Fake Left, Fake Free Press, Tools Of The Plutocratic Conspiracy

The Cancel Culture Is A Form Of Violence:

The tribalism encouraged by Internet behavior and lack of overall education is bearing its poisonous fruits. All too many people say whatever, insulting individuals and attacking them… Instead of insulting and attacking specific ideas after cogently deconstructing them. Such a behavior ad hominem hatred, instead of intellectual debate guarantees the progress of hatred and other basest instincts, instead of furthering intelligence and consideration.

I have seen people calling me names completely opposite to what I believe and write about. Why do they do this? Need to hate? Or simply an aspiration to simple basic animalistic passions? Instead of sophisticated reasoning founded on precise facts, an increasing number of writers attack others for mysterious “code words”, “dog whistles”, not being “woke”, to be “cancelled”, etc.

One does not even know what they are talking about, except for their will to alienate others, after making sure they know they are horrendously despicable persons the world is better without… In other words, they prone violence. Violence of the old racist behavior, exclusion, rejection, alienation, in other words…We have arrived at the point where difference is confused with violence. Alarmingly, this is coming from a fake left financed by plutocrats… Fake left financed by plutocrats happened with the USSR (Lenin said it himself, Stalin confirmed), and other fascist regimes (Mussolini, Hitler, Franco…).


No Free Press, Only Plutocratic Press:

Just concentrating on financing of “right wing” media by plutocrats diverts attention from the worst problem, the financing of the fake left, the fake opposition by the same, or alternate plutocrats.

An example. The Guardian, long ago, decided to ban my comments. Reason? I was a… Jihadist (they outrageously claimed). True reason: that element of the fake left media got secretly 50 million dollars from the Gates of Hell… who do not like me very much, for excellent reasons (BTW I am NOT found on Bing for things written in the last 12 years). OK, everybody needs to eat.

Biden keeps on saying that Trump attacked the “Free Press”. This statement, that there is a “Free Press” is itself a piece of propaganda of the Plutocratic Conspiracy (PC), aka, Davos Elite…. And that denial is itself an evidence of said Plutocratic Conspiracy. Only somebody from the fake left elite would say such a contrafactual thing.

For example, for opposing the Iraq invasion, I was banned for more than 13 years from the New York Times (although a full subscriber writing only polite and cogent comments!)

There is no such a thing anymore, as the “free press”. There is the PLUTOCRATICALLY OWNED OR INFLUENCED MEDIA. Any media with a modicum of awareness and honesty has to admit to this. Real progressives will recognize the fact and ponder how to get out of this. Maybe by organizing a sort of permanent TRUTH & RECONCILIATION Commission a la Mandela… but on all important subjects?https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/does-gates-funding-of-media-taint-objectivity/

The elephant and pony show. Just watch the cute pony and the bad elephant, little sheeple, and learn what you are supposed to learn through what Biden insists is the “Free Press”! Remember: if you start to make a theory about a conspiracy, call 911, you are obviously deranged.

When exposed to this sort of evidence, the sheeple bleats, hoping to contradict me with the insult that I smack of a “conspiracy theorist“. Well, any criminal activity committed involving a corporation is a conspiracy (learn, oh, you who don’t want to learn!) And plutocrats and their corporations are not going to tell you what they plotted, and howl to high heavens that they are good, and only “conspiracy theorists” conspire with conspiracies.

Who knew of “Jedi Blue” the conspiracy of Facebook and Google to dominate advertising? It is only surfacing because ten states, led by Texas, are pursuing criminal charges. Today, January 17, 2021, the New York Times finally mentions it. It was inconvenient to the Trump hating crowd that it was Trump who sued Google. The suit for “Jedi Blue” mentions the word “antitrust” twenty times.


A Bad Dream: Dream On, Demented Dems Tell “Dreamers”

So we hear that Biden will come up with plenty of executive orders on day one, the method I had recommended to Obama, 12 years ago. (Obama opted for purely symbolic orders, with no consequences, aside from cutting hydrogen research, which set us back a lot, although under Trump, hydrogen research was re-established… but not enough…).

Executive orders is the way to… do something. Congress can follow by transforming those orders into law. One of the orders would address “Dreamers”, children brought illegally to the USA, who grew up in the USA. Would I be president, I would order that, if they speak enough English, have a (potential) job, arrived as small children, went to recognized schools, they be given US citizenship, right away. Why not? … after the usual questions asked to immigrants…although that could toughened up (as it should for all new immigrants).

That the “Dreamers” problem was not solved under Obama is an evidence of the fake nature of the pseudo-left. Not to understand the inhumanity of not giving citizenship to children brought up in the USA is beyond the pale.

So why did the demented Dems do this? Do they think that those who want the decent thing to be done are just dreaming? That it is enough to dream? Are they just going to keep on talking about “Dreamers”, not doing the decent thing, ad vitam eternam, to make the Republicans look bad?


We Will Control What You Learn, So You can Be What We Think; The Case Of The Roman Plutocracy:

Fake everything is the way to go if one wants to make people ever more stupid. Beyond some threshold of stupidity in We The People, plutocrats have only to fear other plutocrats, in other words, plutocracy is stable: this is how Greco-Roman civilization collapsed. This was achieved exactly as it is tried to be achieved today: by a mastery of all and any of the media. In the Fourth Century, the media was in papyrus rolls. So the Christians destroyed libraries, and threw out of teaching, or killed secular teachers as heathens.

In 389 CE, a Christian mob led by Pope Theophilus of Alexandria  destroyed the Serapeum of Alexandria. All forms of pagan religion were suppressed under decree of the Roman emperor Theodosius I in 391 CE. Half a million scrolls were destroyed (more than 100,000 books). Sheeple may bleat that, once again, I am after Christianism… Yes, but not just that: actually membership of library of Alexandria had been suspended in 260 CE, and th gathering of books well before that. So one sees that the impulse, by the Roman dictatorship to control all the media predated by centuries, the establishment of the fanatical Christian theocracy, which was, therefore, the ultimate achievement of this process.

And who controlled the Roman dictatorship? Well, Roman plutocracy. Remember that dinner under emperor Domitian with Rome’s wealthiest men around the table, including Domitian? They all agreed it did not matter if some of them had to be assassinated: had they not slipped into one conspiracy too many, they were still friends, conspiring into the sharing of power was what they did. Roman plutocrats also practiced philanthrocapitalism, a propaganda trick to make themselves look good to the sheeple. The New York Times opined, eight years ago, that it would be difficult for plutocracy to hold back populism. But that was before control of the media, including the Internet, got into high gear. Now populism is held back, by increasing cretinism, though controlling what the public is exposed to . So Biden will keep promoting the idea that the most prominent crime is to harbor any suspicion against the “free press”, and to dare attacking it.

Patrice Ayme

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29 Responses to “Fake Left, Fake Free Press, Tools Of The Plutocratic Conspiracy”

  1. EugenR Says:

    I grew up in a communistic country, where abuse of power was the rule and not the exception, I’m not surprised at all by the extremity of the events.
    Unfortunately i do not believe, that anyone will learn any lesson from the events yesterday. As nothing can make a believer in personal God and other fairy tales to refute the fantasy world, they live in. The same will happen to those politicians, who believe only in personal gain, and have no faith in any kind of social feeling, and mutual help. They will continue to wrap their petty play of self interest, in ideology of freedom, cursing everyone who stands in their way to their personal gain as socialist or communist, will speak about two alternatives, American freedom or Venezuelan socialism. And the mobs, at least 74 million of them will drink this poison as a wonderful soup. The very best example is Senator Kelly Loeffler who got 49.3% of the votes. She is the perfect representative of the ideology of game of winners- lossers. She represented exactly the ideology of egotism, and there are many more like her in the Congress, democrats and republicans as well. And people of colour are the same. They grew up in the same ideology of egotism. Now they try to make partnership with those, who naively belive, to make them justice will pacify them, but no it will never happen. If they will be in right position, they will abuse power as anybody else and maybe even worse.
    The only way to restrain the tendency of humans to abuse power and make evil to others is through building institutions, with backing from neutral military and police force. If they remain to be neutral politically, and follow the rules, and the rules are done with good intentions, it can prevent catastrophes as absolute take over of power by political activists as Hitler, Stalin, Robespierre or Trump. In case of Trump it worked, in case of the others it haven’t. This happened due to basis made by the founding fathers and their followers, who made the constitution to work. Not as in France, where the same ideology brought teror and war.
    By the way, the mobs will calm down, and in half a year, year they will shake their heads, how could be so stupid to follow such an evil stupidity as Donald Trump. Mobs need idols, need statues, Gods to celebrate around him. When the idols lose their shine, their image of being powerful , they will turn over the same statues, they built only few month before. Trump understands it very well, thats why he doesn’t want to pacify his supporters.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Eugen:
      I agree 100% with what you wrote (until you got into a spasm of TDS). Loeffler, a gigantic blonde who looks good on TV became a successful business woman (I don’t know how many beds were involved, if any)… And then married the head of the New York Stock Exchange… She was nominated a Senator (as is one of the two Senators of California, starting today).

      So we have to build more democratic institutions. Indeed. Plutocratically owned, or controlled media will serve only its masters… and that’s 100% of the large media in the USA presently.

      There should be a department of truth. It should not have censorship capability, just an advisory role to the Department of Justice and the Judicial system. All statements should have a potential validity rating, a significance rating, and a dangerosity rating. A star system.

      I would certainly not call the gentleman who spent more than ten billion dollars into the three which brought the first three validated vaccines, “evil stupidity”. TRUMP financed MODERNA, PFIZER-BIONTECH, and Astra-Zeneca-Oxford, with more than ten billion dollars. Notice half of these companies are EUROPEAN, and it is TRUMP not thus the dysfunctional Europeans, who financed them.

      I do not want to lack respect, but I think it is evil stupid to accuse the gentleman who saved millions, and potentially dozens of millions, to be “evil stupid”. I don’t mean to insult you, but, really, I do not understand your position. Evil smart is Biden killing more than 3 million in Iraq? Or is that kosher?

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      • EugenR Says:

        I’m judging leaders by their record and not by what others say about them. Donald Trump is and acted as a gambler, and didn’t have consistent policy. He started economic war with China, and it was a right step, but he lost this war, because he also bullied Canada and Mexico, to change few lines in signed internatiomal contract, and achieved nothing. (Its enough to see the trade data between Mexico and US). He tried to bully also Europe and especially Germany and Japan as. But then dropped the subject. The Chinese dictarorship is a real threat, but US can’t win the economic war against China without the US traditional ellies as Europe and Japan, so he lost the war before he started.
        His most significant step in economy was tax reduction, that gave money to corporations, who didn’t invest in the economy but rather into the Wall Street. The result is blown up stick prises, what Trump called amazing economic achievement, but in reality is just a bubble, that will blow up in the face in the future and then alrrady noone will remember, that Donald Trump broght it on America, snd noone ekse.
        He didn’t make any done nothing of promised investment in infrastructure. He didn’t do taxation of global corporations, what you call Plutocracy.
        As to international politics, he probably made Iran an atomic power, by annulment of agreement Obama made. By the way also Nataniahu is to be blamed for this mistaken policy. He achieved nothing in North Korea, except making a great joke of himself. I could continue with his internal politics, causing huge devision in the American society, or his anti environmental politics, but it’s useless. Anyway no Trump supporter would accept my arguments.


      • EugenR Says:

        Sorry for the previous comment, it was writen from my mobile with haste and with lot of misspellings. So her you have a corrected version.:

        I’m judging leaders by their record and not by what others say about them. Donald Trump is and acted as a gambler, and didn’t have consistent policy. He started economic war with China,  and it was a right step, but he lost this war, because he also bullied Canada and Mexico, to change few lines in signed NAFTA contract, and achieved nothing. He tried to bully Europe and especially Germany and Japan. But then dropped the subject, but made their relations  rather reserved. The Chinese dictatorship is a real threat to the world, but US can’t win the economic war against China without the US traditional allies, Europe and Japan, so he lost the war before he even started it. 
        His most significant step in US economy was tax reduction, that gave money to corporations, financed by a huge deficit, that jumped to almost 1 trillion dollars even befor the Covid epidemic. Doing it  he tripled the deficit that left Obama, who made a huge deficit himself, to bring the US economy to safe shore, after the disastrous 2008 economic collapse. The corporations didn’t invest the money of tax reduction into the economy, but rather into Wall Street and purchase of real estate assets. The result is unrealistic stock and real estate prices, what Trump called amazing economic achievement, but in reality it caused just a bubble, and even a bigger gap in the income between the rich and the poor. At the end this trend will blow up in our face in the future, but then already noone will remember, that Donald Trump brought it all on America, and the world, and not his replacement be it Biden or someone else. He didn’t do anything out of promised investment in infrastructure. He didn’t taxed the global corporations, what you call Plutocracy, who are all incorporated in tax shelter countries and pay no taxes. 
        As to international politics, by nullification of agreement Obama made, he probably caused, that Iran will be eventually a nation with atomic weapons. By the way also Nataniahu is to be blamed for this mistaken policy. He achieved nothing in North Korea, except making a great joke of himself. Afganistan almost gave into the hands of Taliban, and Iraque pushed into the hands of Iran. To my opinion, in the middle east, by creating anti Iranian coalition between Israel and the Sunna Arab states, he intensified the conflict in the MiddleEast. And what to say, Iran is definitely one of axis of evil countries in the world, crystallising slowly in front of us, all due to Trumps no policy, characterised with inconsistency and spontaneous acts. Trump made the world a very dangerous place. 
        I could continue with his huge mistakes in internal politics, causing huge division in the American society, or his anti environmentalist politics, but it’s useless. Anyway no Trump supporter would accept any arguments. 

        As to Biden, let’s give him at least 100 days, before to judge him. His acts in the past were done from very different position and perspective. 


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Replying to Ian Miller]
    Hard to pardon somebody who has not been condemned.

    The one who is really failing right now, should he continue like that, is Biden. All smoke, mirrors and Trump so far. Plutocratically owned CNN had its main anchor claiming 74 million Trump voters are neo-Nazis and KKK…

    Meanwhile California got millions of doses of vaccine, but injected just a million, while already destroying 100,000, because the corrupt CA government forces people to get vaccinated through their private health provider (“OBAMACARE”). While REPUBLICAN governor De Santis in Florida vaccinates from cars anybody above 65…

    Demented Dems, I say, and to the objection that I am one of them, I will reply that I am not corrupt… To THAT extent… 😉


  3. Ian Miller Says:

    ianmillerblog on January 18, 2021 at 5:38 am said:
    Hello Patrice,
    Happy New Year!
    Whether it would be hard to make it stick is obviously a matter of opinion, but I think the Dems would be glad to bury this war because contrary to what they might think at times, it will not be a free shot. I have no idea whether Biden will be tolerable – he would not have been my choice, but since I am not American, I am irrelevant. I have no intention of attempting to defend CNN. The ridiculous issues with the vaccine is why I think the US military might be more useful in the roll-out. They should be able to deal with logistics because given a job with no complications, everybody follows orders and gets on with it.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Patrice Ayme
      on January 18, 2021 at 5:45 pm said:
      Happy New Year to you too, and hopefully not too many COVID variants!
      Biden is WORLD, not just US. So he is your president too, to some extent. Like Xi is to Australia, but worse (Australia has become wealthy from selling planet killing garbage to other countries).

      Biden was the main architect of the Iraq invasion, and the fake left is keen to overlook this. Just three million Iraqis dead, who cares: as far as the falke left is concerned, a good Iraqi is a dead Iraqi… or an immigrant professing Sharia.

      The worst mistake Trump made, so far, in his entire presidency is in the vaccine roll out. This happened because, in the Union of States, supposedly the states are in charge for their internal affairs. Instead Trump should have evoked military powers. He did not. The variations between the states or regions (compare north and south California) show the local responsibilities, to some extent.

      However, as I said, in California, the governor does as the medical lobbyists tell him to do. It is all a question that the US healthcare is for profit. Profits have to keep on rolling. They keep that attitude even while up to 5,000 are dying, a day. And this attitude is from the demented Dems themselves… Not Trump.

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      • Ian Miller Says:

        on January 18, 2021 at 8:22 pm said:
        I agree the President of the US is probably the most important politician to NZ and we hope we can get on well with Biden, not because of his history, etc, but simply because as President of the US we have to.

        My record on the Iraqi invasion has been consistently in opposition to it. I actually had a letter published in Time Magazine pointing out why it was a terrible idea well before it happened, and what I predicted more or less happened, except there were more dead Iraqis and the US wasted a huge lot more tax-payer dollars to dubious corrupt sources.

        I agree the vaccine roll-out in the US is extraordinarily bad, given it is the most technically advanced country in the world. But Trump will soon be gone, and I suspect not a lot will change.


  4. Vikki Stefans Says:

    I think he’s committed impeachable offenses and i hope he’s convicted this time.


    • Gary Sullivan Says:

      Impeachable? Worse than Obama? Bush? Clinton? Reagon?Johnson? Nixon? Eisenhower? Truman?Rosevelt? Wilson? Lincoln? Jefferson? Even worse than Washington? I allege that we have been suckered Vikki. I suppose the media would say I have falsely alleged that we have been fooled, since the media has the power to claim I falsely reprepresent my belief. Media is accuser, judge and jury. We are their stone throwers.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Gary Sullivan
        You forgot Trump’s worst crime: he invaded or attacked no country. That makes him an enemy of the masterminds of the fake left, hence most hated and despicable. Fortunately Biden, and invasion specialist, will re-establish the necessary balance soon, and the haters will be happy again.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        By doing nothing in a timely manner, Roosevelt ensured the death of more than 50 millions. In particular, with its friend the NYT, not intervening to save the Jews. But then, out of that, the “American Century”.


  5. Paula Nelson Says:

    Since we had people in this country financing Hitler (Prescott Bush being the most obvious) I don’t think it’s fair to lay that at Roosevelt’s feed. I now believe that all wars since the Napoleonic war have been promoted by the banking cartel headed by the Rothschilds. https://www.historytoday.com/archive/rise-rothschilds


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Paula: I know extremely well the essential points of the history of the 1930s, IMHO. The US plutocrats (basically all of them) who supported Hitler financially, technologically, economically, administratively are one thing, indeed. Roosevelt supported Hitler using basic Machiavellianism: saying ad deploring one thing… While doing the exact opposite. Roosevelt supported Hitler diplomatically and INTELLIGENCE WISE, we have proof of that, but it was covered up by the plutocratically owned and controlled MSM…


  6. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [To a website which links to The Guardian, about the “free press” and “truth”, but a website which removed a sedate comment of mine of the free press]

    My comment that was “removed” without explanation simply explained the obvious: there is no more ‘free press’. One cannot be free, if one is owned. The US used to be the land of the free, it was also the land of the owned (slaves). Now it may just be the latter. Gates gave 50 million dollars to the Guardian, secretly: one condition, I would be banned from commenting (I know someone who knew someone on the board)…


  7. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Who decides what is true? According to “Factcheck.org” the USA had nothing to do with Al Qaeda. In this particular case, I know the inside story (I know the financier of Factcheck, our relation is bad as it gets, on a very personal level).


  8. pshakkottai Says:

    A department of truth is sorely needed. How to get it is the question.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      How we get to establishing a Department of Truth? Good question. It depends upon some questions deemed philosophical now: what is truth, and how do we get to it? A Department of Truth should not be established by endowing it with dictatorial powers, that’s for sure. Only as a mild and benign adviser. That is why the history of science is such a crucial field of study. Because history of science shows how we get at truth. In surprising ways.


  9. Michael Feigenson Says:

    Patrice Ayme but was there ever really a free press? When, in the past, would you have been able to publish anything that wasn’t approved by the publishers?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The difference is that, in the past, there were true independent press. A few people got together, bought or contracted with a printer, and then they published. Right now, the world’s wealthiest men own what THEY and their AGENTS, call the “free press”.

      To this, some retort:”Oh, but you can write whatever you want on Facebook”. That is NOT correct. Individuals have been banned for innocuous things, like showing a statue commanded by a Pope 5 centuries ago. I had posts removed apparently for just mentioning “fake left” and “fake free press”. The New York Times blocked me for more than a decade, for having criticized the invasion of… Iraq. although the NYT fabricated materials to justify that invasion (the Judith Miller affair).

      If I quote extensive scientific literature on cloth masks, which suggest they AUGMENT the pandemic, I get threats to be banned from the Internet… After my readership augmented a lot, 12 years ago, several Internet oligopolies took active measures to get me banished from many corners of the Internet, in Europe or the USA, especially on the part of the Internet which the left reads… which is my natural abode, and precisely because it is. Some of these people were actually… bankers…

      For example, I could be read in the UK MSM, 12 years ago. Then I was banned, and I have no idea if the situation is a bit like in those countries which banned me outright (I will not mention their names, because sometimes I get through…)

      So the problem now is that the world’s wealthiest men own the media, the Internet, and the Medal of Freedom. If Gates of hell decides I don’t exist, he can make it so on vast spaces of the information universe.

      And the worst is that most of the left spends its time linking to… media owned or controlled by plutocracy. Oh, they say, we found a story contradicting you in The Guardian. Then they link to The Guardian, not knowing its a paid outfit of Bill Gates. Little do they know that The Guardian completely blocks me, so it can proceeds with its LIES BY FOCUSING ON IRRELEVANCE OR DISSEMBLANCE.


  10. SDM Says:

    Yes, the Democratic Party is now just a tool of Wall Street and corporate donors. Organized labor has no say whatsoever now let alone the majority of registered Dem voters. Identity politics rules the day while donor class are gluttons at the public trough. The “freedom of the press” is a bad joke when there are about five major corporate media conglomerates that control the narrative.
    Democratic politicians bend over backwards to be bipartisan with GOP radicals and ignore their constituents. There is only one party with two “flavors” and they both serve money/capital while using culture wars to cover their tracks.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Apparently some of my “posts” were outright removed and a friend of mine who is not very political, got a warning from FB for publishing a cartoon comparing (implicitly) Joe to Joe Stalin…

      Said corporate media, as you said, are sometimes controlled by individual plutocrats, like NBC by Comcast, itself controlled by hereditary plutocrat billionaire Roberts, an individual. This matters because many of these “corporations” are actually full of puppets, with very few taking the decisions. An example is the New York Times. Editors there have no power, it’s only the heirs who control everything.

      That’s why in some places my notion of “FAKE LEFT” was immediately, and discreetly taken down…


  11. Vikki Stefans Says:

    We need these kids to become full fledged Americans.


  12. Ian Miller Says:

    If they are there, earning a living, not involved with criminal activity, and everybody accepts them, why not give them citizenship? What is the difference when you do, apart from their having a continual fear of the immigration officer knocking on the door? Makes no difference to everyone else.


  13. JM Gar. Says:

    My health is fine. Thank You for asking. I am off fb and Twitter and I feel released from the captive addiction of those two frauds.

    Today the Deep State is Back in DC. I can’t even watch the ostentatious Soviet display of platitudes and brute might! All of the sudden the Left is waving the flag 🇺🇸 (lots of them) and putting on a show of patriotism.

    Truth being, the whole lot of them would love nothing more than to eliminate the US Constitution altogether. I will continue to read and enjoy your scholarly writings as well as I can. Thank You for having the courage to think for yourself and share your original ideas. Best Wishes your friend, John


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi John, and thanks for your compliments! Yes, it’s getting strange out there. A friend who is not very political at all, and NOT a Republican (he didn’t vote for Trump in 2016) got apparently threatened with TERMINATION by the F powers that be… today… For a rather innocuous cartoon on Uncle Joe Stalin-Biden…

      I will go on with thinking, in public… I have been playing a cat and mouse game for more than 12 years… When looking at history, in similar periods, there is always a fine line between being inside the system, and out of it, criticizing it. I will keep on threading that line through that needle…


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