Subtle Ways Form Beliefs. It’s Not I Think, Therefore I am, But I Feel, Therefore I Think

One has to understand that the root of the brain’s behavior is its very structure. Ideas and emotions are basically neural networks and generalizations thereof. It requires huge energy to set them up. Once they are up, they are up: it is not easy to dismantle them. THUS one has to be careful what one is exposed to… Or NOT exposed to… Starting as children. Here below is an example of subtle, but particularly pernicious, vicious, infectious and nefarious bias:

Does not look like it, but the picture above contains dangerously false, racist, Wahhabist supremacy propaganda: it fosters a view of Islam which is deeply misleading. What is claimed is basically that there are no difference between variants of Sunni Islam. Actually there are enormous differences: some variants of Sunni Islam are completely compatible with advanced civilization, others are absolutely not. Actually above, painted all green, thus Sunni, are areas that have FORBIDDEN Sunni to show up, for 13 centuries! (I was initially brought up in one of these, so I am familiar with the situation). So, basically the map above is a way to describe Islam in a non intelligent, thus racist way, and also a way to make propaganda for Wahhabism, thus the worst Muslim Fundamentalism. Also depicting modern France as a Catholic country, or the USA as “Protestant”, has become, thankfully, a joke.

A subtle point of outrageous bias, for example is in the graph of religions above: tiny differences between various Christian sects are blown up with different colors…. Whereas enormous differences between different versions of Islam are ignored, and they are called “Shia”, or “Sunni”.  However, in some of the “Sunni” zones, “Sunni” were forbidden to enter… And this by variants of Islam older than “Sunni”. This may look over-subtle… Until one realizes that most “Westerners” identify the belief of an Islamist sect, “Sunnism”, in its Wahhabism extremism, as all of Islam… And that, in turn has huge consequences on democracy, because Wahhabism is antithetical to democracy… Which versions of Islam opposed to Sunnism often are not… 

This points to something: bias from sheer ignorance… the most frequent sort of bias…   

Thinking anew means to move minds. How to move minds? Passion. Extreme passions enable to reset neural networks, create new ones, that is, new ideas, new emotions. Thus extreme passions are good for mental creativity. Hence for adapting humanity to reality. 

Another deep metacognitive bias is that passion is antithetical to thinking. It’s the other way around: no passion, no thinking…

However, those passions arising against inertia are inconvenient to most, in particular to the entrenched elite. That’s why great thinkers tend to be hated, in battle and on the run

… Yes, not just Socrates, Aristotle, Hypatia , Boetius, Abelard, Hus, Bruno, Galileo, Descartes, Lavoisier, Lamarck, Galois, Boltzmann, or Van Gogh, but even Einstein, or Louis De Broglie, let alone Bloch or Cavailles… the latter two top intellectuals tortured to death by the Nazis.

When confronted to genuinely new thinking, all of humanity is on the run…

Patrice Ayme


2 Responses to “Subtle Ways Form Beliefs. It’s Not I Think, Therefore I am, But I Feel, Therefore I Think”

  1. SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ Says:

    Dear Patrice,

    Do you think that SoundEagle is on the run?

    By the way, my post entitled “Misquotation Pandemic and Disinformation Polemic: Mind Pollution by Viral Falsity” has been extended and is now divided into twelve sections, each of which can be accessed instantly from the navigational menu at the top of the post.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      SoundEagle logically should fly… 😉
      I have been busy, so couldn’t go to your site… I tried to explain the collusions plutocracy, especially financial, has established: the Gamestop saga is helpful that way… But I also found a mistake in Einstein basic considerations on Faster Than Light… Now the latter is interesting, because the top, biggest, deepest (supposedly) minds have been repeating it like a mantra…

      So lots to do… As Seneca said, I work for future generations…

      Liked by 1 person

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