Health Care Corruption: Elite Jumping The Line On COVID Vaccination, Not Just Hedge Funds

I know a young hospital administrator whose offices are located more than a mile from the patients at her hospital. She spontaneously presented her excuses for having been vaccinated as soon as the vaccine became available in California, several weeks ago. She knows I am at risk… My own vaccination is scheduled two months from now!  

What should have been done is vaccinating first front line health care workers, and people according to risk (old, sick, etc.). Also going for the priority first shot policy: the graphs coming out of class III trials are clear for the first two mRNA vaccines: after ten days, even on the first shot alone, the probability of getting nasty COVID is neglectable. 

It is a question of beating the SARS CoV2 variants which are multiplying… Vaccinating now on the first variant of the coronavirus diminishes its probability of mutating…. especially in synchronization with travel restrictions. 

The difference in spending? Not quality, obviously, but corruption…

In general, the US healthcare system spends, by GDP per capita 50% more than what Great Britain does. However, it performs less well. So, as a rule of thumb, one can say half of healthcare spending in the USA is sheer corruption. Jumping the line on the coronavirus vaccination is a consequence of this climate of corruption, and reinforces it. So it does indeed matter very much. Progress will happen when all these decision makers, influencers and power hogs recognize they are lower moral sorts… and that they should seriously abandon their elite based ethics. 

Now we learn that the “leftist” Treasure Secretary, Janet Yellen, got 810,000 dollars (yes, nearly one million dollars) from a hedge fund, Citadel, involved in the Wall Street shorting scandal. Hedge funds were the main providers of funds to Biden. Much of the trading they engage in should be illegal. Why? Because it advantages the world’s wealthiest people… So how do they become wealthier? Money does not magically appear. That money is transferred from others. The hedge funds become wealthier by stealing from the 99%… And to make sure they can keep on doing that, they pay the politicians, to insure that the elite they belong to keeps on being the elite. The elite tribe: put them all in jail.

Seriously, common people can easily end up in jail for no good reason whatsoever. Especially if they are good people protesting injustice. There is a very good reason to send to jail those who collude and conspire to steal from the poor. Big Tech, of course closed the communication channels of the Commons to help their elite friends… And Senator Elizabeth Warren, showing her true colors, those of the very fake left, rushed to their rescue, to the rescue of the hedge fund elite…

Where is Joe?

Well, Joe has been OK, with the health care corruption… And the financial corruption… For nearly 50 years as a professional politician of the highest caliber. Hopefully, this blatant spectacle of the elite splurging, thanks to COVID and now the Gamestop financial scandal, will start to make the Commons on the “left” understand that their “left” leader were absolutely the opposite of what they claim to be.

Want more? In a monologue, speaking of the death from COVID in nursing homes, Democratic governor Cuomo of New York literally said:”Who cares?”

Governor Cuomo, 1/29/2021: “New York state, we’re only about 28 percent  — only — but we’re below the national average in number of deaths in nursing homes.

But who cares — 33 [percent], 29 [percent] — died in the hospital, died in a nursing home? They died.

I know a mighty Venture Capitalist who practices “virtue displaying” by celebrating the wisdom of Cuomo. Will this sort of attitude on the part of his hero shake him up? Is that enough?

Truth start with suspicion, not by howling with the pack…

Patrice Ayme


Here are extracts of the New York Times article, providing context:

Yes, It Matters That People Are Jumping the Vaccine Line
When hospital administrators and politicians’ spouses get immunized before people more at risk, it undermines confidence in the system.
By Elisabeth Rosenthal
Dr. Rosenthal, a contributing opinion writer, worked as an emergency room physician before becoming a journalist

For weeks Americans have watched those who are well connected, wealthy or crafty “jump the line” to get a vaccine, while others are stuck, endlessly waiting on hold to get an appointment, watching sign-up websites crash or loitering outside clinics in the often-futile hope of getting a shot.

… That’s in part because, desperate to end their own pandemic nightmare, many of our most respected institutions and politicians have behaved badly. Of course hospitals have performed heroics during the pandemic … But some also have behaved selfishly during the vaccine rollout.

When the vaccine was released in December, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that health care personnel and nursing home residents receive the first doses. It was pretty clear whom the agency had in mind for “health care personnel”: those who deal directly with patients, including doctors, nurses, technicians, janitors and the people who deliver meals, along those who might come into contact with the virus, like security guards and laundry staff, as part of their jobs.

But many hospitals interpreted the recommendation broadly, inoculating their entire staff — public relations departments, administrators, programmers, laboratory scientists and, sometimes, their boards. They offered vaccines to psychiatrists who were seeing their patients on Zoom. They vaccinated radiologists who were reading films at home. Some of those immunized were at the upper end of the medical income totem pole, people who had sat out the pandemic at country homes.

Many hospitals pay no taxes because the care they provide benefits their communities. In their vaccine rollout, many of them were not thinking about their communities, only about themselves.

That behavior set a precedent for the national chaos that followed. “From soup to nuts the whole thing has fallen apart,” said Arthur Caplan, one of the country’s leading medical ethicists. What Dr. Caplan called “unfair priority” left him “incredibly irritated”; ethics were often absent from the algorithm. “Once you’ve lost public confidence in the fairness of the process, it undermines willingness to follow the rules,” he said.

Once random people working virtually got shots, those outside medical centers played whatever cards they had, too. Therapists who were working remotely claimed eligibility. Politicians and their spouses — sometimes former spouses — got vaccines.

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5 Responses to “Health Care Corruption: Elite Jumping The Line On COVID Vaccination, Not Just Hedge Funds”

  1. De Brunet d'Ambiallet Says:

    Do you think Biden cares?
    At least American companies are making vaccines, thamk to your Trump. Here in France total vaccine failure.So American capitalism still works for the world


  2. De Brunet d'Ambiallet Says:

    Do you think Biden cares?
    At least American companies are making vaccines, thamk to your Trump. Here in France total vaccine failure.So American capitalism still works for the world


  3. Gmax Says:

    Skanky is the word. Or disgusting to say it straight


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