Mania Form Mafia

As Nietzsche said, folly is rare in the individual, but the rule in the collective. Why it is so is very instructive. I have  explained this: mania cement tribes together, and collective crime unifies best. That doesn’t mean the collective is always wrong. All learning is cultural, thus from a mass of people, thus massive. When an element of culture is erroneous enough, it will bring nefarious consequences… which unite those who believe and participate in that mania. Indeed nothing unites better than common criminality.
It is a fundamental chimp instinct. Then an entire group of chimps get together to go on the warpath, hunt, hurt or, and, kill other chimps, as a matter of territory, hence ecology.
Examples of commonly practiced mania are scapegoatism, another the religion of Abraham, religions with human sacrifices, all sorts of racisms and tribalisms, etc. The crime is not accidental, but unifying. Crimes against truth and common sense are most… common as they present the further advantage of reducing brain work..

Follies are not necessarily useless, far from it. Paradoxically, folly helps reason, by exploring all possibilities, and instills strife, thus it is adaptive to the species which rules the world. Folly suggests and cleanses, by creating the very excesses which identify all the possibilities and diminish the human ecological load. In particular insanity expands the logics to the max. (Yes, this is Erasmus stood on his head…)

The advantage of mass delusions is partly why insanity is rare in the individual but the rule in cultural sets (epochs, nations, religions, etc. Another reason, besides the extremely sophisticated one evoked above is the fact that criminal follies bind tribes best… And plutocracies can exploit these and unite the people that way. See:  “Delusions That Bind”

Patrice Ayme

 -I like it, except if you could maybe rephrase the part about the religion of Abraham (singling out Judaism would be anti-Semitic.) For example: most atheists single out no belief. There are also three separate religious groups that come from the Family of Abraham.

Answer to Belinda Smith:
Judeo-Xto-Islamism is just the “religion of Abraham”. Calling them “monotheism” is abusive to other religions which also believed in a supreme being… The religionS of Abraham all emanate from Judaism. It is not anti-Semitic to observe this, because it’s a fact. which can be verified by reading the Bible or the Qur’an (something I do all the time, for fun). As happens with sects, they tend to hate each other. Sunni religious texts (Hadith) enjoin that all jews have to be killed before the Final Judgment can happen. This is not being anti-Jewish or being anti-Sunni to notice this. It is just describing faithfully some related ideologies.
Wisdom cannot listen to the complaints of idiots.
Many view Jesus as a “Rabi”… and Jesus was certainly a Jew… That he was a Jew prevented Christians to exterminate Jews (although they came close many times)… Christians, or more exactly Catholics, exterminated everybody else (99.99% of Samaritans, 100% Cathars, etc.).
Muhammad took refuge in Yattrib, a Jewish city, but later eradicated a Jewish tribe there. And elements of Islam are very clear that Jews are a serious problem with a lethal solution (once again, not an interpretation singling out a religion groundlessly, it’s literally there, in writing).
The Republican Romans outlawed all religions which practiced human sacrifices (so the Celtic religion was 100% eradicated, and the Carthaginian religion went underground). I will review the essay for possible anti-Semitic misrepresentation, though. I am agnostic (I do not pretend to be god by claiming there is no god).
Graduating from the human sacrifice mood as a unifier advanced civilization. One point I make is that the religions celebrating Abraham as founder (Islam, Xtianism, Judaism) celebrate the willingness to commit infanticide to please the boss as a community building criminal mood… In a way that was just not so blatant as to fall under Roman interdiction. So, basically, Abrahamism fosters the mood to do anything to please the boss.
Listening to Christian preachers of US Protestantism (“Reform”) one basically listen, under the para ble of the Jewish people seizing land “given by God”, to the praising, as a religion, of the seizure of land, making war to, and killing the original inhabitants (who were, I think, Semites, nota bene…)
Collective madness is a complicated subject, with pros and cons. One may want to keep that in mind as Internet censorship is ever more practiced all over (not just Xi’s dictatorship).
Patrice Ayme

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3 Responses to “Mania Form Mafia”

  1. SDM Says:

    Pretty well sums up a lot of so-called political thought one sees and hears today. Some of it is disguised as “economics” and some as “patriotism” but much of it boils down to the same elements. “Support the troops” militarism to “spread democracy” -that is to kill democracy and people to install obedient puppet rulers; “austerity” to balance budgets but only when the money to help the many as opposed to the elite corporate class; “law and order” to imprison black/brown/miscellaneous poor people yet corporate criminals act with impunity; “voter fraud” to limit the vote to a few; “pro life” to prevent women from having control over their bodies and reproductive rights; ignore science if it reveals facts which are contrary to your world view; it goes on and on!


    • De Brunet d'Ambiallet Says:

      That’s right. Politics has become purely sectarian. It is terrible


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The modern philosophy underlying Nazism and “Postmodernism”, subjugated reason to the tribe. Nothing new, of course, but many in the last century have been thrilled by this “revelation”.

      “Postmodernism” gave French Theory through US plutocratic universities, and condensation of the worst PM. Out of there, CRT, Critical Race Theory. Where I am the super wealthy are all BLM, or so they claim. When me and my multiracial family surface, all the little blonde children are thrilled and wave like visitors at the zoo do to Panda bears… When they think nobody is looking, they “cancel” us discreetly, and very permanently… Hey, they went to “Democratic Leadership School”, and gave major addresses in Chengdu!… In technology, of all things, when they don’t know the difference between energy and momentum…

      French Theory and CRT are just the plain old US racism, and frantic exploitation by dissimulation, under a fresh coat of paint…


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