Potential Armageddons Are Best Fought With Transparency, Not Mental Subjugation

The establishment is conspiring for implementing an even more thorough mind control than it has already achieved. To do so, it intents to control “truth”. I agree “truth” is the number one problem, but having the establishment control it makes it worse: it is the penultimate stage of civilizational collapse, just before the plebs, We The People, realizes that they had been had, and roast the plutocrats on spits (as literally happened during the “Jacqueries” of the 14C; this clearly happened when the Mayan civilization collapsed, when city-state after city-state saw its elites burn and gods destroyed by the enraged people finally aware of the incompetency of the governance they had been submitted to). So established thinkers say what they are expected to say, justifying their salaries. by suggesting everybody should carry Big Brother, or should I say Big Facebook? Around the neck, 24/7:

How vulnerable is the world?
Sooner or later a technology capable of wiping out human civilisation might be invented. How far would we go to stop it?

The Apocalypse is not far around the corner…

Any human population contains more than an “apocalyptic remnant”, a subpopulation of individuals who are evil-bound. Arguably, this is potentially the case with everybody, given the appropriate circumstances to trigger the behavior. Preventing the apocalypse will require more openness, and transparency, debate and truth, instead of trying surveillance, closure, lies and mental control of the population… that latter instruments of subjugation will actually make it easier to trigger the apocalypse, by letting only a few access the ultimate power of knowing other minds. 

Absolute power corrupts absolutely: those who have the absolute power of mental cognition of others will worry about losing that power… and at a reaction to the unjust subjugation they exerted. Protected by the secrecy and power conferred to them to prevent the apocalypse, terrified at the idea of losing their power, they will obsess to find means, any means, to keep the power secrecy and censorship confer… And they will have those means, precisely because they exert censorship. This happened for real at the end of the Roman Republic. The Senate exerted censorship. It did not stop there; Cicero, to Caesar’s outrage, overrode the constitution, and executed without trial Roman citizens, arguing from a mix of emergency and secrecy (conspiracy of Cataline). 

Plutocracy means: evil-power. Using evil means confers power that should not be used. And first of all among evil means is knowing all what other people think and do (consider asocial networks right now, selling our souls to whoever is interested by buying them). This is the ultimate evil because it enables to reduce thinking to monothinking, the ultimate intellectual fascism. That destroys mental diversity which feeds human intelligence, hence human wisdom, our genus’ essence.

The reason for the “Apocalyptic Remnant” being within all individuals is evolutionary. The genus Homo has dominated the planet for millions of years during which it became the greatest threat against the ideology which supports it. So Homo had to cull Homo. This is the :original Sin” Christianism deplored… But it does not go without knowledge, thus wisdom. Indeed wisdom is power and power ultimately means dominance. 

Thus worrying about human beings having too much power is nothing new. It has been the case for millions of years. Holocausts and cannibalizing the enemy were the solutions. That there will be more of this in the future, as there were some in the past is no reason to panic now, and throw the baby, human intelligence, with the bath.

Instead the solution is to become more intelligent. 

In 1935 Irène and Frédéric JoliotCurie were awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for the synthesis of new radioactive isotopes. In 1937 Irène discovered that Uranium 235 could sustain a chain reaction, and had an entire correspondence with her German colleague Otto Hanh about this (Hahn did not believe her). In January 1938, Irène and Frédéric JoliotCurie went to see the Ministre de la Guerre, and told him nuclear bombs were possible. The Minister of War then withdrew all and any patents about nuclear energy, and what came to be known many years later as the Manhattan project was launched. Disinformation, including giving the Physics Nobel in 1945 for Irène JoliotCurie’s discovery, has obscured this history… But it was one of the factors in the invasion of Norway by the Nazis, as they knew France had Norway’s largest dam producing heavy water for use to slow down neutrons in nuclear reactors. Ultimately collaboration between France, Britain, Canada and the US produced nuclear bombs, and the Nazis were left out. The cooperation between the scientists was fully open, but it was closed to the exterior word: French general De Gaulle was told in 1944 by a French science leader of the Manhattan project in Canada that “une ville, une bombe”… whereas Truman learned of the bomb only when he became president. 

The case of the Hubei virus shows that transparency saves lives, and mitigates potential apocalypses: in the latest finding of the WHO (February 14 2021) there were at least 1,000 cases of COVID in December 2019, with 13 variants. That was kept wrapped in secrecy. Several months were lost in which containment and vaccines could have been prepared.  

People devolve into the Dark Side and the apocalypse, an un-covering, when the Dark Side and reality are revealed, when they have to, because there are no other solutions. Transparency, debate, intelligence and wisdom will find solutions, given enough openness. This is the way, going forward.  



Various intellectuals have instead argued towards closing society. This was an answer to them. More detail in a buffing up of that essay soon, no time now

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