An Infestation of Bacteria, COVID Doctors, etc: Medicine Turning Scientific, Slowly

Knowledge of the biology of the human body is slowly turning increasingly scientific, rather than primitive, erratic, anecdotal, epidemiological, and chimp-like methods used in present medecine.

There is progress on many fronts. For example why do different cancers find “different soils” to grow on (the observation dates from the 19C)? Lung cancer goes to brain cancer. Breast cancer goes to the liver and ovaries. Prostate cancer goes to bones. More than 70% of lung cancer is caused by smoking. After diagnosis, more than 50% of lung cancer patients keep on smoking. They have poorer outcomes. It was just discovered that nicotine neutralizes the main anti-cancer mechanism in the body (in a complicated fashion).

The question of diet is not obvious. For decades, the “pyramid” of the FDA and NIH ruled. Plenty of carbohydrates at the bottom, a few animal fats at the top. But Japan underwent a spectacular reduction in strokes after 1960. Japan had the highest number of strokes in the world. What changed? Hamburgers, cholesterol. More of it. It is now a consensus that the Japanese vegan diet of the last 12 centuries made for fragile arteries, by not providing with enough cholesterol.

A good guidance would be to eat like humans are supposed to eat, namely as our ancestors did, for hundreds of thousands of years. Hence the “paleo diets”. But what did the ancestors eat? Clearly, lots of meat: we are the carnivorous ape. That means much animal muscle and fat. Lots of nuts too, with their fat. But it turns out that our ancestral Neanderthals also cooked vegetables, and ate them (more recent discovery). What sort of vegetables and tuber? That’s not clear: our present grains, wheat, rice, corn, etc. have been bioengineered by humans (as dogs, cattle, chicken and pigs were). Guided by these discoveries, I eat, think and feel, increasingly prehistoric.

People taking statins occasionally, like yours truly, are aware that they can destroy muscle: all human cells are surrounded by cholesterol, like the mRNA vaccines of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna are surrounded by nano lipid envelopes.

Those mRNA tech vaccines fixed Ebola in 2020 and are fixing COVID. The spectacular regression of COVID in the last few weeks is caused by the COVID vaccination of dozens of millions of superspreaders known as medical personnel, in the last two months. (Hail to Trump’s Operation Warp Speed!) The mRNA vaccines were initially researched and developed as anti-cancer vaccines: it remains to see if they can work that way.

Statins are naturally occurring antibiotics, naturally occurring ones have been around for more than a billion years. They have plenty of various effects, including immune suppression against inflammation, and a school of thought is that their positive effects dominate that way (that’s mostly how I use them nowadays). The effect is similar to hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and that’s why both have been used to regulate immune storms of COVID (timing is very delicate). HCQ works very well for rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and SARS-CoV 1. It is increasingly becoming clear that COVID is mostly an auto-immune disease by the third week (as COPD is…)

In most human diseases though, one thing is clear: they are related to aging. Fighting them piecemeal will not work. What has to be fought is aging. It turns out that just three genes can rejuvenate neurons (at least in mice). By the way COVID gets in neurons, than to the olfactory bulb, at the contact of which SARS CoV 2 can stagnate in air slowed down enormously by mask wearing… Causing “Long Covid” in children…

To the surprise of specialists, hydroxychloroquine, which stops SARS 1, and in vitro against many viruses, does not work well against COVID (if at all; results are not clear, some MDs being strongly for it, others MDs against it). Similarly, the masks may have contributed more to the pandemic, as they provided a false sense of security, while preventing to prevent the aerosols, by making the naive believe they were the solution… when actually they hindered the real solution: ventilation, HEPA filters, distanciation…

Applying the so-called “scientific method” is the way out. What is the scientific method? Common sense on steroids. For the masks, for example, there were no serious studies. But supposing the masking worked would of course lead to spreading, if in truth it did not work. And this is exactly what happened.

The scientific method also revealed that COVID was aerosol, as top Japanese specialists got it on the cruise ship, while fully, tightly, and thoroughly masked. The only explanation was that the virus was an aerosol.

Meanwhile COVIDIOTS started to wear two masks, egged on by the covidiotic CDC: they will develop “mask lung”.

By the way, I am Moderna mRNA vaccinated… That works. And I wear a mask only when forced to (although I would not breathe around people, until my vaccine kicked in…)

Life is complex quantum computing on the go.

Progress in biology comes from unusual quarters. People survive in the International Space Station for a year (they have to be carried around, though…) It will be telling how long humans can survive on the Moon if a station is built there. 1/3g there… healthy humans may be getting by with a mix of reduced gravity and heavy load carrying exercise, using machines, such as exoskeletons…
Indeed, it turns out serious runners spend most of their time as couch potatoes (I can testify to this)….


One of those things you probably don’t need to know (but I am going to tell you anyway) is that there are more bacterial cells in your gut than there are cells in your body. This may seem weird, but remember much of your body, like water, is not cellular. And, of course, there is more than just one type of bacteria, indeed according to aNaturearticle from last year, there more than one hundred times the number of genes in the gut than there are in the human host. That, of course, gives a lot of scope for studying, er, colonic material. And yes, some people apparently do that, and there are some “interesting outputs”.

With such a range of “starting material” to study, the first step was to break the bacteria into four enterotypes. One of those sets, labeledBacteroides2, is associated with inflammation. Thus 75%…

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