Who Decides What Is “Evident”? The Media Owners? Hedge Fund Managers?

Power is everything, and thinking its slave…

But how does thinking arise? Well, all thinking is, in all people besides bimbos, “evidence based”. “Lie” on one side of the Sierra, “evidence” on the other…

A difficulty for “evidence based” thinking is that, right now, the dominant sources of knowledge are all owned (or controlled: BBC, NPR, PBS) by the world’s wealthiest persons. People go around, and say: oh, I read it in Reuters. Well, the first Mr. Reuters with an information service was back around 1850.

The New York Times has been controlled by the same Jewish family since the 1890s. When Hitler came around, telling the truth about The Holocaust was inconvenient for business of New York based potentates, so the New York Times blocked information about the destruction of ethnic groups, including Jews although the Jewish Councils, the Polish and French government, among others, had presented incontrovertible evidence. All US media blocked the information, known by 1939, until 1945, so around 100 million people died. Oops.

This still goes on: in the bipartisan built-up for the invasion of Iraq, in 2002-2003, the NYT’s Judith Miller concocted in cooperation with the White House and the US Senate (that’s a euphemism for a well-known character) false news to incite the US population to hate Iraq. Three million killed. Oops.

Evidence-Based Is One Letter Away From Evidence-Biased

So people say:Oh, AP, Associated Press said such and such, it has got to be true, that is an authoritative source. They do not realize that the AP is a consortium of plutocratically owned media. It should be called “Associated Plutocrats”. Then the same naive individuals turn around and speak of “Factcheck.Org”… Well I know one of the financiers of that organization. He hates me because he poses as an ecologist, but invested in plastic fields for schools. When I criticized that, he got my 9 year old daughter kicked out of her school. Money talks. He is a mighty heir, advising US and french presidents… in ecological matters. Naturally Fact.check pretends that the US has nothing to do with the rise of Al Qaeda… Soon they will tell us that “Agent Orange” was an energy drink served in Vietnam, and the US has nothing to do with it…

Another example. NBC, Comcast, are controlled just by the alpha male of the Roberts family (inherited fortune). Now Mr. Roberts has a friend and collaborator: Mr. Xi, the Chinese tyrant… Just one of their many projects together in Beijing, is worth of the order of ten billion dollars. So now do you think that employees of NBC with mortgages for their mansions, paying private school for their children, are going to be keen to find out the truth about slave labor in the Xi Reich?

Much of what people considers “evidence” on the most significant issues, is carefully concocted disinformation, misinformation, dissemblance, red-herrings, when not outright lies, or the most abysmal silences.

For example, who knows the world’s top tax have is Delaware? Or that this has to do with its (ex) Senior Senator? Who knows that, out of the top donors to Biden around eight of them are financial scam artists, hedge fund managers and fast traders who engage in forms of financial trading which SHOULD be illegal (they win automatically by leading the markets). Certainly the top plutocrats and the media they own will not talk about this: they themselves depend upon free money from money center banks…

“Evidence based” logic is an indispensable notion, indeed. But who decides what is evident, and how? On the crucial questions, certainly not the top, wealthiest universities… They have become too dependent upon money from the wealthiest…

A very good example is Doctor Fauci. He is much esteemed, and I like his delivery, I would like to talk to him in person. He was top adviser to Trump, and is now top adviser to Biden. Now he wants us to wear two masks… superposed. I thought about putting three on top of each other, and hanging one from each of my ears to public display my virtue. But then I realized I would probably die suffocated… So, anyway, the good Fauci is now teaching two masks… because masks do NOT work as the end-all, be-all (except special masks, specially worn in special activities, where and when they are indispensable, like surgery). Fauci knows this, and that is why he was telling everybody to absolutely wear no mask in March. Earlier, when Trump blocked tourist travelling from China, on January 31, 2020, Fauci was all against it (so Trump was slow to block further, as those among the Dems who play demented, like plutocrat Pelosi, called Trump a racist). Of course blocking al, this non essential travel was, and is, essential: the highly contagious and more deadly SARS-CoV 2 variant from Brazil was found in Japan last week… brought there by people coming from Brazil… Actually this is how China blocked the pandemic…

So is Doctor Fauci a good source of evidence, or evidently a power hungry crook? Agreed he is charming, very intelligent… The posterboy of fraudulence. Same for governor Cuomo of New York: the evidence had been that he was charming: something called a “Grammy” was given to him by a plutocratic organization. for his misleading presentations. However the New York Attorney general is now officially less amused. As the New York Post puts it:

Attorney General Letitia James has finally, and reluctantly, confirmed the ugly truth that Gov. Cuomo’s people have long strived to conceal but most New Yorkers suspected: The number of nursing-home residents who’ve died from COVID-19 is much higher than Cuomo’s administration claims — likely more than 50 percent higher.

James soft-pedals criticism of her political patron and his mad mandate that sent COVID-positive patients into the state’s most vulnerable population, but the facts she presents are damning enough. More, she notes the lack of evidence for Cuomo’s claim that nursing-home staff, not his edict, spread the deadly virus, killing thousands.

James’ damning 76-page report follows months of stonewalling by Team Cuomo. Lawmakers from both parties have demanded the true number of nursing-home-resident deaths; so has the Empire Center, via a Freedom of Information lawsuit.

More than 13,000 died from Cuomo’s action, refusing to use the Mercy ship Trump had brought in… I know some big shots in Silicon Valley, all Trump hating, who have been virtue displaying and pretending Cuomo was the best of all imaginable men…. For them. The evidence of a plutocrat is not the evidence of a small investor, as the recent shut down of small investors contradicting plutocrats showed.

As the Wall Street Journal describes:

Popular online brokerages restricted trading in highflying stocks including GameStop Corp. and AMC AMC -56.63% Entertainment Holdings Inc., sapping some of the euphoria around shares of companies that individual investors have sent skyrocketing in recent days.

The restrictions, from brokerages including Robinhood Markets Inc., Webull Financial LLC, E*Trade Financial Corp. and Interactive Brokers Group Inc., left traders hoping to capitalize on this week’s eye-popping gains with only two options: hold or sell. They also fueled a firestorm of criticism among users and even some members of Congress who have called for hearings on the matter.

Brokerages Curb GameStop Trades; Reddit Investors Respond With Fury

Also Charles Schwab and other investment houses blocked the arrogant, greedy little guys. Amusingly, our prefered diva, the Senate hungry AOC, is concerned by the little investor… This brought agreement between AOC and Elon Musk:
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez@AOC
·Jan 28, 2021This is unacceptable. We now need to know more about @RobinhoodApp’s decision to block retail investors from purchasing stock while hedge funds are freely able to trade the stock as they see fit. As a member of the Financial Services Cmte, I’d support a hearing if necessary.

More than half of all Robinhood users own at least some GameStop stock. They are now unable to freely trade it; the app is only allowing users to close out their positions. https://vice.com/en/article/m7ak7y/robinhood-stops-users-from-trading-gamestop-stocks-other-reddit-yolo-picks…

Elon Musk@elonmusk: Absolutely (10:43 AM · Jan 28, 2021)

Patrice Ayme@Tyranosopher: In the Middle Ages, professionals used to sell bear skins before killing their owners… Hence the name “bear market”…

Elon Musk@elonmusk · u can’t sell houses u don’t own u can’t sell cars u don’t own but u *can* sell stock u don’t own!? this is bs – shorting is a scam legal only for vestigial reasons

What is going on here? Simple plutocratic hedge funds are used to “short” stocks and manipulate public opinion to do so. But small investors with tiny accounts, of a few thousand dollars finally realized they were being manipulated. So, instead of selling they bought. Now the hyper wealthy hedge funds, Biden donors, all of them, saw with dismay the prices of stocks they had already sold go up, and up, and up and up. Threatened with the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars, the plutocratic financial system was suddenly threatened with ruins, while the little critters with their tiny accounts, all conspiring together kept buying and buying…

You have to understand that conspiracy theorists are forbidden in the USA: only the wealthiest can conspire. That is why they have golf courses and parties where they eat Beluga caviar with gold leaf on top (don’t look at me funny: Beluga caviar is good for you and gold leaf has no taste; besides, Diane of Poitier ate a lot of it, that was confirmed by forensics recently, kept her young, at least she was ‘evidence based” that way, then…)

Some hedge funds lost many billion dollars, so now the authorities find all this intolerable, and shut down trading on at least twenty stocks… One has to understand that, to invest in those funds, one has to be in the 1%. Among other requirements, as part of the Banking Act of 1933, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires hedge fund investors to be accredited, which means possessing a net worth of more than $1 million and a sophisticated understanding of personal finance, investing and trading. Minimum investments tend to be above a million dollars… These requirements exclude the vast majority of the investing public.

So what’s the evidence? The basic evidence? Well, we are in plutocracy, information is owned, and even the sentiment of which kind of information is attractive is itself owned. What else to you think they invented the mass fascination with giant individuals hanging from baskets they push a ball in, and guys in tights breathing together, their white butts in full evidence, while millions applaud?

Futile pursuits for minds owned, hearts and souls…

Patrice Ayme


5 Responses to “Who Decides What Is “Evident”? The Media Owners? Hedge Fund Managers?”

  1. brodix Says:

    Push anything to its breaking point and it breaks. Even plutocrats are subject to reality. It’s just that since they can avoid it for longer than us mere mortals, it comes as a bigger shock.
    Thermodynamic feedback loops.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. johnscorner Says:

    I appreciated your broader exploration of the GameStop story. I read Simon Black’s perspective this morning (https://www.sovereignman.com/trends/this-is-a-financial-revolution-30629/). Between both of your commentaries, I sense I understand the subject quite well, thank you.

    FWIW: Black considers the recent shenanigans of the plutocrats in light of the “Flash Crash” of 2010, in which “banks’ trading algorithms went haywire and started selling everything” so that, “[w]ithin minutes, more than $1 trillion of market capitalization . . .vanished, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average losing nearly 10% of its value.”

    The event hit him personally:


    For me, . . . the Flash Crash was great. I was ‘short’ the stock market at the time, meaning I had bet that the market would decline.

    And when the market dropped by more than 1,000 points, I happily cashed in.

    But two days later I received an email from my broker explaining that they were CANCELING my trade.

    The poor little investment banks had lost money because their fancy algorithms didn’t work. So the exchange was giving them a ‘do over’ at my expense.

    Incredible. It hadn’t even been two years at that point since the banks had to be bailed out at taxpayer expense during the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.

    Then, 20 months later, the Flash Crash happened. And the banks were simply able to wipe all their losses away.

    The lesson is obvious: when we screw up, we pay the price for our mistakes. But when the banks screw up, the whole financial system comes to their rescue.

    ******END QUOTE******

    And so, now, we see the opposite end of the same effect.

    Black offers some potentially useful advice. . . .


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I am no stranger to investing. I have had, on a smaller scale (?) something similar happening to me. Banks and their investors and string pullers, are in command… Nothing one can do. Arguing with big banks is worse than arguing with big law…. Thanks for your appreciation, BTW…


  3. Gmax Says:

    Evidence is evidently compromised. Can’t believe they prevented small investors from trading because the big fish were going under. How more evident can they be? Do you think Trump would have tweeted about that?


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