CDC Recognizes Masquerade Spreads COVID

OK, the CDC did not exactly said this. Instead, unwilling to recognize it helped to foster the pandemic through its erroneous recommendations, the CDC used weasel talk. CDC now recommends to wear two masks, superposed, tightly fitting… and even then the CDC recognizes that plenty enough viruses to kill you, will go through… or then CDC suggests to forsake breathing altogether, and wear “nylon over the mask“. So, put a plastic bag over your head, close it tightly and, says the CDC, you will not get COVID. I am not making this up, read the lower right recommendation from the CDC drawing below:

If one analyzes critically this CDC drawing, one realizes that the CDC is admitting failure for the masquerade, even if it is not just a double, but even a quadruple masquerade. Putting a plastic bag around the head and tightening may work, though, the CDC admits…

This is an official CDC admission that, even when they threaten to kill you through impeaching breathing, masks do not work. “In lab tests with dummies, exposure to infectious aeorosols decreased by about 95% when the BOTH wore TIGHTLY fitted masks“.

Yes, right, what about the remaining 5%? The coronavirus is a virus, that means it grows in enormous bursts, well above anything exponential. So getting 5% of a virus is like getting 100% of a virus.

During the initial stage, an inoculum of virus causes infection. In the eclipse phase, viruses bind and penetrate the cells with no virions detected in the medium (this is a problem for detection, as there is nothing to detect, and why PCR tests do not work like metal detectors; a thoroughly infected individual ready to spew enormous quantities of virus within an hour may have a negative PCR test, because billions of viruses are still inside the cells). A chief difference appears in the viral growth curve compared to a bacterial growth curve occurs when virions are released from the lysed (exploding!) host cells, all at the same time. Such an occurrence is called a burst, and the number of virions per bacterium released is described as the burst size. In a one-step multiplication curve for bacteriophage, the host cells lyse, releasing many viral particles to the medium, which leads to a very steep rise in number of virions per unit volume.

Now in bacteria, the doubling time can be as little as 12 minutes (or less!) As viruses are much smaller, the reproduction of viruses per unit of time is much greater (there is a general law, giving a reproduction time inversely dependent upon infectious agent mass). Playing conservative, let’s say we are dealing with twenty minutes doubling time. In less than 90 minutes, a population of an infectious bacteria could have been multiplied twenty times. Let’s assume the same for the coronavirus (actually a wild underestimate in the burst phase!) In other words the 5% the quadruple mask system of the CDC enables to pass through would have been transformed into more than 100% within less than two hours. Because a viral burst is actually worse than that, basically 5% is as bad as 100%. It is as if swallowing half a gram of Plutonium instead of ten grams: it will kill you just the same.

As I have explained in detail several months ago, masks transform ballistic water droplets falling on the ground into indefinitely suspended virus-fomites aerosol combinations (fomites are dust particles so small only HEPA filters can stop them, using quantum forces).

This is why European countries have outlawed most masks in January 2021. Surgical masks, worn as surgeons wear them reduce the probability of transmission, true, but this is an operating room situation, not a real life situation (people touch masks, they touch them with hands which have not been washed for three minutes, people speak too much, masks slip, etc.) Surgeons are trained to do this in a professional environment.

If one wants to avoid being infected by COVID, one has to avoid aerosols carrying COVID. HEPA air filtration, ventilation and UV D will do that. Masks will not. This is science.

And now let me head out to Stanford University, to get my vaccine jab!

Patrice Ayme


Note: it was known before 2019 that coronavirus were aerosols:

For both SARS and MERS, LRT samples offer the best diagnostic yield, often in the absence of any detectable virus in upper respiratory tract (URT) samples [50,51,52]. Furthermore, infected, symptomatic patients tend to develop severe LRT infections rather than URT disease. Both of these aspects indicate that this is an airborne agent that has to penetrate directly into the LRT to preferentially replicate there before causing disease.

For MERS-CoV specifically, a recent study demonstrated the absence of expression of dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP4), the identified receptor used by the virus, in the cells of the human URT. The search for an alternate receptor was negative [53]. Thus, the human URT would seem little or non-permissive for MERS-CoV replication, indicating that successful infection can only result from the penetration into the LRT via direct inhalation of appropriately sized ‘droplet nuclei’-like’ particles.


Mask wearing has been politicized: Biden and his wife wore masks in open air, without anybody around, presenting this as “science”. They won the election that way. Thanks to the support of plutocratic media, the notion was widely accepted, and Trump lack of mask exhibtionism was presented as “anti-science”… never mind that Trump spent dozens of billions financing biotech companies to develop vaccine (something no other “leader” did, with the partial exception of Boris Johnson… who I used to detest because of Brexit, but now Johnson has actually financed a French biotech startup, ordering 100 million doses of vaccine from the French company… whereas the French president a baker and inspector of finance… did not!)

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