Democracy Has Gone To The Dogs

The New York Times is proud that the “Reverend” Warnock was elected because, decisively, some campaign manipulator got the idea of purchasing a dog. And they shot commercials for hours with the dog, presenting it as Mr. Warnock’s dog, when actually it was not. These long shooting scenes included fake poop which now Senator Warnock dutifully collected to burnish his ecological credentials. The New York Times is proud that the claim for progress rests on flaunting the inauthenticity of politicians: at least this way, things are clear: fake news, fake dog, fake relationship, even fake poop. It’s all fake, ladies and gentlemen, only the money behind the magic is real: around one billion dollars to purchase the two Georgia Senate seats

Bark On You

Here is the New York Times describing the situation: “How Alvin the Beagle Helped Usher In a Democratic Senate. Senator Raphael Warnock was sworn in this week as Georgia’s first Black senator, and he arrived with a canny canine assist.

In perhaps the best-known spot, Mr. Warnock, a Democrat, deposits a plastic baggie of Alvin’s droppings in the trash, likening it to his rival’s increasingly caustic ads. The beagle barks in agreement, and as Mr. Warnock declares that “we” — he and Alvin — approve of the message, the dog takes a healthy lick of his goatee.

…Mr. Warnock became the first Black senator ever from Georgia, after Democrats swept both the state’s Senate seats in the runoffs. The twin victories delivered Democratic control of the chamber and an enormous boost to President Biden and his chances to enact his agenda.

While there is no singular factor responsible for victories this narrow — Mr. Warnock won by less than 100,000 votes out of roughly 4.5 million and the other new Democratic senator, Jon Ossoff, won by even less — there is bipartisan agreement that the beagle played an outsize role in cutting through the clutter in two contests that broke every Senate spending record….

All of which would probably come as a surprise to Alvin. After all, he wasn’t even Mr. Warnock’s dog.

All readers of the New York Times found the story inspiring.

Instead, I propose that, as part of the DEMOCRATIZATION PROJECT, all and any inauthentic representation by an elected representative, or candidate should be criminalized. If Warnock had a beloved beagle, fine, he could show it on TV. But what he did was tantamount to lying. And it does not matter if he had several hundreds of millions from plutocrats to pay for his commercials. Actually, that makes it worse.

Patrice Ayme


P/S: I made a short and polite comment to the NYT deploring that the fake relationship was lauded as most democratic. It was censored. That is a violation of both isegoria and parrhesia, two pillars of real democracy:

The NYT allowed only comments fawning over the Reverend and “his” beagle that he fake- “owned”. (Yes “owned” is the way the dog was described several times… reminiscent of when the ancestors of the NYT “owned” people…)


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