How And Why Civilizational Tech Drive Was Launched By Francia

Educated people are supposed to not know at all, whatsoever, how European civilization got launched after the Greco-Roman collapse. They never heard of the Franks, nor should they, because too much LEF, Liberty Equality Fraternity upsets their masters of the Global Deep Plutocracy. So the US Politically Correct have been trained to sneer when hearing of France, and how European civilization arose after Rome collapsed is not supposed to be interesting, or even a mystery. It just happened and the Anglo-Saxons did it: Shakespeare, Newton, Darwin. Then came Washington and Lincoln. However this picture is fake, false, and starting to crack. Even the San Francisco school board is starting to understand what I am talking about. So let me help some more by adding elements of crude reality…

The mood of technological revolution we presently enjoy in this civilization, even and especially in China was France based. More exactly, Francia based. Of course, this also depends what definition of France one uses: the general one valid from 500 CE to 1200 CE, not some fictionalized American primary school.

As I already wrote above, most Americans are thoroughly conditioned to be unaware that the Francia of the Franks created and united Europe long enough for this assertion to be true. To understand this better one has to look into Critical Race Theory and apply it to plutocratic domination.

Clovis takes a bath in the middle of winter… Thus imposing his common sense view of Catholicism on the Roman empire…

Americans, hopefully, are aware of a couple of centuries of US history, or four of them counting from 1619 CE, when racial based slavery was instituted in English America. Frankish control of Europe lasted several times as long, long enough to invent the basis of today’s civilization. The roots of American civilization are in Francia, and that of course infuriates the Global Deep Plutocracy.

Modern France, much of the core of the Francia of the Franks contributed enormously to modern science and technology. However that does not mean this is still going on. Amusingly, both mRNA and the first applications thereof (a vaccine, 30 years ago, which caused allergy problems) were French discoveries (Nobel for mRNA to Lwof, Monod and Jacob). However present France, dominated by MBAs, ENAs and lawyers spent way too little in research and does not have a French-made vaccine. However, that is a state policy, and French research stays alive: a French start-up, financed by Great Britain, got a huge order from Boris Johnson’s government (NOT from the present day French government, which is led by a young M&A banker, and revolving door artist).

Ah, but how, in this perspective, did the pro-technology, pro-knowledge start in Francia? From first beating back the insanity of Christianism with common sense. Told that Christ had been condemned to crucifixion Frankish king and Roman imperator and consul Clovis quipped:”It would not have happened if me and my Franks had been there!”

Second the Franks beat back the ignorance of children by encouraging religious establishments to teach all children secularly.

Third, Queen Bathilde of the Franks outlawed trading as slaves citizens of the empire. The only way out was to innovate cognitively, socially and technologically. A practical consequence was that Europe exploded in hundreds of sovereignties (although the Roman emperor or the French king were supposedly the ultimate authorities).
The dispersion and localization of authority brought some sort of de facto democracy by local responsibilization.


To make sure of infuriating some more the ignorant, I answered the following stupid question: Which country generally has better technology between France and Germany? It is a silly question because Francia created Germania: a notion so correct, it infuriated the Nazis. The Franks even created the written German language (under Charlemagne). As if to foster some more this correct observation, Germany proper, as a country, or more exactly empire (“Reich”), was created in 1871 CE, in Versailles…


Most engineering was invented in France, or by the French, including the steam engine (Papin, 17C, although he was then working in Germany!), chemistry (Lavoisier, 18C), hot air balloons, first automobiles (18C), plane (Ader, 19 C), the first helicopter, and transistor (1948, although the Nobel was given to Americans who didn’t invent the transistor, there were already patents, and some of the inventors working for the French company which mass-produced transistors in 1949 were Germans).

Hey, even Analytic Geometry (Descartes) or Calculus (Fermat)! And Buridan discovered “Newton’s” Second Law… Three centuries before Isaac was born. Did I mention evolution? The theory was established by research professors Lamarck and his enemy Cuvier… Before the amateur Darwin was even born (Darwin had to go to the university of Edinburgh with Lyell to learn Lamarck’s’ evolution…)

To augment the sneering from the pleasantly enraged ignorant, I will point out to the great Frankish bioengineering creations of the First Millennium: among them, huge horses… more efficient than oxen for ploughing.

Speaking of ploughing, the Franks’ demographic expansion rested on their enormous heavy ploughs made of dense steel which were able to overturn the rich dense soils of the Northern European plains. That was the best steel in the world, and soon hydraulic hammers were necessary to forge it. Cathedrals then arose with their walls of light made of metal and glass. It was known as “Frank” style, until a 16C italian who detested the French called it “Gothic” (because the Franks had destroyed the Goths, Visigoths and Ostrogoths… And wiped them out of history). The Franks also developed new cultivars of beans in the Tenth Century, which came to be known as “full of beans”. Beans are nutritious and full of proteins… The mood of invention arose from the abolition of slavery and the practical existence of local democracy.

Recent Nobel attributions in physics consecrated French breakthroughs which found immediate applications in ubiquitous electronics. Tellingly, Giant Magnetic Resistance was discovered in 1988 independently by the groups of Albert Fert of the University of Paris-Sud, France, and Peter Grünberg of Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany. The practical significance of this experimental discovery was recognized by the Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to Fert and Grünberg in 2007. GMR was used in hard disk drive, until it was replaced by TMR, Tunnel Magnetic Resistance, an effect was originally discovered in 1975 by Michel Jullière (University of Rennes, France) in Fe/GeO/Co-junctions at 4.2 K.

But yes, it is the US Big Tech led by college dropouts, which makes all the money and the glory they redirect at themselves, to augment further their monopoly and propaganda powers…

Now there is pretty much a fusion between French and German, or more generally, European, engineering, through the likes of MBDA (a missile company with state of the art missiles), or Airbus. The French though have a military-industrial complex with for their nuclear forces which is unique in Europe, and the only one in the West, with that of the USA, of course. (Britain has a nuclear deterrent reduced to strategic submarines equipped with US Trident missiles; the French make their own missiles and submarines, acknowledged to be the best in the world, and they have their own air based nuclear arm).

The intellectual tradition of France was born in the Sixth Century, when the Frankish empire told the Pope that Frankish bishops would organize secular education, in spite of Pope Gregory the Great’s lethal threats against his own bishops. In the following centuries, it only grew. By the 8C, all religious establishment had to teach secularly all children, by law. In Paris the Cathedral School grew into the world’s first university (it became physically independent in the 12C when the present cathedral replaced the old one).

The intellectual dominance of Paris was acknowledged by 1000 CE. It was called, at the time, “translatio studii”, the translation of studies from Athens to Paris. In quick order, the Franks/Normans reconquered Sicily and Southern Italy from the Muslims, and England from the Anglo-Saxon-Viking quarrelous mix which was messily ruling there (1066 CE)… In 1204 CE, a rogue French army took Constantinople, in an unfortunate victory of French secularism over Orthodox fanaticism.

Six centuries later, the USA was born from all this…

France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Britain, and the USA are distinctions without fundamental differences. The root is all the same: a large German confederation, that of the Franks of the Salt was created, helped by Rome’s better angels, and relaunched civilization on more common sense, hence more democratic, and more technological foundations.

And here we are. And so is China.

What happened? Well, after 13 centuries of various invasions by foreign powers, something that had a seriously debilitating effect on Chinese power and civilization, the Chinese did some thinking in… Paris (where most of the founders of Communist China ended up, except for Mao). How come China was invaded in the 19C by French and British armies, and not the other way around? How come China was invaded so much and controlled by foreigners for 13 centuries? And Europe was not?

Technological-scientific superiority was the answer. Europe founded by the Franks always had the better steel, better horses, mechanical advantage. In the 15C the Bureau brothers, who were engineers, invented the battlefield gun, which was designed to send the English back to England, as it did… But also protected Europe. The Chinese, under Xi, are overlooking one element, though: democracy, which underlays inventivity…

Patrice Ayme

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6 Responses to “How And Why Civilizational Tech Drive Was Launched By Francia”

  1. D'Ambiallet Says:

    I wonder how many Anglo-Saxons will read this. It’s so opposed to all they know. How do you think you csn persuade them? Suddenly they become intellectuels? Wow LOL

    SO YOU THINK abolishing slavery did it? That’s what forved to invent machines? And which machines anyway? Windmills, watermills. Mechanical leverage? Animals used as robots?


  2. Gmax Says:

    Always unhesitatingly confronting the maleficent PC sheeple, LOL. Well, keep at it, it worked for 1619…


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