real (as when having no employer) are… in my family. One of them died, bro in law: 45 years old, heart attack, the hospital who had treated him earlier in the month refused him at 2 am, he tried to drive himself to another hospital, died in parking lot at 4am, in Anchorage, Alaska… RIP. Several of his siblings are close friends of Obama.

      I know these wealthy types, on employer health insurance, singing the praises of Obamacare… They sing about what they know not. One of Biden’s specific proposals I made more than 12 years ago, BTW, and it’s on my site. But now he proposes to spend half of the time on Trump??????????????????


  3. EugenR Says:

    Riots of mobs is O.K. under two conditions, that both have to be fulfilled:

    A. If it is successful, then it brings change of government, be it even for worse, as from the point of view of human rights, justice, abuse of power, etc. Trump’s revolution had no real aim, just show off, because Trump had no other aim, except to get to the ultimate stage with his show, the Capitol Hill.
    B. If the revolution is for the right reason, that means with intention to remove a despot whose only issue is his personal interests, against interests of the whole nation. Trump didn’t want to remove a despot from the Government, he doesn’t claim democracy is not the right system to choose government, but in contrary, his claim is that the last election was a fraud. Here everybody has to judge Trump’s claim against claims of all the institutions created to judge who is right, like for example the supreme court, who are apolitical, or the institutions created to count the ballots.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Eight trillions given by Obama to the wealthiest people and banks (TARP + QE). No money left for the poor.
      No fixing of healthcare under Obama, but a smoke and mirror subsidy of the world’s wealthiest health carer insurance companies.
      The result of both of these policies was inequality augmenting above anything seen under Bush… and life expectancy collapsing. Healthcare insurance for three cost me more than $3,000/month. Thanks Obama (BO personal fortune, 100 million dollars).

      I documented in past essays the enormous increase of wealth of the bottom 50% in the USA under Trump. This was using FED statistics.

      I saw voting fraud as I voted in California, I don’t need Trump to tell me shit, OK?
      Anonymity is crucial, there was none.

      When everybody can know how I vote, that’s not democracy. I suspect actually that Trump votes were tossed out in California, where the hatred for Trump is thick, bordering on insanity. That’s why the outrageous anti-human rights proposals passed at the same time.

      Trump may be my beast, useful in some ways, I am not his beast. OK, he may be a bit rabid looking recently, and that’s a bit his fault. But he had COVID and that attacks the brain.

      I have written against that rotten and criminal system for decades, there again, I did not need Trump. I pushed and helped my friend Obama to gain the presidency. However he, and most of my family turned to the Dark Side, when they saw power, enormous power at their doorstep. We were in Hawai’i, the beach was blocked a mile away, and in between there was a literal army of officers in black combat dress, with giant guns…

      You can be all you want, repeating what REUTERS and other professional propagandists have said. It works well for them. Too bad they forgot to mention the Nazis were killing millions of Jews. Hey, business is business. Right now the plutocratic tech monopolies are stuffing the Biden administration with their agents, and all what the fake democratic idiots can talk about is Trump, because seventh generation REUTERS told them so? Trump, who has no more power?

      Biden only won because the truth about Biden and his family was not told, as the plutocratically owned media blocked that fully. Not just the Biden invasion of Iraq, but the pay for play of the Biden family…

      The Trump changes were so significant that some will be hard to reverse. So the Chinese just purchase ex-Senator Boxer of California, who now represents the top Chinese security company.

      But the demented Dems are doubling up: Congressman Stawell, a few miles to the south of me, was on the Intelligence Committee of the US Congress. He was made an “impeachment manager”. Never mind that he had as girlfriend, hopefully unbeknownst to him, a Chinese secret service officer. She slept with and girlfriended several top US politicians. Once her cover was blown (the FBI identified that several top politicians had a girlfriend with the same face under different identities), she disappeared.

      You do not know that the demented Dems instituted system like PAID VOTE “HARVESTING”. That’s how they gained seats in 2018. Also Pelosi’s HR1 of 2019 was all about election “reform”. It did not pass, but was unconstitutionally enacted under the guise of COVID. That’s where the fraud was and Trump saw it too late.

      Demented Dems have decided all they will talk about is Trump… That was the plan all along. Then, when asked in the future why they did nothing good, they will point as Trump, as they pointed at the Republicans in the past. BTW, as you don’t know the USA, I am a Democrat, always have been, but not a DINO (democrat in name only).


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