Aphorisms 9 February 2021

All things seem to pass, but for the passing of passage… Questions best answered by God, such as the universe in toto, should be left to her, especially as we have no proof of her existence… besides ourselves, of course…


On The Asocial Networks Deciding What Is Right:

Spying on people to make money is not ethical. So why should wealthy spies be in charge of the ethics of society? because they have more money and power? Would it not be natural then, that they use slaves? Aren’t we all, those with the stolen lives… slaves?


Corona Voodoo By COVIDIOTS:

All alone, miles from any road, a runner is seen. She wears a mask. One can see a cloud of steam puffing out of it every few seconds. Did she see viruses lurking in the woods? Where does she believe her potentially COVID laden breath go? Isn’t her mask encrusted with dried up COVID a terrible threat to society when she goes back among the throngs? 

Minds so obscure, how can one talk to them? What can one hope them to understand anything a bit out of what they have been conditioned to know?


Debate Trumps Truth:

In the fog of war, we need the biggest guns… And the biggest gun is not truth, which is debatable, but debate, the only way to get to better truths. 

For example I just seem to have found a serious logical mistake in the famous 1907 paper of Einstein on Relativity… Because, well, nobody debated it (Although I am a sort of Relativity specialist, I read it only in 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!)… Yet its conclusion has been taken for granted by generations of physicists… In an absolute sort of way.

We often contradict an opinion, otherwise fun, games and debate would die. It is not just because we do not like the tone. It is because of dialectic. We harvest ideas from the emotions debates bring. 

“We often contradict an opinion for no other reason than that we do not like the tone in which it is expressed.” — Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human… sounding very superficial for once. We contradict opinion to aggravate not just others, but ourselves. Same idea as drinking coffee, but with mightier stuff.


Typical mention of Nazi engineered massacres in the New York Times during World War Two (top; victims, below). Nothing to see, circulate. Although reliable sources concurred that millions of civilians, Poles and Jews had been assassinated, as early as January 1942. The New York Times duplicated this behavior of ignoring horrors, real, potential, or unavoidable, the Biden-Bush conspiracy which brought the invasion of Iraq could bring… of course the NYT made things up with the Bush administration and the famous Judith Miller, to justify the killing of millions of Iraqis, in an effort to impose, there again, the American way…


History, correctly made, is mostly the making of theories about why and how precisely some conspiracies happened., and who, what, how and why the conspirators got going… 

The blanket interdiction against theorizing about conspiracies arises from the fact the World is in the grip of Global Deep Plutocratic conspiracy. our sneaky masters do not want us to theorize about the ways they subjugate us. They are not different that way from Muslim Fundamentalists forbidding us to theorize about Islam. Presently they are distracting us with some more impeaching of Trump, trumping us in the illusion that they are fighting evil, thus hiding they are the evil-power (pluto-kratia).

For a small hint of how vast the conspiracy orchestrated by the elite is, consider that Medal of Freedom recipient Gates and Buffet were forces behind Uighur enslaving Xi whose collaborator hereditary plutocrat Roberts controls Comcast, thus NBC, MSNBC, etc… Also what really happened with fascism, and why the US which contributed massively to create it, was so late in declaring war to it (actually, it didn’t!) Don’t expect to learn any of this in plutocratic universities…


Between 1939 and 1945, The New York Times published more than 23,000 front-page stories. Of those, 11,500 were about World War II. Twenty-six were about the Holocaust.

We need to add to the media mix real neutral STATE media under STATE INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL (not just Congress/Parliament, but also SCOTUS, Dept Justice, etc.). That would COUNTERBALANCE. How to get there is a devil in the details. Enormous regulations and laws on the likes of Twitter and Facebook would help (those have started to appear). Direct financing through taxes. At the same time paying media to get it to say things, when one has a vested interest, say promoting “Brexit”, should be unlawful.

“Raise our vibration!” our energy, from E = hf. State-of-the-art wisdom requires isolation from the barking, stinging, mooing and stampeding multitude. Wisdom has also to inform the obsolete and common about their sewer, to improve it enough to perdure. https://www.facebook.com/brightvibes/posts/1351063068413662


Navalny and Trump: too close a comparison for comfort. Is The USA going the way of Russia?

The prosecution of Navalny, for incitement is a shame and a proof of non-democracy of the existing Russian establishment , as Navalny is the greatest opponent of the established order in Russia. Navalny just got condemned to 3.5 years in prison. Who is the greatest opponent of the established order in the USA? Yes, Trump. Should Trump be harassed some more by the US establishment, as Navalny is by the Russian establishment? History will draw all too uncomfortable a parallel.


The Imperium Francorum sent spies to the lands recently conquered by the Islamists, as early as 650 CE. They came back relating that these “Saraceni” were a new dangerously fanatical Christian sect. Violence made its success. NYT hates Europe very deeply   https://patriceayme.wordpress.com/2009/06/22/some-violence-in-holy-quran/

This is not a “terrorist group” one is fighting here, it’s the terrorist MOOD of dead prophets butt-kissers who love to hate. They use the cult of a long dead savage as a pretext to do so. One can only stop that mood with practices which will make it too uncomfortable for them to persist.  


On Scandinavia Being Nice:

Nazi collaborator Sweden was highly successful trading with the Nazis (high grade iron ore shipped from Narvik, in Norway; Hitler built his forces with that ore), or selling to the Nazis their main weapon, the 88mm gun (anti-aircraft and anti-tank). That wealth perdured. 

Norway made, and makes, a fortune from destroying the Earth’s atmosphere with its fossil fuels extracted from the bottom of the North Sea. Also I would not describe the Viking as risk averse. They created Russia (named after them), among other things…


The New York Times has long gone to the Dark Side (I have been a subscriber for decades). NYT, Bush, and Biden, conspired to invade Iraq (more than 2 million dead). NYT then prevented me from commenting until the editor of the family which controls the NYT was replaced by his son!


New York Times’ Vicious Disinformation: A long Tradition Of Systemic Moral Failure… Deliberately So:


And of course, during World War two, the New York Times refused to give the Holocaust of the Jews the publicity it deserved. Why? The usual explanation is that Americans hated Jews, so it was best not to talk about them, Jews. That is obvious disinformation. 

The charitable explanation is that New York business and banking circles had been closely tied to Nazism (which they greatly created themselves). The reality is worse: the US elite knew, or guessed, or felt its manifest destiny; let Europe be destroyed so that the USA can rule the “American Century”…

Patrice Ayme

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4 Responses to “Aphorisms 9 February 2021”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Could you please report on that Einstein mistake you spotted?


  2. Ian Miller Says:

    And the error is???


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