Hatred Will Unify the Country. Seems to Be the Idea.

Hatred will unify the country, because all the people will hate each other, and they will have this in common… At least such seems to be the idea of the plutocratic establishment. As we will see, not really a new idea, but probably the oldest social manipulation technique. Recently CNN claimed all Trump voters, 75 millions of them were KKK, Nazis… The ridiculous and damaging impeachment is rolling on… Unification by hatred seems to be the deepest idea of the Deep Global Plutocracy and its media, are capable of… After pretending for more than 4 years that Trump was elected by Putin (whereas it is Obama who let Putin invade Ukraine, and Trump who provided the anti-tank weapons to stop Putin). Unification through hatred works: history is full of such examples. A particular case is scapegoatism. A French philosopher, Girard, made a whole glorious career at Stanford and the French Academy simply for describing “scapegoatism” as significant human driver… I go the whole hog: hatred is the ultimate driver…

John Thomas to Patrice Ayme Hatred will destroy the US if people aren’t careful. There’s too much of it on both sides, but it’s a bigger problem on the right because much of it is driven by false beliefs to which people have become emotionally and irrationally attached. Q-Anon conspiracy theories, held mostly on the right, provide a good example.

@ John Thomas: Indeed. Hatred could indeed destroy the USA, because that’s the way tribalism works. Tribalism is all about hatred, and reciprocally. Killing other tribes is the next best thing after trading with them. It kept the planet in balance in the last 2 million years. At some point a bit more than a million years ago, there were at least 14 species of hominids in East Africa. One of them exterminated all the others. And here we are.
In the Late Roman empire, depending whether people were Christians, “Reds”, “Whites”,”Greens”, “Blues”, there was much passion and hatred to be had. “Men in Black” (hedonistic, thieving, drunk gangs of monks) roamed and physically destroyed everything they could loot in their way.

HATRED & JEALOUSY… Charles Le Brun, 1609-1690… Etching in the crayon Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images images@wellcome.ac.uk http://wellcomeimages.org A face expressing hatred or jealousy.

THUS, instead of reinstituting repairing the Republic, We The People were at each other’s throats, depending upon their color allegiance… and the Plutocrats laughed all the way to the banks.
This was a conspiracy of the owners of Roman civilization, or, rather, it was the work of several conspiracies at work simultaneously, entangled with each other, with different tribal origins (the ancient plutocratic lineage, the army, the Franks, the Goths, the Huns, Alans, Vandals, Burgonds, numerous Christian factions, etc…)
The same is at work now in the USA. Plutocrats gave Biden more than 1.6 billion dollars for his presidential run. Those plutocrats are not on the side of We The People, they are on the side of hatred, hatred of We The People against We The People, because hatred of the People against the People is how plutocrats govern. So they give money, or other services, on both sides, to make sure the hatred augments.

White supremacist plutocrats decrying white supremacy is a vaccination against the very hatred they inoculate the world with. This is why some of the worst offenders, individuals who know how to lay low but who, actually made hundreds of billions of dollars in ways which should be illegal (but are not), contributed to Biden presidential run.
Or as the Maya put it, the holly Lords. When We The Maya realized they had been had, they killed the holly Lords, but it was too late…

John Thomas to Patrice Ayme You lost me in the fourth paragraph. It seems to me that you are the one who has fallen for conspiracy theories. I agree that there are serious problems with the influence of moneyed interests in the US, but that problem is no less serious on the Republican side than the Democrat side.

Patrice Ayme to John Thomas: History is the history of conspiracies and we historians make theories about said conspiracies. I never said I had a tribal obsession feeling as if I belonged to right/left/Republican/Democrat… What is the “right” anyway? A half naked guy with horns and a raccoon tail? The woman who was an Air Force 14 years veteran deliberately shot fatally through the neck?

Virgil wrote:”Love conquers all!” An amusing case of dissemblance. Virgil was the official poet of a bloody tyrant, Augustus, who didn’t not just kill hundreds of thousands to get to power, but killed some of his own relatives who were still children (in particular Caesarion, the only son of Caesar and also son of Cleopatra)… and in the end the patron of Virgil confiscated the Republic… One could say with Virgil’s assistance, because Virgil painted Augustus’ hatred with a thick layer of “love”. It was not Augustus’ legions which had conquered Rome, it was his… love. Look at what they did, not at the BS they tried to put you to sleep with.

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8 Responses to “Hatred Will Unify the Country. Seems to Be the Idea.”

  1. karenaymeprisedeparole Says:

    Complètememnt d’accord avec John ThomasJe rajouterai qu’utiliser le vrai pour précher le faux est le propre des manipulateurs


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Bonjour Karen, et bienvenue… John Thomas said many things, so it’s not clear what you are alluding to. Maybe you can be more specific? The number one line of the establishment is that any system of thought not certified by the elite is a “conspiracy theory”. For example, increasingly, if one says that the US Deppe State organized (much of) the mayhem in the Middle East (including Al Qaeda)… one is a “conspiracy theorist”… Only THEM can conspire (“breathe together”)… in Davos…
      As Jamie Dimon, CEO of the world’s largest bank, said in February 2020, the best thing out of COVID, for the world, would be that all the attendees at Davos catch COVID, and die…

      To use truth to tell lies is indeed a basic manipulation technique of social Machiavellianism. Even jay corvids practice it: they go bury some nuts somewhere, in full view of their fellows, and come back to extract them and move them somewhere secret later…
      There is a noun for the concept: dissemblance, noun
      A display of insincere behavior:
      act, acting, disguise, masquerade, pretense, sham, show, simulation.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I changed the essay slightly, because the irony may not have been perceived in the “hatred will unify” theme… Although the phenomenon is real enough… Trump as scapegoat being a best illustration…


  2. John Thomas Says:

    One ‘right’ thing to do would be to reverse Citizen’s United. Another might be to reintroduce the FCC ‘Fairness Doctrine’, the removal of which has so damaged the US media landscape turning America into a country of two tribes operating on “alternative facts”.

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    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Also the fact a few dozen families control the entire media, internet, “free” press, TV landscape. It makes even the People Republic of China look more democratic… It was not like that in the past.


  3. Paula Nelson Says:

    Since we had people in this country financing Hitler (Prescott Bush being the most obvious) I don’t think it’s fair to lay that at Roosevelt’s feed. I now believe that all wars since the Napoleonic war have been promoted by the banking cartel headed by the Rothschilds. https://www.historytoday.com/archive/rise-rothschilds


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Prescott Bush helped along, but he was not the prime instigator. JP Morgan and Henry Ford were foundational to Nazism. Interestingly, it surfaced in recent years that much of the JP Morgan’s fortune was actually truly Rothschild’s property… That would mean some ultra wealthy Jews were actually financing Hitler… That was the essence of the Simon Warburg affair, launched by the French secret services around 1933 to undermine Hitler… By showing he was financed by the US-German Jewish family, the Warburgs. That, in turn, was repressed by the Global Deep Plutocracy in an astounding way… All copies of the book destroyed… But for a single one in Switzerland…

      More important were the plutocratic heirs, the Harriman Brothers, the very core and foundation of the DEMOCRATIC Party. One of them was decorated both by Hitler, and Stalin (for Baku).


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Paula: I know extremely well the essential points of the history of the 1930s, IMHO. The US plutocrats (basically all of them) who supported Hitler financially, technologically, economically, administratively are one thing, indeed. Roosevelt supported Hitler using basic Machiavellianism: saying and deploring one thing… While doing the exact opposite. Roosevelt supported Hitler diplomatically and INTELLIGENCE WISE, we have proof of that, but it was covered up by the plutocratically owned and controlled MSM…


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