Inverting All Values: Animalism, Mutilating Transgenderism…

Powerful mental currents are supposed to carry our minds away from reality. US plutocratic propaganda claims that truth is a matter of skin color. Or sex is a matter of chemical injections and amputation done to children suffering from “gender dysphoria”. Simple “dysphoria” is “treated” with amphetamines (“Ritalin”). One of these movements is veganism and animalism. A recent study showed that, in 16 weeks, in the average, adults on (self-controlled and administered) veganism lost 6 kilograms (so, in a year, they would die). Veganism can’t deliver many necessary oligoelements (B12, the absence of which causes senility; L Carnitine, etc…). Veganism is associated to animalism, which claims humanism should be rejected… Supposedly because our planet is small relative to the universe, so we humans can’t claim to be special… Stupidity has no bounds, and is the new religion.

Claiming humanism is less than animalism is to invert all values. It was done before.
Put some lemon on a live oyster, see what happens; it will react. That’s all the science animalists need to find out that mollusks are sentient (they sense). Oysters have nervous ganglia. That does not prevent me to eat them.
Guys who said there were “not humanist anymore”, we had them before: they were called Nazis, and their arguments were exactly the same (it’s all about survival, animals are thus equivalent to humans, intelligence does not matter, survival of the fittest does matter, beware cruelty to animals, etc.).

When the dogs were in command, humans were dog food.

The point that humanism is inferior to animalism was convenient to Nazis.: if humanism was animalism, they may as well be animals. Also if one wants to leave all animals alone, one has to disappear. Hence disappearing people was a superior Nazi principle… supported by their beyond-humanism approach…

Fanatical animalistic, anti-humanist videos are on Facebook, which proudly proclaim: “Why I, as an Atheist, Am No Longer a Humanist“, where a little Internet Puritan cretin pontificates (for money $$$$$) on the insignificance of humans, and the glory of cockroaches (“a capacity to suffer is all what matters“). However Facebook’s censorship managers will block even quoting a New York Times article from 2/28/2021 which revealed what I have said for many months: the COVID virus is airborne, only open windows and HEPA filtration will stop it… Not masks…

Animal rights activists of the non-humanist type (I am a humanistic animal right activist), are actually enemies of the biosphere, because they want to deprive animal species of economic utility, thus bringing in their disappearance…

Amusingly great white sharks off Cape Town had become a major tourist draw… Until two orcas (“Killer Whales”) showed up. The two orcas used the method of splitting sharks in two by pulling hard on their pectoral fins from opposite directions… to eat their livers, and other delicious parts… It is a savage world out there, and that’s all right: orcas don’t kill humans…it would take them a fraction of a second to do that; I saw dolphins in the shallows, passing at the speed of a car next to me in the shallows in Casamance, at arm’s length… They were playing… At least nobody has ever reported an orca attack… I am sure homicidal orcas exist just as homicidal humans do…

Saving the species is more important than saving the individuals. In that sense I trust hunters more than animalists… SS “Guide“, Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler oversaw, among other instruments of extermination, the Einsatzgruppen, the “Special Groups”, the death squads, around 3,000 strong, which roamed behind the Wehrmacht. The Einsatzgruppen killed hundreds of thousands of Jews and were mostly composed of highly educated, older professionals, fully capable of hunting that wily prey, the adult Jew. Himmler, just as Hitler, were intensely squeamish about the fate of animals. Himmler once exclaimed to his physician, “How can you find pleasure, Herr Kerstein, in shooting from behind at poor creatures browsing on the edge of a wood…It is really murder.” The first time Himmler saw real Jews killed for real… he got sick (he got over it, though and then recommended the SS to train dogs to rip apart “racially inferior” humans…)

Overall what is promoted all over the Internet is crushing idiocy. Watch the COVIDIOTS with two superposed masks, in the middle of the wilderness, in the wind, covering their face with their elbow if they see you in the distance…

Why do the plutocratically controlled and owned media promote idiocy? Because stupid people are easy to control. And stupid people make for stupid culture which itself acts like a meta-control on the formation of the next generation, causing an exponential of stupidity…this is what happened with Islam, “What Went Wrong With Islam” as Bernard Lewis put it… And of course what went wrong with the Roman Catholic empire of the fanatical idiot Theodosius I, the Roman emperor who invented death for the unbeliever and heretics…

Stupidity and anti-humanism are promoted in many ways in the present day USA. The COVID masks-at-the-exclusion-of-fresh-air ideology, incomparably stupid (millions died from it) is an example (Europe has already outlawed most mask types). All the craziness about mutilation of children, is another new craze fostering stupid (there are around 40 such transgendering “clinics” in the USA, basically none in Europe)…

Hey, anything to not concentrate on who financed Biden… Questions for the animalists: Is it immoral to die? Is it immoral to kill an animal who would not have lived otherwise? Is it immoral to prevent animals to live, so they will not die? And why should we worry about the lives of snails, when thermonuclear war could happen any time? And when inequality, inequity, and the sixth extinction unfolds, while viruses loom and the biosphere is getting exhausted?

The answer to this is that there are more or less advanced forms of consciousness. Even vegans kill mosquitoes. Not admitting this is either hypocritical, dishonest, or, worst of all, stupid. Now the only thing that will save the other advanced animals is human intelligence. Cultivating stupidity instead, by telling us we are no better than mosquitoes, is, in animal welfare perspective, counterproductive. Animalism is incoherent as a moral discourse: it can be helped, only by human superiority…

Patrice Ayme


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10 Responses to “Inverting All Values: Animalism, Mutilating Transgenderism…”

  1. Barbara I. Biel Says:

    Barbara I. Biel
    This is so stupid that I don’t even know where to start. Let’s take this: ” Animal rights activists of the non-humanist type (I am a humanistic animal right activist), are actually enemies of the biosphere, because they want to deprive animal species of economic utility, thus bringing in their disappearance…” Animal agriculture is threatening the survival of life on this planet:…/avoiding-meat-and-dairy…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Just quoting The Guardian, a paper posing as “left”, yet secretly financed by Bill Gates and which has banned me as a “Jihadist” for more than a decade (a grotesque accusation) to support anti-meat and dairy hysteria is no way to fully think. OK, maybe they make some valid points, but we should not turn into fanatical believers. Instead we should be suspicious.

      The Guardian article is grossly biased and flawed and its banners are not supported by the peer review article it links to (I read it). Most of CO2 production has to do with transport, power generation and infrastructure… Not cows.

      I say this not as a protector of herding (which I tend to not like, I prefer forests, most of the time), but as a defender of reason. And I do eat tofu.


  2. Gmax Says:

    Transgenderism thanks to mutilation. That’s an excellent thing to chew on. I was wondering how long it would take you to get there.

    Amazon just banned the fair book ‘When Harry Became Sally’. They claim it’s offensive against transgender people, yet it’s not. PC madness. Conservatives are screaming foul


  3. Barbara I. Biel Says:

    “The Guardian claims that banning meat will solve the CO2 crisis.”
    No, it won’t solve it completely, but it would be a big help.
    “So its plutocratic sponsors can fly their private jets around the planet: no impact, it says this explicitly … Guardian banner: “Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth.””
    We can live without meat. It would be harder to live without planes.
    “Well, it’s a lie. (And I will NOT link to that lying article, because that would help propagate the lie).”
    It is not a lie.…/the-greenhouse…/
    “Just quoting The Guardian, ….”
    There are many other sources that say the same thing.
    Here is another:…/studies-link-red-meat…
    “I say this not as a protector of herding (which I tend to not like, I prefer forests, most of the time), but as a defender of reason. And I do eat tofu.’
    Herding is also animal agriculture. We need to get rid of it.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      That article is old, obsolete, lies, and contains its own demise. One gigaton of GHG/year, which they attribute to meat production, is less than 2% of the global GHG problem. It’s like 1.7%…
      BTW, the tofu I eat, and all Americans eat, is produced in the Amazon from genetically engineered foods. Soy cultivation is a major driver of deforestation in the Amazon basin.


  4. Chip Cormany Says:

    Actually they claim that eliminating farmed life stock will reduce methane and they are right.
    What they don’t tell you is that if the environment instead of animal rights are the number one priority then we should be returning to free range live stock. Would it be more expensive? Yes. Would it probably reduce beef consumption? Yes. Does it actually have a beneficial impact on the environment? Yes.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      That herding causes methane is not disputable… and may actually have prevented a glaciation… 6,000 years ago… I agree with free range livestock… It actually prevents disastrous wildfires. And regulate all this with lions, bears, tigers and leopards, not rangers…


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    In some African countries, population has augmented ten times in 60 years… Humans have been culling humans for probably three million years… Animalism is what is left, when humanism has been repudiated. Animalism has the advantage of making mediocre individuals feel good about themselves, that’s why the Nazis were addicted to it.


  6. ronaldscheckelhoff Says:

    The agenda of control is apparent in the handling of animal agriculture in general. I would myself be vegan or at least vegetarian if it were possible to do without eventually going senile (or suffer the inability to anymore abstractly reason). T-Rex and associates were very cunning, and part of their cleverness was built into their survival evolutionary mechanism to eat. Red meat somehow fed their brain’s clever modes.

    This is still true today, for all animals. Prey is often a docile, easy meal. I think this bit of knowledge is known to those in positions that know, but still there is no real project to replace meat with a true replacement (that could manage to keep us clever). I think the reason is that meatless (and X-ingredient-less) diets induce docility. BTW, the secret X-ingredient is not B12. I’ve tried all the B vitamins, and the only thing that really works is meat. I eat it very sparingly tho … so much as I can. Wanna keep my mind.

    As far as the PC nonsense goes, it is simple mass hypnosis (quantum related, but that’s a whole different library tour). It comes from the same folks who want us to be veggie grazers. And no, I don’t believe in UFOs.

    As far as humanism goes … meh.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I argue with vegan and vegetarians, who were born a few years ago… What they don’t know and I am generally not pushing enough, is that I was de facto mostly vegetarian for years… Then because I was engaging in demanding ultra athletic climbing and mountain runs (I was long the only one to do that, nota bene, aside from some Kenyans and Mexicans…) for some reason I took L Carnitin… which one gets only from meat… The effect was totally spectacular, then I understood I had developed malnutrition…

      In all these issues, the aim is to divide. Moderators on Facebook blocked me on masks, called me anti-science (they probably have no science degrees, whereas I do, maximally). Now the New York Times made its own inquiry, finally, 8 days ago… It’s all about ventilation and filtration, like I said… a year ago. Well the moderators prevented me to publish that NYT research too….

      Artificial meat exist in lab, from cloning. It won’t be perfect… But better than tofu (I eat tofu all the time, BTW, I always have some in my frig).

      As you said, supplements can’t replace the real thing. Carrots have hundreds of … carotenes… Smart Alecs thought that because Beta carotene is an anti-oxydent, it could be given, fight all the bad diseases… Guess what? Cancer cells use it to defend against Killer Cells… Beta carotene gives cancer as a supplement… That was discovered in double blind studies…

      Carrots, instead, diminish cancer probability…

      Predators tend to be more intelligent because their preys don’t like to be eaten…


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