On Pathetic French President Macron And His Lack Of A French Vaccine

To understand the world better, it helps to not just look at one country. Thanks to Trump financing massive financing of Moderna, I got injected by the mRNA Moderna vaccine roughly a year after COVID appeared. That incredible success led by the Moroccan born and raised Belgian PhD Doctor Moncef Slaoui was greatly Trump’s making. One can see this clearly by comparing with France.

France has been an abysmal failure in the matter of COVID vaccines. All the more shocking as France led the way, both in the discovery of mRNA and making a vaccine out of that… Seventy and thirty years ago, respectively. That failure has everything to do with being led by financier, instead of a maverick hack (Johnson), or a developer (Trump).

I know that critters with intellectual pretensions are supposed to despise Trump as a bullying idiot and praise Macron because he talks English, honors the established order, and is a financier. However, with his vaccines, Trump is saving many times more millions than Biden killed by invading Iraq, and Macron compromised the world’s vaccine effort.

Meanwhile the Biden government gave the order to never mention “Operation Warp Speed” again… Although Biden himself used the expression in January 2021, some of the crafty propagandists below him told him that the expression reminded people who brought five successful vaccines by financing them handsomely (Trump).

It is highly likely that, had Biden and company been in charge they would never have financed vaccines as OPERATION WARP SPEED did. How do I know this? Look at France. Or, for that matter the European Union in general: the successful vaccine effort in Europe was financed by… You guessed it… Trump. Unbelievable. But true.

Oh, there is French vaccine which works… But it is financed by Brexiter… and French speaker Boris Johnson, the British PM. Neither France of Macron or the famed European Union, finance that French vaccine. So, paradoxically, Brexit finances French Biotech, which neither the EU nor France finances.

Meanwhile, France is getting vaccinated by Trump financed vaccines…Trump spent nearly ten billion dollars financing the first three (UK authorized) vaccines: 4 billion for the mRNA Moderna vaccine (Moderna is a US startup led by a French CEO who stunned Trump by telling him he could mass produce a vaccine within three months if given billions); 2 billions for the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine (Marrying giant US Pfizer with a German Startup with mRNA tech led by a Turkish immigrant), and billions for the vaccine made by Astrazeneca, a British-Swedish company led by a French CEO who is an MBA and a veterinarian, in collaboration with the UK University of Oxford (which is around eight centuries old). Those vaccines are remarkably efficient…

France was supposed to go back up to 3% research/GDP. But then France got led by a lawyer married to a billionaire, a professional politician from ENA (a kind of MBA for gauche caviar, dominant in French governance), and finally a finance public servant turned money changer

in Marseille, France, the head of the intensive care ward at La Timone Hospital observes that the EU stumbled at the starting line of the vaccination program. Not counting Britain and its 120,000 (minimum) COVID deaths, the European Union has more than half a million COVID deaths (and probably much more).

There was a clear lack of anticipation. Then a lack of doses. Then we didn’t vaccinate the right people,” said Dr. Julien Carvelli.

Let me go at it in (shockingly scathing) French for the French readers:

Il est révélateur que la France de Macron, qui méprise tellement les USA de Trump pour cause de prétendu fascisme, agit de facon bien pire. Il serait inimaginable pour Trump ou ses supporters de refuser le droit de revenir a un citoyen. Et c’est bien normal. Priver les français de leur citoyenneté est un fascisme inexplicable… depuis l’occupation par les Nazis. Par exemple, je suis vacciné (COVID mRNA, Moderna). Pourquoi ne puis-je revenir ou je suis né? Suis-je un Juif sous l’occupation Nazie? Même ces victimes là pouvaient rentrer. De facon générale, l’incurie de Macron est effarante: les Français sont vaccinés avec des vaccins Américains (Moderna) ou Americo-Allemands (Pfizer-BioNTech). la France (et l’UE) a refusé de faire ce que Trump et Boris Johnson ont fait: financer des startups de biotech pour sauver les citoyens, et le monde. Même quand ces citoyens sont français.

Voici ce qu’en dit Associated Press: French pharmaceutical startup Valneva had big news in September: a government contract for 60 million doses of its coronavirus vaccine candidate. The buyer? The United Kingdom — not the European Union, as might be expected for a company on the banks of the Loire. “What a true waste,” bristled Christelle Morancais, president of the Pays de la Loire regional council, as she tried to wrap her head around the missed opportunity. The British, she told The Associated Press, “rolled out the red carpet for this company, helping with financing and the set-up. … And we were powerless.”

Macron est fondamentalement un inspecteur des finances tourné riche tripoteur d’argent chez Rothschild. Et maintenant il bafoue les droits des citoyens… sans se préoccuper du bon sens ou de la constitution. Macron est un president de plus qui a désindustrialisé la France… cette fois la déclassant au point de tuer des citoyens. Même Putin en Russie, et le dictateur Xi en Chine ont produit des vaccins pour leurs citoyens…et le monde. Le vaccin Russe marche a 91% d’après le Lancet. La France est le seul membre permanent du Conseil de Sécurité de l’ONU sans son propre vaccin… Minable. Et meurtrier.

Patrice Ayme

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